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Scion tC



  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    Before this topic picks up any more steam, let's remember that this topic's purpose is discussion of the tC's features, attributes, and owner experiences. Discussion of corporate policies would be more at home in the News & Views Forum.



  • cbmoore61cbmoore61 Posts: 2
    I have the tC exhaust and I live in CA. I can tell you it is not loud it sounds really cool. I was scared at first, however, after spending the money it was well worth it. It gives it a little more pep too.
  • cbmoore61cbmoore61 Posts: 2
    This is a weird one and hopefully someone can answer it as even the dealers are stumped. When my tC is parked outside under the sun and I go home after work, I go on the freeway and drive about 75 - 80MPH (Flow of traffic) and my driver's side mirror (or at that area) will make a loud whistling noise. When the car has been on the freeway about 10 minutes it happens intermittenly. I looked at the seals and it is fine. I looked at the outside mirror and it is fine too. I am at a loss of what to do and hopefully someone may have the same prole. When it is cool (overcast or less than 80 degrees outside) it is completely fine and there is no whistling noise.

    Please help

  • aeroluvraeroluvr Posts: 42
    Hi..just wondering what you car experts think of dual exhaust pipes? Do they do anything to add HP/sound difference, etc. The reason I ask is that even the "upgrade" exhaust on the tc only has a single pipe but I noticed both my 240SX AND BMW Z3 have dual pipes and I do kinda like the way they look but don't know much else about them.

    I have been reading at a very large SCION OBSESSED message board/web site lately and have learned so much about Scion in general, especially the hundreds of way out there mods available and have really enjoyed looking at all of the incredible pics of what these guys (and gals) are doing to their cars. I had NO IDEA there were Scion "clubs" nationwide that meet up for rallies, etc. No WONDER the cars are selling faster than they can make them with that kind of "obsession" LOL.
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Dual exhaust may make sense on a 6cyl vehicle as you need two headers coming down anyway. But talk to your local fireman about volume through a pipe. Two 2-inch pipes have almost 50% less volume able to pass through them than one 4-inch pipe. Plus you have much more weight. So if you're going for looks, the dual exhaust is fine, but if you're looking for performance, single is better.

    Hope this helps.

  • arizonajoearizonajoe Posts: 123
    Guys - Does the tC have an integrated key (i.e. the key fob and the key are one)?
  • gtwgtw Posts: 46
    yes, comes with 2 of those and a valet key
  • cullenscullens Posts: 9
    I bought a 2005 tc (flint mica/auto trans) from McGeorge Scion in Richmond, VA in January. Pricing was exactly what the website promised, the salesman was super-informed, and delivery came in a couple weeks ahead of when promised because another car came free. I couldn't have been happier and the next six months only confirmed me in my initial impression that it was a great, fun, comfortable car.

    Unfortunately, I got in a wreck last week. Thank you Toyota for the great safety features that left everyone shaken but unhurt. The car, though, was totaled. (This was in part because even though the repair costs were not huge, the 75% of fmv threshold before State Farm would total the car, was pretty easy to reach.)

    I was so happy with my first Scion that I right away ordered a new one. The salesman at McGeorge was, again, great. I ordered it with the same specs as the first one, but got a 2006 and side airbags (once bitten...). The Richmond dealership was able to get this one from a Virginia Beach dealership, the car came a day later, and just yesterday I picked it up, only nine days after the accident that totaled the 2005. I made an appointment Friday afternoon to pick the car up yesterday at 10:30. The salesman was ready for me when I got there, had all the paperwork filled out and ready to go, and the car was washed and gassed up. After test-driving and signing, I drove out of the dealership at 11:20.

    After driving a Taurus-ified Volvo rental for a week, I couldn't have been happier to get back behind the wheel of my tc. Plus, the 2006 radio is 100% better than the old one and I noticed the annoying radio cover now opens and shuts smoothly. I also really like the steering wheel mounted radio controls. I won't belabor this point, but the Volvo I rented sells for, literally, almost double what I paid for the tc. While the Volvo's seats were very comfortable, I honestly cannot tell why anyone would spend $15,000 to $18,000 for leather seats.

    Anyway, to each his own. My experience, though, with Scion, my tc, and McGeorge Toyota-Scion in Richmond has been outstanding. I'd recommed all of the above to anyone.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    Okay, now I can quit crabbing about Toyota killing my Celica.....
  • BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING FROM KRAZY KUSTOMZ ONLINE. I purchased this 8 piece body kit for my 2005 Scion tC. It is supposed to replace the front and back bumbers, side skirts, and fender flares to give the car a different look. There are several problems that I have encountered. The two side skirt were damaged. They both have the ends knocked off and have cracks, black markings, and chips. There was only one end in the box. The company tried to tell me that it was damaged during shipping but there was only one end in the box which I had mistaken for a part. When I went to have an autorepair man install this body kit he told me that the parts were poor quality. He noticed damage done on the body kit. There were cracks and rough spots. He said that he could have fixed it and went on to try to install it. The front and back bumbers do not fit. There are large gaps in between the body of the car and the bumbers. I contacted the company and they were unwilling to refund any of my money. They said I signed for the package and that it was my property. The complaint is for a variety of things. The parts arrived damaged. The parts are of poor quality. The parts don't fit. The company would not refund my money or offer any compensation. They tried pinning it on the shipping company. Their customer service was not good when asking for a refund but they were very compliant with any claims that I wanted to file against them. I tlaked with Craig Flango and the company would not refund my money. So be careful buying from That's Krazy Kustomz Online, KraZy KustomZ Sound & Security, RD 7 Box 937, Altoona, PA UNITED STATES, 16601, (814)943-5290 They only had thre body kits left when I bought from there so they obviously sent me a damaged one to get rid of it altough they continue to deny this. But they were unwilling to offer a refund. There were black markings on the side skirts and there is nothing in the box that could have done this. There was also the broken off end to only one of the side skirts. They say the box broke in shipping and they repacked it. And another note, I'm not sure if all Kreative Import Technology body kits fit this bad but you really have to do a lot of work yourself. It's almost as if the boddy kit is unfinished. It's cracked and rough. If you wanna see pictures of the side skirts then go to Thanks for listening and not buying from this terrible company. I don''t understand why a company who swears that this never happened in three years wouldn't make a refund. It's not as if I didn't like the way it looked or the syle. It didn't fit and was broken. If you have three years of good business then when one order goes wrong you should refund it. Oh well... it's too bad that some people are so greedy and inconsiderate but what goes around comes around.
  • 719b719b Posts: 216
    this is the main reason you pay for unseen merchandise with a credit card. you can contest the bill.
    if you pay by credit card and your mechanic will put into writing that the parts didn't fit, were broken, and smeared with black markings, you will not be held liable for the charge on your card. a picture of the broken parts wouldn't hurt either.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    I was going to purchase a 05 tC but decided to wait when I heard the 06 tC would get a new stereo set up. Then I heard about the 06 Civic. My tC purchase was on hold again until the 06 Civic was released. Well the specs on the new Civic are out and the Si sounds impressive. However, gas mileage is 31 MPG on the highway. Hello, I thought small engines meant good gas mileage. Yes, its designed for performance but unless you enjoy hanging out at 6000 plus RPM your stuck with a low mileage, sport like coupe.
    Having said that, I compared the 06 tC (28 MPG) to a 05 Civic EX coupe (35 MPG). Guess what? The tC, after 15000 miles and one years insurance, was $100.00-$120.00 cheaper. I have a perfect driving record and my insurance is USAA. They have low rates for active duty and ex active duty personnel. Anyway, the $100.00-$120.00 is no real difference but I imagine the 06 Civic Coupe will be $200.00-225.00 higher cost since insurance will be higher.
    A comparison with the 05 EX sedan (lower insurance) showed it equal to the 06 tC. The 06 EX sedan will have a $100.00-$120.00 disadvantage due to an insurance increase. Also, the 06 Civic EX sedan does not have a sub woofer option and comes with 16 in alloys. I don't like Joe's stereo and tire shop touching my new auto.
    It is my option that the new Civic, although a significant improvement, is not a good value. The tC is a better vehicle. Folks, the tC hasn't even gone through a redesign and its better. Same wheel base as the Sedan yet its hip like a coupe. Another observation is the tC is all Japanese. Yes, it has some initial design glitches but overall it is a trust worthy auto. The Civic is a world car (parts from various countries) and needs its first year of design glitch fixes. I still have to take a Civic for a test drive but the tC appears to be my next vehicle.
    By the way, isn't a 2.4 engine more powerful than a 1.8 when both have been equally modified? ;)
  • TRUST ME ON THIS. Hondas are by far better quality than Scion. Go the problems and solutions board and read it all.. I wish I had first, I just traded in my TC after only owning it for 2 payments. I am upside down in my new honda now but, I am so much happier, The TC looks great, the bazooka sub for $450.00 is not a value and the dealership is no better than installing than any certified audio shop. I would think twice on your decision. <My TC was loaded with rattles, hums, and crazy sounds, the dealership treated me like I was the problem. now in the forums I see I am not alone.. good luck my friend. I am back with honda now, and the new civic has the hottest dash lights I have seen to date.. good luck again.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    What year tC did you have? I agree that the dash is going in a bold direction. Some of the initial "first impression" test drives have mixed reviews on the dash. I'll wait until the test drive before making a call on the dash. About the stereo, not sure how anyone will upgrade the stereo on the 06 Civics. The new dash system doesn't appear to be modifier friendly. Oh, and the Si has a 2.0 liter not a 1.8 liter my mistake.
  • As soon as I purchased my new tC, I had the exhaust system modified. I took it to a shop, Exhaust Pros, that has done several cars for me. After some experimentation, we decided on the plan - they simply removed the muffler and put in pipe and a new Magnaflow exhaust tip. So my car has only the resonator and no muffler. It sounds very good - no raspiness or drone.

    from Nebraska
  • I just purchased a 2006 tc, and it's been amazing so far. I live in Santa Cruz though (which has high vandalism/theft rates), and the car will be parked (with a cover) in the same spot and not moved for days at a time. I'm afraid that this will make it a target. Have any of you had problems or heard or any with the tc being specifically targeted for theft? Also, can any of you recommend a good anti-theft system? I was thinking of getting a Ravelco Immobilizer and combining it with a Viper Alarm system... any thoughts?
  • We just purchased two xB and tC. Love 'em both. I'm asking if anyone has had experience with tC accessories: TRD assembly clutch and TRD quick shifter. I'm curious about them, but unsure if it's worth the price. I know according to neither is covered under the scion warranty; instead toyota racing development carries that warranty. Anyone's experience or input is greatly appreciated.
  • hey.. i was wondering if anyone knew if there is a way to change ur turning signals on the rear view mirrors. i wanted to change the bulb out to a white one, and i wasn't sure if that was even possible.. can anyone answer me that?
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