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Scion tC



  • skoopskoop Posts: 2
    Thanks, that is exactly what I was going to do, tomorrow when the dealers were open. Glad that mine isn't the only one, I have been obsessing about it all night. I am planning on having my windows tinted. Do you know if this would cover it up, or make it more noticable?

    Thanks again, for helping me with my new obsession. I love my new car, circles and all. :)
  • I still think a rear wiper, 5 speed automanual, and something i can't remember but will repost later.

    Any thoughts?
    -Cj :)
  • Did you pay full sticker price for your Tc? I went to the dealership and they told me all king of stories about "pure price". Pay them $17.7K or leave...

    Have you run into the same problem?
    Thank you.
  • I never bought a tC, just test drove one. It was a 2005 Scion tC RS 1.0 in Absolutely Red color. I was thinking about getting a Spec for a while.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • you should look into the TCs. they are good cars. But everywhere u go they are stiff on the price. Either u pay sticker or you leave w/out a car. If you guys are interested I have mine for sale. Its an 07 silver with 5,000 miles for $17,000
  • No,
    Thank you. We will have to finance it and $700 difference is not worth it.
  • mssmss Posts: 12
    Has anyone out there experienced a moonroof failure in a 06 tC? The other night I was driving to work on the Garden State Parkway at about 75mph when out of the blue there was a loud noise and a tornado of glass fragments flying around inside my car. Before this happened, all windows including the roof were completely closed. I managed to pull over and discovered most of my moon roof was now missing (deflector popped up and was intact). I ended up having to drive the rest of the distance with the sun visor closed with one hand holding it in place.

    I dropped it off to Toyota that night and received a loaner car the following day. I'm currently waiting on Toyota Corp to open on Tuesday to find out how they're going to handle this.

    I filed a complaint online with the NHTSA and have found that 9 other cases were reported in 2006 for the same issue. Now it's possible that some debris might have kicked up from the road ahead of me but the angle of impact would have to had to be almost vertically downward since nothing hit the windshield or deflector. Thankfully no one else was in the car at the time.

    In addition to the broken moonroof glass, my trunk and rear bumper are basically sandblasted and will need to be repainted. My biggest concern at this point is how easy it seemed that this window broke and fragmented. Considering the entire roof is made out of glass, I would have hoped that it would hold up under these type of circumstances. At a minimum, there ought to be some sort of laminate applied to the glass in case the windows does brake that it doesn't end up in a million different sized bit whirling around the inside of your car.

    I'll keep you posted as to what Toyota does next week.
  • My 2005 Scion tC (manual transmission) will jerk and buck severely when driven at a slow steady speed when the engine is cold. It will go away when the engine is warmed up but the jerking and bucking is severe when the engine is cold. This is only with the manual transmission, not the automatic. Toyota dealer declares that it is not showing on the computer so it is "OK", and "you're the only one with the problem." Several magazine articles on the tC have mentioned it, Toyota refuses to do anything about it. If you have this problem suggest notifying the National Highway Traffic Safety Association to get some action from Toyota.
  • I just bought a tC for my daughter and I am thinking about adding a set fog lights. Does anybody know if the base tC is pre-wired for fog lights?
  • mssmss Posts: 12
    Still waiting on getting my tC back from repair. Both the dealership and Scion have been very coy on this issue. Both have been apologetic but both insist that this isn't a design or safety issue, just an isolated issue stemming from road debris (BS). They're replacing the moonroof assembly based on "goodwill" and say that the will review my paint damage and will let me know shortly.

    The NHTSA now has 12 formal complaints relating to moonroof failures. In some cases, the failures occured when the car was parked! What kills me is that the NHTSA issued a recall for the wind deflector based on 3 formal complaints, but they've just concluded a 6 month investigation in moonroof failures stating that the failures are no greater than other vehicles. My biggest beef is not that the window broke (almost impossible to guard against that), but how it completely came apart and entered the vehicle while I was driving. I don't see the difference between the deflector issue and the moonroof issue, both cases resulted in shards of glass entering the cabin space, only the moonroof provides a lot more debris.

    At this point, once I get it back I will have a clear laminate or tint applied to the underside of the roof glass to help protect against glass intrusion in the event this ever happens again. If you have had a similar issue, please make sure you take the time to file a formal complaint with the NHTSA ( )
  • nifabnifab Posts: 7
    I am a female, interested in purchasing a 2007 Scion TC Manual Trans. My present car is a 1991 ACURA Integra LS, Manual, 225K, w/the original factory-installed clutch. I am trying to find a model with an Integra’s handling, reliability, and ability to go the distance, considering my price range (18K). I thought a new Scion TC would be a better investment and more worry-free than a used car, considering my traveling distances and safety needs.

    I went for a test drive, & was surprised by the TC's difficulties I had shifting (ie. getting into gear), partic. downshifting in an emergency stop. As well there's a high-pitched hissing sound while accelerating to the next gear. The 2nd issue was merging into traffic due to the obstructed left window view (do drivers no longer worry about blind spots?).

    I think I know how to drive a manual, considering the age of my clutch. I heard there is a big transition in going from a Honda to a Toyota manual. Therefore I do not know if my difficulties driving the Scion were due to this transition/myself, or due to the Scion’s transmission design.

    Can someone answer these questions, and provide the correct way to drive a Toyota manual and how to avoid damaging the engine via revving as well as the clutch due to the learning curve.

    I am certain there is someone out there who can get me on the right foot with the Scion. I would hate to cross her off the list bc I drove her incorrectly.

    Tx so much for your help!
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    You didn't drive the tC incorrectly. There is a problem with the tc's manual transmission. Many owners have had to have their manual tranmissions replaced, because of faulty parts inside. There are what are known as synchronizers that help the gears come up to speed, to have smooth shifts, those are bad and what is causing you to have notchy and difficult shifts into the gears.

    I too found this test driving a couple of manual tc's. Until I found one out of the 4 that I tested work properly.

    You do know how to drive manual (you're not losing your mind), since the integra (honda) is one of the smoothest shifting out there. I have driven the integra so I know what you've been experiencing. Personally I wouldn't take waste my time on the tc with a manual. They have had many many problems since it came out and the owners continue to have problems with the manual transmission model. And yes I believe it's a faulty design and cheap parts.

    About the hissing noise. I discovered that Toyota made the intake manifold have this sound on purpose. Guess it's supposed to sound like a turbo injected car. They all make this hissing noise when accelerating. That's part of the design.

    So I'm sorry that I'm the bearer of bad news about the transmission, but at least it's the truth.
  • nifabnifab Posts: 7
    Thanks so much for your response! I'm glad 2 hear that my instinct was rt:-) I'm trying 2 find a manual trans @ 18k, reliable & good 4 defensive dving, manuveuring, no blind spot, needs to w/stand avg. 300 mi/wk (185mi/wk +1-150 mi roundtrip/wk) . Originally considered used cars, but think I need a low mileage car dur to my traveling, & those cost sim. to a new car. Think hybrids r out of price range, and don't know if manual trans. models are problem-free. Should I go for a used RSX, a new Civic LX (pricey for what it is)? Do you have other suggestions? PS: Someone said my accelerating betw. gears was granny shifting, but I do not get how 2 go from 1 gear 2 next w/o increasing speed??? PSS: Did u buy the manual TC? Greatly appreciate your help:-)
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    No problem, glad to help out :)
    as far as shifting between gears. That's usually called double clutching, and it's needed to meet the speed of the gearing. This is what synchronizers are for. So normally, you just accelerate, shift gears, accelerate some more. That's usually how it's done. No big mystery, so no need to worry, you're shifting the right way.

    I didn't get a manual tC. With that many issues, I walked away from the manual tC. The rsx might be a good choice, but I've heard they have a very hard ride. You might want to test drive one before you go to the trouble of getting one. the civics would usually be a good choice, but the trouble this year is first year production while they iron out the glitches. So I'd steer clear of that.

    I think you're going to find that as trouble free as your integra was. the majority of companies, including Honda aren't making them like they used to. 1991 was a great year for Honda. But with cost-cutting, things aren't as bulletproof as what you have. Unfortunate, I know.

    I just cannot recommend the tc based on what i've experienced and what others have had happen. Plus Toyota isn't really stepping up to fix the glitches, acting more like GM used to act, and hoping the people with their issues just go away. Not too cool.

    If you can hang on to the Integra, and it's not dying yet. You could think of a Saturn.. Later this year Saturn is supposed to bring over the Opel Astra from Europe. It's a sporty hatchback, you can do a search for Opel Astra online and take a look at it. That should be here later this year, and it's NOT first year production either. That might be a good alternative. I know SATURN!! Crazy to think that!! But seriously, i think it might be a good alternative.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    My wife gets demos where she works and we took a 5MT TC for a few days. Going from our TSX and Accord to the TC was quite a rude awakening. The gearbox in the Tc has too long throws and isn't very precise.
  • that's weird you're all feeling the tC's shifter is inprecise. I test drove a 2005 Scion tC RS 1.0 with low miles and didn't find that problem at all. But I drive a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 with a 5-speed manual tranny that a lot of people probably wouldn't find to be smooth, so to me the tC's shifter feels normal. I found acceleration to be more than adequate and a nice throaty sound out the exhaust on acceleration, too. I thought it was a nice rig.

    I just couldn't see paying $21,995 for it. That's what the Scion dealer was asking for it. I actually preferred the test drive in the 2006 Scion xA with 5-speed manual transmission that I took. The shifter seemed good and smooth to row through in the xA as well. No problemo's gentlemen. Can't wait to see the two new rigs Scion is working on as I type this post out, eh?

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I was interested in the Spec and talked to a local dealer. He informed me that the Spec was a limited production run, about 600 cars, of which his dealership (which is a large Scion dealership) only got three. That was a while ago, he noted, and now they are virtually impossible to obtain since Scion is not making them anymore.

    They are not even on

    Does anyone know anything else about this?
  • no I don't know the answer to that question but I'd like to find out.

    Scion Spec tC's are a great deal if they're actually available to dealers to sell for $15,000 (manual tranny).

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Hi, Im inlove with the Scion TC and before I buy the car I have some questions in my mind. Fisrtly, why the other Scion's bring the red neon lights and the TC does not, and can I put the red neon lights if I want them.(I like the Cherry Black color)
    Secondly, I want to put an indash Pioneer GPS system, I know it fits perfectly, but im wondering if I can still use the controls on the steering wheel or once I put the Navigation System it will stop working.
    Thirdly, between the new Nissan Sentra and the Scion Tc which one is better. I would love if at least One of my questions could be answer. :confuse:

  • This happened to me yesterday morning! I'm so frustrated with the dealership... so willing paint a pretty picture when you buy the car, once it's off the lot, they want nothing to do with you. Thank you for you information, this has helped. I didn't know what to do.
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