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Suzuki Verona



  • Good Morning Evergreen.I have a Chevy Epica L.T which is the same car as yourself, I bought it in April of this year and I am very pleased with it, as posted above I am having a false reading with my gas gauge so tommorow morning I am taking it into the shop for them to correct it and will let you know how I made out, thanks for the input
  • just got my new ecm last night they are now in call your dealer
  • taqxtaqx Posts: 4
    Is anyone having trouble with the Climate Control? I can't choose airflow direction,(dash or floor vents) without the system cancelling Auto Mode. the Auto Mode cancells if I change fan speed. If I change recirculation the Auto Mode cancells. My temp controls need to be recalibrated. And sometimes my display is scrambled.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    That's how auto AC systems work. If you push a button to manually change something that the auto setting has decided to use, then it turns off the auto setting. The system automatically assumes that since you are changing a setting, then you obviously want to manually control it. Nothing wrong with your AC system as fas as that is concerned.
  • taqxtaqx Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. I just wanted to know if that's a system design. I've owned other cars with climate control and I was able to adjust air flow etc. without cancelling Auto Mode.
    I called Suzuki and they were going to refer it to a Tech and call me back. I'm still waiting for a call. That was about 2 wks age.
  • taqxtaqx Posts: 4
    Just curious, what was wrong with the climate control. I've had some problems with mine: air flow(dash, floor vents) fan speed, recirculation, and scrambled display
  • I have had trouble with the outside temp read out when the temp is in the middle - high 90's. It almost appears as if it is flashing 88 very fast.
    Works properly on lower outside temps.
  • so far so good the new ecm has taken away the starting problems and seems to have more power in the bottom end.
  • I am happy to report since I got my reflash things are still going fine with my verona.
  • Looks like I will get the re flash. I was not keen on having the dealer mess with a good thing, but if it will do away with the wait to start driving without harm than I will do it. Look at the bright side our vehicles are not catching fire or having transmissions go bad.
  • Does anyone know when the 05 Veronas hit the dealer showrooms? Any major changes? Is Suzuki planning a bigger motor for this puppy?

    Sounds like reflashing may have gotten rid of at least one annoyance.
  • Check out my post awhile back. The 2005 Verona gets iridium spark plugs, new emission ratings, and side-impact airbags.
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    According to Motor Trend, the 2005 Verona will also receive a tool-kit and a tire-pressure monitoring system. I wonder what the prices will be? Considering that Suzuki hiked the price of the 2004 model by $700 mid-year, I wouldn't be surprised to see a notable increase for the 2005 model, especially with the extra standard equipment.

    On a side note, the Iridium spark plugs should improve the gas mileage a little bit. At 5k miles, I swapped my Accord's stock platinum plugs with Denso Iridium plugs and my average gas mileage increased by 2 mpg in town. So 2004 Verona owners may want to consider Iridium plugs if they're not happy with the mileage they're getting.
  • I was just informed today that the verona has head problems. The number 6 valve guide drops out.Another wounderful gift from the A.S.M.C.
  • Could you please give us a link? I can't seem to find anything about valve problems.
  • No I am sorry I can not give you the information to access suzuki tec line support or the web site.
  • Yes, Motor Trend is right...but so was I in my earlier post.
  • One of the local Suzuki dealers has a big newspaper ad offering upto $10,000 in cash rewards for all ( new and used ) vehicles purchased at his dealership from September 16th to 18th ( 3 days ).
    But he wouldn't say on the phone how much of a cash reward one would get for buying a Verona. He wants me to go to the dealership to find that out.

    If someone were to get the Verona for $14,000 ( after the rewards ), is that a good deal? I am worried about all the problems people have mentioned in this forum.
  • I just went to the dealer to drop of my XL7 for maintenance and my dealer had 1 2005 Verona EX in the back, along with some other 05 Suzukis. One thing that I did notice was that the leather felt more supple. Has anyone else had a chance to sit in an 05 Verona EX yet??? BTW, the 2005 Suzuki brochures (XL7, Forenza, Verona) are in stock and this year each car has a BIG brochure all by itself. This was the first year Suzuki has done this!!! :-D
  • 20,000 miles and one year behind the Verona. The only problem is the ECM. and that is being taken care of on Tuesday. Even without the ECM. fix the car has ran fine if you let it run for a few minutes before taking off. I have the base model with a power sunroof installed at the time of purchase. The car is still solid no rattles or loose bits. I chose not to go with leather due to the fact that my last couple of cars had it and I liked the solid fabric color. For the money I like the car. I live about 40 miles from the dealer and this will be only the second time I have had to go back, not bad for a new model year. The first time I went was due to a check engine light that was caused by the gas cap being loose. Make sure your gas cap is kept nice and snug.
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