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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • zeenzeen Posts: 391
    My 03 E320 is registering a malfunction message due to the lack of connection of the Tele-Aid system. I do not have that enabled. Is there a way to permanently have that message go away?
    (As you can tell, I've had a number of issues with this car. A Chevy would have been more trouble free)
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    "...A Chevy would have been more trouble free ". When I was debating whether to buy a 03-04 or 00-02 E-Class, The MB service adviser indirectly said to go with 00-02. The 2003 E-class has had way too many nagging issues. In my mind, it is one of the most beautiful four door sedans out there....but it stop right there. Pretty to look at, but to stay away from and look at it from a distance.

    My 2001 E430 with 91K miles has been very decent for 18 months that I have owned it.

  • Purposely did not buy a 2003 but did buy a 2005 (CDI). It is loaded with about every option and have had no problems.
  • mikermiker Posts: 15
    I'm about to lease a e350 sport package however I'm hearing that the suspension is horrible and people are destroying rims 24/7. I'm also hearing that the breaks on this model make all types of noise.. any insight on this I know the 08 model is kinda new with the new sports suspension car looks great but I don't need a blow-out on my way to work... talk to me....
  • zeenzeen Posts: 391
    It depends on where you live. If you live in an area with good roads, you're probably ok with the sports suspension. I would avoid it like the plague in an area with potholes etc. like the northeast. As for brakes, I haven't heard that but I bet the service dept. has a fix if it's just squeaks.
  • Have the brakes that you are referring to. The only noise is ocassionally on start up when the pump comes on for approx. 4-5 seconds. Drive the car in question to see if this is problem.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 391
    I have an 03 E320 and put on Dunlop Signature Sports, HR rated all season. Thus far, they seem to have good grip and wet traction. Snow hasn't fallen yet however. They are pretty reasonably priced at Tire Rack.
  • My reference to red-lining was not literal.....I was referring to an engine being overloaded or pushed past its power peak by any number of causes including
    improper oil levels........BTW...If oil level is too high and it's being whipped by
    the crankshaft, it could result in airated oil in the lifters and possible damage
    to the engine.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    If you lease a new E350 for 3 years and 45K miles, how much should you budget for scheduled maintenance, tires, brakes and other wear items for that time and mileage?
  • My boyfriend has a 1988 300E, he would like to know the best replacement spark plugs for this car? He bought expensive :mad: ones but they don't seem to be the best for the car. The car is either a hard start or won't start at all. Thursday he had to take sand paper to the plug to get it to start. Then Friday morning it would not start :( again?? Any suggestions or ideas
  • Use BOSCH Supers (Copper plug)... (...come from factory with). Gap per Mercedes factory specs... Will run like a top. Ohm check your wires...
  • 95 E300 D glow plug light waits 30 sec to come on.
    also no sound on radio may be amp fuse, where is it located?
    can i use bio-fuel?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    When's the last time you changed the glow plugs? They need replacement every 2-3 years.

    Radio is fused in the fuse box but might also have an in-line fuse behind the radio deck. A stereo shop may need pull the deck and check this if your fuse box looks okay. Check your owner's manual for location and number of the fuse.

    Biodiesel: If you mean pump biodiesel, B100, I think you're fine. If you mean all that homemade stuff, you'll need to buy a conversion kit and various accessories. A big hassle.


  • I'm considering buying a 2005 E500 on ebay and was just wondering if anyones purchased an extended warranty from any online sellers? Thnx.
  • I bought a 1994 E320 8 months ago. The battery went out and I replaced it. Now the alarm will not disengage. Does anyone know how to reset it or do I have to take it to the dealer. I'm clearly frustrated about this.
  • Look at

    Do not waste your $$$ on after market warranty... stay with MBUSA.
  • Master key driver's door should disengage... if not... the box is located UNDER dash left side... there is a reset button located on box (about the same size as ipod) Good luck.
  • Just wondering if any of you have looked at their 'true cost to own' figures for a used E-Class (say, 5 years old). As far as I can tell, they project at least $200 per month in maintenance & repair - apart from other ownership expenses. Is this true? Does this reflect your real-life experiences? :confuse:
  • I have the same problem on my 2004. Dealer(s) telling me the same thing. I did find out the pump is in the trunk on the passengers side. Not sure how to disconnect it yet. I believe there is an exchange valve in the seat. I found the air line under the seat. It goes up through the seat bottom. One of these days when I feel ambitious I'll remove the seat back and see what I can find. Right now I'm looking for a diagram of the seat or repair info.
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