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Scion tC



  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    I absolutely loved everything about the car, but I've got to say, the gearing is hidiously low for a car of this size and engine power. IT DRASTICALLY NEEDS A 6TH GEAR! The gearing on this thing has the engine turning at least 500 RPM higher than my 5 speed Corolla in any given gear at any given speed. For example, my Corolla turns 3K RPM @ 75 MPH and I bet the tC turns at least 3500 RPM at the same speed. There's absolutely no reason to have the much bigger 2.4 liter tC engine turning higher RPMs than the 1.8 liter in my Corolla turns. They've got this thing geared as though it only has a 1.0 liter engine or something and it's no wonder it doesn't get better fuel economy. I guess I'm still interesed in owning a tC, but I would definitely have to change the overall gearing as 95% of my driving is highway and I'd want the taller gearing for better fuel economy.

    Other than the ridiculous gearing, this car is a gem. Nice looks, a beautifully laid out interior, comfortable seats, smooth shifting gear box, plenty of options for me, firm handling for spirited driving, yet smooth enough riding not to be annoying, and that wonderful, smooth and powerful baby Camry engine. Now if I can just get something done about that gearing......
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
  • mssmss Posts: 12

    Totally agree on this. I was dying to get the 5spd but after driving it and knowing 95% of my driving is at 75MPH, I ended up getting the Automatic. At 75-80 is turns about 3200RPM vs the 5spd that was well over 3500RPM at the same speed. Another comparison is my 03 Camry (4cyl, 4spd Auto), at the same speed about and it's right on 3000RPM. When I drive this car, my MPG is 32 vs 28 in the tC, but I do like the increased acceleration of the tC.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Toyota needs to catch scion up with technology! The Top lexus has 2ice the gears of the tc!

    That plus the tC's MIA:
    rear wiper*
    6speed manual
    Good MPG

    *I think the tC's missing wiper ended up on the front of the FJ cruiser! j/k.

    Toyota has the technology so why not implement it? Even the celica (for at least 15years) have had rear wipers! I hope toyota fixes this!!

  • podunk503podunk503 Posts: 45
    what's everyone's color?

    do you wish you chose a different color?

    pro's and con's?

    i'm curious cause i had the chance to get a silver one today but they had also mentioned they were expecting a flint mica in the next week from the port. so i left but wondering how all of your tc's and the color you chose are working out for you in your everyday life.

    thank you.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    I test drove a 2005 Scion tC RS 1.0 in Absolutely Red. Pretty nice handling and steering and a low-grade "throaty" sound emitted from the rear while rowing through the 5-speed tranny's gears. If I didn't want a 4-door more I might've bought a Spec tC. The red was pretty nice but I actually like a silver tC better than a red one.

    I ended up buying a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in Rally Red and it's an awesome red, my favorite new world order Lancer color AAMOF.

    But on the tC silver looks great.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,028
    ....several tC forums, I'm finding out a couple of things. 1) I'm being told that nobody makes different ring and pinion gear sets for these cars and 2) it appears most people buying these cars are very young as a lot of them are very rude. Apparently most people who own tCs think they're geared perfectly from the facotry and it makes them mad if someone says the gearing is too low. I've all but been run out of a couple of tC sites just for merely asking about different gear sets.

    One thought has crossed my mind though. Considering how Toyota likes to use as many interchangeable components from car to car, and considering the tC does use the Camry 2.4 liter engine, I'm wondering if the 5 speed manual tranny used in these cars is the same one. If so, my guess is the only thing that's different between the two to get the different gearing of the two cars is the pinion gear(s). If this is the case, I should be able to order a pinion gear (or geat set) from Toyota parts for the Camry tranny and install it in the tC tranny to get the gearing I'm looking for.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Remember, the tC uses camry parts but they are not the same platform. The tC uses the Toyota Avenisis sedan platform with Toyota's 2.4l I4 engine.

    That should explain why the tC hasn't got the Camry's 6speed auto and 6 speed manual.

    I starting to hope that the next tC uses the Camry SE platform. That way it could get the camry's 3.5l v6 as an option as well as a firm suspension, bigger transmissions, ect.

    Dont like the idea of the tC using the 3.5l v6? Well the longterm Toyota Camry v6 just got 31MPG highway on a few recent road trips. Also that makes a tC hybrid possible...

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    I dont have a tC but i would never recommend a silver car to anyone. Silver makes the car get old and boring really quickly! The tC looks best with the Indigo blue, flint mica(with a lip spoiler is perfect), and black. In fact, that black cherry is starting to appeal to me too!

    Also, i wouldn't get a spec tC, a manual tC, or supercharged tC. Toyota should give this car an optional v6. The old 3.3, the new 3.5, or even just to turbocharge this engine. Those interior lights and stuff, I'd pass on to.

    If i still wanted the tC (Why buy a tC when i can get an Acura TL or TSX for the same price?), I'd get an automatic flint mica tC with lip spoiler, fog lights, window tints, and maybe leather seats. Dont forget the rain-x!

  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    Black Cherry? U bet. Yup, it's dramatic all right.
    I wish it came in a Metallic Black, instead of the pearl variety. That would really be a trip! ;) Maybe for '08, eventhough I doubt it.

    Peace!<- :shades: -
  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Posts: 182
    Toyota seems to be turning on to electronic stability/traction control for its other two new '08 Scion models.
    Is it possible that VSC (vehicle stability control) will also featured as an option with the '08 tC as well? :confuse:

    Peace!<- :shades: -
  • dandulaodandulao Posts: 1
    I searched and I didn't see any similar questions.. I have noticed on 4 different occasions that when I turn off the engine, I'll hear a horrble creaking sound on the driver's side rear of the car, as if a spring is being releaved. This happens as I'm still sitting in the car by myself. On a few occasions, I've had a passenger sitting in the back seat, and when they get out of the car, of course there is creaking sound as they step out, due to the weight, which is the only thing I can attribute it to. (maybe wear and tear on the springs???) Otherwise, It's very frustrating. I've only had the car for a year and it's very troubling. I thought I'd inquire here before I take it to the dealership :cry:
  • steady321steady321 Posts: 1
    Help!! We are looking to buy a Scion tC for my soon to use for college. We are looking at both used and new. We will be looking at a used 2005 tc with 25.5K miles and it has the supercharger. Private seller asking a smokin' price compared to what I have seen out there. Obviously the new one would be the base model with no add ons. Question: Is the supercharger worth it? Does it increase wear on the engine? Insurance impact of the sc add on??? Does it require the use of premium fuel vs regular? Is there any major differences between the '05's and the new '07's?? I'm almost sorry I showed my son the used tC ad because once he saw the car had the supercharger, lowering springs, and a Megan Racing Full exhaust, suddenly the new tC didn't look that appealing. You input would be helpful!!!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Where can you get an Acura TL or TSX for the same price as a tC?
  • camillewcamillew Posts: 1
    Is anyone selling a rear bumper? I recently wrecked mine, so I need a new one. Let me know!
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Our Membership Agreement forbids buying and selling in our Forums, but maybe one of our members can give you a lead on where to find one. Hope you get it fixed soon :-)

    ClaireS, Host
    Coupes & Convertibles | Auto News & Views

    Need help getting around? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Hey people!! Yes its been a while since i've posted here... But I'll cut to the point.

    For 2008, Scion gave the the tC projector headlamps, new tail lamps(similar to the ones they offered at the dealership)and a price increase. Still, no rear wiper, other interior color, or 5-6AT. The good news is that they have added a lot of interior accents like the door handles and door grabs. They are silver instead of grey.

    Scion changed the colors a bit also. Black cherry pearl is now called Crimson, and yes, Flint Mica is still there. When will toyota offer more exciting colors? I've seen better colors on the lexus ES. As of lately, I think that the tC would look good in a gold color with a beige cloth interior. In fact, a gold would be much appreciated from me as black is growing old really, really fast.

    If we get lucky, toyota may introduce the scion navigation system from the xB(gen2) into the tC. The tC increased msrp by $600. But to my understanding, they made the side airbags, dual auto windows, and the optional subwoofer standard equipment.

    The bad news is that because of the 2008mpg recalculations, the 4AT tC goes from 23city 30highway to 21city 29highway. The 5MT went from 23city and 31highway to 20city and 27highway.

    For more information, checkout for details(wow that sounds like a commercial or mini insideline review ;) )

    Here is a link for comparison information between the 2007 and 2008 tC. Didn't I do this for the 2006 to 2007tC?




    -Cj Oh well! I just love doing this!! :shades:
  • gambutogambuto Posts: 1
    Hi there -

    I'm actually selling my Scion tc, if you're interested. Feel free to email me at I'm in California.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    "Black cherry pearl is now called Crimson"
    It is a different color not a name change.
    It's darker than the black cherry. The auto windows were standard before. The nav system is optional but not backward compatible. The mileage is still the same, only the numbers changed. Sort of when the ASE decided to change the way they measure horsepower. Your car still puts out the same power as before but now it's stated as a lower number.
  • subout00subout00 Posts: 5

    I am getting ready to buy a Tc and was wondering if people had problems seeing out the rear window with a pedestal spoiler. I have been in accord that has that problem, but I sat much lower in that car. Is it more expensive to add later?
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