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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Rob: I am 6'1 and was thrilled that the trim around the inside door where you rest your arm is hard plastic, because I used to own an Infiniti J30 and noticed that not only mine but every single J30 I saw that over the their soft (so called leather) would break apart and crack due to the body chemicals. Not sure what it was made of, but the guy that repaired it said he thinks it's made from black plastic garbage bags. So this should hold up. I also just sat in my Amanti, and every piece of trim, dashboard, siding all fit together exactly. Glove fit. Maybe the one you drove was inferior, but mine couldn't be any better. Even the doors, trunk, hood. Now grant you I do wish I got better fuel mileage and less floating while glancing at the hood when driving, but so far, at this point I would, and will, buy another one. Bill H. :)
  • staceyazstaceyaz Posts: 26
    Hi folks,

    I haven't posted in a while, because I haven't had anything to say. I just thought I'd pop in and give an anniversary update.

    I passed one year with my Amanti at the end of May (Memorial Day weekend). I had estimated my driving at about 10,000 miles a year, and sure enough, I passed the 10,000-mile mark about two days after my anniversary. I know that's pretty low mileage compared to a lot of you out there. But what can I say - my family usually piles into the Kia Sedona minivan for all of our running around town. My Amanti just gets driven by me, mainly the 20-mile roundtrip to work every day.

    So far, so good. I've never experienced the Curse of the Thumping Tennis Balls, or any other problems worth mentioning. My Amanti continues to run well, though I wish it got better gas mileage in city driving.

    My one and only complaint with this car is the sheet metal. I am very, very careful with my car, but that doesn't always protect me from the other cars on the road. I've learned that the tiniest impact leaves a little ding in the door. I have at least two dings on each side. It is noticeably worse than my mid-90s Chrysler was, which in my mind is inexcusable. Certainly I don't expect the same dent-resistance as my old '77 Ford used to have, although as much as an Amanti weighs, perhaps I SHOULD expect that. But the sheet metal should be at least as durable as a 1995 mid-sized Chrysler, and it clearly is not.

    I'm still REALLY glad I bought the car. I intend to drive it until the 100,000-mile warranty runs out. Since I only drive 10,000 miles a year, that should tell you something about how well I like the car! I still can't believe how much car I got for my money.

    Sure, if I win the lottery, I might have to add a blue 2005 Mustang to my garage, but even then, the Amanti would stay, too.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Stacy: Yes, I agree that it does ding more than any other automobile I have owned. I too have a couple of unsightly scars on my doors and always drive as far from other cars when at the mall as I can. I normally go for the one next to the end, the landscaped island so I can pull as far to the curb as possible. I hope they improve on this. I baby mine also. I have a '93 Pathfinder that I drive when I'm in the mood to keep Amanti in the garage. I purchased mine near the end of Nov. 04 and have 3400 miles. Oh, I finally saw an Amanti commercial last night while watching "Play that again 1 more time" or whatever it was on NBC. We all just stopped talking and watched it. It was cool. Bill
  • captainbobcaptainbob Posts: 17
    hello navigator from the captain.thanks so much for the inclusion of the data about the car test.Car and Driver is among the car magazines i read because they include so much in particular .the turning radius of cars and the Db noise level of all cars.The Kia Amanti is still the quietest car tested and that beats all the expensive models.I have never had so many people come up to me in a car lot and ask questions about our Amanti.also all those that have ridden in our car are astounded by its amenities ,quietness and room especialy in the back.Magazines and their test people shold pay attention to what the real owners of cars have to say.Of all the cars we have owned this is the most enjoyable car .We have 17 thousand miles on the car with no repairs get very good trip mileage 26.5 to 28 m/g and about 18.8 in town. We to take consumer report and are astounded how they are so biased.When they seldom give the Amanti credit for being the quietest and roomeness attributes. once you test drive this car against any others you will buy one as we did.people feer the name just as years back the did the packards,Nash ,Hudsons and Studabekers.they were all good cars as you look back but people are swayed by president should interview the real owners of the Amanti .
  • kmqkmq Posts: 19
    Just spotted a new Amanti commercial on Discovery channel, during the American Chopper show. This commercial is the one they should have played last year instead of the skidding sideways in the desert. It is a nice car for those who have won the lottery and those who haven't. $24,000 after a 2,000 dollar rebate is what the commercial says.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Yes, the lottery commercial one on the Amanti is the one I saw also. It's a good ad. Did any of you see the crash test of larger vehicles? I will try to put the Dateline link to the video from Sun. night June 17th below (after it plays a commercial). It got a "good" rating instead of "best pick." But that's better than a lot of other vehicles on the roads. 7f-a72a-2696815a6d35,7c199213-aa4a-4d7f-a72a-2696815a6d35,238010cf-95f0-48ea-8804-c6acb10d- b276,03a5e028-23d9-4ca4-b51c-09ce07bda1c8,b387e525-0419-4dd5-9e14-2210e6a17c2a,&rf=
  • tommy555tommy555 Posts: 13
    Hi: Just saw the Insurance Institute crash test on Sunday night: of the 6-8 large cars tested the Amanti did get a "good" (that's good enough for me). I also have seen the new Amanti commercial a number of times this past week. I believe it was on the SCI-FI Channel or one similar to that. Although KIA is not advertising it on the "broadcast" channels (CBS, NBC & ABC); it is a relief, so to speak, that it is being advertised on any channels at all!

    Central New Jersey
  • kronogoosekronogoose Posts: 116
    Hi all,

    I'm not an owner, although I had a very positive experience with a rented Amanti.

    I'm wondering if there's any talk of changes to the Amanti, specifically of a more powerful and/or economical engine.

  • captainbobcaptainbob Posts: 17
    we have owned our Amanti for 13 months and have 17,000 miles on it It is a tremendous car.
    We have never gotten a question sheet or any company fliers or anything.All our other purchases of cars we received monthly news letters and other bits of info about the car company and its products.
    have any of you gotten information from the company?
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Bob: I've not gotten a survey or question sheet from Kia about my Amanti either. I find that very strange. I've gotten it from universities and such as to what type of buyer I and my family are, blah, blah stuff.

    To the gentleman up about 2 boxes, I saw the new Kia Amanti commerical on NBC last week while watching "Hit Me Again 1 More Time Baby" or some such reality show, so it is being aired on other stations.

    As far as Amanti coming out with a more powerful engine, I've not heard anything so far. Bill H (Orlando)
  • captainbobcaptainbob Posts: 17
    thanks bill for the quick reply.interesting item.saw an amanti pass down the street and went after it.turns out the fellow rented the car out of Miami and commutes each week across state .they gave him a step up and he questioned the car.he took it anyway and all he can do is rave about it as we all do.he said the car astounded him.he said when he settles down on this coast and ready to buy it will be the Amanti.we hear this from so many people ,once you have tried the car out it sells itself.
  • We purchased our 2004 Amanti in April 2005. Got a leftover b/c the deal was too good to pass up and we tend to keep our vehicles for 7-8 years. My husband fell in love with the looks and the value. I ignored the brochure on the counter for as long as I could before he talked me into going to test drive one. I was driving a 97 Gran Prix which I loved. Talk about night and day. Going from the stiff suspension to the Amanti. I'm really disappointed in the reviews b/c the ride is one of the reasons we bought the car. It's smooth, it's quiet and on long trips it's an extremely comfortable ride. No, I wouldn't corner like I did in the Gran Prix - but I probably shouldn't have been doing that anyway ;)

    Gas mileage - not as bad as expected after doing our research. We get 21.5 around town and 25.6 on road trips. Not great, but then our other vehicle is a pick up truck so ..... would the car be as quiet if they lightened it up to give better gas mileage?

    No "tennis balls" rumbles as of yet and we have 4500 miles on it.

    Have seen several commercials on the major networks so at least they are finally pushing the car in our area (Northeast).

    Would highly recommend "my husband's" new car. We couldn't be more pleased with it with the one exception - like many others have noted - a poor design in the cup holder. Not bad if it's our only complaint !!!!
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Amanticrazy: I really enjoyed your posting. In fact, I read it twice. I'm not certain the complaints about the cupholder. This is the only car I've owned where I can actually put one of Sam's Club water bottles in it. Their spring water bottles are fatter than regular ones. I even put in my coffee mug with handle; no problem. I would like to see a compass on the mirror. No biggie, though. My only gripe is the metal, the sensitivity to scuffs, dents; seems more so than other vehicles I've owned.
  • captainbobcaptainbob Posts: 17
    if you want the very latest crash reports on the amanti or any other car comparison go to this web site. international institute for highway safety or enter
    the amanti did amazingly great against the more costly cars.these tests realy convince you that you bought a safe car.there are also the videos of the crash tests.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hi kronogoose, I've been keeping a pretty close watch on what's coming up from Kia and the parent company, Hyundai, and am pretty sure there will be some changes in the works in the near future. The new Hyundai Sonata's available now and what a great car it is! There is bound to be a Kia equivalent (Magentis in the US and Optima in Canada -- Lord knows why two different names) before too long. The top of the line V6 has 235 hp, which is more than the larger Amanti engine has. This fall there's going to be a new Hyndai Azera replacing the GX350 and if you have a look at the US website you'll be amazed at what they're offering in this new top of the line Hyundai. That one has a larger version of the new V6 with even more power and I'm sure the company will want to put that engine into the Amanti before too long. It weighs less than the old engine, has much more power, and also is much more fuel efficient. I can't imagine that Kia would continue to offer the older engine when the better newer one is available, especially at a time when fuel economy is seen as being so important.

    I'm still very happy with my Amanti but admit that its city driving fuel economy is disappointing. Luckily I don't drive it all that much compared to a long commute but I can see where this would be a disadvantage in the current market. A new engine with better economy and more power and better rebound control on the front suspension would improve an already excellent car.

  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Hi Captain, I bought my 2005 Amanti in the middle of December and about a month after I'd taken delivery I received a detailed survey form asking for my opinion on the car, the dealer, the salesperson, the deal I'd made, any problems, suggestions for improvements, and so on. I thought it was a great idea and made sure to fill it in with lots of detail. The survey stated that the company was interested in feedback from owhers of their top of the line vehicle and wanted to ensure that we'd be happy and continue to be happy with the purchase. Maybe this survey was unique to Canada but it seems that if we can do it here, it should be possible to do the same thing in the US which is, after all, a much larger market.

    Did any of the other Canadian Amanti owners in this forum get the same survey to fill in?

  • captainbobcaptainbob Posts: 17
    thank you for the info about your survey letter. Today i just posted a letter to Peter Butterfield CEO of Kia America.I have informed him how upset i and many other Amanti owners are about the Consumer Reports slam of the Amanti as the WORST CAR they ever tested.I research all the car magazines and monitor the safety reports and etc.As far as i can see the car does not deserve such sever critisism .I also called Consumer Report and ask, just how they did their tests .You would be amazed the answer i got.
    Anyway it looks like we as owners shall be the true benafactors of this very well put together car.We now have 17000 miles and look forward to long distance trips.No more back or neck aches as in other cars.the fact the car is the quietest car made at 63dB at 70 miles per hour means you arrive very rested.From here to Ottawa is truly a test for comfort.
  • Regarding the Consumer Report review, I'm sure any Amanti owner would disagree, but once the magazine hit the stands, the damage was done. I'm adding a link here to a review that I actually like. It's not all about singing the praises of the Amanti, but a decent appraisal of its pros and cons. It's a rather lengthy review, (comparing the Amanti to vehicles much more expensive) but among the many comments I liked was this one: "
    Years ago Buick used to advertise, "When better cars are built, Buick will build them." Sadly, this didn't happen. What has now happened, though, is that Kia has built an even better Buick than Toyota."
    Here's the link:
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    Thanks for the link, Captain Bob. There's something else that might be good for all of us to do. At the end of the review that Cap'n Bob directed us to there's a further link which leads to a website that's collecting repair and service records for cars. So I signed up for my Kia Amanti. In reply I received an e-mail saying that as soon as there were enough owners signed up for a valid sample I'd be asked for my feedback. So I suggest that all Kia owners sign up for this so we can provide the positive feedback that we all share about our cars. The more of us who are heard from, the better the reputation of the Amanti will be and the better our resale value will be as well. Here's the link:

  • kribe123kribe123 Posts: 13
    Hi, Guys,

    I am very happy, now I can see Amantis around as regular car :)
    I hope parts companies start to build more accesories, like a Wing, Body-Kits, etc...

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