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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Boxters - You mentioned an LS430 selling for about the same as a GS. Are you comparing LS430 to fully loaded GS430 or GS300? Did not know they discounted the flagship that much. Please elaborate.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    I've read several posts about Flint Mica (which is the color I'm waiting for). Do most of these cars come with black interior? I really don't like that dark ash wood that comes with the grey interior.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    A 2005 (modern-luxury with Navi/ML) LS430 can be had for Less Than a 2006 GS430 or GS300awd with Navi/ML. Certainly the lease payments in my case less than 1 month ago.

    The plain 2006 GS300awd 'stripper' (no Navi/ML) is slightly cheaper than an 2005 LS430.

    I personally went through all of the pricing last month at the dealer and leased an LS430. I previously wrote of my subsequent LS purchase due to the disappointments with the 2006 GS here. My LS430 specific pricing negotiations are in the Lexus LS Prices Paid March area of as well.
  • dmcmahondmcmahon Posts: 26
    Mine has the ash gray interior. I like it a lot better, it's cheerier and won't get as hot in the summer.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    For those living in the midwest, the GS300 is available with the NAVI alone, without the ML. I saw this on several cars this weekend at several dealerships. Problem is they were all AWD. It's possible the NAVI is going to be limited to the AWD for a time and not avilable at all on the RWD. The alternative, I guess, is a factory order, 3 months.
  • soulundersoulunder Posts: 31
    Thanks much to Boxter and dmcmahon. I may take a more serious look at the LS430. Do you think they are as willing to deal on the purchase of an LS430 as they are to lease? My dealer has about 12-15 LS430s but only 2 GS300/430.
  • Hello all, I've been following the discussion as I am choosing between the GS 300 AWD and the Infiniti M35x as well. I recently test drove both cars. I have seen here that many thought the M was a the 'driver's' car and I expected that as well when I walked into the Inifiniti dealer. But I have to tell you, I drove the AWD M for about 20 minutes and thought it was plain mush. Loose steering, especially at low speeds. The engine sounds great when you step on the gas pedal, but I sensed a real lag before the car lurched foward. I currently drive a BMW 3-series, so I've come to expect immediate feedback from the car. I drove the GS a few weeks ago, and while it was no BMW, I thought the ride was pretty nice. Feedback at low speeds was muted, but it wasn't mushy, and the car responded very well on the highway. Personally, I think BMW would clean up in this part of the market if they made the 5 series AWD, got rid of the dreaded iDrive system, and redesigned the car to look more like the new 2006 3-series.

    Unfortunately, they don't seem to be that smart. I am strongly considering the GS. Can anyone else comment on the handling/response of driving the GS 300 AWD?
  • tulanekid24,

    Been into audio systems, big time, for years. Gotta' say the ML's out-damn-standing! Awsome! Try it; you'll like it! The base system's not bad but once your ears are subject to the ML, you'll throw stones at the base. Trust me . . . if you're not ready to "blow the bucks", don't even think about listening to the ML.

  • I, too, hope Lexus is looking. Even though I like my new GS a lot, the suggestions you've made would cause me to "Love" it!
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    For all you tall guys out there, it might seem like a good idea to get the GS w/o the sunroof, which would provide more headroom.

    A good idea, that is, until you try to sell or trade it. Dealers will tell you they can't sell that car without a sunroof, and you'll take a tremendous hit. The sunroof is what you might call a mandatory option (oxymoron!). You gotta have it. It's like standard equipment--at extra cost!

    On that transmission, by the way, it's different from the ES, which is a 5-speed vs. the GS 6-speed. Having driven a couple of GSs, the shifts are quick and seamless.
  • damienwgdamienwg Posts: 39
    The first thing I learned from my uncle who used to sell cars for a living is to negotiate from invoice up, not MSRP down.

    I test drove a 530i, GS300 and G35 and my most enjoyable experience by a hair was the GS. But I'd be damned if I'm going to purchase a car that in 2 years is going to depreciate 10K.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    "The first thing I learned from my uncle who used to sell cars for a living is to negotiate from invoice up, not MSRP down."

    Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to the 2006 GS at this point in time. Nearly every redesigned Lexus goes for list or close to it in its first six months or so because of demand. There is little room to negotiate because if you don't pay sticker (or pay sticker less $500, etc.) the next guy will.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Yes, they were quite motivated to deal on the LS. My dealer also had a dozen or so LS430s on the lot. Something makes me think that they want to move as many LS's as possible to get/keep their quota high so as to get their fair share of the hot future 07 LS's.

    Notably, I was high on the waiting list for an 06GS at the time and they knew they could easily move 'my' GS at list. I also got a great money factor from Lexus for my lease. It is my belief that the dealer does not care who actually 'buys' the car -you (cash) or the bank for leasing/financing.

    Good luck! I still strongly believe I made the best choice for me all considered.
  • soulunder,

    Have you actually "seen" the Ash Leather with the Black Birds-Eye Maple? It's what we have in our Flint-Mica and . . . . we think it's SMASHING! We have a similar combination in a Mercedes and we love it. Have had it for 3 years, haven't grown tired of it and continue to gets lots of compliments on that look. :D
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    00Bboxsters. What'd you pay for your LS430? What was the sticker?
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I strongly agree with your statement. I made a similar statement on this forum a week or so ago. I am willing to wait 6 months or so to get my GS300. I think I will get mine for $3500 to $4000 of MSRP. I have already spoken to 2 salespersons at 2 dealers and they have said after the hype wears off a bit and the supply catches up with the demand the discounts will kick in. If there was only a $4500 mark up from invoice like BMW (5 series) with no holdback I would be comfortable with a smaller discount. When there is a $7000 mark up and a holdback I think I that is excessive. Lexus models do get discounted just look at the current LS430 and the RX330.
    If you buy a GS300 now at MSRP, the GS350 comes out in as a 2007 I feel that you will take much more then a $10,000 hit in 2 yrs. I trade my cars every two years or so because of mileage considerations thus this is an issue for me. I currently have a 2004 RX330 and have had RX300 and a GS300 before that.
  • gs4lifegs4life Posts: 6
    Very good point, indiana97. Totally agreed with your point and the explaination.

    BTW, do you or anyone know when the new GS350 will come out?? I know it will be listed at a 07 model, but does anyone the street date for that car??
  • ptwellsptwells Posts: 18
    What dealership & where to you get your GS430?
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    I believe that the GS350 won't be out til fall '06, quite a wait. I, too, will wait a few more months before getting my GS.
  • statmanstatman Posts: 12
    I drove all three cars as well and like the ride of the GS the best. I like the extra room in the M but the ride was so harsh on roads that were not smooth (most of them where I live). Any larger bumps produce a real bang. For the roads I drive on the most, the M would not be a good choice. Yea, the engine sounds nice ripping thru the gears but I really don't want to hear that all the time. Sounds like a race car not a Luxury car.
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