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Suzuki Verona



  • Hey guys I was just skipping around the forums and noticed that the Verona has this stalling problem. I just sold my 2000 Daewoo Leganza to my neighbor and for the last 3 years once I fire up the car go in reverse then switch to Drive it sputters as if fuel is not getting to the engine for 2-3 seconds and then it gets its power and vvvvvvvroom! goos 2 go for the rest of the day. There is still some extended warranty on the car and since this sounds like a design flaw from the daewoo to the suzuki I was hoping someone could give me some quick insight to this phenomina.Changed fuel filter never helped and my next guess was a bad fuel pump(or connection to pump) or a throttle body problem.
  • Your stalling problem is not something changing gas is going to fix. I just got my 2004 Verona back two days ago from the dealer where it has been for over a month. At 36,700 miles Suzuki replaced the engine and a whole lot of other parts. The repair cost was $12,485.62 in parts and labor all of which was covered by Suzuki. But to answer your question a Suzuki rep told me that the reason for the problem was that this engine was designed to run on pure gas and not gas with a percentage of Ethanol as here in the states. What is happening is the plugs and valves are getting loaded up with carbon and when the build up is large enough the stalling begins. The dealers can do a chemical cleaning of the valves by running in a fluid to clean them but it is a 12 hour process from what Suzuki told me. You wonder why they no longer sell them. This Suzuki rep also told me that the same engine design is used in the Forenza which is still being sold and the dealer told my wife when she picked up the car two days ago that they are already seeing 2008 Forenzas with the problem. Best of all even with my new engine I can look forward to the problem returning once I get some mileage on the car - can you say trade in?
  • My 04 Verona has an engine with less than 10k miles. It runs great except that lately it seems to be slow in starting. It used to start immediately but now it cranks for a bit before starting. It is probably a little worse when it is cold but it is only slightly less of an issue when it is warm. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    I don't know about the 6 cyl Verona engine ,but the 4 cyl Forenza engine is a Holden design that was in the Daewoos.I had a Leganza and burned 10 % ethanol witn no problems,The only rough running issues I experienced was due to a bad coil pack.The biggest problem I had was dealer incompetence.Looks like Suzuki is doing a rerun of this.
    The six cylinder Verona engine seems to have tuning issues that Suzuki can't or won't resolve.I've seen numerous posts about reflashing the computer for both the engine and the transmission.I would think that in 3 years they would have figured that out.
    The good news is the warranty-if you can wear them out they just might fix the car or you can lemon law.It's a shame how Suzuki has botched this.I've heard GM kind of pushed the Daewoo product line on Suzuki,BUT that is no excuse -they put the big S on the car and sold them.
  • I don't know what Suzuki did to screw this car up but my daewoo was the best car we've ever owned.In 65k we only had to replace the camshaft positioning sensor ($120) no big deal. Must be that they couldn't design a good 6 cyl.
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    The camshaft sensor was free fix from DAEWOO.You may be able to get your money back-check with a warranty dealer.You are right about the car-ours was great.An incompetent dealer just made me crazy.
  • re:Sensor. :ChucK. My 1999 Leganza sensor was replace two weeks ago.'I took it to chevy dealer to have it fix they told me to check with daewoo america to see if it was recall for camshaft sensor 'Thay told me that only(2000 & 2002) was recall.'So it cost me about three hundred dollars and i just order a new exhaust from the front to the back brand new off the internet stock daewoo parts. total price was ($293.95) and about two fifty for labor.'The car only has 17,000 on the new motor the one that came in the car was tosted after 55.000 and i still love my Leganza this is my second one.
  • now exceeds 46,000. It is difficult to come to an overall impression of the car. Objectively, it has been highly reliable. One engine computer update and one radio fix from the dealer, both free. On the other side, the engine is noisier now than my old Chevy Caprice was at 133,000 miles. The engine is exceptionally smooth at high RPM, yet idles with a bit of vibration--there since new. I like driving the car because it corners well yet absorbs big road shocks very well. The short turn radius makes parking easy. The air conditioner works well in the hottest summer I've encountered and the heating system comes on fast in winter. The transmission is unfortunate in its gear ratio selection and in its erratic response to acceleration at low speeds. But, it has been failure free. I suppose I am keeping the car because each day it competently takes me on my travels with little fuss. Not a strong endorsement perhaps, but sufficient to hang onto it for the time being.

    The legroom is impressive for a car this size, particularly when contrasted with a similar sized BMW.

    The same basic car, with styling updates and a five speed automatic is now being sold in Australia to poor reviews. Since I've not read of reliability woes, perhaps the quality issues discussed on this forum have been corrected. I would not buy the Australian model if sold here, but would consider a new generation car of the same size with the same concept of a cross-wise positioned inline six cylinder engine. A small turbo and variable valve timing could make the engine world class.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    It's been a while since I posted here but I wanted to add to what marvinlee stated. My EX just passed 40K miles, and here's the point to be made, 40K totally trouble free miles. Only oil changes at regular intervals and I performed everyone myself. I did the radio fix myself...broken tuning lifting off the faceplate. ECM was upgraded early on as part of the Suzuki factory update. Would you believe I'm still enjoying original tires and original brake pads... to me that speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of this car. Unfortunately, I had several windshields replaced, thanks to stone damage compliments of NY highways. Engine still remarkably smooth and mostly quiet at all rpms, but I do have that little transmission kick at a rolling 20 mph upon acceleration. And yes, the turning radius is amazing; I can do u-turns on the narrowest of roads! Besides the excellent HVAC system, the heated seats are a true blessing during northeast winters.

    Say what you will, but this automobile delivers as a daily driver in every aspect imaginable, and asks for very little in return. :D
  • This is the link to the 2008 Australian Holden Epica. Despite the different name, it is the South Korean built Daewoo that was relabeled as a Suzuki Verona for the USA and as the Chevrolet Epica for Canada. The new version has modified styling on the same body structure, a five speed automatic, newer electronics, and slightly different trim and accessory packages. Fuel economy is now better, the engine runs slower on the highway, but power is no better.

    General Motors made a serious initial mistake in not making sure that Daewoo (GM owned) achieved high initial quality. Had it done so, I believe that the car would still be sold here in respectable numbers. The basic engine design is similar to the much more costly Volvo six cylinder S80 but in a smaller and more affordable car.
  • The link failed to post, for reasons unknown. I here try again, leaving off the end brackets. Nor guarantee it will come through this time, but.....
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hi fellow Verona owners. I was wondering who has the most mileage on their cars so far. I'll start off with my 103,112 miles. I've had only a few problems most such as the cylinder head replacement paid for by Suzuki because of a loud diesel like tap at about 40,000 milae and most recently I had to replace a coil at my expense because of the mileage for about 180.00. But my main aggravation is the check engine light. I can't get it to stay off foe more than a week or so. It runs fine and I see no reason for it to stay on. It's been to the shop many time for this and frankly, I,m just tired of bringing it in. I finally taped over just so I don't have to look at it. Does anyone else have this problem? Also let me know of some higher mileage cars. Thanks.
  • evergreenevergreen Posts: 208
    I bought an '04 EX when they first started selling in my area and I only have 52,000 miles on it. I am on my third engine but I really have few complaints. It has been a very reliable, quiet, smooth and fun car. I say reliable because it has never quit on me. The motor replacements were the result of problems the dealer discovered during routine serviceing. I wasn't even aware there were any problems. I had an issue with the ABS light staying on but that went away after an emergency stop. Several months ago, it seemed to take longer than normal to start in the morning but that issue has gone away, too. I replaced the original tires at 40,000 but still have the original brakes and battery. I have test driven several new cars including the Camry and Mercury Monarch but none of them offered what I have become accustomed to in the Verona. They were either noisier, less comfortable, had lousy shift patterns, etc., so I felt like I would have been taking a step downward and paying many thousands of dollars for the privelege. My needs have changed somewhat since I bought the Verona so my next car will be something like the RAV4. It is a very nice vehicle but I will be sacrificing a few things when I give up the Verona.
  • I do not have a lot of miles on my car (12000)it was at the dealer more than I drove it the first year I had it. they replaced o sensors and plugs and what not then they finally replaced the catalytic converter and the engine light has not come on since. I must day I am worried after reading 3 engines replaced with only 52000 miles on it. I like the car but its not a keeper will get a new one soon and will not be a sucky
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    It was inevitable for something to go wrong: driving about 5 mph this afternoon, I applied my brakes lightly, and felt this pulsing sensation at the right front wheel, then the abs lights up and stays on all the time. I think it might have come on earlier, but it would go out. I read the post about the panic stop that fixed the problem; thanks evergreen, I think I'll try that tomorrow. After 44,200 miles, this is the FIRST mechanical / electrical problem I've experienced in 4 years of ownership. I still have the OEM original brakes and tires, but the front pads look a little thin and might change them out (myself) this weekend. And yes, I have the original engine, original everything else, just change my own oil and filter and rotate tires, haven't spent a dime on anything other than gas, oil, and wiper blades. I have my eye on the 08 Passat...if this abs thing doesn't pan out well. I have no real complaints on the Verona EX; it has treated me very well for 4 years, and I will miss it if it's time to trade.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    I just installed a new set of Centric Posi Quiet Disk Pads all-around, and just for the heck of it, disconnected / re-connected the 2 abs electrical connectors on both front axles. I drove about 20 miles today, threw in a few "hard stops" just for good measure, and the abs light has NOT re-appeared. :) My theory is either one of the following: the worn brake pads triggered a signal to the abs computer that would disable abs from operating, OR, the act of re-inserting connectors which may not have been making proper electrical contact did the trick.
    In any event, I am wondering how many others here did not have "legitimate" problems with their abs system? I would not doubt that most repairs shops would capitalize on the "out of warranty" situation, citing major repairs e.g. computer, sensors, etc. to the tune of $1500 (as some have paid) when all that was needed was some simple connector cleaning. From my observation, these connections are exposed to all the elements: road salts, grime, brake dust, extreme temperatures, vibration, shock, etc. hence highly likely that a poor connection can develop. OH, and did I mention my brake pads (esp. the inner pads, the ones you can't see too well until you remove the caliper) were worn down pretty deep. Just wondering if abs is, coincidentally, disabled on really worn pads.

    Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience? Thanks.
  • vultu69vultu69 Posts: 3
    My abs light came on back in January. I was getting the same symptoms with the light being on but not all the time. When I first started the car, it would need to move a mile or so before it came on. The parts guy at my local dealer told me it was probably a wheel speed sensor that was telling the abs that one of the wheels was moving slower than the other (skidding). I honestly couldnt afford the enormous expense of changing out parts to "see" if it fixed the issue. 2 months later my left wheel hub assy started making noise and was seizing up. (This is an 04 verona with 123000 miles) When they changed the hub out the abs light went out and everything seems fine. The lesson of this could be that if you have some miles on your car and you get this problem, you might want to wait until you need your brakes done, or rotors removed, or cv joint replaced etc. Or if someone can do it for you. disconnect and reconnect the sensors.

    While, Im at it. My verona drives me just over 5000 miles a month. the hub assy is the first major repair i have needed. The engine (original) is still very quiet, and it has been a great car overall. I am definatly getting my money's-worth out of it.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Does anyone know of a way to clear the check engine light without going to a shop and getting charged about $60-$70? I already tried disconnecting the battery, but to no avail. It is running just fine and I've already had it done so many times. They have reflashed the ECM and done other things. It will stay off for a short while and comes back on. I am so tired of it. Please help if you know of a way.Thanks.
  • mm9351mm9351 Posts: 72
    You basically have two options. First, the free one: find a local AutoZone store in your area; they will read out the DTC (diagnostic trouble code) from the OBD2 connector under your dash; then you should look that code up on the net (or they'll tell you on the spot) before resetting the check engine light, again, for FREE. Second, buy a low-cost code scanner, as I have done, something like the Actron. You can find them on ebay for about $50 - 60 and do the scanning / resetting yourself; anytime. This is the most convenient option. Make sure you reset your light before bringing in your car for inspection; otherwise your car is sure to fail the emissions test! Good luck!
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Thanks for the info. I knew AutoZone would check it, but I did not know that they would clear it. I just feel that it is a false alarm because it is running just fine. I was hoping it was a bad gas cap, but a new one has not helped. The light would sometimes go off by itself when the cat was newer. Thanks again.
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