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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Maintenance and Repair



  • My wife's 1998 E320 has been great. Couple days ago the key stopped working in the ignition. At the same time the remote sensors stopped working . Tried changing the battery but it did not correct the problem, and I did not think changing the battery would have anything to do with key turning the ignition on. Any ideas?
  • I have the extended warranty for a 2003 E320. Does anyone know if the extended M-B warranty covers replacement of the valve cover gaskets? .The warranty language covers "cylinder head gaskets and internally lubricated seals and gaskets". Thanks in advance.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    If the extended warranty covers " Engine gaskets", your valve cover gasket is a part of the warranty and must be covered.

    On my 2001 E430, it cost $320 to replace the driver side valve cover two-piece gasket. They gave me a $480 bill first until I started taking apart their bill.

    Let them know that you have read your warranty and have searched other engine part warranties and are aware that this is covered before they tell you it is not.

  • nwbearnwbear Posts: 14
    You may have a no cost option as close as your public library. My library has manufacturer service manuals as well as on site access to All Data online database. It has saved me the expense of purchasing the manuals for the occasional repairs I have to do.
  • Thanks Joe. I took the car in, and the extended warranty covers the valve cover gaskets. However, the dealer says the oil is only misting out and must be actually dripping onto the exhaust. In other words, my problem is not bad enough to warrant a replacement of the gaskets. My extended warranty is good 'til Jan., 2010, so I'm going to monitor the situation and either take the car back to them in a few months or take to the other MB dealer here.. When I asked them how much oil leaking is too much, the response is that it must be dripping. I may also contact MB hdq here in the US to get another opinion.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    I love these people.....A misty oil is a leaky oil. Mine was dripping on the exhaust and was smelling. I put a folded oil absorbant pad over the leaky corner and put the engine cover over it. It has stopped the dripping but was gradually soaking the pad.

    Just go back in a few weeks and tell them the smell of oil bothers you and it is NEVER a good idea for oil to drip or mist over hot exhaust. The oil could catch on fire whether it is a drip or a mist.

  • jem3jem3 Posts: 1
    Hi first time user, i got a problem with my 2003 e320 stereo system when i start to drive and the radio, cd is on its cuts off for a second or two then works fine again and it dose this every 2 to 3 min of driving. If ive got it on the radio display i notice that the phone signal flickers away then comes back please please if anyone can help please reply thanks.
  • RWCooperRWCooper Posts: 6
    Has any experienced a noise similar to a wheel 'rubbing' when making turns (forward or reverse). A authorized Euro-car mechanic suggested rolling down windows to determine if the noise can be pin pointed, but the noise was not noticable with the windows down... only when in the closed cabin. I'm unsure if it is just the noise of the tire (newer performance tires) tread design as it grips the road surface when turning or if there is a potential problem with the wheel struts or in the transfer case. The car has about 81k miles on it so I'm sensitive to parts wearing out due to this point in the maintenance life. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks. :confuse:
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,898
    Did you just get those sticky new tires?
    If yes, I bet it's just normal/expected tire noise you are hearing.
    A possible test to help confirm that is to try the exact same turns on iciest/wettest surface you can find. Or maybe off pavement - on grass or dirt.
  • james164james164 Posts: 1

    I need to change the chrome door handle on front passenger door side. I need to take off the door panel but I am having hard time. Any tip would be appreciated.
  • wingman9wingman9 Posts: 2
    92=300E 3.0
    Anyone out there know what sensor or computer part I must change or reset to get a correct outside temp reading on the dashboard temp sensor?
    The temp now stays at 136 degrees F, and the airconditioning is continually trying to compensate.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    The telematic mast on my 2001 E430 broke while going through my reputable carwash.

    This is the only auto carwash I ever use, so I don't know if the mast was getting old and developing cracks or they have modified the carwash brushes.

    The piece costs whopping $155 from local MB. That is the painted base and mast with the gaskets. Does anyone know of a site that has lower prices.

    I found one on E-bay that has the base gasket and a black mast. I would like to get the original painted piece.

  • rayg20rayg20 Posts: 6
    Try the site and see if they have what you are looking for. I have used this site many times in the past.
  • On a lighter note; Does any one have any recommendations for washing an obsidian black Mercedes. I do not want to go through the old fashioned brush system but have heard that touchless may also cause streaks....
    Should I always get a detailer to do it??
  • I was told that I needed a cabin filter for my 1999 mercedes benz e320. Could anyone tell exactly where it go. some instructions came with it but they are not clear.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,403
    Looks like there are two filters...a charcoal cabin "pollen" filter and a regular dust filter

    Pollen filter

    1 Remove right cover below instrument panel
    2 Move locking slide in direction of arrow and remove cover
    3 Withdraw activated charcoal filter downwards

    NOTE: Activated charcoal filte must not be cleaned but should always be replaced.

    Dust Filter

    1. Remove glove compartment. (undo light connector wire, undo two plugs, undo 6 screws, remove entire cover/box from instrument panel.
    2. Push holding clips in direction of arrow and then remove cover
    3. Pull out, push in dust filter
    4 Install in the reverse order.


  • kevinc5kevinc5 Posts: 204
    The antenna mast is a common problem. I need a replacement myself for my 2000 E320. Try for a few solutions. No need to pay a dealer for the complete unit.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 396
    Since the mast broke in our local Mike's carwash, they paid for it. It cost $150 from the MB dealer. It is a rip off as MB should just have the gasket and mast instead of the entire cover as a kit. It is the body colored cover/mast and the base gasket. I googled it and found a place on E-bay that sold the base gasket and the mast for $32 free shipping. I bought the piece while not knowing what Mike's carwash would do.

    Two days before the kit showed up, I was told to go to the dealer and pick up the piece. I felt bad that they paid $150 for this. If I knew the replacement piece existed for $32, I would have paid for it and would not have bothered to complaint about it.

  • Thanks for your help. benziebaby
  • I have a 1997 E320 and I am having the same problem, can u tell me what your solution was, I called the MB dealer and they sent someone out, they checked battery and stated that it was prob the key..they advised us to try another key, however we bought the car used and we do not have a spare key.. Please tell me what your solution is...other wise we will have to buy another key just to see if that works, if it doesn't then it more money out to send it to the dealer...please assist..
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