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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • I also drove one today. Great Ride. What price were you quoted? My dealer quoted low $600's for a 36yr/15k lease.No money down just taxes. Anybody bought one yet?
  • I have the new RL and it is a great car. Had a GS400 in the past but it was awful in the snow. I love the Lexus but not enough power in the AWD GS300. When Lexus gets more power in an AWD GS, I will be the first one in line. Until then, I have a great car for another 2-3 years.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I highly recommend against a 36 year lease, for a number of financial reasons.

    Just jabbin ya, I thought it was a funny typo.


  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,269
    Just don't drive it more than 416.66 miles per year!
  • I test drove a 2006 GS 300 (rwd) today and enjoyed it. I found the dynamics of the car better than expected. The brakes were a bit touchy but strong and after initial grab, progressive. The steering was a bit light. Suspension was most impressive dynamic feature. It let you feel the road without letting the occupants become jarred going over potholes and the like. Very little side roll going around turns but I set off the ASC/TRAC each hard corner.

    The engine was adequate. This is not bad and I could be happy with this performance given the mpg bonus. I was not surprised by more power than I expected from the stats though.

    I love the outside lines of the new car (very BMW 5 series and 1st generation SC coupe front end) but was disappointed by the Mystic Metallic (silver) color on this car. The interior design was pure Lexus/Heaven.

    I was VERY disappointed with the interior dimensions. My head scraped the border of the moonroof border cloth even with the seat full lowered and seatback tilted more than my usual. My left shoulder was too tight against the door and B-pillar area. Same noted when in the front passenger seat with my right shoulder. The rear roof is about 3 inches too low for me to sit up straight. I am 6'3" but still surprised as I fit fine in my Boxster. The trunk also was very small for a four door sedan. (I think only 2 cu. ft. larger than the Boxster!)

    Now, for my 'mistake'. I sat in an LS430. It was glorious. Inches of room top and sides leftover. The seats, particularly the front thigh supports, where better. GS and LS are both ventilated. Rear seats obviously were cavernous as was the trunk being nearly double the size. The exterior dimensions being 7 inches longer and two inches higher and width about the same as the GS. I took it for a test drive and found the acceleration much better than the GS (no suprise 0-60 5.9sec). What really suprised me was how much better it cornered compared to what I thought. While it was not nearly as good as the GS in cornering it made up for it (to my mind) with better ride and acceleration.

    The shocker was that the 63K sticker leased out to $799/month inc. tax(36months/15Kmiles/month) while the non-discounted GS300awd was $854/month same particulars. Both had Nav/ML.

    Needless to say, I am strongly leaning toward the LS430. While it has 'senior stigma' and no awd I can get past this. To be fair, if the GS 'fit' me then I never would have sat in or drove the LS. Bad things do happen for good reasons... :)
  • I think that the LS has universal appeal, just because it is a good car. You can use it for whatever you please, it's capable enough, and it's also uber comfortable. Don't worry about the stigma. I think that the LS looks stately and pleasant, and I'm not a senior, either. Sure better than a 7 series, and a bunch cheaper, too. The LS looks better than the GS.... maybe Lexus should have built the GS off the LS frame.....
    I've said it before, the LS is one of my favorites.
  • The new GS300 has slightly more power than my current model so although the RL has a lot more, its not the deciding factor. Maybe I am spoiled, having kept my GS for 7+ years, but I am hoping not to replace my next car for at least 5 years. Seems like you are waiting until the GS AWD gets more power and then you'll make the switch. The fact that you gave up the GS400 for the RL is a great testament to the Acura. My wife has an MDX - its a good car but very heavy on gas.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Hey Im no senior! The LS is a magnificent car, definitely anyone that hasnt driven the car since the 400 days will be mighty surprised. If you can, try and find one with the Euro-sport suspension and the big 5-spoke wheels. It wont be easy, it seems around 1% of cars actually have this instead of the air or standard suspensions, but its worth it.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I think the above post #1508 is exactly why the GS430 has always had a hard time selling. For the average Lexus buyer sport isn't important and the GS and LS are very close in price so the bigger LS starts to look like the obvious choice.

    I'm betting Lexus will fix this with the next LS. It will probably start at 65k or so to distance it from the GS430.

  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Yep, and Im sure that the LWB version and hybrid will probably push it to 80K, perhaps even beyond.
  • As anyone found the Mark Levison offered as an option with the 300AWD? My dealer in Chicago tells me it is only offered with the 430.
  • Dealer in PA today has two GS 300awd's coming in this week. One with Navi/ML and the other without. Navi/ML= $51,855 and sans Navi/ML= $47339 stickers.

    Merc1: The reason I can give up a bit on the sport side of the equation is because I have a Boxster-S. I suspect most folks cannot have three or four cars. The GS series is a nice combo of sport/luxury and will remain quite appealing particularly due to the awd in north.

    Thus far the LS is in or at the top of its class. The past GS models have not, THAT is why they have not been flying out the doors. The LS is all around better (particularly value) than the 7 series BMW but the GS has not been in the same league with the 5 series.
  • I cannot speak to the discrepancy. From what I read there seems to be a different view of the American market. I was told the 430 would be *fully* loaded. Oh well.
  • lexusguylexusguy Posts: 6,419
    Also, you could get a CPO LS430 if you wanted to save some cash. The LS got the six-speed in 2004, since then there have been no changes.
  • rboyd4rboyd4 Posts: 23
    I think the Japanese are more receptive to new technology and new models. Plus I think that Toyota/Lexus wants to test new technology in Japan first to uncover any problems and then introduce to the U.S. later. In this way they can maintain very high quality ratings in the U.S. Not different than Nissan introducing the Fuga in Japan first and then later the Infiniti M35/45 comes out in the U.S.

    As to pricing, Lexus is the dominant Japanese luxury brand in the U.S. and they have earned premium pricing against their peers. It is interesting that you think the new Lexus GS is somewhat under-contented compared to the Japanese model for the price. Ironically, the Infiniti M35/45 (Fuga) has some of the options you cited at a lower price. However, Nissan/Infiniti is playing catch-up against Lexus and probably has to deliver more for the $ for quite a while to catch up to the Lexus brand equity. If you are Toyota this is a good situation because you can basically charge more for your cars. Infiniti and Acura (Honda) do not have this pricing power IMO. Lexus is in a similar position as a Japanese brand as Mercedes Benz was (or is) against its European competitors.
  • jrock65jrock65 Posts: 1,371
    There have been reports of water condensation problems in the headlights of the 2006 GS. If you have a 2006 GS, check to see if your car has this problem.
  • jim20jim20 Posts: 10
    We didn't talk price. I am still in the evaluation phase of my car search and probably won't buy until later this year. Right now, I am looking for reasons to include/exclude a car from the final list.
  • This is a business lease and $800/month is the magic number. I am not sure why, just psych.
  • I didn't think it is under featured for the price. I was more than willing to pay the extra for the feature (not to the extent that I would pass on the one I took to wait 6 weeks for one equipped that way). It was just an expectation. When I was told "fully loaded," that was what I expected.

    The feature is on the LS's, so I don't think it is a matter of working the kinks out. I think it might be price sensitivity, inasmuch as they are concerned with the price of the GS moving too close to the LS.
  • The rear spoiler is just a nub on the trunk. It is very similar to the spoiler on the SC. It is not the wing it was on previous versions.
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