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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • Congratulations! I got the black exterior, grey interior (not my first choice interior but it was in stock and I had to have it NOW, but I do like the gray, it's grown on me). I had a couple of thin scratches too- had the dealer take em out and he did for the most part. The black is so silky looking and rich on the GS300, I just love it. Good luck with the car, its a beaut!

  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Thanks much to all for your responses. Bought the car at a dealership three hours away, therefore going back is not a great option. (Got a great deal though) I'll try the swirl remover on a small area to see if it works. Can either product be purchased at normal outlets like Wal Mart, Target or national auto parts chain stores? By the way, went to local Mercedes dealer today and every black car there had paint scratches (swirls). I guess thats par for the course with black cars. It is pretty though..
  • statmanstatman Posts: 12
    Here is some advice for caring for black cars. You will almost always see some light scratches or swirl marks. Unless they are deep don't use compound. Use the swirl mark remover for black cars (3m sells it). Very important, don't use anything but micro fiber towels on the car. Chamois is fine as long as it's clean. Terry cloth (normal towels) will create light visible scratches in black paint. Don't ever use paper towel on the paint. Don't ever dust the car with a rag as the dust will scratch the paint. I recommend you get a California Duster which works great with no scratches. For quick cleanups of water spots, bird droppings, etc you can keep some Armor all instant car wash sheets in your truck. It's like a giant wet ones and it doesn't scratch. A good quality wax hides most of the swirl marks too. Good luck, black looks awesome when it's clean and waxed. Find a good car wash. Enjoy. I got a silver GS with black interior. The black carpet is very hard to keep clean and shows all the dirt, but does look rich when clean.
  • Why is MSRP not a fair price? Isn't it what Lexus thinks is the fair selling price of a car? Isn't that why they put a MSRP on the car cuz it's the fair price for what Lexus puts in the car?

    In any car buying situation, the best deal you will get is the deal both you and the dealership agree on. What you think is fair isn't always the case, especially if it's way below where the market is.
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    I also purchased the Silver GS-300 with the black interior. I was considering the Black/black, but as noted from others, the Black exterior was just too difficult to keep up, and the Silver looks sleeker to me (although, the Black has a more elegant look, at least when clean). Any special considerations in washing/waxing the Silver exterior?
    Have any tips for care of the interior. The black is difficult to keep clean. Do you use leather cleaner/conditioner on the seats? Use anything to protect the carpets?
    Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Oh gimme a break. Nobody around here pays MSRP!
  • dvaldval Posts: 13
    Good luck with your new GS! It is super in black, but a bear to keep looking that way. There's some good advice above and I would add NEVER take it to a car wash. I had a black 98GS400 for 6 years and it looked like new when I sold it. Also never wipe only wash and dry with terry towels.
  • I agree, taking your car especially a black car to a car wash is like taking your dog to the butcher instead of the vet- its just wrong. I hand wash my car with regular car wash solution and water and then use the yellow soft chamois, seems to do the trick and nothing difficult involved.

    btw- i'm still getting a fair amount of looks at the car from other drivers (i'm in charlotte NC) as mine is just one of very very few on the road at this point. This car is absolutely gorgeous. It's a great fit for a successful early 30's y/o male in my opinion.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Swirl remover can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, as well as auto parts stores like Pep Boys, Advance AUto Parts, & AutoZone.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Probably wouldn't be a bad fit for a very successful 60 year old male in MY opinion. ;)
  • No question about it- 30 y/o, 60 y/o, etc it's all good, just that at the younger end of the spectrum affordability is an issue for many folks with a mortgage and 2 kids whereas at 60 y/o affordability is probably less of an issue (generally speaking).
  • ipsadoodleipsadoodle Posts: 35
    When the cars were out only 3 weeks, about 5 weeks ago, I offered to Bell Lexus in Scottsdale, AZ to pay $5000 below list for a $50,300car..they refused,,but 45 minutes later they called me back and accepted....dont believe anything the salesmen tell you, offer what you want and walk out, but dont be ridulous..I do believe you can buy for $3000 to $4000 off most anywhere..anybody who writes in and says they are paying list is either putting us on..or is a fool (and his money are soon parted!!!)
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    No doubt about it. Lexus scored big in the styling department with the GS. I have yet to see one in the Tampa area. Which is good because BMW's are all over the place. This one will be a head-turner.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Thanks much for your thorough response - this information helps considerably. I will wash this weekend using the tips I've received from this sight. I'd like my car to look show room new for many years to come. The black really is elegant, just creates a little extra work on my part.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Care to recommend a car wash solution? Or does it really matter. There are zillions in the stores - just wonder if anyone has had better (or worse) results with one brand or another.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    One final car care question. What type of rag, sponge, mit, towel would you recommend washing the car with?
  • Thats a load of bullshale- $5000 below MSRP on a hot new lexus that's been out for just a few weeks is garbage, sorry. You're wasting our time.
  • phaedrus3phaedrus3 Posts: 5
    Can't say enough about the Zaino products. My 5-year old GS looks brand new. I always wash it by hand and apply a new coat of Zaino every 6 months. Goes on super easy and looks amazing. It's not cheap, but it is worth it. I credit Edmunds for turning me on to it 5 years ago. Check the link below and browse around. You'll want Z5 for the scratches.
  • I am also on a corvette forum and they swear by Zaino but I recall reading that its a big long process with applying it, how do you do it and how long does it take?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Zaino has been a hot topic - literally :) - in our Forums since they began 7 or 8 years ago. If you want to check it out, here's a link: Zaino Polishes/Products.

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