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Kia Amanti 2006 and earlier



  • The clunking and lurching were the first signs of transmition trouble for us, and yes, Kia is fixing the tranny. They ordered a new transmition and it should be fixed in a few days. We have 60k miles on the car and I'm concerned about future problems after the warranty expires. thanks for the reply.
  • Wow, thanks for the info, I didn't know Kia offered an extended warranty after the 100k that I now have. I will surely look into it as we plan on keeping the car for at least a few more years.
  • Yes, as I previously said, my dealer offers the extended warranty also, which I plan to buy. I still must emphasize that you must look at the different levels (if yours is like mine, they are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum, offered by Western General). Each level has its' own level of benefits. Needless to say, if you want to cover the most expensive of the potential repair items, you look at the higher level policies. You get what you pay for. Repairs are extremely expensive and will not get cheaper in the future. For my Park Avenue, the driver side, power window motor went out. The motor cost over $400, PLUS installation costs (they had to take the door apart). The KIA dealer said it would be about the same for the Amanti. Luckily, with the extended insurance on my Park Avenue, I did not pay for that.

    It is simple, if you like the car, and plan on keeping it, strongly consider putting money into the extended insurance. You will sleep well at night.

    The offered plan at my dealer is entitled:

    The VIP Plan (Vehicle Increased Protection), offered by Western General. It is "NEW & PRE-OWNED Mechanical Breakdown Protection". They have an office number of: 800-242-9442.

    Dealers in different states may work with different companies.
  • Observations:
    Transmission fluid change is recommended at 30K. Problem is that letting out used fluid out of the tranny pan satisfies warranty requirements. Fact is that this procedure only lets out a fraction of the total 12 quarts of the stuff. Solution then, for DIY'ers is to change the fluid via the pan several times so that, eventually, the 12qts become diluted - that is, clean.R&R of total 12 qts requires a special machine only available at dealers.

    I changed my own fluid on the 04. Surprise. Surprise. The magnetic plug on the pan was loaded with metal filings. My conclusion is: timely fluid change is critical - whether at dealership or at home; latter requiring multiple changes as mentioned.

    At the dealership, you must request a 'total' R&R and ensure the guys actually do it!!
  • Hi All:
    Well, I'm back here because my problem has recurred.
    I brought it to the dealer where it was fixed(July 2007) because it has been happening intermittently since the fix and it happened last Sunday and I came very close to getting rear-ended! Then, again on Monday as I was driving down to the dealer to report what happened on Sunday!
    They kept it for two days and of course nothing happened when they took it out for test rides and nothing showed up for code errors.
    I guess I'll just continue keeping a log and hopefully something will come down from above that identifies a permenent fix.
    I'm just courious if other people have had a fix and it recurred or if they have had the fix and everything is now OK.
    I would appreciate any input that I could get so I can go back to the dealer with any new information.
    It's getting to be a very touchy subject when I go down for service.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • vanpjvanpj Posts: 14
    Good Morning -
    I think you will find that there is no "fix" for the "Lag/Lurch" problem. I had my '06 Amanti in to the dealership in Davenport IA where it was purchased on several occasions but to no avail. They re-programmed the computer and assured me it was fixed. It wasn't. After moving to TN I took it to the Kia dealer in Cookeville. They re-programmed the computer again and said it was "fixed". Again, it wasn't.

    After it lunged forward while my wife was about to get in the passenger side I traded it in the next day on a Honda CR-V. My '06 Amanti was 18 months old with less than 17,000 miles on it and it never got fixed. We hired a "Lemon Law" attorney and tried to get the car replaced. Kia stonewalled on this problem from the beginning and to this day they will not acknowledge there is a problem.

    My advice to you - "Get rid of the darn thing as soon as you can." From the original purchase price of the vehicle until we traded it in we took a $16,000 hit. I will never buy another Kia as long as I live.
  • I just bought my 2006 Amanti 2 weeks ago and I've had the same problem with it "not moving at all" when I pull out from a stop. I've brought it back to the dealership 2 times. They said they could not reproduce the problem. How did they fix it for you? I'd like to let them know and maybe get them to solve my problem.

  • Back in 2007 I had numerous issues with the acceleration problem on my 2005 Amanti. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong and no code ever came up for them to diagnose. Finally, in Feb 2007 the car just died while driving and the check engine light came on. Car had to be towed (free of charge) 60 miles away to the dealership. They cleaned off a grease buildup from the electrical connection ot the Accelerator position Sensor (APS circuit) I then had to get someone to drive me 60 miles to pick up the car. All seemed ok until 3/08 when the car died again - code read was P2127. Again had the car towed 60 miles. The dealership replaced the the Accelerator Position Sensor and to this day (3/09) I have had no further problems (knock on wood) Hope this helps :) I tried to go to the link that I came across in my research, that talked about this known problem. It is no longer valid. If I can get your email address I can scan the document I printed out back in 2007 and email it to you :)
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    He is right, KIA does not acknowledge the problem exists. I went through the cleaning of grease off cables--did nothing. The final item was the reprogramming of the computer. This worked for about one year. May car has within the past seven months had two instances of aggravated surging. Once coming into my garage, pressing the brake to stop, the vehicle engine surged forward. I had to turn the ignition off quickly, or I would have hit the water heater. The second time, in line at Starbucks, I touched the brake to stop, as a car was turning into line, in front of me. The car surged forward, almost ramming the other vehicle. I had to turn the ignition off again, as from the previous experience, I knew the brake was useless.
    The KIA stand has been consistent, on all issues like this, regarding acceleration problems, that if they cannot reproduce it in the shop, it does not exist. They did not give a flip that you, or someone else might be placed in danger. They want to sell the 'perfect' car, and will not admit to any issues with their vehicle. In this manner, nothing ever shows up in official records that KIA has a problem with the Amanti. The user complaint blogs, like this one, are apparently irrelevant to KIA. It would only become an issue to KIA if Amanti users were to flood the federal complaint sites with safety problems with KIA vehicles, such as NHTSA (federal site that handles safety related complaints on vehicles). This site is located at:
    link title . If you have any complaint, this is where you need to make it official and tell others to do the same. The only other item that might get their attention is a consumer class action lawsuit, on behalf of all the owners that are literally 'scared silly' of their vehicle, and what it might do to them. KIA does not understand what they are doing to their vehicle, and their image. I currently love my vehicle, when it is acting right. If it were to die, and could not get repaired, would I trust my money in another KIA vehicle, with the existing KIA 'attitude' on ignoring important safety problems--hell no.
  • Hi Jamie,
    I would greatly appreciate the document that you are talking about. My email address is

    Thanks so much.
  • cj77cj77 Posts: 2
    This problem just started today. When I turn off the windshield wipers, the arms stop in the middle of the windshield. I did not have any issues durning the winter. I live in Michigan. I am mechanically inclined, I hope this is a easy fix. :(
  • cj77cj77 Posts: 2
    My 2006 Amanti has 47,000 miles. When should I consider having the timing belt chaged? Dealer says 30,000 miles. I have the V-6 motor and it runs great. :confuse:
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    Well sir, I figured something like that was going on. I can answer the question from my standpoint, yes, I have had that braking issue, and yes, the issue is still happening. I had filed a complaint with the NHTSB, and I compiled some documentation. KIA's response, service department wise, is that they 'cannot recreate the problem'. The problem being that the issue happens once and awhile, and cannot be duplicated in the shop. I believe, as I have stated from the beginning, that there is a major safety hazard in the KIA Amanti, which can make it a safety hazard on the road. My car was 'reprogrammed' which appeared to take care of the surging. However, the inability to brake, with the car surging, has happened twice, within the past seven months. I have stated on-line what those experiences were. When they happened, both were dangerous. Luckily for me, I am still relatively 'young', so quick reflexes in turning the engine off stopped a major problem. For an older person, not being familiar with the issue, I believe that their would be a major issue. As far as that goes, a young party, never having experiencing the issue before, they could have a problem also. Luckily for me, when the non-braking and surging issue happened at first on an open street, with nothing in the way. I quickly found out that pressing the brakes was useless, as the car was still moving forward. I cut the ignition out. When it happens, their is an initial state of panic, as you realize that your brakes will NOT stop the car. In my case their was an audio part that was frightning as the engine had a high revving noise. I will forward you something that I put together. You will also notice that I have been vocal, AGAINST the KIA, on-line. The only reason that I have mine is that I am stuck with it. Being retired, I cannot easily change vehicles, or it would have been gone long ago.
  • umeweallumeweall Posts: 45
    The Amanti and its' braking/surging issue has really bothered me over the years. Can you imagine what would happen if an Amanti was approaching a crosswalk, with children walking from their school, and had the braking/surge problem. Before the driver could do anything, they would potentially be in the crosswalk, running over children. When I drive, I drive with the thought in the back of my mind of past issues. I know that if hit my brake and it does not respond, kill the engine, don't stop and think about it. I essentially drive in a 'state of alert', in the back of my mind. While many Amanti owners may not have had the issue, they are lucky. I said long time ago that for any owner that has reported the problem to KIA, they should have removed the vehicle from the road. Is it worth the buck to risk the driver and the public life, on a potentially deadly problem? For KIA, the answer appears to be 'yes' to that question, in terms of profit and accountability (if they actually admitted there was a problem, it would affect the status/sales of the Amanti). Profit first, safety last.
  • loislloisl Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Amanti and I have had the acceleration/stall problem since the very beginning. They have worked on it many times and have attributed the problem to numerous reasons, but the fact remains it is still an issue. I also drive knowing in the back of my mind that this can happen at anytime, anywhere, any crosswalk. I truly would like to know how many people have had this problem and if it should not be a recall for Kia. There is definitely a design problem and I feel that if enough people complain they may have to do something especially in this economic slump the bad publicity could really kill sales.
  • If you search my user name you will find that I had the same problem w/my 2005. After having it in the kia shop a couple of times they finally fixed it. Can't remember right off what it was but the info is in my previous posts. Something to do w/replacing throttle body or sensor. Good Luck and make a stink! :mad:
  • wholbywholby Posts: 1
    I have an 04 amanti 110k. a few months back I started getting a no connection error on my trip computer, quickly followed by the radio and interior lights going out, then the power steering, then the brakes and then the engine. The car won't re-start without a jump. First trip in: replaced the alternator. Second trip the battery cable connectors. Third Trip: the battery (bad cell). Fourth trip: new battery cables, new fuses. I didn't even make it up from the shop before the error message etc... left me stranded on the road. Anyone have a clue???
  • whm1952whm1952 Posts: 2
    The fix which worked for my 2006 Amanti is described in Kia's Technical Service Bulletin "ECM Reprogramming to Correct Poor Throttle Response in Cold Weather" (TS0920070114). Since reprogamming the ECM with the replacement software 18 months ago, there have been no re-occurrences of either the lurching or sluggishness previously experienced, through both summer and winter driving conditions.
  • freddy10freddy10 Posts: 4
    same problem where the car just loses power then has an acceleration of power where it is out of control, this is extremely dangerous and each time I bring it in Kia claims to fix it however it keeps on getting worse and more dangerous. If you are experiencing the same problem please contact the NHTSB
    target="_blank"> or call at 1-800-424-9153 so they can investigate and possibly get a recall so this dangerous problem can be fixed, from what I read this is a common problem that Kia is fully aware of even though they pretend that it is just happening to your car! Please read the other posts :confuse:
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