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Cadillac DTS



  • ludloludlo Posts: 2
    Sorry for your wreck. Sounds just like ours. 2006 DTS T-boned into drivers door. Truck cut through traffic and I never saw him until the grill of a 3/4 ton Dodge was in my lap. I was OK but my wife also broke her sternum and was beaten up in the chest area pretty badly. NO AIR BAG at all !!!!! Either side. Nor steering wheel. About $9000. worth of damage. Didn't bother with GM. They are famous for not acknowledging any faults. The other driver was fully insured fortunately and picked up the whole tab. I no longer subscribed to ON Star so didn't bother with them either. Would like to see your follow up with this. Our wreck was in Oct 2012. Thanks.
  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    01-13-13 - ludlo - I am sorry to hear about your accident also, sure sounds similar. I hope your wife is better, it takes a long time. My wife is still suffering plenty, it has been one month and 10 days now.. We will see what GM has to say about it, the car was totaled. Air bag failures seem to be common with most all makes. I felt all warm and fuzzy with Onstar until this happened, sure glad my cell phone was in my pocket. Onstar needs their own sensors and not depend on or blame the car manufacture. A lot of bucks for airbags and Onstar for what. We will not have Onstar again. Same thing with me the 1/2 ton truck it was in my lap, no way to see it coming. wpsr - Bill
  • wpsrwpsr Posts: 21
    02-03-13 - Report from GM: Their answer is the impact was not enough to set off the side airbag. They did not give us an interoperation of the readout from the black box, just 21 pages of gibberish. Hard to hear that when you can remember being dazed, bleeding and my wife screaming in pain, she spent the night in the hospital. We were hit at 35 to 40 miles per hour on my door by a 2003 1/2 ton extended cab Chevrolet pickup truck (DUI hit and run, they did catch the driver later). Both vehicles were totaled, 9000 pounds of scrap steel. Onstar was not notified because the airbag did not go off, so it was useless to us. One thing, if you do some research, there are a lot of airbag failures on most all vehicle brands. One is on site, the DTS was completely destroyed, no airbags deployed. Hopefully the manufactures will get the airbags working better. It is a finite setting, you don't want them going off with a small impact, we were hit hard. wpsr - Bill
  • wesleycwesleyc Posts: 1
    I am searching for shocks and struts that will make my DTS ride like a Buick Park Avenue. It rides like a empty gravel truck.
    Any body Know about Bilstien shocks and struts?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,666
    Years ago, Bilstein was considered a fine shock absorber, often used on foreign cars like Mercedes, but what they would do for your DTS I do not know...
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