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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • Well, I took my Amanti to the dealer yesterday. They told me that the "new" bushings to fix the front end knock were for the right side only, since there is no problem on the left side. I was very insistent that I have the same problem on both sides, so they put the "new" bushings on the right side and replaced the bushings on the left as well.
    I'm sorry, but this "fix" has left me a little disappointed. The knocking noise isn't as bad as it was on the right, and the same as it was on the left. Of everyone on this board who has complained of this problem and gone in for the "fix", am I the ONLY one still complaining?
    (By the way, has anyone else noticed when you check spelling before posting, as I did, it said "no mispellings were found." Very interesting: mispellings was "misspelled." Oh my I really just a perfectionist?! Not really, but maybe I just am a little more sensitive when something "ain't" right.
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    hmmmm... :confuse:
    My car has improved since the bushing/sleeve change, and both sides were replaced. Did you witness the bushing/sleeve change on the left (driver's) side?
    If I understand you correctly, the right side has improved, but there was no improvement on the driver's side? I'm just connecting the dots so to speak...

    I'm sorry to hear of your situation and I hope you can find a solution! Maybe you need a regional tech to inspect your car. Keep us posted.

    Funny, you noticed the misspelling! Isn't that ironic?
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Pete, what's the name of your dealer in Sarasota? I called my dealer to make sure they are ordering and replacing left and right, and said in my voice message that I have a friend in Sarasota (grin) with same Amanti and his dealer replaced both. So they might ask me which dealer, and I'm not sure there's only one there or nothing. There's 4 here.
    Thanks, Bill
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Yup, Pete, they just called back within 2 mins. They are replacing both sides. So, I'm a Happy Amanti owner again. :)
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111

    Wow! Great news! I hope that rectifies your Amanti. It's really such a simple cure, I'm surprised at some of the dealers attitude about this.

    Keep us posted!

  • I bought my 2004 amanti 02/07 I returned to the dealership 02/25 with the knock.. the squeal and unsteady ride over uneven pavement. The service reps were aware of the problem back in February. I was told that the problem was the bushing and collar apparently KIA informed the dealership before February as my car was never examined...the servicemen diagnosed the problem from my complaint. 3/15 my car was "fixed" is almost the end of April now and the noise has returned. Amanti is at the dealership right now. Service tech states he couldn't duplicate the noise this time. It is occasional...It is bothersome and I wonder if it is SAFE. Whatever the case it is too much trouble for a car over 20 thousand dollars no matter how pretty it looks.
  • In my post #710, I mentioned that the right side wasn't as bad as it used to be. I was wrong. It's every bit as bad as it was before the "fix." Like you, I have also wondered if this is a safety issue. I'm planning on calling the manager of the service department at my dealer and taking him for a ride. Yep, it's still a clunker!
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Yup, take it to the top. You definitely have something different than I or the rest of us have here. Mine was hardly noticable, except on cobblestone roads, and they are replacing both bushings. Yours sounds more serious. Keep us informed.
  • I picked Amanti up yesterday...I think the dealership drove my car a total of ten miles and said they couldnt duplicate the noise...hmmm OK :sick: I am very concerned that it is a safety issue. My knock isnt as loud as it was before the Fix but depending on how uneven the pavement is it feels like there is less control on the right side. Finding other people who are going thru this has confirmed that I am not just a picky person who is hearing things. Imagine how i felt two weeks after buying this new friends and i were on a shopping trip and everytime i turned a corner we heard a loud squeak followed by a loud knock. We were afraid we were going to break down. There has to be a govt agency that investigates these things.
  • photocatphotocat Posts: 1
    Hi all! I test drove this car and it seems fabulous... but the car and the company are (apparently) so new that feedback and a proven track record are hard to come by. I'm so glad I found this sight; maybe you all would be willing to help.
    About the used one I'm looking at: it's a 2004 currently owned by an employee of Kia here in southern California. He says that it was one of the first 300 or so ever made which is a little scary because I would assume that there could be some bugs that hadn't been worked out by that time. Only the 5 year 60K mi bumper-to-bumper warranty will transfer over to me.

    I have SO many questions...

    First, tell me more about the gas mileage please. The current owner of the one I test drove was only getting about 17 mpg, does that go for most of you?
    Does the car require premium gas?
    Does the 5y/60k warranty cover a rental car when it's in the shop? I hear that parts are hard to come by for Kias (have you found this to be true?) and I don't want to be stuck without a car for weeks at a time while the shop is waiting for something to come in from Korea. Does the warranty really cover EVERYthing (the heated seats, air conditioning, sunroof, speakers...)
    The NHTSB has apparently not fully safety tested this car yet (I could only find a roll-over rating of 4 stars); has anyone had an accident in their's yet?
    What is this "bushing" problem you are all talking about (is this a recall issue?) and are there any other known problems with the 2004?
    Has the car been costly to insure?
    And finally what's it like dealing with the company on a whole; are the dealership service departments knowledgeable, accommodating, and prompt? Are the other company reps willing to hear and handle issues quickly?

    This and ANY other info you have for me would be greatly appreciated! I really love this car but am terrified of getting myself into something I'd regret.

    Thank you, Thank You!
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Hi Photocat!

    I own my Amanti for over a year (1-04) and have 24,000 miles. I'll try to answer some of your questions.

    1) Mileage IS about 17mpg.

    2) Regular gas is fine. That's what I've been using.

    3) IF they can transfer the bumper to bumper warranty, than yes... except for tires, wiper blades and battery, the whole car is covered. Mine was, and everything pretty much was warranted. No problem getting parts (so far).

    4) I can't say anything about safety. I haven't crashed mine (yet), but the Amanti seems to have a lot of protection.

    5) MY dealings with the company have been excellent so far! My local dealer is also excellent with a highly trained service tech! Having said that, YOUR local dealer MAY be crummy. I would recommend trying to find out about them at a local level (e.g. -Better Business Bureaus).

    6) No on the auto rental if in the shop. I believe there may be a daily allowance if you are so many miles away from home and the car becomes incapacitated. The road hazard service program -which comes with the car from Kia is very valuable!

    7) Insurance is average for a car at this price, -depending on your coverage and location.

    I hope you have taken the time to read all the previous forum postings, as there is a lot of info there, both good and bad reports about the Amanti. Some of the earlier Amanti's (mine) have had a suspension defect concerning a sound (slight) when riding over a small series of bumps on the road. There is NOT a recall, is this seems minor. This was corrected by the sleeves & bushings being replaced under warranty by those who complained (me).

    The previous postings to yours seem to indicate another, new suspension problem that I do not have and it seems, this needs to be addressed by Kia. I think it is safe to say that most of us do not have this stated problem, but we hope it is soon resolved for these forum members so they too can be happy.

    Like any decision about a car purchase, it is a little nerve racking. However, after owning about 15 cars in my (now) long life, the Kia Amanti is one of the finest cars I've ever owned and gives me great pleasure.

    Good luck!
    -Pete, Florida
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Hello: Welcome to the Amanti forum. As far as mileage, I use regular grade fuel, and it seems to run just fine with it. I drive in town doing the speed limit. I'm not one to gun it (maybe it's my age). I just enjoy the feel of the car and, therefore, do not drive crazy, and I am average 18.4. I'm satisified with that. You will find that majority of us love our car. We all seem to have a problem with the bushings, and there's been no need for a recall, it's just a minor fix. As a matter of fact, it's the same problem I had with my Lexus RX300. It also used to sway back and forth when driving around 70 on the highways which they never could figure out why. I traded it in on the Amanti and have been thrilled with it. I see that one gentleman really has something different than us, a safety problem or such. I have not encountered anything like that. I hope he gets it resolved. Overall, so far it has met and surpassed my expectations. Bill - Orlando
  • vervekaverveka Posts: 9
    Go for it. I don't know how many miles are on the one you are looking at or how much they are asking, but I think you will find this car to be a bargain despite its' few imperfections. Is there really a perfect car? This is the nicest car I have owned and I got it for a steal! The fit and finish of the car are Lexus quality, if you ask me. My car has the suspension noise that everyone is talking about and I plan to get it fixed but it's no big deal - my wife doesn't know what I'm talking about and when I made her finally hear it, she thought I was being picky. Turn up the nice stereo and you'll never hear it! Better yet, get it fixed under warranty and you will have the perfect car. I keep finding things that they thought of when they designed this car that prove to me it is a great car - you'll see. I do push the car hard, and my mileage is low but I doubt you'd do any better in a big Mercedes and this car is just as nice and rides better. That's just my pushy opinion. :)
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Today, while out for a :shades: Sunday drive, I saw a record (for me at least) amount of Amanti's. I saw five different ones. And they all looked classy if I might add. The only thing is, no one acknowledged me as another Amanti owner. I guess the novelty is wearing off, as the guessing game of what kind of car it is, evaporates as new Amanti's come along. Oh well...

    I'm kind of glad :D though, as KIA needs to make money with selling Amanti's or they might not continue with the line here in the US. (Very bad thought!! :cry: )

    By the way, after 24K miles, I'm ordering a new tire and using my full size spare to replace my fronts. They are getting a little thin, so to speak. I could push it for another couple of thousand miles, but I feel better getting the new ones since I have a mild vibration at 80 MPH. New tires will help.

    Bye for now! -Pete FL
  • Hi photocat,
    I would suggest that you purchase a 2005 model Amanti instead of a 2004. The first thing the service men told me when i brought in my 2004 was that there was a miscalculation on the sleeve and bushing length on the 2004 that was corrected on the 2005. As a consumer I would have liked to have known that two weeks before when I purchased the car as the dealership and company were aware. The radio could hide the knock since the fix...but I wonder if the little knock is going to turn into a big knock...squeal and groan again. My overall suggestion is to buy a proven luxury car instead.
    I love the appearance of my car and the luxury features.
    I currently have under 12,000 miles. The gas mileage is great on the highway. I dont use premium gas. And as an update for everyone else...took AMANTI back in yesterday service tech rode with me....heard the knock...Taking Amanti back this morning for servicing.
    PS..photocat.If you do decide to purchase the car....Ask the seller(kia employee) why he is selling his/her car. Ask about the front strut or suspension problem in writing and get the answer in writing. To protect yourself in case you do start to hear the noise that wasn't there on the test drive. I, just like the Kia employee would like to sell my car and just be through with it. Morally, I couldn't sell the car to anyone else knowing that the suspension problem may never completely get fixed...and that DRASTICALLY lowers the value of these cars in my opinion.
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Sorry about my (seemingly) writing every other message. Ya'all must be getting tired of me. I will try to write less in the future.

    However, I have another opinion compared to the previous opinion. I would suggest buying a 2004 because you will probably save a bundle. The repair with the sleeve / bushing is a minor one. I and others have mentioned this in many previous messages. I'm at odds with the statement of the suspension not being able to be fixed will DRASTICALLY lower the car's value. Mine was fixed and runs fine now.

    If others, who have had this 15 minute suspension repair done on their cars, can please respond with a little feedback on this matter -good or bad, that would be appreciated. If there is ANOTHER, different suspension problem out there, I'd like to know about that, too! While everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, it is important to keep this all in proper perspective. My suspension issue is too small to reduce the value of the car, especially when the TSB repair is minor and the car was never in any danger. I have not heard of any Amanti losing control or anything like that.

    Let's give Kia a chance here. An automobile today is a very complex piece if equipment and I think the Amanti has a very good record so far. But, I'm anxious to hear from other owners, though.

    Just my opinion...

  • I am not tired of you at all Pete. We are all entitled to our own opinion. I wouldn't have purchased the Amanti had I known that there was any type of known defect. I paid 24k for my car and I dont feel comfortable that I have paid that amount of money for a car with a known defect. My Amanti is being serviced right now. Some people may even be able to ignore the knock and just live with it. On a 10k car I may have been able to say that i got what i paid for.
    I am not sure about everyone else but my vehicle felt very unstable on the front right side before the fix. My passenger stated "it feels like the wheel is going to fall off". Now there is a small knocking sound and I feel that the right side is not as tight as the left side. This is a safety concern for me. I am not sure if the softer knock proceeds the louder knock that I experienced the first time I had it serviced. Whatever the case 3 times to the dealership for the same problem in 3 months is also not what I paid for.
    I have had the TSB repair and the car is still producing a knock. The fact that my car produces the knock would need to be disclosed to any potential buyer....that lowers the value in my book. BTW Pete I dont want you to think that I meant all Kia Amantis...just the ones who have been serviced for the suspension problem and knock has returned...Honestly how could one in good faith sell the car and not advise the potential buyer of the suspension problem. On the same token how is the car worth the same as the others without the knock.
    Let me be the first to state that I dont know for 100% fact that this problem cant be fixed. What I do know is that it hasn't been fixed on my car..and some of the other cars to this date. I also know that the company and the dealerships were aware of the issue when i bought my car and it was not disclosed or repaired before offering the car for sale. Strictly being as honest as possible i would not have bought this car if i knew then what i know now.
  • If there is anyone on this board that had the front-end clunk "fixed" successfully, then the "fix" should work for all of us. We all seem to be complaining about the same problem.
    luxurynot, I am extremely interested in knowing what was resolved since the service tech actually heard the clunk. I have just not had time to get back to the dealer and take the service manager for a ride. I notice the clunks more when I am making a turn and hitting a rough spot in the street. Where I live, the driveway in front of my house has a very small, "rounded curb" and every single time I turn into my driveway, I hear two separate, distinct and loud clunks. It's embarrassing, since my next-door neighbor is often outside when I turn into my driveway...."nice car--what's that clunk?" My driving is entirely on city streets and highways. I don't think my car has ever been off the pavement. When I encounter a rough section of road, I experience a brief looseness in the steering or front-end. It's a little unnerving!
    So far, that is the only real complaint I have with the car. I love everything else about it.
  • My car does the exact same thing coming in and out of the drive way. The higher the speed the louder the knocks. Picked Amanti Up...They have tightened the right and left side per the service order. Is it just coincidence that every service rep repeats we could not duplicate the noise. I thought that was service man slang for "Lady U are crazy" :) If it knocks again since that will be the 4th trip to the dealership the KIA rep will get involved per the servicemen.
    Stockchaser...I bet your car was close to my car on the assembly line..they sound like twins.
    I cant stress how much i love the appearance of my car.
    On another forum a member wrote that they found out the majority of the bushing problems were on models made before april 2004. They stated that you can find the date your car was assembled on the inside of the drivers door. Also unless all of us are users on that forum also...we are not alone in the complaining nor the "unable to duplicate the noise" response.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    My car was manufactured after April 04, it says June 04. I probably would not have even noticed the small noise if I had not found this forum, but since everyone else is getting bigger bushings I decided to also. They tried the tightening up, but that did nothing. My bushings are on order and waiting for them to call me. I'm glad to hear it's a quick fix. For what we paid for this beautiful vehicle, if this is our only concern, we are very lucky. I've had vehicles costing 40k with more noise than this. I hardly ever seen another Amanti, Pete, and if I do I rush up to them to wave and get nothing in return. The two that I forced to speak to me at a redlight were driving rental Amantis but they both really liked it, and one was planning on purchasing one when he returns to Houston. I do hope they start advertising and selling more soon. The Kia store closest to me do not have one that you can see driving by, so I called them and the salesman said, oh, yes, we have two but they are parked in the back. Why?? Don't get it.
    Still lovin' my Amanti, Bill "Orlando"
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