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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • vervekaverveka Posts: 9
    I guess I jinxed myself by questioning how things would go at the dealer because it did not go well. I had several minor concerns (airbag light, auto-tilt mirror not tilting as far as it did before, slightly loose seat on drivers' side, the tennis ball noise, and an oil change). Several days later, the dealer called and said the car was ready. I went in, quickly reviewed the invoice and noticed no oil change was done - "Oh sorry, I guess we missed that" was the reply, "would you like your car washed?"........"Oh sorry, it's not working". grumble grumble. I went to drive off, tilted the steering wheel down to where I like it, and the airbag light came on. I went back in and told the service writer and he said that the repair was not finished because a part was still on "rush overnight order" and would call when it comes in and that I could wait for the repair as it would only take a minute. For the tennis ball noise, they did a suspension/steering/align. It almost fixed one side and did nothing to the other side. I did mention the TSB when I dropped off the car so why didn't they do the bushing/collar replacement? This was August 15. Haven't heard from them about the part. :sick: Going to another dealer to start over again. Luckilly we have more than one from which to choose. I originally chose this dealer because they also do Lincolns and I figured the service would be great. I hope everyone else has had better luck with their dealer and that this was just a fluke. Still love the car though - just not the dealer.
  • amandoamando Posts: 4

    I've been happily enjoying my new Amanti, which I purchased a little over a month ago.

    Can someone tell me how, or point me to a site, on how to use the sportamatic feature? :confuse:


    Amando Mi Amanti
  • harrier2harrier2 Posts: 32 any chance is you dealer in or near Sunnyvale Ca??????????? If so I have been going to this dealer for some time and have had very good service...just checking so that I might have to be cautious and extra alert during my next visit ;)
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Hi amando!
    Glad you like your new Amanti and welcome. I have mine for almost two years now and still love it.
    The Sportmatic transmission you asked about, can be used to downshift or upshift your gears manually. This overrides the automatic transmission's control (which usually does a very good job on it's own). It's not something you would use all the time, but from time to time, I like to downshift for more power and stay in the lower gear for better performance to pass other cars more quickly. In other words, if done right, your car will be faster, than by just letting your transmission do the shifting on it's own.
    Having said that. It will not improve your economy.
    If you experiment and drive down a road at 50 MPH and move the shifter over to the right, you can move the shifter to the "-" side. That will downshift to the 4th gear (indicated on your instrument cluster) and hold it there until you change it or the car slows down too much and will still downshift to protect the engine. If you step on the gas, you will notice acceleration a little more brisk than if you just stepped on the gas in "D". If you do it again, -moving the selector to the "-", it will go to the next lower (3rd) gear. Pushing the shifter to the "+" will shift it up to the next gear and so on.
    On the other hand, if you just step on the gas pedal while in "D", depending on how hard you step on the gas, the transmission will downshift automatically. This is better for most everyday use and more efficient.
    It's a fun feature to have and I use it many times in traffic to squeeze into spots were I have to be quick.
    If you want, you can start in 2nd gear by pushing the selector to the "+" when you start to drive from a standstill. This is good in slippery weather during the winter.
    I don't need to do that here in Florida! :shades:
    I hope this helps a little!
  • buffbuff Posts: 38
    extremely dirty the rest are ok. Just had my car detailed and they said they cannot get it out. I wear lots of black to work and the driver seat is getting terrible. Never had this problem with other cars. Does anyone know what I can use. I love my car have about 11,000 miles. I got it on labor day almost one year ago. It is running great. Thanks in advance for anyone's help. Buff
  • I have had my Amanti since May,'04 and have 13,700 miles. I had it to the dealer four times to fix the front-end clunk. They replaced the struts and bushings and it didn't help. They did whatever the TSB said to do, and that didn't do anything. Finally, I took it back a fifth time, the day before yesterday. The mechanic and I went for a drive. It clunked like clockwork. The mechanic literally took the whole front end apart and reassembled it according to factory specs. No more clunk. First time since I owned the vehicle.! I hope it stays "fixed" this time! I'm so excited to have a quiet ride!
    Also, today, my battery went dead and they put in a new one. AND, I had a new custom grill installed. It's vertical chrome "slats" much like the Jag has. It's beautiful.
    Love my Amanti!
  • Congratulations Daniel. I've got the same colour as yours and as a Canadian model it comes loaded, with no options. My dealer tells me that for 2006 there will be two levels of specs on the Canadian Amanti, but again I suspect there will be no options. Our market is just too small to support the inventory that optioned vehicles would require.

    You're going to enjoy your Amanti, believe me, and over the next little while you're going to discover all sorts of little thoughtful features that will make you smile. I think it's a great car and all of my friends agree. Yes, the fuel economy isn't great, but you get so much for your buck that paying a little more for gas is worth it compared to anything else that you compare the Amanti to.

    One question, Daniel: is your steering wheel all leather? The American Amantis that I've seen have a leather steering wheel whereas in Canada it's a composite wheel of woodgrain plus leather that looks like a million bucks. I wonder why that wheel isn't available in the US. But since you're close to the border....

  • Hi Stockchaser, Glad to hear that the clonk has disappeared. So far mine hasn't had the problem so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'd really like to see a picture of the custom grille that you've had installed. Could you post a picture of it?

  • I'll be happy to post a picture, but I have no idea how to do it. First I'll have my son take a picture with his digital camera........I don't own one. Then what do I do?
    I've searched the internet and the grille is called a "billet grille"'s custom made for many vehicles, and believe me, on the Amanti, it looks awesome! I'll see about that picture.
  • Ok, try this link. The first picture may be distorted, but click on the image for a larger picture and the distortion goes away. (Be sure to maximize the photo)When a friend of mine saw my new grill, he called and made an appointment to get one immediately! It completely changes the look. Amazing. By the way, I met another Amanti owner that had a performance muffler has two tailpipes coming out of the muffler, and he said it increased his gas mileage by two miles per gallon. Not much, but it ads up. I went to the muffler shop and was told it is a "nonrestrictive" muffler. Allows for more freeflow and less work for the engine. I'm getting one next week.
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    Hi all!
    Hey that grill looks very cool to say the least!! I will definitely consider one for mine also!!

    I put a little something together for everyone. Here it is!

    With the current bad world fuel situation and Amanti's mediocre fuel consumption, I thought it might be good idea to re-look at our on board computer (for those that have this option) and how it can help us save fuel. I think it is fair to say everyone knows about the temperature display. But, how many of us use some of the other neat features? I have used only a few so far, and the computer instructions that came with my car were not that thorough and clear so I never knew what some of these functions meant or even use properly. After living with the car for awhile though, I think I've figured out what they're all about. So, I'm hopeful that I might help some of the other owners who also have not used their on board computer as efficiently as perhaps they could have.

    Here are some of my following observations:

    Temp) Let's start with the outside temperature. I think this is self explanatory, although I might mention for those that might not know it, that it can display C° and F°. Press and hold the "reset" button until it changes.

    Range) The next feature is the estimated mileage range based on the average fuel consumption and the amount of fuel in your tank. When it drops to 30 miles it will no longer indicate and you better get some fuel soon! :blush:

    Trip) The next feature is a trip odometer. If you want to use this one instead of the two available on your instrument cluster, you can. Don't forget to re-set it at the beginning of your trip.

    Avg MPH) Average MPH is next and indicates you average MPH. I'm assuming that is accumulative and does not reset itself whenever you re-start the engine.

    Avg MPG) Now comes the feature I really like and use now to improve my mileage . When this is activated and reset to zero, it will start to inform you of your average MPG. You will see how by maintaining a steady speed your mileage climbs. For example, I achieved 20.0 average mpg and then just waiting at a red light for about a minute, it dropped to 19.6. Driving habits might improve if you keep an eye on these numbers.

    Inst MPG) The next feature is instant mpg which is cool but not as helpful as average as it goes all over the place based on instantaneous driving. It will give you an idea as to what your instant driving habits add to your fuel consumption, though.

    Timer) The last feature is a timer that starts timing when you reset it. I guess this elapses the driving time on a given trip. I used it when I ordered food and it was to be ready in 25 minutes. ;)

    I'm just starting to focus on this cool computer and learning about this as I go along, so if anybody else has further information that I may have missed, screwed up or just has some more insight, that would be helpful.

    Thanks all!, Pete
  • Pete--thanks for the explanation--I'll try it out and see what happens. Armando.
  • Hi--since this is the first car I've ever owned with a leather interior, what can I do/should I do to keep the leather looking like new? I have no idea about what I can or can't put on it so any advice will be really appreciated. Thanks.
  • buffbuff Posts: 38
    Hi Amando: I just posted that my drivers seat is very dirty looking. I think its from by black suits and slacks that I wear to work. I had it detailed and they said they could not get it out. I am wondering if the leather is ok I am going to bring it in for an oil change and show them. I will let you know what they say. I have had other cars(many) with leather seats and this never happened. Take care I do love my amanti. Best Wishes with yours. Buff
  • Nope, my dealer is in Northern Virginia. I haven't had the time/nerve to get to the other dealer to see if I get better service but will attempt to go into it with a positive attitude. I have curtailed driving my Amanti this week in an attempt to save fuel and am driving my harsh, boring other car that gets better mileage. Sure miss it but have been getting 15.5 mpg running around in town and that's not good enough. Maybe I should leave town on a highway trip since I get decent mileage on the highway.
  • Hi all,
    I have a 2005 Opirus, which as most of you know is the Asian version of the Amanti.
    I’m totally in love with my car, but I have one concern regarding the ESP. The other day I was driving on curvy road at 120 km/h with ESP on, however when I’m going through a curve the ESP off light will start blinking and I can feel a power drawback.

    This will only happen while going on curves at high speed, I asked the dealer who said it was normal and it’s the way the ESP functions. Honestly I’m not so sure of what he said, specially since I got the ESP off light coming on three times while driving on normal road at low speed.

    Does any one have experience in ESP? or can confirm any of the above?

  • Thanks for the encouraging words everyone! MagMax, my steering wheel is all leather. I've seen photos of the steering wheel such as you have, and agree it looks sharp. I think I would have preferred the dark woodgrain instead of the rather light appearance for the trim, as the darker seems a bit classier to me. But, it looks sharp the way it is, so guess all is well. I really like the looks of the new grill, Stockchaser. I thought about trying the electrical tape that Topgear came up with, but now I'll have to consider something such as that. Oh, and the dual tailpipes idea sounds great, especially since it'll bump up the mpg slightly. Has anyone hear tried using one of those Tornado air vortex units or anything similar? Just curious if they really help with fuel efficiency. Take care everyone!!
    Daniel :)
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I'm enjoying my coffee and reading the morning newspaper when I saw an ad from one of the Kia dealers saying they are overstocked with 05 Amantis. It says leather for $18,900, which is after the $2000 rebate, $311 monthly. The killer is they say up to 32 mpg highway. Never have I gotten that. The most is 20, or 20.9, using regular grade.

    As for the grill, how much did it cost? I assume they ship it to you and you have someone (or the dealer) install it?
    Bill - Orlando
  • hello from captain bob we just returned from a 4118 mile trip fort myers to ottawa and round abouts visiting.over the entire trip we got 25.8 mpg that is city and highway ,the constant highway travel we got from 28.9 to 30.1 to a top of 32 mpg.that is not by the computer but exact by pencil and paper ,fuel in galons into mileage driven.the secret to good fuel economy is dont drive like a jack rabbit and stay under 70 We set the cruise control at 68 dont worry about police traps and let the hot rods pass us .we get to the same destination with in 20 minutes and no stress.we have over 21thousand miles on the 2004 Amanti and it is the best car we have ever owned .we visited a dealer onvacation they owned a ford dealership as well as the kia .his wife preffered the Amanti over the ford 500 .does that say anything?this car gets stares and people asking what is it.You are going to enjoy your choice ,you all made great decisions ,now drive consertively on regular gas and have a wonderful holiday by the way gas here is now $3.10 a gal. regular
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