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Suzuki Verona



  • alienpathalienpath Posts: 15
    My wife and I will be working overtime to make extra payments on the car so that we can get it paid off sooner. We're contemplating a new Charger SE or a new Honda Civic Coupe EX. It depends on the oil situation. Right now, the Civic is looking better and better.

    When I drive constant speed between 30 - 40mph my Verona has a slight but continuous hesitation. Anyone else have this problem?
  • alienpathalienpath Posts: 15
    I just checked and I have 117.2 miles on this current tank of gas and I'm down a half tank. Surely this can't be normal. My tires are up to normal suggested pressure. I guess I could let the air out a bit, but I've always understood that to be a reason for not getting good mileage. The only other recourse I have is to have it checked out at the dealer. Heck, maybe I'm using more gas because I'm playing to many CD's in the car. :confuse:
  • alienpathalienpath Posts: 15
    No, it's not a Ford, but you get the point. When I bought my Verona, I was under the impression that the car had never been built by Daewoo, Daewoo had almost gone belly up and that they were saved by GM. I was also under the impression that GM sold Suzuki the plans for the Verona because GM did not need another mid-sized car in their line up in America. In other words, I was led to believe that the Verona was built by Suzuki.

    Thanks to this forum and recent news reports, I have sadly discovered that this is not the case. I'm almost sick to my stomach at the thought that I have purchased a rebadged Daewoo. :sick: I have driven Toyotas for over 11 years. I thought I was buying another Japanese car. :cry:

    If I had known what I was really buying, I never would have purchased the Verona.
  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    Alienpath wrote: When I drive constant speed between 30 - 40mph my Verona has a slight but continuous hesitation. Anyone else have this problem?

    Yeah, I get that "hesitation" too, but at higher speeds - say between 50 - 60mph. I also randomly get what I call an "abrupt surge" when approaching zero mph (like approaching a stop sign or light). You'll find various complaints throughout this forum, on a variety of tranny issues. What I do is review the Technical Service Bullentins (aka TSB) at Suzuki's Pitstop website. Look for anything related to TCM, ECM, shift related, etc. My gripe, is that you have to PAY to download the damn bulletins. Another problem you'll run into is that the service shop is unable to replicate the problem. Good luck with that. :lemon:
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 208
    I have the 04 EX with about 32,000 miles. No problems yet (knock on wood.) I have had the oil changed regularly but that's my only expense so far. Tires will probably last until 40-45K mark. I get 20-22 mpg in the city and 28-30 on trips. My wife loves the car except for the titanium color. She would prefer a bright red car. The new GTI 4dr would be tempting but I doubt it gets as good of mileage as the Verona and VW's can have some reliability problems. It certainly wouldn't be as quiet as the Verona. I am sure it would be a blast to drive, though. Decisions, decisions.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Anyone on this board detect a slight vibration sensation in the steering wheel when braking at vehicle speeds between 65 - 70 mph? I had all my wheels hi-speed balanced and tire pressures are set firm to 34 psi. Problem is still there. My guess is that the brake rotors on my '04 EX may need re-surfacing. Only have about 18,000 miles. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated -- thanks.
  • dkuhajdadkuhajda Posts: 487
    Your assumption may be correct. The rotors could be warped, in which case they should be replaced, not resurfaced.

    If your wheels were out of balance for a long time, that along with hard braking from high speed can contribute to warped rotors on any vehicle.
  • Well last month I took my 05 Verona on a cross country road trip from Texas to California then back through Las Vegas then straight back to North Texas. It did pretty well overall. Had to have a flat fixed in Vegas. When driving through Yuma AZ the temp was 120 degrees and the temp gauge never moved, not even going through the mountains. I was impressed. The gas mileage ranged from 28 to 32 mpg depending on terrain and speed. In west Texas the legal limit is 80 mph and I still got 30 mpg and the car cruised effortlessly. There were a couple of instances I got very annoyed at the transmission. It always seems confused about which gear it wants to stay in at 45-50ish mph. Also, on a couple of occasions, the engine would idle erratically after being on the road for hours. It would keep going from 500 rpm up to 1500 rpm then back down. The solution to that was to turn the car off and restart it and the problem was solved. Other than those things I felt the car did very well. I took it in yesterday for an oil change and advised the service writer about what it had been doing and they reflashed the transmission and engine with new software updates. We'll see how that turns out. We bought our 05 in December of 05 with 6500 miles on it. I wished we had just bought a new 06 because the service writer stated he never sees them in the shop and that they are bullet proof. The got rid of that "smart" transmission. 04's are crap and the 05's are better but still have some minor issues. That's my roadtrip story.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "bought a new 06 because the service writer stated he never sees them in the shop"

    The reason he does not see them in the shop is because no one is buying them based on their past issues. They (the Verona) are history after the '06 model year. Suzuki is dumping them. They gave Suzuki a very bad reputation it will take years to get over.
  • I have an 04, sapphire grey, alloys, only 8k miles on it and its never seen salt or snow, and is garage kept. I really like the solid built chassis, and the interior hardware is a step above hyundai, but the engine management leaves ALOT to be desired. When I attempt to accelerate, the car falls on its face. Is there any chance the the computer system will be updated for the us older owners?
  • Hey Im having performance issues with my 04. I have 8000 miles on it, and the dealer has performed one update to the ECM. It seems to run rich when cold (like a stuck choke), loses power between shifts, and totally falls on its face when I need power the most like merging into traffic with tractor trailers bearing down on me. SCARY!!! Im very frustrated.
  • If you have an 04, I would get rid of it ASAP. I had the same problem with mine, first it was the head that was bad, and then the engine light came on and it was the throttle body, the 04 Verona was a nightmare. I now own a 06 Grand Vitara made in Japan and not Korea and not by Gm/Daewoo technologies. And to top the whole Verona thing, I was talking to my service guy at the dealer(mind you that I told them since I owned the car that it surges at about 40MPH), he said that they sold the Verona, and it came back the next day with the engine light on, and it was a bad Coil!!!! With having just 8,000 miles on it, good luck, the problem will arise very soon, especially if it is losing power between shifts. The ECM updates are useless, just a temporary patch to a car/engine Designed by General Motors, I feel sorry for Suzuki, because GM designed a crap car, with the rebadged Daewoo Leganza motor in it. Good luck in your adventures with the daewoo---I mean Suzuki!
  • Have this update done at your dealer. I am very happy with the new performance. Seems to have a lot more acceleration.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Larsguest, thanks very much for the info. Question: how long did the update take at your dealer? I'm assuming they re-flashed the transmission control module? Does the transmission still "learn" your driving habits (e.g. adaptive) or is it now permanently set for higher shift rpm's?

    Thanks for your reply.
  • I have my VeronaEX 2yrs this month. Had new tranny installed at 8,000 miles and car has run perfect since. I'm getting nervous reading all theese bad posts so I'm going to wait for the new LX-7 to come out around Oct. and trade. I had an 02 Limited that I traded for the Verona and the only reason I traded it was because I bought it in the begining of the year and they only offered 3yr 36,000 mile warranty. I saw pictures of the new one and there are a lot of changes plus the HP is upped to 252.
  • I know a lot of people have had very bad expiriences with their Veronas but I have been quite pleased so far. We have 26000 miles on our 05 now and we are not dissatisfied....yet. Thankfully we have not had the problems most people have had. I do wish it got better mileage but with gas at 3 bucks a gallon, noone is satisfied with their mileage. I do wish Suzuki could have got their sh*t together in regards to engine and performance. The Verona is such a nice looking car, it's a shame it has been discontinued without any attempts to make the engine better. I would like to hear some positive comments from people, if anyone has any that is.
  • gts, I agree with you completely on every point. I have an 04 EX with 22000 on it, and the engine has been jet-smooth without any hiccups. I do feel however, that most of the problems (slow acceleration, mediocre mileage) stem from the GM transmission, and not the motor so much. I would love to see this car with a manual tranny, or something like the 5 speed automatic in my wife's 07 Sonata. I think that motor could surprise everyone with the right tranny behind (under) it. The rest of the car is really quite good, and I hope Suzuki doesn't overlook that. I think a MODERN ASIAN transmission would work wonders.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 208
    I have over 32k on my 04 EX and haven't had any problems. I haven't even bothered with any of those software updates because I really doubt if it could be any smoother. Sure, better mileage would be nice but since it has given me all those miles of trouble free driving I can't complain too much about the mileage. I have seen 2 used Veronas on used car lots in my town and they were asking an arm and a leg for them. Of course I am sure they would take a lot less than they are asking but it gives me confidence about selling mine if I ever decide to do that.
  • tonyc4tonyc4 Posts: 14
    The Verona automatic is actually a ZF unit made in Korea (model 4HP16). It's an older design from the 90's so it's not exactly state of the art...the new Verona (Daewoo Tosca)comes with an Aisin 5 speed auto.
  • tonyc4tonyc4 Posts: 14
    The Verona automatic is actually a ZF unit made in Korea (model # 4HP16) It's an older design from the 90's so it's not exactly state of the art. The Verona replacement (Daweoo Tosca) has a newer Aisin 5 speed.
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