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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • marie2marie2 Posts: 3
    My husband's car has been in for service three times because the oil indicator was coming on. the first time, they fixed the indicator. The second time, they determined that the oil was actually down 1 qt, and told my husband that this car needs 1 qt every 1000 miles. The problem got worse, and he took it in again today, and was told that this model needs 1 qt every 600 miles! This doesn't sound right to me. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks.
  • pjlpjl Posts: 1
    I own a 2004 e-320. Periodically, the engine does not respond when accelerating from a traffic light. I must depress the accelerator further and then the car lunges forward. I also experiece the same when turning a corner and the car does not respobd unless I depress the accelerator further which likewise causes the car to lunge forward.
    The dealer as well as Mercedes headquarters offers no help.
  • rrusso1rrusso1 Posts: 23
    I own a 2003 E-320 and have experienced the same problem, especially going around corners, since I got the car. I had the service manager at my dealer drive the car and he said that this was normal. He said the transmission was programmed to function in this manner and the best way to get around this is to give the gas pedal a hard push so the transmission will shift to generate more power . My next door neighbor also has a 2003 E320 and has the same issue. His dealer gave him the same explanation. I cited this problem on a questionnaire I returned to MB and they called me to discuss it. They said they have had many complaints regarding the way the transmission functions and they were looking into it. It is interesting to see the problem still exists on the 2004 model.
  • boiler1boiler1 Posts: 56
    Sorry, haven't been back to the board for a while. My car is an '04 E320 4Matic. I'm familiar with a warm up period with higher revs for a while on cold mornings. But what I don't understand is why THAT would cause a rough shift. I'm usually at 3000 rpm or higher when the car shifts from 1st to 2nd anyway. So why would the same rpm cause the rough shift only during warm up? It doesn't happen from 2nd to 3rd or 3rd to 4th. But if I slow down and start from 1st it happens again for the first mile or so. It feels like the transmission just won't hook up and then catches suddenly.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I've noticed the same thing on my 2001 E320 that I bought 5 months ago. At first I thought it might have been the throttle-by-wire (I think that's whats in the E-class now ??) but it is more likely the adaptive transmission. Mine doesn't do it constantly, only occasionally. I appears as though it happens when I have been driving in a very docile manner and have stopped for a light or pulled into a driveway and attempt to back up. It is embarrassing when I have passengers as it is very un-Mercedes like behavior to have the car **lunge** like that. I guess the solution is to drive as if you were in a race at Lime Rock??
  • dabenzdabenz Posts: 1
    Please take your car to the dealership for inspection on the transmission.

    I have a 99 e320 4matic that was doing the same thing. The e320 would "lunge" or "jump" in driving slow (10 MPH) or approaching a stop sign. When I took it to the dealership, they looked at the transmisison since it was under warranty. The Mercedes dealership in Fife, WA (Tacoma, Washington) indicated that they found metal debris in the transmission. They gladly put in a brand new one free of charge.

    On the flip side of things, I had the transmission replaced twice - the metal debris was the first, and then the second one was another manufacturer defect. The transmission housing had a leak in the seal. So they gladly replaced that free of charge too.

    For the rest who are having to see their tach rev up to 3000 miles, check the engine control unit. That could be an issue. Long term, it will cause the car to go to "limp home mode". In this mode, you'll be stuck in first gear... Kinda suxs...
  • I have a 2003 E500 w/ 23,000 miles on it. It doesn't need any oil between oil changes which are done at roughly 10,000 mile intervals.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Are you sure the noise you are hearing is not the typical disc brake groan when you don't have full pressure on the brake pedal and the car starts to move?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Maybe I wasn't too clear. My 2001 only has a dead spot after sitting at a stop light or stop sign for maybe 20 seconds or so and then when you press the pedal there is nothing there so you press a little more and it finally wakes up and says, "Oh, you wanted to GO?" and it takes off at about 1500 rpm unless you quickly remove your foot from the pedal.

    Now my 96 didn't have that problem but it did have the initial run-up to 3000 rpm when first started after being cold. That definitely was the cold weather choke related set up, apparently normal for that vintage..
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • ok, My Dad YAY Love HIM!!! gave me a 1992 190E 2.3L.. 155K miles IMPECCABLY maintained.....except for a cooling issue (I've read monovalve???) ANYWAYS POOF the head gasket went.. all the signs.. no water in Coolant reservoir after filling,and assorted.. white and blue.. smoke from the tailpipe and boiling coolant in the overflow reservoir...

    Ok the car was a GIFT,, and its worth spending money on... but WHAT is a REASONABLE price for a head gasket?? (In South Florida, if that helps) I've heard anywhere from $300 to $1500.... and his "usual" mechanic retired.. ACCCCCCCCCCCKK HELP!! I dont want to get RIPPED OFF!!!
  • Im sorry to say I was a 2 mercedes owner at one time and have gone over to lexus,quality,quality,quality I suggest you think about it also.
  • glsgls Posts: 2
    I have the command system which may contribute to the following problem. Frequently after stopping for a brief period and restarting the vehicle the radio / audio system will experience from a brief to 45 second delay before powering up. If it was set to the AM freq. it will power up in the FM freq. I have had it into the dealers 2x and it has supposedly been fixed with the "most current" software update. Anyone with similar problems?
  • I am thinking about purchasing a 2004 E500. Why did you say the mb had electrical problems.
  • I am thinking about purchasing a 2004 E500. I have read some of the messages about the e class. Should I think about it or are you guys happy owners. Thanks. Rae
  • I am new to the site and I just read your message. I am in the market of purchasing a 2004 E500. Have you had any other problems with your car and was the electrical problems fixed. I have read the messages and it seems like the e320 and the e500 all have electrical problems. Should I think about purchasing one?
  • Hi Everybody, I just brought my 2003 E320 for a safety recall on the brakes at Penske Mercedes Benz in West Covina. When they return the car to me, I have noticed my odo meter was off, so I notify them right away. They said they have forgotten to turn the computer back on. So that was fixed. Shortly after that, on the following day, after I have driven for about 6 hours, my left turn signals came on by itself, I tried to stop it, it just wouldn't stopped, it just got worst and worst as I was driving around in Pasadena. The next morning I bring it back to PENSKE, and told them what happen, first they said it got nothing to do with the safety recall, but I said they did turn off the computer after they did the work on the brakes. Anyway, finally they figure out that it was a switch that is in maulfuction Luckily my car is under still under warranty , with a 18,000 miles on it. Can any one tell me if this is normal? And what other problems will I be encountering with a 2003 E320 in the near future? I need to cross my fingers now and pray...........................
  • I would think twice about buying a 2004 E500. I have 3600 miles on my car. It has been in 3x for same command system failure. Twice after they claim it was fixed and they checked it out it had the same shut down problem. I requested to speak with the area service rep and was told I can't talk with them. I must go through the service manager first. Words cannot express the lack of confidence I currently am having with the vehicle. MB say some of the cars have the problem and some don't. They know there is a problem with the system but don't have a fix. The 2005 has the same system. When one pays 65K plus on a vehicle, you expect it will work right. If you want a MB look at the 2005 C55, very nice, no electrical problems in the C series noted. Good Luck.
  • I would have to disagree and I will tell you why per hard facts. I own a 2002 S-500 that I bought new 2 years ago. I have since had Cell phone, navigation, Power Stirring, Both Cay Convertors replaced, 2 sets brakes, and gear shifter replaced. All 4 struts, relay, pump, Hydrollic and brake value. The car has been in the shop 3 months, and the suspension goes out every time the car gets wet from the rain or the car wash. It causes the Block/Value to go out. The Manufactor Rep said they did not want to replace it and did not want to figure out what keeps making it break. The car rides very rough. I bought the car because it rides smooth and it did until the suspension went out 3 months ago. So because this is the most comfortable car for my back I am going to buy another one. As I have researched cars to buy as low as 4k miles and as high as 30k miles I have pulled VIN repair reports from the Dealerships and all but one car with 6k miles and not had numerous problems with them. Cars under 8k have suspension problems and battery problems. Car with 30k have two pages of repairs. The thing I notice the most including my own car is most things continually go to the shop for the same problem over and over 2 to 5 times or more. If there was any other car that was comfortable for my back I would buy it. I am paroniod about which 2002 S-500 to buy. The 2002 has the most comfortable seat for me. I feel like it is Russian Rollet. What else I find a little scary is why was it every time my car left the dealership it had more problems than it went in with. Why was when they told me the suspension was fine the car road rough and the next dealership would fix one more problem with the suspension and then the same thing happen with the next dealership. This has cost me thousands of dollars from missing work from trying to get this car fixed and a lot of back pain that I did not have before the suspension broke. My point is all the VIN Repair Reports all have numerous repairs which tells me I am risking my money and time by buying another one, yet it is the only comfortable car for my back.
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