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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • It seems to be a going rate for a head gasket problem... 2 local MB dealers around Wilmington DE want $2000-2200 for the job, so even though $1711 is expensive, but I KNOW that my car was serviced by a true MB master mechanic. He told me that the head engine is very flat so he did not have to planarize the head. I will bring my car back to him after 300 miles so that he can flush out engine oil and replace with Mobil 1.

    Anybody out there with repeated head gasket problems with E320? Please let us know your experiences. Thanks
  • Hello there, I have a 2005 E320. It has a very sporadic
    issue where at idle/car in gear, usually warmed a rough idle begins, engine seems to want to stall but as soon as you give it gas/accelerate problem goes away. It has been to
    local Mercedes dealer where it has checked out..wondering if there are any similar problems out there???? Thanks in advance..
  • The release button for the rear headrest is not working. The rear headrest will not go down. Nothing in the manual about a fuse on the circuit boards. Is there anyone who has had a similar problem? If so, how did you fix it? Appreciate any help
  • I own a 1995 E320 sedan with 150,000 miles which I have had since 95,000 miles. The car has been fantastic! Recently; all four power windows, power roof, and the windshield wipers just stopped working (all at the same time) without any warning signs. Does anyone know if there is a relay or something linked to all three? Any useful information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Justin
  • Check your fuses first of all.
  • I did that check the fuse chart and pulled every fuse out in both fuse boxes. With no luck thanks Ithought someone else may have had the same problem and fixed without going to the dealer $$$$
  • Did you notice if one fuse controlled all these circuits or if the fuses that do control them are adjacent to each other?

    What I'm driving at is loose connections or corrosion at the fuse box or behind it.
  • I check the fuse chart before taking out all of the fuses and moving like amp fuses around just in case of a bad fuse. There was not a fuse location for the rear seat headrest
  • Well multiple failures of verious components all at the same time makes me think of a loose coupler in the wiring harness. I always suspect the area around the fuse box because that's where a lot of circuits come together and where the relay boxes are.

    But this is a case of Sherlock Holmes type work, step by step, circuit by circuit testing.

    Definitely you need the full factory wiring diagram and a magnifying glass to see where the logic of these failures might be. I've had great luck just staring at those diagrams and tracing the dead components back and back and back to various junctions and boxes. Suddenly, the 2 or 3 dead component circuits seem to converge in a certain area---AHA!
  • I only have one problem that is the rear seat headrest release that allows the three headrest to lay flat that easy to look out the back window. Perhaps it is the switch it self. It have been way to easy if it was a assigned fuse. Thanks Ted
  • Oh okay I was confusing yours with another problem posted---sorry. Well if you could pop that switch out you could bypass it easily enough and see if the headrest works. If there is no current even coming to the switch, then you start pulling up carpeting or whatever and trace it back with a needle probe.
  • I did check all fuses and they seem to be good.
  • I think that is my only choice Thanks
  • I have a 2000 E320 with 141,000 miles. Recently any time the air is on, the EC (Economy) light is on and cannot be turned off. The air conditioning will not run in this mode. It will be getting hot soon and this must be fixed. Any ideas on what to do about this?
  • Hmmm....I wonder if you are low on refrigerant...the system will not allow the compressor to engage if the refrigerant level is too low...this would in turn, disengage the compressor and give you the EC light (I think). If your AC hasn't been serviced for a few years, this may be time for testing. I'd certainly check that out before digging into any electronic controls on the dashboard.
  • mynextcarmynextcar Posts: 30
    Has anyone replace the light bulb on 2002 E320 headlight? (It's the light with smaller circle) One of them is out and I would like to know how I can replace myself. Thanks in advance!
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Should be in you inst. book. If not unscrew the large black cap behind the bulb and turn the lamp socket and remove.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Posts: 505
    I had almost exactly that problem last Feb. as I was heading south into the Carolinas and facing some pretty warm temperatures. I stopped at a MB dealer in Charlotte and the problem was in fact, low refrigerant. It was a Friday noontime and they were too busy to fix the leak but they did recharge it and it worked just fine for a few months until I had my mechanic back home check it out. Turns out it was one of the hoses and since it was under Starmark I took it back to my dealer and it cost me nothing. (except for the $140 in Charlotte..!!!!) :cry:
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    There is nothing in the owners manual about how to replace the front fog light bulbs. My guess is that I have to drive the car on ramps, remove both underbody plastic panels, and reach the back of the fog light assembly.

    Is this correct or the inner fender plastic piece removal will give me access to the bulbs?

  • microrepairmicrorepair Posts: 505
    One of the front side marker bulbs has burned out on my 2001 E320. The manual says very simply to just reach inside the fender and press on the tab to release the lamp assy and pull it away from the car and change bulbs.. Right ! OK, so how do I press some tab that isn't there, or maybe I just can't find it.. Any hints on how this works??

    All I can see/feel is a triangular indented hole in the fender inner liner and one finger can make it through that hole and all I feel inside the hole is just some molded plastic ribs. Should there be a tab right inside the hole or sticking through the hole or what? :mad: :cry:
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