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Suzuki Verona



  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 43
    The engine noise may be related to the pistons. Modern pistons are quite short, have no steel inserts to control expansion, and sometimes cause a bit of noise until they reach operating temperature. I would pay attention to the trend of the noise. Is it deteriorating? If so, pistons are probably not the cause since they normally wear very slowly.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    Interesting article. But this engine has been a real piece of garbage. You can't help to think if they would have stayed with a GM design they would have been much better cars!
  • The verona engine is a complety GM design. Gm declined to fix the engine half way through the contract with suzuki. Suzuki revisted the engine repair a year after taking on the line and gave Gm most of the information to preform the corrective action needed. GM would not repair the vechile. Rember suzuki buys the verona reno and forenza. Built and ready to go from GM all suzuki dose is sell them and fix them Thay have no other input. Which is why the verona is gone and forenza and reno are out next year. The only mistake suzuki made was trusting GM a company thay have done business with for along time. GM may be gone soon
    (god I hope so) I know it will hurt the work force and ecnomey of mexico ,china and every other cheap labor country out there but only about 5 real americans will loose there jobs.
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 43
    "The verona engine is a complety GM design." Do you have a reference for that claim, 650spx? My understanding, based on literature supplied at the time the car was being released in America, is that Daewoo was responsible for engine design, beginning before GM bought a controlling share of Daewoo. Daewoo, according to my understanding, had hired the aid of an engine expert at Germany's Porsche company.

    The Daewoo sedan is still in production and is sold in several nations. It now has a six speed transmission and has a diesel option newly available. I agree that Suzuki had legitimate complaints.
  • i think the verona engine is 100% daewoo because in korea they star making the daewwo magnus which is suzuki verona in usa in the year 2000. the reason is that i was checking a korean uses auto sales webside and i look a used daewoo magnus from the year 2000 to 2006. another reason is that was the first 6 cilynder engine from daewoo so maybe daewoo company are no good making 6 cilybder engine, remember verona owners when daewwo first came to usa whit the leganza,nubira and lanos they all 4 cilynder engine and before daewoo when bankrut the daewwo magnus was already made by daewwo co. and in 2004 daewwo when bankrut and was brough by gm and suzuki. now every daewwo extricate as a chevrolet like for example the chevy aveo thats a daewoo whith chevy frame in korea the chevy aveo name is daewoo suzuki dont want daewoo anymore and they kicking out all the daewoo cars like the verona, forenza and reno, i was checking the suzuki new cars web and forenza and reno are not there anymore. oh another point suzuki is going to try to bring back the costumers attention with the suzuki kizashi in 2010, lets se what happen because the kizashi is made by suzuki not daewoo. thanks verona owners and good luck
  • i will contact my friend at american suzuki and try to find out better information but I can assure you he can't give me anything on paper.
  • thats a great idea to contact your friend at american suzuki tell him to tell you the tru about the suzuki verona engine beacuse every webside say that the daewoo magnus and the suzuki verona are the same car no gm engine are involve in those cars but gm owned.whe i check the korean used auto webside i check the daewoo magnus i check all the pictures in that car and the engine is the same as the suzuki verona.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If you go back to the link (message 1763)that was posted, in the first paragraph it clearly states it's a Daewoo design. The second paragraph states that the motors USED TO be from GM.
  • 650spx650spx Posts: 48
    Every onew knows that thay are the same car. Suzuki just rebaged them duh. Mabey if you did all this great reasurch you would not be stuck with one now!!!
  • ak10ak10 Posts: 3
    Am very happy to join this great site, I live in Jordan, Middle East and own Daewoo Magnus eagle 04(Verona) for about a year and half with no problem (thank god).
  • ak10ak10 Posts: 3
    you are 100% right
  • i tried to star my verona and was hard to star and when finally star the hold button light was on and blinkid on the dash, i press the hold button to turn off but dint work the hold ligth was still on in the dash i tried to drive the car and the car was running terrible and making noise, i drove like four bloks away from my house and i decide to park and turn the car off , i wait like 3 minutes and turn the car on again and finally the hold light shut off and the car went back to run normal. that is possible that the suzuki dealer cut eliminated the hold mode sistem?it will be nice, if someone have solution for this problem please help. god luck verona owners
  • marvinlee1marvinlee1 OregonPosts: 43
    Welcome ak10. We have also had no major problems with our 2004 Verona. The paint still looks good after four years being parked outside. The leather shows no signs of wear, and the engine has enough power. The newest six cylinder Veronasbeing sold in Australia, UK, and possibly New Zealand under the Holden Epica brand name are selling slowly, but gaining some sales because of a new diesel engine option.

    Does anyone have hints on where to find the engine coolant drain plugs? It is time to change the coolant and local prices are very high.
  • my suzuki verona have 81000 miles i used 5w30 but i think that motor oil is to ligth for a car that have 81000 miles should i put 10w30 or 10w40 in the next motor oil change please help.
  • I need to find out how to check and add transmission fliud to my 2004 Verona. The dealership that I got the car from (Joe Gibson) is now out of business and the nearest one close to me is 45 min away. :confuse:
  • ak10ak10 Posts: 3
    good morning,if its an automatic gear this will help in checking :
    chevy evanda is same as the verona.
  • Our 2005 Suzuki Verona has 114k miles on it, and has been virtually problem free, we have done the basic maintenance on it but recently the check engine light came on at apprx 105,000 and we took it to a local mechanic who said that the Catalytic converter needs to be replaced, we didn't have the money at the time so we decided to hold off, then a couple of days ago it started driving very slow and hesitating, now today it has no power, it starts fine but cannot accelerate at all, is this a problem that can be attributed to the Catalytic converter? Also, recently intermittently when breaking the brake pedal is hard to press down almost like there is a problem with the master brake cylinder, also could this be related? Thanks for any assist.
  • There is no way to check the fluid, short of draining it all and measuring. The Verona does not have a transmission dipstick, and it is meant to be a sealed unit for it's entire life. I would take it to a dealer at 100k and have them change it, and otherwise, don't worry about it.
    I never loved the way mine shifted. Even though there was nothing "mechanically wrong" with it, it always seemed to be in the wrong gear, and shifting at the worst time.
    The no dipstick thing is common to a few high-end cars. They claim it keeps the fluid cleaner by not having another point of entry for foreign material.
    I think they do it to keep the stealership mechanics working. They may also do it to keep us hamfisted knucklebusters from overfilling, or putting the wrong kind of fluid in our transmissions.
    Tranny fluid is usually measured and added in pints, not quarts, like oil. There are also several different types, and the wrong one will definitely screw up your tranny.
  • you are rigth about the transmission fluid my verona have 81000 miles and im going to wait for 100,000 miles for change the transmission fluid and the suzuki dealer is the best option to take even if a expencive i dont recomend to take the verona to regular mechanic for transmission service due to that transmission is sealed by the way i dont like the way my verona transmission shifting always at the wrong time exept in freeways and nothing is wrong with the tranny is just the way was made. take care and good luck verona owners.
  • Hello, I am new to this forum and I would like to ask a view questions about my 2004 Verona. I have not had any problems with it until about 90,000 miles. Nothing with the engine but my driver side window is off track or something, its got a lot of play in it meaning i can move it side to side and up and down. I have to pull it down to come down, and i have to pull it up to come up. I am a DIY kinda guy so id like to do it myself. It's starting to happen to my passenger window as well. If anybody knows what is wrong with it please let me know! I also broke my diver side door molding, the plastic peice on the side of the door, and cant find it ANYWHERE! The dealership here went out of business (looks liike suzuki isn't doing to good some places). Please please please if anybody has any information or resources let me know. thanks a lot!
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