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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • kabcpabkabcpab Posts: 6
    Trying to resolve a small chip on my new 07' e 350. I took delivery a week ago - and two days later I found a SMALL paint chip on the hood face near the front driver windshield which is located on the rim of the hood. For the life of me I can't figure out how it happened. I noticed the wipers don't come out to clean windows - but even if they did the wipe arm would not have caused the problem. Is it possible - the car came this way?. Should we all do a complete once over on our car upon delivery?. I took it back to the detail shop at the dealer and the guy used a small touch up brush with black paint to cover the chip. but I still see it everytime I drive and the brush dryed the paint somewhat to the left and right of the chip creating a small bump. The dealer has instructed me to bring the car in Monday AM and will give me a loaner. He says not a good idea to repaint the entire hood and will have his paint guy who repairs chips on bumbers do the work. Is this a satisfactory solution?. What would you do?.
  • ageorgeageorge Posts: 9
    My 94 e320 wagon has started to do an odd thing. WHile driving the ASR light will come on and the engine will drop to 500 rpm or so . I have to turn it off and restart it. The dealer cant find anything wrong, and of course the day the mech drove it home overnight it never did it. Any ideas?
  • What did they tell you was wrong? I have an o3 e500 and they said that the radiator fluid got into the Transmission. So had to spend 4k on a new torch convertor and module. Its a beauty on the outside but a beast on the inside.. Im 27 and will never buy a mercedes again . Acura or Bmw are much better and will trade this thing in for one soon!! good luck :lemon:
  • The replaced the entire transmission. I don't know exactly what was wrong with it. It's back in the shop today SRS lights on the dash, A/C not working properly, and a few other little things. It's got 10k miles on it and is always in the shop it seems. It has seen more days in the shop than my Lexus did in it's entire 70k miles (including servicing).
  • I have a '96 E320 w/ 73K miles, no problems w/ window opener design yet, but it sounds like a matter of time. Anybody has a step-by-step with pictures as how to fix it. Thanks
  • Yeah the Check engine light comes on all the time . The car is the worst Ive ownd in my life so far. The front head outter lamps are always burning up and seems to be a short somewhere in this piece of crap. Just 2 days ago I unlocked the doors to get into the vechile and my f-passenger couldent open her door, had to open it from pulling the inside lever.. Geazzzz whats next. Air bags deploy on there own. The car is driving me nuts. Mercedes should pay for the problem. I hope a recall comes out for the Trasmissin fluid getting into the Radiator. I know some 320's that this happend to to. Does this car have to be towd on a flat bed? Theres a little button next to the SOS button with a hitch and a rear of a car pic Whats this for anyone ? Well tlk to ya later .. :sick:
  • U got that RIGHT , dont be unprotected with this beast I have an 03' 500 and its a Piece of Garbage with all the electrical issues. Has your Torch convertor, radiator or Trans gone out yet? it horrific these piece of German @#*&, Hey I am half german no offense but this thing needs to get deported... Any new issues solved?? Keep intouch.. Good Luck!!! :lemon:
  • I have a 1992 190E 2.6 4 door sedan. Anybody ever have radiador problems with their Mercedes? I do and can not seem to pinpoint the exact problem. I left message over in another forum but if anyone has had similar problems, write in the forum and I will get specific on what I have done so far...
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    After reading about all the failed rear windows, I'm getting really worried. I had a 96 E320 which I sold at 140K miles and I'm now riding in a 2001 E320 with 80K miles and I've never had a failed window. I think I read something a couple of years ago that if you use the windows a lot then you rarely have the failure. Might it have to do with that little plastic wheel sitting in one position and the pressure of the cable digs into it? Anyway, I use my rear windows a lot, almost every day and I've never had even a hint of a problem. (Fingers crossed!!)

    Nowadays I can't tell what the outside temp. is; a couple of segments of each character of the temp. digits on the dashboard are blank. They are intermittent though; they will light up for a few minutes a few times per week. Does anyone know if this is covered under Starmark? OK, you can stop laughing now...!!

    And has anyone experienced having the alarm go off as you open the driver's door even though it is unlocked? It has happened 10-12 times over the last 6 months and the other day, I noticed for the first time that the driver's door is unlocked but the other three doors are still locked from when they were auto-locked when it was last driven. The dealer replaced the door switch a month ago, which I thought was strange, but maybe they are on the right path. I suspect the electronics are not unlocking the other doors when the driver opens his/her door. Again, do you think Starmark will cover the electronics? OK, enough of that laughing now..!

    Around 76K miles my 2001 had a failed wheel bearing. I can't even remember the last time I owned a car that had a bad bearing; probably 35 years and a million miles ago..! So it isn't just electronics folks.. Even the most ancient of mechanical parts has been subjected to cost cutting..!

  • Starmark should cover instrument cluster,also windows. There are places that do repair on the failed inst. clusters. You do not have to replace the whole unit.
  • Hello,
    I have a 1994 E320 mb and i recently got a new engine/motor installed. Immediately after the installation the ASR light came on and when this happens i lose power when driving and i have to shut the car off and back in and the light will reset. I have not found a resonable mech who can diagonise this successfully. Does anyone know what recommendations i can take??
  • I have an 2003 E-Class, up to now I have been lucky and avoided all the electrical gremlins that many others have had with the 2003. However in the last couple of months my radio is starting to act up. It will sometimes cut off or on while driving down the road. It will usually come back on after a minute or two.

    I took it back to the dealer last week and he "flashed the software" to a new version. So far this seems to have fixed the problem. Just thought I would post this here in case any of you have a similar type problem.
  • sailsail Posts: 17
    98 E300d--- well the window gave a large bang and joined the bad window pulley group. I knew it was not a question of IF but When. This is a wonderful car but I have replaced my 99 S320 with an 02 Lexus LS430. Lexus has been carefree as the 98. No problems, couldn't say the same for the S320.
    The 98 has been a wonderful car and I will keep it but the window situation and MBs response to the repair has driven me to Lexus (wonderful Lexus service, they have informed me NO MATTER WHAT the customer is ALWAYS right.) Estimate from MB $500 to $800. Waiting for the other side to go bang.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    Estimate from MB $500 to $800.

    Sounds high if you are not replacing the glass. You should be able to find a competent independent mechanic to do it for under $400. See post #800.
  • Hello, we own a 2002 E430 4matic..and just recently the AC has been stuck in economy mode. The button seems to be in working order however it does not shut off. Restarting the car, which has solved several problems in the past is not working. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • To the owner of the 02 4matic (post #823), my guess is that the AC compressor fails to engage because you have a leak. Pray for the best, but you are likely looking at an expensive repair if your car does not have an extended warranty.

    I also had radio problems like cap11 (post #820). Our car (03 E320) has the Harman Kardon system but without navigation. In our case, it took several times back to the dealership for them to figure it out. If I hadn't taken it back to the dealership with the car running and the radio locked up so they could pull up the code, I don't think they would have diagnosed the problem.

    The sound system had the software update more than once which did not solve the problem. It was not the audio gateway either because they tested my car with a known good unit and still would throw a code and the radio would lock up. In my case, the headunit was bad.

    We also own two Lexus ES' (an 03 and 05). Yes, the transmission performance is lousy (Toyota is definitely not infallible); I have learned to adapt to the car. Like an earlier poster wrote, check out the Lexus/Toyota boards if you are interested. But Toyota's missteps should not be much of a consolation to MB and the owners of their vehicles. In our family, there now is only one MB fan and 3 others who will not consider an MB in the future, period. Just read the article on Inside line about Toyota versus GM quality perceptions. I believe that MB will be paying for their perceived quality decrease for a long time to come. This is also true for Toyota/Lexus for me in terms of transmission feel; I won't buy a Toyota/Lexus unless I am pretty certain that they have worked out the bugs in their automatic transmission.
  • Did you figure out the problem yet? I'm having the same problem with my '93 500SL. My wife believes it's the poor gas in today's gas stations. We don't drive ours too much we've put about 1,000 miles over the last year and We're going to let the gas run till the yellow light comes back on. We've keep the tank full. We had a similar problem with our check engine light until we stopped buying gas from a particular station. The check engine light would come on and some of the times the engine would start shaking radically. Since we've stopped going to that station we haven't had that specific problem.
  • I too am the proud owner of a 93 500SL and it rides and
    handles beautifully without any hitches (back when MB built
    real luxury cars). My only small complaint, is a slight
    fluttering or flapping noise coming from the dash on the
    passenger side. Any idea what this could be?
  • I am looking for an antenna mast? for a 2001 E320 sedan. As I understand it is the short tube-like portion of the roof antenna. I was quoted a price of $80 to $110 for what appears to be nothing more than a short plastic tube. Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase at reasonable price?
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    My E430 did not start this morning. When I turned the key, I heard a click and that was it. Yesterday, at work, it cranked weak, but started right up. The headlights, dash lights are strong. When I try to crank, the light do NOT go dim.

    When I bought the car back in March of this year, I asked the MB service manager to print out the service history. There was no record that battery was ever replaced. With over five years of service, I was planning on replacing the battery anyway.

    Has anyone had this problem before where it was something other than battery? In most cars, with weak battery, when you try to crank, the light go dim, not with this one. I will put a new battery in it tomorrow.

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