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Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+



  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Rearding the OB hovever I wish it had "Automatic" door locks, and a power passanger seat.

    I guess that Subaru decided to not package the latter into the 2.5 Limited. Though, as you probably know, a power passenger seat is standard on the more expensive XT, 3.0R LL Bean, and 3.0R VDC models.

    Congratulations on your new vehicle.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Well, just for a few blocks. ;-)

    A good buddy of mine had been shopping around for a new car and he finally decided to pull the trigger on a Legacy GT Spec B this weekend.

    The Spec B he purchased had been sitting on the dealer's lot for about 3 months. They wanted to move it so they sold it to him at invoice without even blinking an eye. Personally, I think he could have gotten even more, but my friend was happy with the price.

    Anyway, after picking it up, he stopped by my house and let me drive it a few blocks.

    My impressions:
    - The overall vehicle looks much nicer in person. From the early photos, I thought the 18" wheels didn't look right, but up close, they look great.
    - The dark silver is really a nice color. It was raining yersterday and the combination of the beading rainwater, chromed headlights (vs. 05 models), chrome accent on side skirts and wheels really flowed together well.
    - The interior red is not as garish as I had thought. It's a fairly warm and subdued tone that works quite well with the rest of the vehicle.
    - The ride, in my very limited test drive, was not very harsh at all. If I wasn't surrounded by the red leather and with a Navi system glowing on the center console, I would think it was a regular LGT sedan.

    One interesting note regarding power delivery that's not specifically related to the Spec B -- I didn't really get as much of a "wow" driving the 5MT this time. When I was shopping for my LGT wagon two years ago, I felt a marked difference in the power delivery when driving a 5MT vs. 5EAT version.

    However, this time around, I drove a regular LGT sedan (no pre-purchase Spec B test drives) and my friend's new Spec B. While I did notice a power delivery difference, it just wasn't as marked as it was before. While there certainly is a new vs. broken-in engine difference, I wonder if I was seeing the difference of a new vs. learned 5EAT.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Ken, I think the wow-less feeling you got is simply due to the fact that you're now used to the L-GT's power, whereas before you were coming off your older Forester.

    I'm finding that with my new WRX, I'm not as impressed with the power as I once was—until I go drive my wife's Forester or son's OB-S.

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    So True, Bob. I'm used to having all of that power now, so fast cars aren't as fast anymore. But slow cars are REALLY slow! :D

    I don't know if I can go back to driving a slower car anymore- it might even be dangerous! ;)

    I remember when getting to 60mph in under 9 seconds seemed pretty fast to me (back when all cars were terribly underpowered- uh, the last gas crunch) but now anything that doesn't do 60 in under 6 sec is too slow. I guess the adage that power corrupts is true. :)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Ain't that the truth!

    I'm old enough to remember car magazines raving about the old BMW 2002 doing 0-60 in 10.5 seconds, and any car running sub-12 second 0-60 as being "quick."

    Now out-and-out luxury sedans (RR, Lexus LS460) run sub-6 second 0-60 times!

  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    Could be, but I was focusing on the relative back-to-back impressions of driving 5MT and 5EAT GTs. I agree that I have gotten spoiled by the power of my LGT wagon, but it still puts an ear-to-ear grin on a daily basis. :-)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    To me, back in the day (80s high school years), 9 seconds was quick, under 8 and that was super.

    Now it's more like under 7 to be quick, under 5 to impress anyone, and that's among affordable cars!

  • nickelnickel Posts: 147
    Before writing this I read the recent R&T comparo, even the australian comparo, both with the videos. Then I went to my C&D library, and checked every word about a Legacy GT and Spec B, and that Mazdaspeed. My conclusion is that those magazines were testing a different car than Edmunds Inside Line. Please, write your point of view, because I'm disturbed after reading it. Maybe it's time for Edmunds to buy their cars (a la Consumer Reports) so Mazda never again can pump a car at them. See all this in
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    The biggest difference between the MazdaSpeed and the Subaru is that every Subaru is AWD and all the suspension components are well proven - and the dealers know how to work on them.

    The MazdaSpeed is an impressive hot-rodding job, but is a one-off.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Here was my summary:

    ateixeira, "MAZDASPEED Mazda6" #661, 6 Dec 2005 1:39 pm

    Though keep in mind Mazda is having issues with heat soak on the engines, owners are losing power when this happens.

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    I just drove a Mazdaspeed 6 a few weeks ago with a female friend who is interested in buying a car like that. I haven't driven a spec.B but I've driven a Legacy GT a number of times.

    Claimed power and torque be damned, the MS6 does not feel as potent below 4000 rpm as the Legacy GT.

    However, the first rant that inspired this line of discussion is WAAAAY off the mark. The cars are close, and different people will have different preferences. In the linked article, you can see that at least one Edmunds tester preferred the spec.B-- what in the world prompted a jump to the notion of Mazda supplying a hand-tuned superior car? :confuse:

    Sorry, I don't buy that.
  • kenskens Posts: 5,869
    ...there have been times when Subaru was suspected of placing ringers for tests too. ;-)

    But yes, these cars are close. That would explain why you see some magazines rating one over the other.

    However, if I were in the market, I'd be a little wary of the MS6 since it looks like Mazda's going through some teething pains with repsect to engine tuning right now.

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    After what Mazda did with the RX-8 and power claims, I'm not sure I entirely trust that the MS6 has more power than the GT.

    It's interesting that the Edmunds article didn't consider the Spec B much more an improvement over the GT. For a few $K you could build up a GT that handles better than the MS6.

    I think Subaru needs a Legacy STi, which might be more along parallel lines to the MS6 as a high performance version of the Legacy. I still think of the GT and Spec B more as 'Touring' cars. They're certainly not a match for an M3. But an STi version might be. . . :D

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think the suspension and especially the summer tires do mean it would handle significantly better than the regular Legacy GT, at least on dry pavement.

    The Speed6 has summer tires also, so those two are just a lot more comparable.

    The '07 spec.B will be more distinguished - 6 speed trans for instance. I'd like to see stiffer spring rates too.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,652
    Spec B is the only manual Subie w/NAVI.

    Not sure I like the idea of summer tires. I have no complaints whatsoever with my 215/45x17 RE92 all-season tires on my WRX. I know there are many who hate those tires, but in the size I have, they are fine. Not great in the snow—but at least they're legal driving in the snow; not so with summer tires.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The label "RE92" is used on many different tires, even with a different tread.

    My wife's car has them, and I'm almost certain the tread and even the construction is substantially different than the tires on your car.

    Hers are 205/60R15!

  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Spec B's have Bridgestone RE050's.
    Legacy GT's have RE92's.
    Outbacks have RE92A's.
    And who knows what else. cle
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Actually, the GT's have the RE-92a's. They are great tires if you enjoy sliding around. I did a couple unintentional 4 wheel drifts on some wet onramps.

    If you would rather have tires that actually grip the ground when it gets wet, try something else. :D

  • rhodyjoerhodyjoe Posts: 4
    Can anyone tell me where to find the wiring harness for trailer lights? I want to install a trailer hitch on my '05 OBXT. There should be a trailer light wiring harness somewhere in the rear of the cargo area near the drivers side turn/brake lights, but I can't seem to locate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    The wiring harness comes with the hitch as a package, it's not in the car already.
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