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Cadillac DTS



  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I own a 2006 DTS that now has a little over 8000 miles on it. It is my third Deville and gets the worst fuel economy of the three. The window sticker said 15 city and 23 highway at time of purchase. I am actually getting around 19 city and 26.5 highway. Problem is that my 2004 Deville got around 29 highway and 20.5 city. With gas prices headed much higher than they are now I think Cadillac Division needs to do more to address this problem of fuel economy in its cars. YES I can afford it but also feel that Cadillac should have been working on this fuel economy issue for the last several years. As you probably know the cost of fuel has been rising for several years and Cadillac has done nothing to address the issue. With shares of General Motors now trading at less than ten dollars a share and the same old tired chairmen spews out the same irrelevant statements time after time while the foreign competition developes and markets hybrids here and now. In the past Cadillac has been an innovator and it's time for the division to step up and innovate in the matter of fuel efficiency. I also own a 2005 Lincoln Town Car that gets better fuel efficiency both highway and city than my 2006 DTS, the T.C. also weighs 400 pounds more than the DTS.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I also own a 2005 Lincoln Town Car that gets better fuel efficiency both highway and city than my 2006 DTS, the T.C. also weighs 400 pounds more than the DTS.

    And the Town Car isn't as quick or powerful...part of the price you pay for better economy on these dated engine designs.
  • Only right side will heat up.
    anyone taken the wheel apart to repair an element problem?
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Realizing a lot of this is personal taste: I drove a TownCar for a week last year and found it overly soft and sloppy handling--the brakes were a disaster, too soft and not very supportive seats, and a very winded engine once you left the city streets for the highway. I've owned a '08 DTS performance for 3 months now and it still impresses me with its controlled ride (it has the magnetic struts), interior comfort, and great zip of the Northstar (and coming from a Hemi powered 300C, that's saying something). Totally different feeling cars, and that's reflected in their names: Town Car vs Deville Touring Sedan. I would feel much more secure on a twisty mountain road in the DTS. Alas, I do have to pay the gas bills and the performance gearing means higher revs on the highway and longer times in lower gears when accelerating. My commuting average is only 19 mpg (the Hemi would average 21). But it's worth it for the ride....
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    Thanks very much for sharing your experience with T.C. and DTS. I have owned my T.C. for two years and my DTS for about fourteen months. It would be hard to part with either car in that each has features I like. As mentioned in previous posts the DTS is more of a performance sedan and the TC feels more like a luxury car. I alternate the cars driving DTS one day and TC the next. I really like them both and look forward to getting the individual experience of the other. With fuel prices where they are I am becoming increasingly concerned about the energy crises. I was brought up on two important principles. The Titanic was unsinkable but as we all know did sink. And the idea (similar) that a small hole can sink a big ship. At the moment I have fairly deep pockets but also realize that if the price of fuel rises substantially I may have to revisit the issue of fuel costs and these two nice cars. I am disappointed that Cadillac has not even mentioned the idea of a Hybrid
    and as you may know the T.C. is being discontinued after the 2008 model year. I still have close to three years of warranty on my DTS but am unsure that my replacement car will be another GM product. I have never owned an import before but my next cars may be a Lexus and a Mercedes. Hopefully the American auto industry will address the issues that concern us all and address them in future models.
  • wes63wes63 Posts: 3
    Well you can forget about GM helping you solve any problems you may have with your Cadillac DTS or any other vehicle. I followed the procedure in the owners manual when I could not rectify my problem through the dealership. I sent a registered letter/receipt requested and seven attempts were made to pasify (sp) me. They stated that DTS vibrations WERE NORMAL and I needed to put more miles on the car in order for the vibrations to go away. I DOUBT IT VERY MUCH. They said they would make arrangements with the dealership to complete another test drive, BUT THE DEALER DID NOT HAVE TO AGREE TO PERFORMING MORE WORK IF THEY FELT IT WAS NOT NEEDED. The dealership REFUSED to test drive the car. GM said they were through with me!
    I have purchased over 20 GM vehicles in my life and I AM DONE WITH GM. One thing is for sure, many people will by GM and when there are problems they can expect to receive no assistance. The lemon law in this state covers me for two years/24K miles, and there may be relief one day. Until then I will tell everyone about GM's customer assistance program, oh sorry I mean LACK OF A CUSTOMER SERVICE PROGRAM. Good luck to all DTS/GM vehicle owners - no wonder GM is experiencing financial difficulties. I'm ALL AMERICAN and my next vehicle will be FOREIGN - with no GM affiliation.
  • GM finally agreed to repurchase my 06' DTS. They paid off my balance of almost $41,000 + gave me $8600 out of which I had to pay my attorney $2700. It took me 7 months, but I was not going to be stuck with that lemon. I couldn't even trade it in because I owed too had 31,000 miles on it and the warranty would be up soon. So good riddens...I bought a HYUNDAI with a 100,000 mile warranty and I am very happy after owning 4 Cadillacs.
  • bremertongbremertong Posts: 436
    I am glad that you got the matter resolved. My local Cadillac dealership has opened a Hyundai dealership right next to the GM part. I am very impressed with the Hyundai Genesis, the Luxury model of Hyundai. I have been barely satisfied with my 2006 DTS and suspect that this may be my last Cadillac. As you may know, GM just posted a 15 billion dollar loss in its most recent reporting period. The part of all this that surprises me most is that the same tired top management is left in place to take the company from one problem to the next. At least Ford had the good sense to change top management a little over a year ago and while they are not out of the woods they seem to be doing a bit better than they were. I wish you success with your new Hyundai and will look for your postings at the Hyundai owners site. Best wishes.
  • etowahetowah Posts: 1
    8/17/08 - Reading about your 2006 DTS and I saw a huge "light" go off!!!! I am experiencing the following with my DTS - yes, I hear about 5 "knocks" coming from the rear every day - only happens on the first "start up" of the day - usually about 5-6 blocks from home - rapid fire, 5 knocks. I also heard it in my previous 2003 DeVille - never questioned it, however. I attributed it to just my luck with cars. And you are absolutely right about the clunking noise coming from the right front area; it has been at the dealer's twice for this - once because they could not duplicate, then I drove while the service person rode with me and he heard it; they fixed it - said it was struts. But now, several months later, it's back - same old clunking. Also had it in the shop for rear speaker problem- still doesn't sound right and my back "dash" is noticeably higher up than it should be. Today, for the second time in about 8 months, went out to go to church and turned the key and had absolutely nothing. Had to have it jumped off, again. This is my third Cadillac, and each one has had a "mystery" problem relating to not starting. It is so very inconvenient to go through this. Next time (in 1 year when I turn it in), I'm looking for something else - Cadillac will not be at the top of my list. Let me say this, however, I do have great relationship with dealer and am treated courteously and always given a Cadillac to drive while mine is being "fixed". Hope they are as kind tomorrow a.m. when I tell them of today's problem with not starting.
  • I had a great relationship with my service dept. also and they were always courteous and I always had a Cadillac to drive while mine was in service. It was just such a HUGE inconvenience to be there sooo much. They never fixed the "monkey in my trunk" as they called it...I think they thought I was crazy. For the 1st year I thought it was construction going on outside on the road and then realized I was the same distance each morning from my house each time I heard it, from start up also. They never fixed my audio problem either. I hated to part with my Cadillac and especially the royal service, but for $45-50k I expect less problems. I did find it interesting, to say the least, that they "swapped" parts off of brand new cars on the lot, to try to fix my problems. Now that I know that, I would think twice about buying a new one. I would not want to be the person that got the car that had all the parts pulled off of it and replaced. You think that you are buying a "new" untouched car when the odometer reads 5 miles on it. Good luck with everything!
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Hi, we have a 2007 DTS with just over 19,000 miles on it. Just wondered what everyone else was getting mileage wise on the highway and around town with theirs? Seems like ours shounld be doing better than it does, but our others always picked up around 35,000 mile. Thanks in advance.

    Oh, and relating to the vibrations, if it is braking vibrations after a tire replacement or rotation, a lot of service places don't seem to grasp the proper way to retighten the lugs when reinstalling the wheels after service. This can warp the front rotors and cause pulsating, we had it on two of our older Caddies, happened both times after tire rotations, once at a tire place and once at the dealership.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    When you refer to the proper way to tighten the lugs, are you referring to anything special, or simply the alternating lug method for a 5 lug wheel???
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    You don't say what model DTS.... My '08 Performance, which has different shift algorithyms and different rear end ratio (meaning worse mileage), has been averaging around 19 mpg mixed driving. Haven't taken any really long trips but looks like highway, 70 mph, will give around 23 mpg. The LUX models should do better.

    Service depts seem to have a lot of problems taking tires/wheels seriously. I've heard of the rotor warping issues. Have gotten my car back after tire rotation and found tire pressures totally askew with one or more grossly over inflated, and have always found the lug nuts over torqued.
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,071
    I'm extremely happy with my Cadillac DTS Performance. I have had absolutely no problems with it. I get a lot of compliments on this classy ride. I had a 2002 Cadillac Seville STS which I thought was really well-made and I believe my new DTS is an even more solid automobile.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    It is your purchase of the DTS that will keep the UAW topic alive, along with rocky...for that, I thank you...:):):):):) ;) :D
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    What I do when I rotate the tires myself is to tighten gradually one nut, then a nut on the opposite side (or nearly opposite side), followed by one on the opposite side again (next to the first one). I don't tighten them tight the first time, but go around the wheel slowly tightening to the 100 lb-ft level. My dealer did it once and I did not notice any problems with what they did.
  • Back Again friends. I still have the '03 DeVille base model. 65,000 miles and runs perfectly and even still smells like leather. No problems whatsoever. The warranty runs out this month but I only drive it on trips now - probably 5,000 miles a year so I think I'll keep it another year. I'll look for an '08 or '09 DTS in the spring of 2010. I just took advantage of GM's Employee Discount sale and bought a Victory Red '09 Cobalt 1LT Coupe for driving around town. We rented an identical one in Hawaii in January and it averaged about 28 mpg around Kauai and was comfortable and roomy for a compact. Anyone who wants a commuting car ought to check it out. I had an '06 Impala and there doesn't seem to be much difference in the ride. The first tank in all town driving got 23.8 which is great. The Cadillac gets 15 or 16. I hope that all the problems inherent in the '06 DTSs have been fixed in the later models. I'd like to hear from owners of trouble free '08s. Karl
  • A similar thing happened to my Mother when driving her 2007 DTS! It has stopped dead (& with NO onstar activation either!) at least 5 times. The dealer has kept the car for 10+ days and GM even sent someone to "investigate," but the problem has not been fixed. Very scary. And, the dealer and GM seem to have washed their hands of the problem - every time she calls, the "will get back to her." Pretty shabby to treat a 17-time cadillac owner! Soon as the lease is up, it is a reliable foreign car for her!
  • conkedconked Posts: 14
    We had a similar problem with a 2006 DTS (Performance Model). The car would be dead for no apparent reason. Jump start the car and it would be fine for weeks. After several disappointing trips to the dealer with "no trouble found" diagnoses, I finally traced the problem myself to a bad ground connection at the floor under the back seat. This is the connection from the battery negative terminal to the floor. The terminal is attached to the floor with a screw that goes into threads under the floor. In the case of our 2006 the floor is painted and so are the threads. I sanded the paint off the floor and put a star washer under the terminal and the problem went away.
    We now have a 2008 DTS and that's the first thing I checked. There was still no star washer under the terminal, but the threads in the floor were clean and there was a bare spot (no paint) under the terminal.
    This may not be related to your problem but it's worth checking it out. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.
  • I've had nothing but good luck with the few warranty repairs on my '03 DeVille by the local Cadillac dealer but my Buick LeSabre was another matter. It needed a strut bushing (car creaked after going around a curve and tilting back up). Everybody heard it on test drives but the dealer refused to fix it and the Zone Office wouldn't do anything either. I sold it soon thereafter and won't buy another Buick. I think a lot depends on the dealer. I took my car into a Cadillac dealer in north Louisiana for a noise in the front end after hearing it off and on from NM to LA and he said that nothing was wrong. My dealer later found the problem immediately and fixed it. My wife had hit a suspension part on a high curb and bent it slightly. I find that Cadillac dealers are more receptive to warranty repairs than dealers of other GM brands.
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