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Scion tC



  • "does any 1 know where i could get cheap floor mats?"

    Yes your local toyota dealer. They sell for a LOW price of ONLY about $200. :P Or if you need some that last and are cheap, try discount auto parts or whatever they are calling it now. Is it Advance auto parts or something? :confuse: They sell for the high price of only $19.50 around here. May have changed.

    -Cj :P
  • Is it oddly possible to add an aftermarket rear wiper system?? Reversing camera sounds good too...

    -Cj :confuse:
  • Anything can be added to any car, it is just a matter of time and money.

    I had a rear wiper on a Eclipse years ago and frankly did not think it was all that helpful, but that is my opinion.

    RainX is a great idea and works very well.
  • Since 2007 is confirmed to be absolutely the last year for the Xa and Xb, toyota needs to think of some vehicles for scion quick, fast, and in a hurry!!

    Here are some ideas I think would be cool:

    A diesel tC(with 5 spd auto thats shared with the current tC)

    A tC sedan(5 passenger, big sunroof optional, civic sized) with an optional diesel. Called tS for touring sedan (as tC is touring coupe)

    A tV (a 5+ passenger mini-minivan similar to mazda5)Tv short for Touring van

    A txB (New less-boxy more aerodynamic xB built off either the corolla/matrix or the Camry platform with either the 1.8l I4 from the corolla or the 2.4I4 from the tC)

    A txA (Matrix replacement, new xA with tCs gadgets and the already mentioned engines)


    -Cj :)
  • The new Xa and XB are already designed in initial production and you will see them by January.

    IF Scion continues to target its market to 18-30 don't expect to see a diesel or any design that more appropriately should be branded a Toyota.

    I have no inside information but expect to see more than marginal changes to the TC in 08 with a new design in 09.
  • My son had purchased a Scion TC 2006 - he got anxious and bought 4 new tires and rims - Venti V56 black dual 5 spoke with chrome lip - lug pattern 5x100 (5x4 1/2). Had on 3 days - we took them off since he had to sell the car - couldn't afford the rims... Would like to sell them to a good home. I have photos if needed -
  • Not sure where you are located, but my son just had his TC for a month and had to sell it... he had jumped the gun and ordered tires and rims he cannot afford - he had them on the car 3 days and we had them taken off but cannot return them - they were Venti V56 rims and tires, black dual 5 spoke with chrome lip lug pattern 5 x 100. We are trying to sell them. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    Have had my Super White tC since July 10th... Love it! Options: rear lip spoiler, fogs, iPod radio, neon lights, auto-dim, scuff plates, bumper applique.
    Just wanted to chime in - the board seems rather slow.

    PS - anyone know where to order a 1/2 mask-bra?
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Heres hoping for a 5 speed auto, a couple lbs fewer, and rear wiper. I had some seat time in the tC and got to start it but not much else (Maronee Used Car Sell-off. tC was blocked in). The sound stem is ok, I don't notice any blind spots, luv the steering wheel audio, and the steering wheel should telescope.

    -Cj :)
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    Why is it that scion tc- problems and solutions section is read only now? Does edmunds not want people to know what's wrong with the scion tc? what's up with that? talk about censoring? or just hiding the truth?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Not at all -- the Problems & Solutions discussion is readable and, if you're having a problem with your tC, please feel free to start a topic by clicking the "Add a Discussion" link at the top of the Scion tC Group.

    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Is that room going to be like the ford expedition room? Closed for a weeks after an important question was asked and opens 4 weeks later to have no one come in to respond to the importatnt post...
  • Hi all,
    OK, here is the problem: About 1 month ago I traded in my stock tires (which I surprisingly got 35k miles out of) for a pair of Toyo Proxes4. Nice tires, good handling if a little loud. Whatever. The problem is this: I notice a dragging noise at low speeds, like either the brakes are dragging or the rim is rubbing against something. Also, and this is most vexing, my gas mileage has dropped nearly 10% since this problem first appeared. I have already done the following:
    1) brought to Scion dealer to check if brake pad wear indicators were rubbing. They weren't - brakes are only 30% worn.
    2) Checked tires themselves to see if there are any rub or wear spots. There are none.

    So from what I can figure, its probably the e-brake is not fully releasing from the rotors. That would account for the noise AND the resultant drop in gas mileage since simple rubbing would not account for the drop in mileage (note, I retained the stock tire size and did not replace the rims).

    So, can someone technically inclined check my logic and suggest something I may have missed? I'm pretty astute about my car and when I brought it to the dealer, they missed whatever the problem was the first time around.

    Happy tC Guy
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    tc guy..
    here's an idea.. jack up the car, and just spin the tires, listening for where the noise is coming from. That way you wouldn't have to blame the tires, since they wouldn't be in contact with the ground to make noise.

    I do remember on another forum, people making comments about noise. Their dealer found a bad wheel bearing causing a droning noise. If a wheel bearing was bad, it would cause drag and cause a loss of fuel economy!

    Jacking it up would be the best bet, or the dealer could lift it up and spin the wheels, listening. Wheel bearings and e-brake shoes dragging have a different sound, but the same area.

    Hope that helps ya..
  • Update: Dealer's tech took the Scion out for a ride with me. He heard the noise and theorized that it was rust on the rear of the brake rotor. He also said that the ethanol that they add to the fuel this time of year (coupled with the warm temps we're having here in Massachusetts), caused the drop in mileage. So they scrubbed the rust (but I can still hear the sound) and I am a bit dubious about the mileage thing. They didn't charge me for any of this, which is the one cool thing. So question to the board: Has anyone noticed their mileage suffer recently, especially those in colder climes?
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    I still hold to the idea of getting the car in the air and spinning the tires. I bet the noise could very well be coming from a wheel bearing.

    The mileage drop? Yes I have seen it in all the cars I've ever had. Some cars are worse than others in winter. But ethanol is added because of pollution and it makes the gas burn cleaner. It is usually added because of this, not winter gas. So that's not necessarily true. Okay the mileage drop? In winter gas has oxygenates added to the fuel to make it be able to start in the winter. Problem with oxygenates is that it leaves less gas to be burned, hence the lower mileage. Because you'd burn more fuel instead. And all the cold temperature idling to warm the engine up, also wastes gas. Your warmer weather would actually give you more mileage since you wouldn't be in the "Cold temp" mode of idling and wasting gas, the engine would've been warm already. I think you should try gas from a different brand or different gas station. Try that first and then see. It might give you an improvement. I've seen good results here with BP gas. Maybe if you have BP you could try that.

    About the rust usually just normal driving/braking will remove the surface rust off the discs, don't need to have to manually remove it. So keep us posted about the noise.. and the mileage.
  • Thanks Mark. Since the problem is isolated to the driver side front I think I will jack it up this weekend and spin to see where the problem comes from. Though I did float the idea of a wheel bearing to the tech and he dismissed it saying that the noise would get louder at higher speeds (it doesn't) and the wheel would pull in that direction, which it also doesn't.

    As far as gas, come to think about it I have been filling up at "cheaper" stations. Maybe I'll standardize on Exxon/Mobil for a few fillups and see what that gets me. Thanks again for your responses.
  • hey guys. anyone lookin for a 07 tc?
  • skoopskoop Posts: 2
    Okay, I hope I can explain this correctly. I bought a Tc a couple of days ago. Used my rear window defroster. Now I can see spots on the window. Looks like heat sensors, round geometrically lined up spots all over the back window. It is really frustrating me, because it looks like crap. I was so totally into this car, but now I am concerned. Anyone know what this might be? What to do?
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    nothing wrong with your rear window defroster or the rear window. It's the way that the rear glass is tinted with UV protection. It's the angle in which you look at the glass you can see the circles in the rear glass. Usually you see it from the outside looking in. All tC's have this, as well as other cars too. sorry to say, but it's normal. If you want, go to a scion dealer and see all the rest of the tc's, they all have this.
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