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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • smith1smith1 Posts: 283
    From what I've heard they are pretty much bulletproof -- another reason you won't find many on the used market. You should look at 6 cyl models as well -- they are peppier, more abundant, and equally bulletproof. The real-world gas mileage penalty for the V6 is not as great as you would think -- the 4 cyl is a bit strained in this application.
  • I'm looking to buy an '08 Highlander with DVD Rear Entertainment. I'ved noticed that there are 2 selections one is 9" DVD Entertainment System and the other is 9" DVD Entertainment System w/SRAT. I want to know what does SRAT means and what is the difference between both? And, also which one do you guys suggest I get.
  • I have to drive in a soft clay area every once in a while, and it sucked. Turning off the traction control helped a little, but not enough that i didn't have to rock it out like 5 times. I'm not going to say I know as much as the people on here who talk about how the AWD works, but I can say that my ancient Tahoe 4WD does a 100 times better than the highlander does.
  • Can someone with access to the toyota site see if there is a way to just disable the drivers seat seatbelt beep, I do not want to disable the light, just the beep. Also, don't want to disable any other audible warnings...

    This thing is driving me nuts!!! :sick:

    Thanks so much!
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 317
    Did Toyota claim that the HL was designed to be driven off road?
  • I have the SAME EXACT problem with my Highlander Hybrid '08. It really stinks, literally. I have allergies and a sensitivity to smells. I was told by the dealership service department that it is a built-in humidistat, which seems like bull crap as this is the BASE level AC system AND it does not stay on even with the air conditioning on.

    I am VERY upset by this.
  • Put your seatbelt on. If you have seen as many fatal ejections from vehicles as I have you would never drive without a belt on. The latest was a 19 yr old female honor student. She is now on a respirator in a vegitative state. She was the driver and was ejected thru the passenger side window. The occupants of the other vehicle who were belted were checked at the ER and released within two hrs. This was a headon collision. Do you and your loved ones a favor and wear it.
  • I own the same vehicle, same color and interior also. Its awesome. Yes, people love it and the color is wild in the sunlight.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Read the information about their EED at You may be able to fit one of these in your HL.

    Meanwhile if you can park inside each night and lower the windows overnight each and EVERY night that will aid tremendously in keeping the A/C evaporator and plenum area dry and free of mould and mildew.


    wwest demist denso
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I had a Jeep GC and it went anywhere but it was more of a truck with a 4wd not AWD, it had a low range, skid plates, etc... The Tahoo, 4runner, Sequoia are all trucks and can be equiped with 4wd which does much better the AWD. There's already discussions about which 4wd is better. The AWD's are inferior to 4wd at off roading since they are designed to be mostly onroad.

    I would never dream of taking any crossover for aggressive off roading, but I think some light off roading is not generally harmful. I've seen front drive sedans out at the beach a few times.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Put your seatbelt on.

    Of course, that is excellent and sound advice. I will note, however, that the OP gave no indication that he would not be using the seatbelt.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I don't know if they could be classified as "cross-overs", but insofar as an adequate or better AWD is concerned the BMW X-3/5 or maybe even the Honda/Acura SH-AWD system would be a good fit in my judgment.

    I classify off-road as more like the boulder climbing sports type charactors out there.

    Not just wintertime conditions but year 'round there are lots of on-road, non-paved road, situations/circumstances where one needs only an adequate AWD system.
  • That is very sad. It's a good lesson for those who don't buckle up.

    Personally, I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt, except:

    1. When I am mucking with the trailer in the driveway, boat launch, quarry or dump (ever try to three point turn a trailer in a width less than the car+trailer with something ringing in your head?)
    2. The _long_ ride up the driveway from the mailbox

    All of my previous Toyota's didn't have this annoying "GM" beep, Please help me stop it !

  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    Only dealer can turn the beeper off on 08 HL
  • molinemoline Posts: 14
    I finally had a chance to tow a larger trailer yesterday, and was impressed with the Highlander's performance. It was a full-height 8' wide 26' long 4000 pound travel trailer with a Reese WD dual-cam hitch, w/o sway control. It was a 120 mile ride, including some decent hills, about 80/20 highway/back roads. I was initially concerned about the trailer's length relative to the Highlander's wheelbase and trucks or crosswinds sending me into the next lane, but it never happened. Prior to trying this setup, I had been towing a 2000 pound 14' pop-up with a '98 Ford Windstar, with trailer brakes but no weight distribution or sway control. I found the HL & 26' TT combination to be a lot more stable, even w/o sway control. I had no problem keeping up with traffic (~65), and although there weren't any big crosswinds there were plenty of trucks. No white knuckles anywhere to be found.
  • I just noticed that Canadina website shows I-Pod interface in Accessories section. But ON USA web site they are not mentioning any thing about it. Does any Body Knows Why?
    link title
  • byumgrbyumgr Posts: 14
    Does the 2005 Highlander Limited have a Seviceable Differental and if so, how often should it be serviced?
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    When I test drove a 2008 Highlander last year, I noticed something that might be a design oversight.

    When the conversation mirror is deployed, it partially covers the rear view mirror. The view out the rear is cut off by 75%.

    I have been wanting to check how bad the rear seat DVD screen interferes with the view out the back when looking in the rear view mirror?

    Has anyone got first hand experience with both these issues?

  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    I do not have the DVD, but I did use the conversation mirror last week for the first time with guest in the back, and yes it does block the rear view mirror.
    It is no big deal to me though, as I will rarely use it. For those who will want to use it, be careful as it does block the rear view mirror, and could become a hazard.
  • There's a pretty loud whistling coming from the passenger window whenever I get above 50 mph, and I know it's not the window trying to whistle along with the radio. ;) Does anyone else have this issue?

    When I was having my XM installed, the dealership said they took it for a drive but couldn't hear what I heard. They said they adjusted the seal anyway, yet I heard it on the way home. I don't drive over 50 very often (mostly in-town stuff) but when I do it's very annoying!
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