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Suzuki Verona



  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    Relax, I was just adding a few minor details that you left out of your post. I wasn't correcting you, so no reason to be defensive :)
  • After calling the dealer yesterday to schedule an appointment for the ecm recall, the service manager told me to be there this morning at 7:30. I informed him that I lived 40 miles from the dealer and would have to take time off work to come in. When I arrived I waited 30 minutes for him to tell me they did not have the ecm and suzuki shouldn't have sent the letter out before all dealers had the parts. What a bunch of crap. Now I have to wait for the part and then do it all over again. Too bad my old Daewoo dealer didn't get the Suzuki franchise. This never happened with them.
  • man that would p me off in a milli second! Anyway I have the new ecm and wait will be worth your while. The car is really great with this in. Its the diffrance between night and day. Now I think
    suzuki has done this right.Now I would like to say I think suzuki is trying very hard in fixing these cars.If they got this right now look out this is one nice ride for the buck!
  • Hey russm3, would you please let us know if the new ecm has any affect on mileage? Thanks.
  • Dealer called and said the ECM was in so I went Friday and had it done. Seemed to drive better on the way home but it was sort of hard to tell. I'll know more later, especially in the mornings.
  • We went for a ride on Sunday for the day in all kinds of traffic highway through town and we got 26 mpg the speeds were from 80 to 30 mo sty 65 to 70 though don,t know if this will help you out.
  • The ECM replacement has helped a lot with the morning starts. Not rough any more in the morning and dosen't try to stall out. The problem I am having is when you are driving and let off the gas, the car chug chug chugs like it is "surging" or looking for a different gear. It is like the motor is speeding up and slowing down. Any one else with this problem? My mileage over the weekend was up to 27.5, much better than the 23 I was getting before the ECM was replaced.
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the problem I was having
    they adjusted the trans. when I was going about 40mph and it was shifting into 3rd the car would surge and you will feel this buck you. tell your dealer they can fix it.
  • zodiaczodiac Posts: 9
    An update as to my problem with my Gas gauge on my Chevy Epica [ Verona ] I took it into my G M dealer they added some solvent to the gas tank and told me to run two or three tanks of gas through the engine and see if it will solve the problem, but no different than before, and was told the fuel pumps were of Europen origin and when they have a more definit solution they will let me now. Also had a recall notice from G.M to fix the E.C.M which they fixed promptly and the car starts now with no hesitation have now 3000 miles on the car very pleased with it.
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    the car is really different with the new ecm I bought a used 2002 car for my work I won"t say the name but the suzuki is so much nicer to drive. The suzuki is so smooth and out handles the other car hands down.
  • Anyone having knocking problems with the Verona? when I get up at highway speeds of 80mph for a distance and then get off the highway, the lifters on the car are ticking away very loudly until I go about 2 miles at about 45 mph, and then it goes away. TSB is out to use 10W-40 in the car, and the dealer did, but it is still doing it. Turn down your radios and listen to see if you hear it. i am also getting that surging feel about 40 mph, but overall after the ecm upgrade, the car feels like it has more power. i have not noticed an increase in gas mileage either.let me know if any of you have had these problems. Thanks
  • rasuprasup Posts: 136
    Hi Friends,
    I was too busy to contribute. I will detail my story later. Pciro I did not see the TSB for 10W40. What is Suzuki doing? Cant they decide the grade of oil? I thought that engine design had already decided that. I know they recommend a thicker Oil in Winter. But that is really for -20F type of temp.
    My ECM has been replaced as has been my trans sensor. The Car seems to have better power and pep after the ECM upgrade. The ECM is still adapting and hence there is a slight lag in the shifting of the trans.

    Have a nice day guys!!
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    I got my ECM update/replacement and my car is much more powerful, especially when the a/c is on. However, I have some issues that have arisen from it. The gas pedal now moves a little bit when I left off the gas sometimes, almost like a pumping sensation. Also, does anyone else think the engine is a little louder and the transmission seems not quite as smooth when pushing the gas pedal right after you left off it, ex: coming to a red light (slowing down) and it turns green before you stop, so u push the gas down. There seems to be more hesitation/jerkiness than before. I was in a parking garage right after the update and as I was going up an incline, I had to stop to let a car go on the level I was approaching, but when I pushed on the gas to start moving again, the car bucked a little and almost died.

    Anyone else experience these problems? Never had any problems before the ecm update except rough idling on a cold start (which is now gone completely).
  • russm3russm3 Posts: 44
    pizard call your dealer about this. My dealer said they waited till they got new computers in because they had problems when the suzuki guys tried to update the old ones. Maybe you got a updated one thats not right?
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    Have any of you Verona owners had many problems with this car that would make you not look at Suzuki again? There's a guy over at who thinks that because his Verona was a lemon, every Suzuki is a lemon - definitely not true. He's also a member here...if you know who I'm talking about. ;-)
  • I love my Suzuki Verona, it has turned out to be everything I desired and more, however I was just wondering if anyone has problems with the buttons on the steering column. Sometimes when I am trying to "seek" it goes to a different mode or it will completely turn itself off. Of course when I try to take it in to dealership it works properly. I also just had my ECM upgraded today I am really hoping that will help the gasoline mileage.
  • My Controls did not work when I first test drove the car. After I bought it the controls would work sometimes, and sometimes not. The dealer ordered a new part and replaced the steering wheel control with a new one, now it works perfectly. Some of the controls must be defective.
  • Thanks, do you happen to remember what the name of the part was? These guys are so nice but honestly I don't think they have a clue and they keep telling me that there isn't anything they can do about it unless it is doing it when I bring the car in. I have taken it twice already but the problem doesn't happen all the time, and it never happens when the mechanic is checking.
  • pizardpizard Posts: 45
    Thanks, I will do that. I have also gotten less gas mileage with the ECM update. I average only about 22mpg before the ECM, now it's looking about 21mpg average.
  • My dealer is closing out the 2004 Verona EX, I can get one for around 15,900. Sounds like a great price and I really like the car but am a little bit leery after reading this board. Just like everyone else I noticed it was down a bit on power, is anyone making any performance parts for this car to improve the get up and go a little bit?

    Thanks for your input
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