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Suzuki Verona



  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    I was happy to read your modification attempt. Will it void the warantee?. Can you provide a picture of your car?. As far as joe 999 , Why did'nt you participate earlier?. With 29000 miles I am sure you would have a lot to tell us. Also joe, let us know if you had the great ECM troubles. I am happy that your car is doing great anyway.
    I just changed the wipers. I put in Bosch excel..they are OK.
    Keep writing guys.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    motorcity, I'm glad it sounds like an easy job. I will have mine done soon. But did you see the question I had some time ago? I would really like duals. There is a black box of some kind on the right side where the second muffler would go. Does anyone know what this is? I guess I could start with just the chrome tip and get a dual job later.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    My verona was hit from behind. the 87 year old lady never put her foot on the break she was doing 45 mph my car was stopped trying to go into my drive way.
    her car was totaled (new am made product) She was lucky she was dazed and lots of air bag bruizes. Suzuki not totaled not close to totaled a little work at the frame shop one rear bumper one bumper cover thats it. the trunk lid was not even
    damaged. Oh by the way my wife who was driving the car came away totally unhurt.
    Now if this is not a testimony of a well built car I don't know what is. Safe, Reliable,Well Built and the most important my wife was not hurt. :)
  • charlie9charlie9 Posts: 5
    HI GUY's I Have a (1999 ) Daewoo Leganza If You Have The Flow In Air Vent Open What Ever Smoke Are oders Is In The Air."It Will Come In." Switch To Inside Air Will Keep The Oil Smell are smoke from coming in side."All cars have this new type of air flow in.PS my spelling is not that good.OK..
  • muffin_manmuffin_man Posts: 865
    A) I'm glad everyone is safe, BUT...

    It probably has more to do with the safety design of her car, than yours. In a 45mph accident, almost ANY car would be totalled in that sort of collision. Your car was spared, and your wife wasn't hurt because the _other_ car crumpled, protecting both drivers. The rear end of cars generally do not function that way. If neither car was totalled, BOTH drivers would have been hurt.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    my car did crumble that is why its at the frame shop for some work the other car is totaled at 45mph I'm not saying the brand because of the contraversey it will bring to this form
  • bobberbobber Posts: 5
    Any news on what that blackbox is. I thought about removing where the pipe is in front of the muffler and putting on a dual setup.. What you think??
  • bobberbobber Posts: 5
    got just over 12000 on my 04 verona engine light came on and it ran like crap. breaking down on power warp. wife call dealer and they had her drive it to them. 1 hour away and they stuck it on the computer. said the # 1 injector is bad. no parts at the time. she drove it home and now driving my ole beeeeter. hoping after the unhooked the injector that the fuel also stops and dosent flood the cylyinder with gas. Anyone know.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    That "blackbox" is part of the emmisions control and it is illegal to remove it. It is the gasoline vapor carbon canister.
  • bobberbobber Posts: 5
    what the hell is it doing back there????
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    That is where it fit and it is close to the fuel tank. The carbon canister is in a similar location on my Dodge Ram.
  • bobberbobber Posts: 5
    look at the web site :D
  • kirspinkirspin Posts: 5
    TheVerona in Canada is called a Epica ie re badged Chev, I dont think they(Suzuki) are allowed to sell the Verona here, but I may be wrong on this, kind regards kirspin
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I want the duals too. Maybe the black box can be relocated. But I wanted to tell everyone that I drove home a company car today, a 2003 Malibu. It is nowhere close to being as silky smooth and quiet as my Verona. It has about 35,000 miles pn it and it feels like 135,000. I couldn't believe the difference. It make me love my Verona all the more. The one thing I did like about it though was the radio. It has the feature that shows the name of the song and the artist. And I know this is the standard radio because my company is too CHEAP!!! to have upgraded it. But anyway if anyone does install the dual exhaust, please let us know what is involved. Thanks.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Drove one rental first (modern) generation 'Bu and it's truly a horrible car. Less useful room than my 01 Elantra. My 05 Maxx is a car I enjoy more and more. Looked hard at a number of Suzuki (Japanese and Daewoo) cars before buying. I wish Suzuki the best.
  • beetonebeetone Posts: 3
    When you state that Suzuki is not allowed to sell the Verona “here”. Where are you referring to? Not Canada, presumably. I purchased my Verona about six months ago from my local Suzuki dealer in Ontario - and it has run faultlessly since.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 46
    I have almost 3000 miles on my new 2004 Verona. So far no problems. I keep waiting to take it in for the brake light recall figuring that something will come up. So far nothing. As I have said before, it is a great car. No stalling or starting problems. I find the accelleration more than adequate. I love the high torquey feel of the I6.

    For about the last 1500 miles I have kept track of the milage. It running about 23.5 mpg in mixed driving. I am going to change to synthetic real soon. I want to see if it does affect the mileage.

    I have a theory that mileage could be a little low due to high oil viscosity. It takes forever to throughly heat, and thus thin, 7 qts. of oil. It may never make it at very low temps. I purchased Quaker State. It has a lower viscocity at low temps. I will report.

  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    Yes synthetic oil does improve the fuel consumption. I changed to quaker state synthetic myself 2 years ago, and I have been getting better mileage with my 2.2L Daewoo Leganza than my sister in law is getting from her Honda Civic.
    Not to mention the engine will run quieter and smoother, plus start better in extremely cold weather. We had a few days of -40 degrees celsius this winter and it was no problem starting my car after sitting all day outside in that temperature.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    After 9000 miles and a recent mass air flow sensor replacement, the Verona rides smooth and without any problems. I replaced my wipers with bosch excel. They are good. I will be changing oil soon and am filling Mobil-1 synthetic (5W30). Will let you know the details. I have noticed a bacteria build up on the AC condensor by the smell. After you switch off the AC and just operate the fan, you get a bad musty smell. On operating the blower fan the smell subsides when the AC coils dry off. Is there any way you can kill this smell other than the blower? Any spray? etc?. I would also like to know if your dealers strictly follow the maintenance schedule items as stated on the user manual. For example..for severe driving conditions..the manual recommends flushing the brake fluid and refill through the lines at 7500 miles. My dealer tells me that this will be costly and because the brake fluid was still good this was not needed.
    There are similar items. What do you feel on this members?
    Will keep you posted.
  • ccbloome61ccbloome61 Posts: 35
    :shades: Now my Verona has tinted windows, thanks to a large jackpot I won at the casino. It looks wonderful and is much more pleasurable to drive without the glaring sun. When I went for the brake switch recall, the dealer inspected it and said I already had the "new" style switch so they put the recall sticker inside the driver's door and that was it. For your a/c smell, try mixing up some liquid laundry detergent, half and half with water and pour it down the air intakes under the windshield. Leave it in there for a while then wash it out with the garden hose. If you can get the odor to stop you are going to have to start cutting off the compressor switch about 5 minutes before you get home to prevent it from happening again. Of all my friends and family, my car is the only one that dosen't have the odor and I am the only one who cuts the switch and lets it dry out. I've done it since it was new so the odor never got started. Loving my Verona.
    Good luck to all.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Hey thats great!!!. Did you win big??. Are tinted windows legit?. What are the rules?. Can you clarify which area are you talking about when you say " air intake under the windshield". Is it the meshed area where water and snow usually drains out?. As suggested I do cut off the air a short while before I reach a place and also have the blower on without the AC. This helps a bit but the smell returns after I use the AC again. Will replacing the cabin air filter help?
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    FYI if you notice poor radio reception now, the tint needs removed from the rear window as it is a metallic based tint and the radio antenna is integral in the rear window. Or you can have an external fender mount antenna mounted to the car. There is a service bulletin for this issue, some window tint does not contain the metallic base, some does. It will not be covered under warranty if this is the issue.
  • ccbloome61ccbloome61 Posts: 35
    Yes the air intake is the meshed area, just below wipers. I hope this works for you. The window tint is legal, for my area it has to have 35% visibility from the outside. I don't think your cabin filter is causing the smell, but it might not hurt to change it when you try to flush out the system. (btw the jackpot was 5G)
    Good Luck
  • ccbloome61ccbloome61 Posts: 35
    Yes I have noticed some loss in radio reception. The stations that were really clear before are still good, but any that were borderline are now poor. I listen to c.d 99% of the time, so I think I will just leave things as they are, I can't dream of a fender antenna being on there and since I don't use the radio much It will be O,K.
    Thanks for your reply
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Did anyone else get free oil changes for as long as you own the car, or is this just my dealer? Anyway I doubt they will put in the synthetic oil for me. Maybe I could just pay them the extra charge. If it gave extra mpg it would be worth it. With my 120 mile round trip commute everyday the miles are adding up fast. 18,000 so far and thank GOD the oil changes are the only thing I have brought it in for. Yes I do love my Verona. By the way, I am addicted to driving fast (I wanted to say speed but I thought you might get the wrong idea) so the synthetic oil may help. I was finally caught a couple of days ago by a trooper doing 89 in a 70. He told me I was lucky because 1 more mph and my fine would have been doubled. It is $172.00 as it is. But with the Verona, it is so smooth and quiet, I didn't realize I was going that fast.And the trooper was so fascinated with my car that he wasn't even really mad. He said this was the first Verona he had stopped and it was a fine looking car. Well I thought I would just share this with everyone.
  • ccbloome61ccbloome61 Posts: 35
    At they have some replacement tail lights and headlights from korea for the Daewoo Magnus. The tail lights are 180.00 set. I am really tempted to order them, they are gorgeous. The head lights and grilles I can do without but those tail lights are just what the Verona needs to add more style to the rear end. If you want to see them just go to and click on verona at the bottom of the page. :shades:
  • ccbloome61ccbloome61 Posts: 35
    After posting my last message I drove the Verona to an Indian Casino in Cherokee, N.C. which is 3 hours from here. The Verona was Soooooo comfortable on the ride there, even more so on the way back with the $5400.00 JACKPOT I won. I was only hoping for enough to cover the cost of the tail lights.
    They should be here in 3 weeks so I will let you know how they look on the Verona.
    My mileage for the trip was 27.5 and it was alot of mountain driving with the air conditioning. :D
  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    The local Suzuki Dealer has some 04 Verona LXs with 13-15k miles for $12,900. The full warranty is completely intact. Is this a good deal? Should I worry about prior life as a rental or perhaps a "buy back"?

    No standard sunroof on the LX or I would have already made the leap.
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    sschriber, yes the deals look great. But my suggestion is that it would be wise to check the history sheet especially about the maintenance and recall items attended. Questions like ...was the ECM replaced?. Was any sensor replaced?. What kind of oil was used?. Was it changed frequently?. Does it perform well after all the replacements?.
    ccblloom...I washed the car in the air intake area and the smell seems to have subsided. Very good suggestion ccbloom..thanks. I have yet to have a soap/water mix added and wash it. All I did was to use the car wash soap and rinse in that area and that has helped.
    Thank You ccbloom.
  • kctomkctom Posts: 46

    If you need to follow the severe service maintenance and are concerned about the brake fluid, look into synthetic brake fluid. You might be able to flush fluid once and be done with it.

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