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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • jwrattsjwratts Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 E430 with 65K on it. When first started after sitting overnight is belches a huge cloud of blue smoke. car does not burn oil. any suspects besides the usual (leaky valve seals).
  • jwrattsjwratts Posts: 2
    I finally gave up on trying to find anyone at MB that gives a dam. They sent the letter I wrote back to the very srvice manager who had taunted me about writing to MB. No more MBs for me.
  • emama500emama500 Posts: 2
  • billmcbillmc Posts: 4
    I just took delivery of a new E320 two days ago and now notice a very slight pull to the right. I haven't checked tire pressure yet to see if that might be the culprit. If not, will bring it in, have them look at it, and report back.
  • rysrys Posts: 2
    This is my first post to Edmunds although I have read many messages here prior to my purchase of my one year old model 2000 E320.
    Today my right-rear window got stuck. I can pull it up almost all the up but it drops down on its own when I let it go. I can hear noises and clicks when I activate the window switch.
    I am 120 miles away from my MB dealer and I would like to see if I could fix the problem by myself. Here are my questions:
    1. What might be the problem with the window and how much would it cost to have it fixed by the dealer?
    2. How do I take off the door lining to get access to the window motor and all the window mechanism?
    3. Can I purchase the window parts on internet?

    I would greatly appreciate any help in solving this problem.

    Thanks, Andrew.
  • rysrys Posts: 2
    Just wanted to inform everybody that I did manage to take off the door panel (lining) and removed the window motor. I got the window motor ($140) and the window regulator ($90) ordered through a local Import Auto Parts shop. I will have them do the installation for me.
    If anyone encounters a similar problem and would like to know how to take the door panel off, please email me or I can simply reply to their post on this disscusion board.
  • shukyshuky Posts: 1
    I'm the original owner of a 1989 300E. We've used dealer service/repairs throughout its 150,000 mile history. We're now hearing a tapping or rattling when we accelerate heavily from 30 to 40 or 50 to 60--not when we gradually advance the speed. Is this the chain or valves or ? We've heard that if it's either we should get both done since the head is already opened up. Recommendations? No, selling it isn't a player because the car is in like-new condition otherwise.
  • I have an 1999 e320 4matic obtained from a mb dealer as a starmark certified vehicle. The vehicle is still covered under starmark. I am getting an intermittant high-pitched squeak whenever even the most minute bump is hit, it makes the squeak for a hour or two of driving and then goes away for an hour or two, only to return for no apparant reason. I have localized the noise to the passenger side rear pillar (right where the seat belt exits the pillar. When I manually pull on the interior pillar covering, the exact noise is recreated. Any ideas on how I can remove the interior pillar covering to see if something is loose (a bracket or clasp or such, improperly padded (I can see some black padding beneath the pillar through the seat belt slit) or if the interior panel was attached improperly. P.S. The seat belt does not squeak on use of the seat belt pulley and noone sits in the back seats. Thanx in advance.
  • I have a E320 which is loaded. I only have 22,000 Miles on it and everything seems fine. Since the car was new the only major problem was the top part of dash had to be replaced ( Sun damage - Arizona Summers. I just had the right rear window regulator replaced.
    My question is this, Someone told me that if the Nav System goes out on this vehicle, the cost to replace it could be as high as $10,000. Can this be true. It was only a $2,000 option.
  • Please check my message of July 3 in the EClass Wagon section- I have had similar experiences - they now claim I have to rotate my tires every 3000 miles! I have had three flats (incl two blow-outs) in five years of owning my car, and I am on my fourth set of tires. The tire wear is VERY uneven; the alignment seems to go out often. I am looking for answers about this- is this typical? Or was this a lemon?
  • I have a 2000 E320 with 20,000 miles and the original tires still look new. No uneven wear on any of them. They are Goodyear Tires
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    You could probably sell the car with the nav system not working, buy an equivalent car with a working nav system for less than $10k difference.
  • I would like to know how to reset the maintenance calculator on my vehicle. I have a 1998 E320 and I do the repairs and oil change. The scheduled service advisor in the dash lets me know when the next scheduled maintenance is.
  • tvo1tvo1 Posts: 9
    I just got 04 E320 with 50 miles. The fan at the radiator turn on very loud after I turn the AC on "Auto" mode. The problem happened about 5 min of driving. So loud that my neighbor 2 doors down can hear it. I called Mercedes and the service dept at dealer. They said that it is normal in the E and S class. They don't have the fix for it. They recommended that don't turn the AC "full blast" only use it 1/2 way. Has anyone has this problem.
    Your commend greatly appreciated.
  • I can't believe I waited this long to get here. I have a 2003 E500 Sport and have had numerous electrical and other problems! The problems included the radio (going dead, turning on by itself etc.) fixed and then when picked up car from last service went dead again then reset itself next day, sun roof not closing on auto close (fixed and now doing again intermittently), tire pressure monitoring system failure (took 4 visits to dealer to fix, they finally guessed right), faulty front center channel speaker (replaced), super loud A/C fan (same response as others, this is normal!), buzzing like noise (like electric drill) when car parked for hours in my garage (sounds like leveling system continuously going), bad ashtray door, broken cup holder etc... This is the worst car I have owned since my 19989 Mustang GT! I can't believe that this is what I got for $60K, nothing but a headache and numerous trips to the dealer. I would never reccomend a MB to anyone and will not buy one again. Did you get legal help on your Lemon Law letter or did you draft on your own? I would like to follow same course.


  • phillphill Posts: 1
    I have heard it is not tough to get the door panel off, however I have not found any instructions. any help would be appreciated.

  • zike320zike320 Posts: 1
    My '94 E320 has a 2 year old AC blower. It is now barely pushing any air. Any suggestions whether this is a blower problem or something else in the climate control system.
  • pcvettepcvette Posts: 4
    Anyone out there have an "E55"? I wonder if you have a pause/hiccup when starting out? I have an '04 SL55 (no SL forum) and the dealer tells me that the pause is the supercharger coming on at 1200-1800 RPM (depending upon "S" or "C" trans setting). Reportedly, at idle the supercharger is off just as it is off when cruising to save wear and tear and gas mileage. The car doesn't lurch, just a "tick". With regard to the "E" issues, I have a 2002 E430 4Matic and no problems since new. Only time in shop are oil changes. Hard driving here in mountains in Park City - don't give up! Thanks.
  • Hi all,

    My father has a 1998 E430 with electrical problems with the power seat - sometimes, the power seat doesn't go the direction that it's asked to go (and he's forced to use the "1" button of the memory seat adjustment to move the seat back into a more comfortable). As well, there are "check electronics" and "check engine" lights that go on and don't come off (this despite assurances from the dealer there's nothing wrong). Anybody with that problem? And if so, what exactly is wrong, and is there a fix to this?

  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    There is an SL forum and it is alive and kicking. Do a search at the main Town Hall page..

    "pcvette"... I hope that doesn't mean that you drive your 'vette while using your PC ??
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