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Scion tC



  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You should have thought of that before you bought it. I don't let friends dictate what I should drive or buy. And the salesperson that told you people trade them in after two weeks is flat out lying to you.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    First all, buying the tC within seven months of buying the xA. Was all my choice. I had million of chances to shoot the idea down; but of course I didn't. The consultant didn't put a witch curse on me to force me to buy it. lol

    It's good car. Rattles are pain in the "A" but I'm used it by now. I taught myself how to do own oil changes which is quite easy on the engine since the drain plug and filter are foot away from the passenger fender. You really don't need to go under the car completely; my left shoulder and arm only goes under. Oh and the filter is straight down so its easy to tighten and unscrew without problems.

    My co-worker knows to do, performance, and exterior. I asked him to repaint my car. He said "Okay, what color?" I'm thinking of purple-dark blue-ish. Then he said "Oh we can do audio, and some performance." He said "Depends on what you want? If you go for performance...We can do it. If you want looks? We can do that? Also depends on how much you want to spend?" I told him least 5k. But I'm thinking of making it lighter by ripping out the backseats put in racing seats. I might put the rest of exhaust system. My theory is...if I'm keeping this car for weekend fun. It also means I'm going to want to race it at the local drag strip.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    I would definitely second that emotion on racing that pup down at the local strip. This is why we love our cars. Exactly why I fell in love with my '08 Mitsu Lancer GTS. What a delicious looking car! I love accelerating in to turns with it. Love it!

    It sounds like you scored big with finding a capable automotive worker in your co-worker, there. Nice find! Now you can make that tC in to your own rig, come what may or what might. I love these tC's and I thought the xA was fun to drive, too. But not nearly as fun to drive as that '05 Scion tC RS 1.0 in Absolutely Red was. That was a 5-speed and its exhaust already sounded modded! It growled when your punched it, especially through gears 2, 3 and 4.

    I remember while going to school in Missouri, my wife and I took a little trip to Bull Shoals Dam, and Mountain Home, AR. Pretty part of America there, for sure. But, one night, we left the motel in search of some good road food. I drove our '01 Kia Sportage 4X4 up a little incline, when all of a sudden I heard this throaty exhaust sound. Now, ya gotta remember that all of this time I was checkin' out Scion Life and other Scion websites, and still thinking I was gonna buy a Scion tC one day.

    Well, what car passes me slowly on my left, a silver, shiny Scion tC! The driver revved it up and slowly passed by us. My wife doesn't share my love for cars, so, I said nothing about it. What was there to it, you might wonder?

    It was how cool that car sounded and how cool it looked when our Sportage's headlights lit up the back of it on that warm Arkansas evening! I love cars and one of them I love is the Scion tC. Some complain that the Celica was unfairly trounced by this car. Like they're wondering why Toyota replaced the Celica with the tC. Longer discussion could ensue on that issue, but we won't go there now. Uh-huh, ladies and germs, this car trumps the outgoing Celica, with the numbers not even being close, IMHO. :shades:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • vastovasto Posts: 4
    Back in October, 2007 I mentioned to a salesman that I was disappointed that the Celica line had been discontinued. I was looking to replace my 2001 Celica GT hatchback which had served me well. This being the third Celica after a 94 and before that a 90. While the 01 had less room than the 94, I liked the styling, the sporty feel and the 38 MPG was good too. Anyway he asked if I has seen the tC. So I drove a silver 2007 tC that has been on the lot for over a year but they wouldn’t budge on price so I passed. A couple of weeks later he called with info on a 2008 that was actually $10 less. They had an advertised deal where they would pay state sales tax on all Scion and Toyotas until October end. So I bought it. Mileage is averaging 29 MPG which is acceptable for a heavier car with a bigger engine. The hatchback feature is something I enjoyed in all the Celicas and it’s quite surprising what you can fit in the back with the seats down. For getting groceries, have the rear seat backs up if you don’t want stuff to slide. I agree the net is nearly useless, unlike my RAV net. My two complains are that the doors are very heavy and need a lot of room to open so you don’t bang them into something like a cart bay at the grocery or Walmart. Also the car is no sports car. Take a turn a little fast and your [non-permissible content removed] wants to slide sideways. But for the price ($17,620) including tax I think it was a great deal. I have owned it now for just over 8 months. If you need to carry passengers, buying a coupe to seat more than two makes little sense.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You got it! The car is very versatile if you know what to do with it. And you probably didn't know about Scion's pure price philosophy. It's not that they can't discount the car it's that if they discount one say $500.00 then all the cars of that model have to be discounted the same amount for all customers. Dealers have misread the Scion covenant and took it to mean sticker price only and that is not the case. The idea behind it is that everyone pays the same price no matter where you buy the car.


  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    The TRD is not loud enough to scare people away like a Harley. But if you leadfoot it, I mean LEADFOOT it. That muffler will scream. Over the weekend I actually drove on some frontage roads. I manually shift the auto 9,000 rpms on 1-2 gears. I actually heard for the first time; the wind just sucking into the cold air intake. It was so loud that it was making whistle sound. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Made me want to do it again LOL But I didn't.

    But of course hearing the TRD; makes cops want to do "Cat and Mouse" with me too.

    Here's a link to sound clip; I have it on my car domain site.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    Sorry, I meant to say is "6,000 RPMs." I wrote that post during lunch and it was going on the last four minutes.

    I wish I could make my own clips. I would let you guys view them first.

    Most clips on youtube. of engine revving with TRD exhaust; they are just babying the car. If I was to do it...I would get RPMs to least 7. Come on now, if you're doing to be mean. BE MEAN!! Two weekends ago, I revved the engine to my uncle twice. Then my brother came by and revved it again. Then my six year old nephew revved it twice and he didn't do it gentle. (Not my idea! My brother's) I had the hand-brake on.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You got it going girl! I like all the performance upgrades you've done to it.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    Yeah, it's possible to make a tC into two-seater. Rip out the backseat, back wall panels, possible back floor carpeting. Throw some racing seats, street racing anti-roll bar, racing harness', gauges, lighter got yourself a lighter street car.

    I don't want to do the whole Turbo with intercooler. I don't want my tC to be very uncontrolling. My cousin did his Neon and two weeks ago he took me on a test drive. The poor car was vibrating to the extreme and when he barely leadfoot did least 40 within two seconds. I also didn't like the delay of starting...took least half of minute to start. I want my horsepower to get 180. I still want it mostly stock but with little temper, hence Exhaust, CAI. My next power add-on Header. Estimated to add 13 hp.

    Another thing is...if Riceburners saw my tC with that type of power. They'll would challenge me when I'm against going on the streets. I've done it once and I'm was scared for what was in front of me. I live 20 minutes away from a drag strip; if I want to screw around. I'll take it on the track. But if I want to be adult about it; I'll do 100 on a country road highway at 4:30-5:00 am on Sunday. So others won't get endangered.
  • shaneinmishaneinmi Posts: 6

    actually the woman showed me some of the papers of people with the exact same complaints as I had. I ended up keeping the TC...for now because the matrix was alright, but got used to the smaller car thing by the time i actually got around to getting in there...ill give it a whirl in the winter but if it fails, its gone. Actually, the woman isnt lying to me because the manager showed me the same thing and come to find out thats why the other 2 are still sitting on the lot with about 3-4k miles on it because people were so dissatisfied. Luckily, the thing kinda grew on me. However, one strike against it at the moment is that the stripping above the windshield has shriveled up due to "hot weather" I find that rather interesting seeings how I have never seen a vehicle do that before, no matter how hot it gets. Starting to question the craftsmanship...big time.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    I'm strong believer in if there was test track. And you place 50,000 of the same car model and year on this test track. Test every single car: power, gas mileage, quality of exterior and interior, quality of the engine. You wouldn't get the same results.

    Hence why when automakers test a new design or model; they use multiples.

    I personally feel I am one of the lucky ones to buy a good tC. My recorded gas mileage is two miles higher than what Toyota promised. Engine turns with ease even in 10 degrees weather. Hell, I left my car with only reserved fuel while I was at work when we had -20 wind chill...guess what? The car started within two turns and still ran good to the gas station when on the last drop. I even had engine sludge when I first got it (My stupid "butt" fault: Oh I think to change my oil every 3 months while driving 15,000+ miles) and the car still balanced back.

    Remember "You get what you paid for"...This car isn't $35,000's nor $25,000 so you're not going to get the better paint job or the foam in the back hatch to never have the rattling start.

    There's question I'm also strong believer in "When you need oil. What type and brand do you grab?"

    Do you just buy what ever 5-20 you can get on sale or just grab whatever? Or do you online and research every possible oil brand. Then decide on what's the best? What can you buy at any auto parts store or department store?

    Here's mine: I use Mobil 1 5-20. Because its high quality oil. Its not as expensive as Amsoil or Royal Purple but you can buy it at any auto parts store. I get better gas mileage, better starts, smoother acceleration even at the 5,000 mark. Those reasons makes me believe that my tC prefers Mobil 1 over conventional & Toyota Sythentic oils. So if the car likes it; I'm going to keep on giving M1.

    Reason why I bring that up is...the condition of your car is going to be based on how well you're going to treat it.

    This is coming from 24 year old woman who has owned three cars so far in her life. I treated one car like crap then treated another like champ. Guess who was holding up better?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    one strike against it at the moment is that the stripping above the windshield has shriveled up due to "hot weather" I find that rather interesting seeings how I have never seen a vehicle do that before, no matter how hot it gets. Starting to question the craftsmanship...big time.

    Well, ahem, remember what you paid for it. It is after all, one of the least expensive new cars on the market.....not a Lexus.
  • cdmuilecdmuile Posts: 152
    Well, ahem, that stripping should not have occurred....period! What does the price of the vehicle have to do with it? The dealer should take care of the problem, no charge, and right now!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Indeed, the dealer should fix this, and I hope they did. But I hear you don't get top line Toyota quality always, with a Scion..... like some of their models are subcontracted out entirely. :confuse:
  • cdmuilecdmuile Posts: 152
    Really. Where did you find that information? Just curious, but Toyota quality was a major purchasing reason. Please don't tell me that Scion has been outsourced to, like, Yugo!
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142

    What is it? TRD Aurion. Supercharged V6: 323 hp, 295 torque pounds. Has the title for the World's fastest FWD. But only available in Australia. Australia Highway patrol officers use these for their patrol cars.

    Least they can try American model since Toyota is slacking with the Supra project.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Andrea, the Aurion is really a Camry. Look at the interior and it's like our Camry SE. It does look a lot better than our Camry. We will probably get it here as a refresh for 2010 or maybe the next generation like they did with the Corolla.
  • andeetandeet Posts: 142
    Since I work with very car inclined people. They have been known to built cars from bottom to up.

    I decided on putting the end to my Scion tC project. And go for a early 70's VW Beetle. My co-worker is keeping close eye on one on ebay. If no, one bids I can buy for $175.00. Yes it comes with a motor! He knows people that could easily tow it to his place where the fixing up would happen. Body work, repaint, rebuilt engine, new interior.

    His family lives to built up cars. He even told me they've been know to work on cars to night to day. He's looking forward to it already. I told him my story why I wanted one and he kept saying "Okay."

    My theory is...there's so many parts you can buy the Beetle and not put a dent into the wallet. You want economical classic car go for a VW; its been proven. $5,000 to Beetle means completely restored Beetle while to a Scion means wheels, header, sound; that's about it.
  • cdmuilecdmuile Posts: 152
    I have an '08 tC release series 4.0 with the manual 5 speed. I really would like a tad more sound from the exhaust. Not much....just a little. Any suggestions? Please list specific brands and your suggested price range. Thanks in advance.
  • You mentioned having your tC some temper....exhaust..I understand that; then you say CAI. What is CAI? And where would you get a header? Would replacing the stock exhaust with a header, void the warrenty? Does the automatic transmission hold up? Is it reliable? I have to have something that will last well over 100,000 miles. Yes, I plan on taking very good care of it. Just because I too want "temper" doesn't mean I am going to drive it as a hotrod. tyvm
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