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2008 Toyota Highlander



  • I have 08' Highlander Ltd. with the XM/Sirius installed right in the radio. One suggestion I could offer is a swap for your radio in existing vehicle for one that has XM/Sirius installed "within radio". This is probably what dealer has in mind anyhow. Ask dealer what is going to happen to existing radio? They will probably keep, charge you excessive funds to swap out radio? Also, watch the satellite antenna. Mine came with stupid antenna receiver mounted "inside" vehicle on drivers side, right next to the front dash speaker. Did not work and very stupid idea from the get-go. Dealer replaced with roof mounted antenna package meant for the 4-Runner, I believe.
    Next comes a 3 month free subscription to XM/Sirius. After that, be sure to contact XM/Sirius and sign up for the same deal I got... $77.00 complete for ONE year.
    Finding an after market receiver for XM/Sirius that you can tune radio to FM station and receive via an XM modulator. Any good shop that installs satelitte radios or offers up XM/Sirius FM modulators can help you out here too for price shopping comparisons. Finally, XM is official and connected with Toyota. Sirius "bought" XM and all stations are comingled together. I have Sirius in my house on home stereo and the XM in Highlander. Not much difference at all. Recently got my subscription renewed via XM for $77.00 for ONE YEAR.

    Hope that helps
  • vtgk7vtgk7 Posts: 17
    I would also check with some reputable radio shops in your area, as you might get a better radio for a lower price. Also check out Crutchfield, as they have all sorts of radios with instructions on how to install it yourself at very good prices.
  • I removed the drain plug from the filter but no oil drained. I tried removing the filter housing but unsuccessful. Does it unscrew,pull down? What is the details exact procedure for changing this filter and draining th e oil.
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    Thanks to someone (I think it was nimrod99) for posting this somewhere... can't find the original post now. .pdf.
  • Hi,
    I'm a noob, but have surfed Toyota Nation and this website to answer most of my questions. Recently bought a 2002 Highlander 2WD 4cyl with 87K on it. Light dings, clean underneath, no obvious problems.

    Oil and Brakes look good and are easy.

    Q1: According to horrible maintenance schedule (hard to read), ATF to be changed at 120K. I thought I should go ahead and have it flushed with T IV or Amsoil. Yes/No?

    Q2: Need to replace coolant. Any silicate free (red) okay?

    Q3: Is the PCV on top of the valve cover or head? Want to replace.

    Comments: Learned through extra research that THIS 4cyl was not prone to 'sludge' (YAY!), that the AC filter is behind the glovebox, and that the G0DDA&*^N "Drive Shaft Bolt" that needs re-torquing every 5K miles per the manual is hogwash.

    Q4: Did I miss anything?

  • Forgot: I also learned that I have a timing chain that is "maintenance free" until the cows come home!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,059
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide may be easier to read. :)

    Some of us don't believe in flushing transmissions, especially older ones.

    amigo_john, "Isuzu Trooper" #8070, 30 Jun 2003 7:46 am
  • jsgbjsgb Posts: 9
    Just would like to confirm if my speedometer error is the same for all base model 2008 Highlanders. My GPS shows 66.5 mph when the speedometer reads 70 mph. The error is 2 mph when I'm traveling 30 mph. My guess is that the Sport and Limited read correctly with their larger wheels/tires. Could anyone confirm with your GPS? Is there any easy dealer fix to correct this error. I like to drive 70 on the freeway and now I have to plug in 74 mph.
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    My limited is off about the same (19" alloys w/ Toyo tread)... around 66+/- MPH on the Nuvi and 70 on the dash.

    I usually just set the Cruise to the GPS when on long hauls. I do fear that it shows more miles than actual though. Suppose we could calculate this to be about 101.5 miles on the ODO per 100 real miles traveled.

    Since I keep 'em for 10ish years, I don't care much.. although I just crossed 13.3k ODO miles after about 20 months of ownership (job change, lots of rentals, etc.. long story). Maybe I'll get 15 yrs out of this one...

  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    Retorquing the drive shaft bolts would not have applied to you anyway since you have a 2wd Highlander.
  • disownerdisowner Posts: 1
    I have the same noise as you have. It seem to occur more when the car sits out in the sun on a cool day. It is very annoying. It never seem to happen when I take it to the dealer.
  • cavitecavite Posts: 3
    Hi everyone,
    i'm a new member. I was searching for a forum regarding tire sensor pressure.

    I bought a used 2008 highlander (not a highbrid) with 26000km on it. So far the suv is working good and i don't see any problem and i already put in 4000km.
    The only problem i have is about tire pressure sensor light which is showing again for the second time.The first time, i had the dealer to reset after replacing one of the sensor. Now it came back again. i'm trying to reset after pumping the 4 tire with even pressure except the spare tire which i didn't bother to pump it.
    Question: Do i have to pump the spare tire with even pressure to 4 tires?

    Question: Is it possible to disable the indicator light? Can i ask the dealer to disable it?

    Can someone in this forum teach me how to reset and detail instruction what is the best thing i have to do.
    I was always thinking ,what if my warranty finish i will always go to the dealer and pay.I don't think it is good.

    Please help me on this issue.
    Thanks in advance..
  • Hello:
    I have Highlander -2008-Limited and experiencing same issues. Dealer tells me the sensor is very sensitive and not much they can do. Yes, it can be disconnected if you wish by the dealer. Be sure to also check the tire pressure on the spare tire too.
    Tire pressure does fall when weather goes from one extreme to the other. Living in Michigan, I can attest to that fact. Pressure reset button is under the dash just to the right of steering column. Kinda hard to find the little button. Directions can be found in owners manual. After I found it the first time, I used a red "Sharpie" pen and placed small red dot under the dash to point me to the area this "little" reset button can be found. During summer, no issues with pressure light.
    Bought my vehicle new and so far, I like it a lot... Have owned it about 1.5 years.

    Hope this helps..
  • cavitecavite Posts: 3
    thanks a lot for your reply. i have question, are you doing it by yourself? if you do, please tell me step by step, because in the manual is kind of confusing.

    please help it is really annoying to see that indicator light.

    once again thanks
  • jgantjgant Posts: 10
    I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander w/Nav. I purchased a year ago. So far the vehicle works fine, and I've been able to use most of the Nav features. I'm not the most teach savvy person, but I have not ever been successful is setting up voice tags. The dealer doesn't have anyone who knows how to do it either. I also called the Toyota Experience and they stated they know this set up process is a problem and not intuitive. But even their instructions, follow page 352 in owner's manual did not work. I've tried everything in the manual but nothing is working. I can get to a screen that says voice recognition is off, but can't find a way to turn it on. If anyone can assist a not tech savvy person on how to do this I would very much appreciate it. Thanks
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    I have been all over Dallas, Ft Worth, Tx , looking for a 2008 or 2009 Highlander with a Factory Tow Package, but to no avail. They tell me there arent any to be had within the {5}Gulf States area. Any suggestions?
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    The tow prep package does not include a trailer hitch and 4-flat wire harness. You need to buy these separately.

    Are you having trouble finding one with the tow prep... or turn-key ready to tow?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Does Toyota even offer a factory tow hitch for the Highlander? (not tow prep, but turn-key ready to tow using factory parts)
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    Yes, but its expensive.. like $700 for the hitch, harness and connector. Not including labor - but if you're handy, you could do it yourself.

    I chose to go aftermarket and save $400.
  • toyseekertoyseeker Posts: 81
    The 2008 part number for the hitch is PT228-69080 and includes:
    1 Trailer Hitch
    1 Trailer Hitch Plug
    1 LH Mounting Bracket
    1 RH Mounting Bracket
    1 Molded Lower Fascia Cover
    1 DIO Installation Instructions
    14 M10 x 1.25 x 35mm bolt
    1 Plastic Push-pin

    The part number for the under-dash wire harness is PT219-48871 and includes:
    1 Converter
    1 Flat 4-pin wire harness
    5 Plastic tie
    1 Special plastic tie for stud mount
    1 Packing
    2 Bolt (M5)
    2 Nut (M5)
    1 Nut (M6)
    1 Fuse (30A)
    1 Owner's manual

    Hope this helps.
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