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Suzuki Verona



  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    I'm finally taking my '04 Verona back to the shop on 08/17, to address ALL Tech Service Bulletins addressed concerning transmission problems, TCM ECM reprogramming, high idle speed, random stalling, quirky steering wheel radio controls, etc. I will reply with an update of the results. :confuse:
  • Does anyone have an idea on how to get the door panels off without ruining them? I'm wanting to replace those cheap-[non-permissible content removed] speakers but I can barely get the panels to move. Any ideas on how to do this?

    ps. I've taken out all the screws that I can find, 7 screws in all.

    Thanks! Alienpath
  • My gas mileage at today's filling is a whopping 14.2mpg. Strangely, my needle was just about on the red line, but I was only able to squeeze 13.9 gallons into the tank. The tank is supposed to hold 17.2 gallons, according to Suzuki's website.

    Ma--ma--ma--my Verona. :cry:
  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    I'm pretty sure the tank only hold 15 gallons. At least that's what it is for my '04. BTW: Mine's in the shop getting a myriad of problems looked at. :sick:
  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    For any of you who are experiencing tranny problems, ask for the ECM to be reprogrammed (per TSB # TS 07 10185). I've only driven it about 70 miles, but so far, it's a vast improvement. ;)
  • jpolwortjpolwort Posts: 27
    Ask for service in regards to TSB TS 07 10185, titled "ECM Reprogramming for false slow O2 sensor DTCS". Mine was free, and these problems (so far) have been eliminated and/or greatly reduced. ;)
  • The tank on this car holds 17.2 gallons of gas, when I had my lemon 04 Verona, the light would come on and I would fill up 14.5 gallons, w the reserve, and i would get about 21 mpg. Alienpath, if you are getting 14 mpg and own a 04 then you have a serious problem. i had the head, throttle body, and the o2 sensor all replaced before the car had 30,000 mile on it, bcause they were all defective!!! Now that I ditched the GM/Daewoo built Verona in favor of the Japenese built Grand Vitara, I am having no problems Whatsoever. i was upside about 6,000, but the headaches were over. I now find out someone bought the car, and then returned it the next day, engine light on, bad fuel injector. They resold it last week, and by Friday it was back in the shop with a bad Catalytic converter.
  • My Verona is an 05. I originally had an 04, put less than 10K miles on it in two years, and got rid of it. I thought (stupid me), that the problems I was having was because of the car being a first year model. I traded for a brand new 05 still sitting in the showroom in 06.

    I currently have about 3800 miles on it and I can honestly say that I've had less problems with my 05 than I had with my 04. However, the 05's gas mileage is actually worse than my previous 04. Since my last fill up, I've driven about 90 miles and I'm well below 3/4's of a tank.

    I'm taking it to the dealer on Wednesday to have the brakes checked, just to make sure they are not dragging. Other than this, the dealer won't do anything without charging me over $100. Not only am I not happy about this, I'm embarrassed. I'm getting worse gas mileage than the rated mileage of the Toyota 4-Runner. :shades:
  • Our '05 got pretty bad mileage when we bought it but it seems as we put more mileage on it the mpg increased. Combined city/hwy is now 23-24. Highway mileage is 30-32 mpg. I've also put a K&N air filter in it.

    I'm still waiting for someone to tell us how to remove the door panels so I can get rid of those crappy speakers.
  • I have thought about changing air filters and going with K&N. I've also heard some say that gas mileage improves with the more mileage driven.

    However my car, most of the time, reminds me of driving an old carburated car. It has a bit of a hesitation when pressing down the gas pedal. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting at a light or moving in traffic, it hesitates. Therefore, I'm thinking the fuel/air mixture is wrong.

    And yes, I'm still waiting for someone to tell us how to remove the door panels.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    Check out this link for a step by step procedure for removing / installing Verona door panels. Good luck.
  • Daewoo designed the car to use the ZF gear box. When GM took over that unit was replaced with a lower cost GM unit.
  • Suzuki is doing the right thing by discontinuing this car. It has really hurt their reputation
  • Does anyone know anything about the newest TSB that was issued on 9/8/06. It looks like it's for just about all Suzuki models from 1997-2007 model years.

    This is all the info I have from the pitstop site.

    09086 Pass-Thru Reprogramming Software Version
  • Verona runs a ZF 4hp16 automatic transmission (ZF is a german company), made by daweoo precision in Korea (under license). Not a GM transmission. Despite some clunky shifts it has so far performed flawlessly.
    Has anyone gone through the 30k maintenance? I'm going in next week (costs $375). They change all the fluids (coolant and transmission), fuel, air and cabin filters, plus new spark plugs, and they throw in a car rental for free!
  • I hate paying $2.40 for worthless information. This TSB is mainly for the dealer, and not the consumer. I would suggest you mention this if needing any service work done in regards to ECM and/or TCM. :sick:

    A new pass-thru reprogramming software version number, must be
    downloaded and installed prior to downloading and installing the database version
    2.006.0728 and any future database versions, unless notified of a change.
  • After several trips to a local dealer to fix various issues related to erratic idoling, surging, and transmission issues, I gave up and went to a different dealer. Their technicians isolated my problems to this 1) blocked throttle body (replace), 2) defective map sensor (replace), and 3) broken PCV valve(replace). After spending close to $600, now the car purrs like a kitten. Still thinking about dumping it though, but for now - it drives like it should. ;)
  • Hey, thanks for the link. But after looking over the texts, I decided not to take any further action in trying to replace the speakers myself. I'll just take it to a professional stereo shop and have them do all the work, including putting in a new stereo.

    Again, thanks for the link.
  • Why would you have to lay any money out of your pocket when your problems in my opinion seem to be warranty related.
  • Believe me, I asked twice if these items were covered under warranty, but was told they were not. I am in contact with Suzuki Customer service to see what action I can take.
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