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Suzuki Verona



  • Gaelyn......I am not sure if you can do this and I completely understand because for the first 13 years of my sons life I was a single mom. If you can, please I encourage you to trade that POS in. Yes your engine should be covered, but they find every reason not to stand behind their products. Our Verona still sits in the driveway, it will be two years in June, from us needing a new engine.
    In the long run it will be worth it. If you can't find anyone in vegas, please let me know and ill ask my cousins who live there if they know of anyone as well. Again I am very sorry about the car.
  • Thanks, Jennifer, for your encouragement. I would totally trade in that POS, but I am definitely not in the position to do so financially. I am pretty much in a Catch 22 right now. I know it would be way better to to have a different car, but I still owe a couple of years of payments on this one and it isn't worth anything. No car dealer in their right mind is going to sell me a car right now. Possibly in six months I will be in a better position. I am definitely going to change the oil several times in the next few months to see if It helps at all. I am probably just going to have to drive it until the engine just dies. :sick:
  • theres a website i hink its try there
  • rich155rich155 Posts: 1
    Dear Reader's

    I inherated a huge problem so I thought an 05 Verona. It had the bucking and Stalling and "transmission issues" (so I thought) and of course the clanking motor.


    A vacuum hose on the back side of the intake manifold gets too hot and decays and breaks.. Before it breaks it casues intermet vacuum leaks and POOOOOOR running stalling and bucking . I replaced the hose and it runs very good;

    As for the Motor clanking I have just changed the oil 30 times in about a year (no filter) and that is in effect a motor over haul in a can of oil. Now that the motor is clean inside it runs perfect and is qiet and smooth. I can even drive it cold now with no issues.

    I think I now have the Suzuki Verona they tried for and it is a hoot to drive and it is QUICK! I often get looks and gestures from other Verona owners suffering their fate. They just gasp at my oil change explanation but yet when they hear it idle and have to look to see the motor run it means something.

    Good Luck to everyone..... By the Way the Oil Filter only gets the rocks the really fine dirt that messes with your motor is never touched with by the filter.

  • esalazaresalazar Posts: 21
    Well good for you. At the time I had my verona, it still had warranty. So when anything came up, I'd take it in. Let them deal with it, while under warranty. It seemed like they didnt want to bother with it after taking it in so many times. I ended up filing for lemon law. Suzuki, didnt even bother challenging it. Once the warranty is over on any of my cars, thats when I take over and do whats got to be done. Now you mentioned 30 oil changes in one year. Well that would of been nice to know, when I had my 04 verona. I would of done something like that to my car. I remember a comment someone made one time when I took my car to the shop. She said no wonder I hardly see any veronas on the road they are all in here. Even to this day, I see one from time to time. I mean a good while. Well thanks for sharing that. I am not going to run out and by one. But if I see one for the price. :shades:
  • I tried to start my Suzuki Forenza 2004 and was hard to start and when finally started the hold button light was on and blinked on the dash, I pressed the hold button to turn it off but didn't work, the hold light was still on in the dash I tried to drive the car and the car was running terrible and making noise, I drove like two blocks away from my house and I decide to park and turn the car off , I waited like 3 minutes and turn the car on again and finally the hold light shut off and the car went back to run normal. It will be nice, if someone would have a solution for this problem. Please help. Good luck Suzuki Forenza owners.
  • Suzuki dealerships suck. One place told me he shouldn't even give me the keys back unless I removed the sludge from my car becuase it's bound to blow up. (the engine blew 5 years later becuase I ran with the oil pump light on) another place said its under recall, did the work and sent me on my way un fixed. the other place wouldn't even answer my questions on the phone about servie and parts because they said I would have to show you. HUH?
  • welingtonwelington Posts: 16
    hi suzuki verona owners i havent wrothe a post in a while about my 2004 verona im very happy with this car i brougt the car with 72,000 milleage four years ago now have 110,000 milleages i travel to work from brooklyn ny to inwood long island ny around 30 milleage a day was no problem into i decided to change the spark plugs when the mechanic pull out the old spark plugs one spark plug was wet with motor oil and he told me i nedd to buy the valve cover gasket and the intake gasket set cost me 57 dollars for both gasket and he char me 150,00 for labor cause was to much work he told me and it was a lot of work he have to take out the whole head of the engine to get to the problem and change the gasket and now the problem is solve i know the car have a tone of issues but we have to deal with it about the engine stalling and transmission shiffing inapropiate im used to that thankls verona owners good luck to all.
  • Just checking back to see how everyone is faring with their Veonas. My Sonata has been trouble free and it's now 4 years old. I did have to replace the battery this summer as it started leaking acid. Other than that no issues. No Stalling, check engine lights, clicking, rattling, etc. Like the Verona. I now have 40,000 miles on it. I traded the Verona when it had 38,000 miles on it. Wish things had been better with it, but I just couldn't go on any longer. Good luck to those still holding on!!!!
  • NOt sure if you're still on here, you may have purchased a new car. But my boyfriend just bought a used 2005 Verona and is having the same issue with the car only taking 2 gallons at a time. Did you ever solve your issue? Has anyone else reading this had the same issue? If so, what was it and was it expensive to fix? Overall are you happy with the Verona or was it a nightmare. He just bought this and we are not concerned that maybe it wasn't such a good car?
  • rj027rj027 Posts: 1
    I'd just like to let you know that the Verona was a rebadged Daewoo, and not actually a Suzuki at all. So, you might be safe buying a Suzuki in the future; I'd just make sure it isn't a model that's really a Daewoo.
  • I bought my 2005 Suzuki Verona new out of the showroom. My gas tank is having the same problem but it only started about a year ago. It takes a long time to fill the tank. Did you find the solution? There should have been a recall to this.
    Other than this the car has been great. A sensor or two had to be replaced and the rear boot keeps going bad, had that replaced. I love the car and for 16k it had all the comforts and bells and whistles any 25k car would have. It has 95k miles and is in good shape.
  • 3285032850 Posts: 1
    I have a 04 Verona with the same problem. The vapor canister is mounted behind the right rear tire. If it goes bad, you will have problems fueling. I pulled mine down and ran a long screwdriver into the openings to break up the carbon filtering agent. there is also a vent valve mounted on the canister that is electrically controlled. This can cause fueling problems also. Good luck.
  • ok i have a sazuki verona 2004 n i was wondering what is the code to the cd player its numbers 1-6 n i bought it but dont have the code i bought it off a car lot
  • vinays84vinays84 Posts: 1
    Hello rich155,

    After replacing the vacuum hose have you ever had the jerking or stalling problem?

    Also where did you replace the vacuum hose; At a Suzuki Dealer or a Local Mechanic?
    How many miles do you have on your car?

    Looking forward to your reply,


  • jdbncjdbnc Posts: 3
    Mine had the same problem with slow-filling of gas. I took the canister behind the rear tire loose and used compressed air to blow into the vent hose (the larger of the hoses) and it solved my problem. I also had a check engine light on that also went out as a result.
  • jdbncjdbnc Posts: 3
    It gets very hot under that engine cover. You can remove the cover and replace the vaccuum hoses yourself. That solved all of my chugging problems.
  • jdbncjdbnc Posts: 3
    Evergreen, I had the very same problem. I replaced several dried, cracked vaccuum hoses under the engine cover along with new spark plugs and my problems were solved.
  • alienpathalienpath Posts: 15
    Oh where to begin. 05 Verona, purchased new off the show room floor in 06. However, 35,5++ miles and 6 years later:

    Constant airbag light on (after being charged $85 for the hook up, the light comes back on after a couple of days---tired of messing with it);

    Ticking motor when starting at least 50% of the time. Oil sending unit not working right? My 04 Verona did the same thing. Dealer said nothing wrong.

    Wrong transmission gearing? (the most likely culprit for the 13mpg city);

    Intermittent electrical issues (including non-functioning daytime running lamps, stereo, stereo controls on steering wheel, clock, passenger airbag light (not coming on when no passenger present);

    And, oh yeah, a freakin' 13MPG in the city!! :mad:

    I am now out of warranty. Suzuki charged me $85 while under warranty for "fixing" the airbag light issue. I called the dealership and complained. No satisfaction. I called Suzuki customer service. Again, no satisfaction. Two days after they "reset the codes" to turn the light off, the airbag light comes on again, intermittently. Three days after that started, it came back on and stayed on. It currently blazes away when I drive it.

    I've looked at the Mustang, Corvette, and Challenger. All get better city mileage than I do, and with V-8's to boot. The next stop on this Verona tour will take us to the Dodge dealer for a new Dodge Dart Rallye. Never again. :mad:
  • I just recently bought my Suzuki and read in the manual that i can drive my car like if it was a manual transmission I've been doing that for the past week. I'm not sure if that's bad or not cause it says i can.
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