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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • shadow99688shadow99688 Posts: 209
    I found one for $11k then the price dropped to $7k, problem is it should have had a sun roof , found out the roof and doors had been replaced, dealer thought that they had dropped the upper lvl of a car hauler on it and crushed the roof.
    decided to pass, have no idea what all is knocked out of shape from something like that, spent the extra money and bought one that was new with no damage/repairs.
  • shadow99688shadow99688 Posts: 209
    any luck with your lights?
  • vervekaverveka Posts: 9
    The tennis-ball-in-a-tube noise that many of us are familiar with just isn't going away for me. This is my third visit to the dealer and the second pair of struts. I told them that it is not the struts and offered a solution "without telling them how to do their job" because I know they wouldn't like that. After my explanation, I handed him a pile of posts from this discussion and from where the repair is explained. They claim that it is not an authorized repair because it is not in the computer and that they have searched everywhere. I have been to 2 dealers and received the same treatment. Why doesn't the dealer have this in their computer? When I called Kia, they said they could not find a TSB for this either. I like the car. I'd like it more if the noise would go away. Dealership experience is consistently awful. Car has been in the shop for 5 days. Wrong parts came in. Suspension guy won't be back in until Monday, etc.,etc. How did you others get this done?
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    From what I remember that my dealer said to me, there wasn't an official TSB, per se, but something about should a customer complain about the noise, install larger bearings. I think this problem occurred only with a certain lot number of vehicles. My service rep said out of all the Amantis they sold only myself and 2 others have had the noise problem. Mine was fixed with the larger bearings. I would write to the email below and explain your problem and those of us on this forum who have had the issue fixed. Bill
  • I have an 04 Amanti with 10,203 miles on it. Up to now this has been a great car. When my airbag light came on I took it back to Avondale Kia. They claimed the battery cables were loose and tightened ,two weeks later same problem, same solution. Now the air bag light is on and the doors do not lock. When I took it in they found a short on the door airbag. They did not have the part and if I would leave the car overnight they would next day the needed part. I couldn't leave my car as they have no loaner or rental program. They said they would order the part an it should be in in three days. Two weeks later I am still waiting and they have stopped returning my calls. If you want to buy a Kia in Phoenix AVOID AVONDALE KIA.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Oops.. I said bearings but I meant to say bushings.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    Thanks for your posting. It's a shame that there are dealers like Avondale. I hope you get your problem fixed elsewhere and again become one of us happy Amanti owners. Keep us posted. :P
  • Sorry to hear about your experiences at Avondale Kia. I bought from Peoria Kia. I recently had my Amanti in for some work that was going to take several days, according to them. They offered me a rental at no charge. I went to the rental-lot and they were going to put me in a little car about the size of a large suitcase and I said no. Called my dealer and explained I'd have to have a car comparable in size to the Amanti. I got a Buick LaCrosse at no charge for several days.
  • Stacey,
    How did you get your airbag light fixed. What did the dealer do? My 04 has been to the dealer (Avondale KIA ) 3 times-the last time they kept the car for four days and then the light came on the evening we got it back. Very Frustrating. I am going to try Peoria Kia next week and see if they are better mechanics. So I am interested in your dealer's solution.
    Thank you
  • shadow99688shadow99688 Posts: 209
    airbag light can come on from moisture contamination in the electrical contacts of the airbag system or if you bang a wrench on the impact sensor.
  • Thanks for the response. I doubt it is moisture as it hasn't rained here in several weeks. I also did not bang the sensor.Since this has been "unrepaired" three times and the airbag light is still on we are considering using the "Arizona Lemon Law". My wife sent an email to Richard Sabin Consumer Affairs at Kia America--and he called back. Said he was referring our problem to the Arizona Manager. This is much more then we ever got from Avondale Kia. Will keep forum advised on outcome
  • I recently purchased a 2005 Amanti with 21000 miles. I have noticed a 'knock' when I turn either left or right. It doesn't seem to matter how sharply I am turning as it happened on a very curvy road as well as when I was making a u-turn. It only happens once per turn of the wheel. I am wondering if this is something that has been discussed before and if so, can someone tell me where the beginning is? If not, has anyone heard of this? Thanks so much!
  • shadow99688shadow99688 Posts: 209
    the knock can be from loose/worn bushings on the sway bar or on other front suspension parts.
    the knock is from when the sway bar/other suspension parts shift from one end to the other in the bushings.
  • shadow99688shadow99688 Posts: 209
    it doesn't have to rain to get moisture, set a glass of ice water out and watch the water build up on the outside of the glass.
    I have seen airbag sensor triggered by hitting a 4x4 on the road at 70mph actually dented the rim and he got a flat from it.
  • I took our Amanti to Peoria KIA (Peoria, AZ) and were treated so nicly. Met another lady who bought her Kia at Avondale KIA but could get no satisfaction there either. To solve my air bag light problem Peoria KIA replaced the "clockspring" (a contact part in the steering column). No more air bag light. I also had a noise in the front right when turning a corner. They found a lower cross member had loose cradle bolts and dirty mounting caps. Took it apart, cleaned it and reassembled---No More Noise. When talking to other customers I found the Service Advisors had all been there for several years. This shows this company has good customer and relations. As of today we once again enjoy our Amanti and Peoria KIA.
  • scarpiascarpia Posts: 4
    This message is for anyone who cares to weigh in. We're really considering purchasing a Kia Amanti but I'm somewhat distressed over the maintenance schedule that posted. It seems as though the recommended maintenance requires one to visit a dealership almost every thousand miles for things above and beyond oil changes.

    Right now we're driving a 2000 Buick Century. We got it after I crashed our 2000 Regal in an ice storm. The thing that I really like about both of our Buicks is that I just need to go into a Jiffy Lube every 5,000 or 6,000 miles, get the oil changed and get an occasional air filter. I've never had a moment of trouble with either car.

    Before I started driving Buicks I had a '94 Mazda 626, a '89 Hyundai Excel and my first car, a '84 Renault Alliance (I've hated the French ever since I got the Renault!!) I had lots of problems with all of these cars. I probably would have been able to put more miles on these previous cars had I been more diligent about doing the recommended service. But I'm lazy and I just don't want to have to be a nursemaid to a car.

    From what I could tell, the maintanence schedule on Kia's and Hyundai's is much more demanding then the recommendations for Chevy's (Impala), Buick's, Toyota's, Nissan's and Honda's. Can I treat a Kia Amanti as carelessly as I've treated my Buicks or will I have big problems if I don't take the car in every 1000 to 1500 miles to inspect the drive axcels, lubricate the hinges, locks and latches, inspect the brake lines, hoses, fluid, drive belts, steering linkage etc...........
  • topgeartopgear Posts: 111
    The Amanti is no different from other cars and it does not require any unusual maintenance.
    A 2000 Buick Regal does not have many of the features that a newer, loaded car -such as the Amanti, would have so the potential of things to go wrong will be increased. However, having said that, our Amanti served us well for a very long time and although we don't own it anymore, it was one of the best cars we've ever owned.
    You should be able to just get your oil/air filter changed when needed locally, since this is a common engine shared by a couple of different Korean car models.

    I have never had my car checked as frequently as you (or Edmund's) suggest, for common maintenance.

    By the way, Consumer Reports (much to my shock) "Recommends" the Amanti in it's special auto magazine of new cars to buy.

    The only disappointments we've had with the Amanti were it's poor gas mileage and its seemingly soft side sheet metal that dented easily.
    Otherwise it is a solid, robust automobile.

    Good luck with your decision!

  • scarpiascarpia Posts: 4
    Thanks. The poor gas mileage is a worry (my family puts on alot of miles on the car and with gas prices...ugh!! :cry: ) We couldn't believe the price we were quoted but we still won't be in the market for another year or two and the Buick seems to be doing just great. By the time we're ready to buy the new 2007 model should not only be available but perhaps some former rentals will be looking for retirement. Hopefully the new engine used in the 2007 model will get better gas mileage. Thanks again.
  • I average 24.6mpg. I have had up to 37mpg highway(had a truck in front of me and another behind me)
    Highway is usually around 27mpg on premium and city has been as low as 13mpg in a construction area, not too bad on gas with the weight of the car.
    Most of my driving is highway so don't look at city driving much.
    My old 1992 ford tempo with a 2.3 4 cylinder engine never got better than 19mpg on the highway.
  • magmaxmagmax Posts: 88
    I have a 2005 Amanti that's loaded with everything (the only way they were sold in Canada until the 06 model year) and it has the normal servicing intervals. Because I get free oil changes for as long as I own the car I get those done every 5000 km and then have the service done every 10,000 km. So far it hasn't needed any repairs but the creak in the front left suspension is beginning to annoy me somewhat, even though I can't be bothered bringing it back to the dealer just for that. I'll wait until the next service is due. I'd say that this car requires minimal service but like any complex machine it does need to be maintained properly if you expect it to continue to perform well, and last well too. But coming in every 1000 miles sure isn't part of the recommended schedule. Heck, even my Mercedes 250SE back in 1968 managed 3000 miles between services.

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