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Lexus GS 300/GS 430



  • I got my GS 300 RWD today Mercury Metallic with a rear spoiler for $2300 off MSRP. I am very happy with my selection especially I was struggling b/t GS 300 and the GS 430. The spread b/t the two including discount is almost $10,000 b/c they wouldn't concede on the GS 430 at all.

    I found out that there are two ports in the west coast - Portland and LA. Most west coast area would take delivery from the LA port but mountain/snow area would take from the Portland port that the AWD version was delivered to. Places like Reno in the west coast would be an exception. I hope this helps b/c I was really confused why my dealer doesn't have any AWD.
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Here is the 'basic lease calculator' Damien. There is an entire help article on leasing under the 'tips and advise' section of this website. .*
  • 00boxsters00boxsters Posts: 202
    Was the Kelly's price for retail or trade in value?

    2000 Boxster S
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    I am not surer shere you are in Tennessee, but Hennessy Lexus in Atlanta is part of the Costco program, so you may be able to get a better deal through them if you are willing to make the trip!
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    hotshot: where did you get your car?
  • bartalk3,

    I got my car at Stevens Creek Lexus. Great service and experience for my first Lexus. In and out. Brand new facility. I highly recommend.
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on an GS300 w/NAV&ML (MSRP $50k). I may try to special order the GS300 w/NAV without ML if I can to save about $2k.

    Has anyone purchased a GS300 in the SF Bay Area recently? If so, what did you pay and for which model?

    Thank you,

  • I just bought a GS 300 loaded (only w/o pre-collision) for $2500 MSRP with a trade.
  • gs4lifegs4life Posts: 6

    is it possible for you to share the name of the salesperson whom you made the deal with at "Lexus of Glendale"?? I am shopping cround for the best prices and it seems like you had the best deal for the GS300 around Southern Cal area. If you can disclose the name in here, could you please PM me?? thx a million for your help!! :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Sorry, we don't use the Forums to refer to specific salespeople. See the Rules of the Road linked at the top of the page - email me if you have any questions. Thanks!
  • chrisg1chrisg1 Posts: 16
    I thought it looked fine but personally I prefer chrome wheels on my cars, adds that extra bit of sparkle to it. No other rim options other than chrome as far as I know.
  • mks4mks4 Posts: 6
    I ordered my GS300AWD a while ago, just came in, I got 18in tourmalines because the wheels that come standard just didnt sit well with me. I am wondering now however if getting 18in wheels is not smart for the AWD, if it will make the car less effective in the snow? Anybody else get the awd with the 18in wheels?
  • stern4stern4 Posts: 6
    I also have the 18" wheels but I opted for the spider wheels. I don't think Lexus would offer these wheels as an upgrade on the AWD if they were not effective in snow. Just be sure you have all season tires on the wheels.
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    What did they charge you for the spiders?
  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26

    TOS here does not allow me to reference names. All the staff at Glendale Lexus was great. I first requested a quote thru their internet sales group.
  • idoc1idoc1 Posts: 2
    Don't know about the wheels but had an opportunity to drive my AWD in a snow storm. Got the first one on the lot here in New England and had a pretty good snow storm ie. .6" about three weeks ago. Had to try it. Took it out at 9:00 PM.. in the middle of the storm. Cannot tell you how impressed I was . My other car is a 2004 Pilot. With the "snow button" on, it was incredibly stable. Couldn't get it to slide when accelerating. Difficult to get the tack over 2000. God I love this car.
  • stern4stern4 Posts: 6
    I paid $500.00 off list which I believe the list is $2450.00. It was a dealer installed option, not original equipment from the factory. Otherwise I paid list price for the car, no discount but negotiated a great price for my trade in.

    The wheels are georgeous, makes a huge difference to the apperance of the car. The picture of the wheels in the catalog does not do the wheels any justice.
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    Just about to purchase a GS-300 AWD. Would appreciate opinions from those that are lucky enough to already own this car:

    Anyone have experience with using regular gas in this car, or is that not worth trying and just stick with premium?

    Opinions on the standard sound system vs the ML would be appreciated. Trying to decide if the upgrade is worth it.
  • gs4lifegs4life Posts: 6

    Thanks for your info. I will contact them this weekend and hopefully everything will workout great for me. :)
  • azbuyerazbuyer Posts: 11
    My 430 is to be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks. Went with Flint/Black. Can't decide between stock 430 wheels dipped chrome or Spiders. Thought about aftermarket 19's but don't want to compromise the ride.

    Any opinions anyone?
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