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Scion tC



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The price for the SE package is $1795.00. The Blue Mica is actually for the xA and not the tC as I posted before. The memo I got from TMS/Scion read as if both colors were coming for the tC special release series. I saw the website today and don't care much for the enkei 18 wheels, otherwise the car looks good in the red. What do you guys and gals think?

    : )
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    they are that steel grey color and that makes them look too much like plastic wheel covers IMO. Bring a shiny mag-wheel like look to the RS 1.0 tC in Absolutely Red and it will look better. Otherwise the car looks great.

    BTW-the Enkei's on the xA RS 1.0 looked just right to me. They were mag-wheel shiny, like they should look. Transformed a plain xA into a little bombshell.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • It just reinforces my happiness with my current tC. $1795 for the options that it comes with isn't anything I'm interested in. I'm surprised that they added the 18" tires in lieue of a supercharger or some other differentiator. That would have been a Cobalt killer. (Being in the northeast, I would have appreciated heated mirrors...)

    Btw, how is everyone's color holding up? My Azure Pearl stays looking clean and hides the dirt well. But, it sure does scratch easy. I have lots of scratch lines from parking lots. My father says: "They sure don't bake on 20 coats anymore...". ;)
  • dachiefdachief Posts: 3
    Last month I put in an order... indigo, side air, fog lights. I put down my credit card as soon as I returned from the test drive.

    It arrived here two days ago... today I went in and signed the paperwork. They were detailing it, but had yet to install any of the options (even the stock stereo!)... it was hard to decide whether to drive it away or leave it there so it would be "done" when I drove it off the lot, but there it will stay another day.

    I love it already - for many of the reasons that others here have said and said better. But I'll have to plug the amount of space in the car - it looks small on the outside, but inside it is almost cavernous.

    One thing... the financing guy tried to sell me on the various warranty/service packages that they hawk on everyone. The only one that seemed like a *decent* deal was the 4 year service contract - covering oil changes and the 15/30/45K services. I'm skeptical about how much I'd really save - and I'd have to go to the dealer, instead of my trusted mechanic. But I'd also get a rental in the bargain.

    They wanted over $900 for this. To me it seems pricey, and of course they are making a pretty penny on this or they wouldn't be selling it. Does anyone have a good reason why I would buy it?

    The extended warranty they were selling was laughable - guy claimed it would cover everything, of course, and I knew better than that. Plus they wanted almost $1400! Nuts.

    Also, out of curiousity, what are people paying for insurance? My six month rates will be going up by about $100-$130, depending on the carrier.

    (Finally, if anyone here sees a blue tC in Seattle, be sure to beep and wave!)
  • tckittytckitty Posts: 15
    This is funny: My insurance went down when I sold my 2000 Honda Civic and bought the 2005 tC! Lucky, huh?
  • hey new here...just bought a black tC..dont have much money to spend on anything aftermarket but i got the interior light kit, classic leather shifter and floormats...had to go with the auto trans..rents thought id kill myself talkin on the phone with radio on and shiftin gears n all..and theyre helpin pay for it so i guess thats their call...main point lookin for some cheap but cool upgrades and i was thinkin about paintin the brake calipers but im not too experienced with upgradin cars myself..if any1's got any suggestions, lemme know, thanks.


    ps~thanks for the posts mackabee..those helped a lot
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 13,570
    How about a hands free car kit if you insist on talking while driving?

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • good idea..but i really dont talk that much..they just freak out if i call them when im drivin and tell me to pull over to lookin for somethin audio related prolly and cheap performance upgrades

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I'm with stickguy on this one. Talking on the phone and driving is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated (drunk) according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Get a hands free kit and spare your life or someone else's. My 19 year old had an accident last year while reaching for the cell phone,luckily he wasn't hurt or anyone else. Did about $400.00 worth of front suspension damage as he ran into the curb.
    : )
  • I just called to check on insuranace and for the tC it would be $180/month. That is cheaper then my '02 Civic which is $216/month. Yes my rates are very high, mostly because I live in the uninsured capital of the world, Phoenix.
  • Is that what most of you guys are payin for the insurance on it? I'm still drivin my old suburban (that things a beast, thank god the tc's got good gas mileage) right now, tryin to figure out what i wanna do and how much i need to spend as far as insurance goes


    by the way...any1 know how much lowering springs are and if u got them at all..are they worth it?
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    How old are you?
    : )
  • You can get the TRD lowering springs, struts, shocks and sway bar at sites like or There a few places that sell them. You can also purchse those items at dealers, but expect higher prices and installation fees.

    There are also after market springs made by Tein and goldline. Just look around and try to find something within your budget.

    Most people lower their cars to improve handling and looks. If you think the positives outweigh the negatives, then lower your car.
  • I really like the new front grill. The colors really work together. Too bad I'm not a big fan of red cars. Hopefully scion will have another RS colored tc when I go looking in August.
  • As a true lover of any sporty car by Toyota (MR2, Celica All-Trac, Supra!), I will be selling the old Civic DX to git on.

    The Dark Cherry looks great in the showroom, but maybe not so on the street. Maybe too fem?

    The Silver always works. Or maybe all Black?

    I live in a very warm climate, so maybe not.

    Does that Exhaust system add HP? Or just noise? Reduce Backpressure?

    Very suave inside. Going from a base Civic to this is like shopping at Lexus!

    Just wonder 'bout the exhaust. Looks cool, but would drive me over $19k.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,663
    would be great, drfill. Did you know Scion's selling a new Release Series 1.0 tC now in bright red? Special wheels and spoiler and the number of the car is uphosterd in somewhere inside for show. They only are building 1,550 of these RS 1.0's. Scion did the same thing with the xA and in Absolutely Red the xA looked awesome with that great tire and wheel package. MSRP on the RS 1.0 xA was around $15,200 plus T&L. Soon Scion will release a RS 2.0 xA in a blue color. Can't wait to see that one. The tC looks so much more sleek, though!

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I recently test drove one and will wait till summer to do so again. The azure pearl is gorgeous but other threads say there are paint chiping problems. The car had a severe pull to the right and it also had a hesatation problem when down gearing from 5th to 4th. Make sure you check out other threads and see what issues are common. No car is perfect. It had good power when it did respond but I didn't get to drive but for a few miles. I will take my thermometer with me for the drive this summer when it gets 90* or more so I can see just how well the a/c hold up in high heat.
  • ndsax707ndsax707 Posts: 30
    I saw a pretty nice looking tC this morning. It was a flint mica car with the TRD exhaust and had the pedestal spoiler instead of the weak lip spoiler and looked damn sharp. It's amazing how well that little spoiler just finishes the car off and gives it a touch sportier look. The TRD exhaust sounded nice and burbly, especially compared to the wheezy sounding Celica behind it. Think SRT-4 type sound.

    If the tC wasn't so damn soft in the performance department I'd probably be considering it right now. The supercharger will help, but unless they improve the handling and keep the price reasonable as well, my money will be going toward a Cobalt SS or WRX.
  • The WRX is approx., $8k more, at $25k! The SS around $22k, compar. equipped.

    Considering the $18k price, I think the tC is a TRENDOUS value, EVEN over those two.

    The tC has a bigger back seat than the Subi (i checked, I'm 6' 4"). And a turbocharger won't totally fix the Chevy's abysmal resale.

    Unless you're autocrossin', the tC makes real world sense!

    Saving $4k, you shouldn't be so hard on the Scion, that's a lot of coin!

  • ndsax707ndsax707 Posts: 30
    DrFill, you're not exactly right. Apples and oranges, um no. First of all, I'm interested in performance - power and handling. I'm not some 16 year old punk looking for stoplight drag races, I'm in my 20s and like to find a winding road or a freeway cloverleaf and push it. Resale is not important to me. That being said, you're way off on most of the pricing.

    I can get a basic WRX for $21,300. Add the premium pkg, Bosal exhaust, turbo gauge and short throw shifter and it's still under $25,000. 227 hp and AWD, superb handling and power.

    The SS is what, $21,500 base MSRP? Add the $1500 option for LSD and Recaros, $400 for side airbags, and another $800 for the sunroof and I'm looking at a touch over $24,000. I'd never pay MSRP for that car, even if the dealers are pushing for it now. I can also get an extra $1000 off with my GMcard earnings. So the SS would be about $22,000 (you were unintentionally right here) +/- $500. 205 hp and FWD, good power and handing.

    Then there's the Scion. If you're deciding between the tC and Civic, by all means get the damn tC. But if you want performance, it ain't happening. Base tC - $16,500. Add on fog lights, pedestal spoiler, (which both cars above have standard), TRD exhaust, and side airbags and you're looking at $18,500. Slap on the supercharger (rumored to be a $4,000 option), which I already mentioned above would be needed to reasonably compare this car with the others, and you're looking at $22,500. Around 205 hp and FWD, with good power and average handling. This could end up being the most expensive car and have the worst performance. Unless they throw in a suspension upgrade with the supercharger, that's not a good value. The tC is great if you're looking for a slightly upscale economy car with a little more go than the Civic/Corolla, and you don't start adding on options. I've driven two, one AT and one MT. They're nice cars and I like them, shoot I was almost ready to buy one, but when it comes to performance the tC doesn't have it.
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