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Subaru Legacy/Outback 2005+



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'd go even further, AWD is more like a $1500-1750 value. If you can get a Legacy for the same price as a comparable Honda, the Legacy is a better value, with its AWD.

    For the next gen, I'd like to see a little more equipment for a little more money, not a lot. You can get an L/SE wagon for $19k, $20k with auto today. $1-2k more than that (street price) with the stuff being asked for here would be reasonable.

    And 180hp with AVCS, please.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    We need a well equipped Legacy L with a CD player and side airbags and that auto tranny for about $20,995 total cost.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    They're not selling very well at sub 19K in my area (wagon SE with auto), so even though I *might* be willing to shell out additional 2K to get the new design along with side airbags, most other consumers won't as prices of other mainstream cars are falling. If the economy picks up then they might have a chance - otherwise it won't be no Subaru's savior...

    If they want to effectively compete, they must create a huge marketing blitz and try to sell some obvious features that other cars in this price range just don't have. Nissan did it, Mazda is getting there, and Subaru could do it too but I wouldn't get my hopes up - their big papa (GM), mgt and dealers suck... and they don't have the right budgets :-(
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    obvious features that other cars in this price range just don't have

    Like AWD! :-)

    It's true though. Match the powertrains in the Altima and Accord (240+hp), the interior of the Passat, and AWD alone would be the selling point.

  • bgabel1260bgabel1260 Posts: 135
    Don't let the side airbags suffocate your decision. If you can get them, great, but they should not completely steer your decision. While it seems reasonable that they can reduce deaths by 45% you have to put this in perspective. The chance of getting into a life-threatening high-speed side collision is very low. You could probably do more to reduce your risk of injury by limiting exposure: driving less, driving differently, driving on less travelled roads. Learn how to use the ABS brakes. Take a defensive driving course.

    I bet there are some consumers clamoring for side airbags who also gab on their cell phones while driving, eat heart-clogging fast food and smoke cancer-causing cigarettes. I do not worry about death by side impact collision. I worry about heart disease and cancer because these are much, much more prevalent.

    If you absolutely demand side airbags are you making other life choices that reduce your risk of illness or death? Otherwise, it seems like throwing money at a problem.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    I agree with bgabel1260. Side airbbags may not be worth dwelling on. I also question their efficacy. If you get hit broadside, especially in the sweetspot, even at low speeds, you'll be riding the subterranean bobsled. There is no substitute for caution at intersections... one of the grim reaper's favorite haunts.

    Also, a big danger in the broadside hit is the sedan post. Years ago I was hit broadside at an intersection with the bad guy doing about 35 mph. Luckily he hit off-center on the rear axle and my car spun more than 360 degrees. However, my head went through the side window of my coupe. If there was a sedan post there, I'm sure I would have been history.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    I'm not just talking about me, so there's no need to try to convince me, get on a personal crusade, give me lectures or anything. In my 12-year driving history I've never had a single accident, thank God, and I fully realize the low probability of me ever needing side airbags. But... since it only cost me $220 to get them for my long-gone Corolla in '98, most of other cars cheaper than Subaru already have them, I don't plan do downgrade and put my family at risk. Knowing that they cost very little to put in (they are already available on GT, OB, and Legacies in Europe), it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth that I would have to compromise my safety because of some @ss at Subaru who decided that I have to pay a few thousand dollars more to get such a basic feature that all my recent cars have had (with the exception of the 2002 Trooper but I can forgive it). All I'm saying is that *perceptually* it puts Subaru brand in the likes of Kia, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi (Diamante does not have them either (!!!) and I wonder why they can't unload this, otherwise cool car, at 18K), basically crappy cars and always one step back. If no one thought like me, the sales would be soaring (especially at current prices) and they aren't...
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Why do you excuse the 2002 Trooper for not having side airbags? Is it because the Toyota Highlander, the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Ford Explorer, and the Mercedes Benz ML320 have side airbags or is it because you just like SUVs that don't have side airbags but you wouldn't buy a car (Sedan or Coupe) without side airbags.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    Be assured, I am not on any personal crusade against airbags. And I do think you have a valid concern with family safety. Furthermore, I think we may see a day when helmets are required--after all, they're good enough for motorcyclists, bicyclists and race-car drivers. You have to wonder why it is taking so long with passenger cars.

    Perhaps the simple answer is inconvenience. Or maybe it has something to do with the slow pace at which human intelligence evolves.

    Regardless, are YOU up to it? Will you risk looking lame at this point in time to further insure your family's safety? Having heard your rationale, I expect only one answer from you, and the next time I check this forum I am expecting to read that you have plans to equip your loved ones with helmets for riding in the car. It really is a simple issue when you think about it.

    No excuses now.
  • ace1000ace1000 Posts: 151
    Designman - You're right about wearing crash helmets. Another advantage is the number of drivers who take a look at me and then give me plenty of space. However, I'm really tired of being pulled over and taking road-side sobriety tests!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The Outback could spawn an extended model with a third seat. Should compete with the Pacifca and the Ford Freestyle, I guess.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    their 7-passenger crossover is just around the corner.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Subaru us bringing a 7-seat crossover? Any info?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,661
    Should be announced sometime within the next year or so. I'm betting we see it at the 2004 Detroit show.

    It will be larger than the Legacy, possibly powered by a 3.6 H-6, but that still a rumor at this point.

    This vehicle has been in the works for some time. Originally it was to be a joint-effort between GM and Subaru, but a over a year ago, Subaru decided to go it alone.

    The following is from an Edmunds CHAT with Mike Whelan of Subaru of America, in which I asked Mike a specific question in reference to that vehicle:

    <rsholland>: Now that the GM/Subaru SUW is dead, will Subaru plan on offering a 3-row-seat (Honda) Pilot-like vehicle on their own?

    <mike_whelan>: Bob, Subaru still plans to offer a third row 7 passenger vehicle but will do so solely on its own and rest assured, it will be a crossover type of vehicle.

    I think you can find the full CHAT transcript here at Edmunds.

    Also, if you go to Google and do a search for: "Subaru 7-passenger crossover" you will find other links that have discussions on this vehicle.

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    If the price can be held down by Subaru and equipement levels raised.... then we have a hit!
    The comparison between Pilot, Subaru Crossover and Rendezvous should be like this.....
    Honda Pilot LX vs. Subaru L vs. Rendezvous CX
    Honda Pilot EX vs. Subaru GT vs. Rendezvous CXL
    Honda Pilot EX-NAVI vs. Subaru L.L Bean vs. Pacifica
  • otis123otis123 Posts: 426
    designman - you smashed your head through the side window of your car after being broad-sided AND you don't see the value in Subaru offering curtain bags in their 2005 Legacy re-design? It was a few years ago, but how hard did you hit your head?? :-)

    Read this 8/26/03 research article:

    Does anyone know for sure whether the 2005 Legacy re-design will have curtain bags or not. I need to scratch another LLBean off my short list if it doesn't have curtain bags (my 96 Honda Accord just passed 110K, and although it's in a trouble-free zone right now, it has a lot of original major I'm looking to replace it in spring).

    I would be shocked if the 2005 didn't have curtain bags. The SOA executive who makes that decision might as well take the place of the dummy in the Insurance Institute's 2005 Legacy side crash test. No way would it not have at least the head/torso front bag the Forester has now....

    BTW, I live clean and mean (no dope, no cigs, beer or two a week, little red meat, Kashi cereal, fruits/veggies, spinach, broccoli, exercise, etc.) and I want EVERY chance to keep living clean and mean - no matter how low the probability of someone kissing the side of my Bean at 40mph!

  • wsag26wsag26 Posts: 124
    Sadly, just when i was getting excited about the 05' Legacy. The October 03' edition of MT Magazine (Motor Trend) reported that they wouldn't be a 280 horsepower V-6 for the turbo. I was just thinking about Z against Legacy. But, Japan plans to have the 250 horsepower turbo engine. Hope Subaru doesn't come up with some sucky engine again. The Outback and Legacy look like planned. Pricing shall be from as low as $21K to about $32K(probably the Gt Turbo Models) but we'll have to see the final details, which will probably be at the North American Intl. Auto Show.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    V6? V? Heavens, no!

    Boxers only! :o)

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Curtain Airbags are a must, the competition is offering them. (Accord, Camry)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Just a thought - the Forester makes do with side head/chest air bags. "Makes do" with a GOOD score from the IIHS side-impact tests, too.

    Those might be more cost effective.

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