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Volkswagen Jetta 2006+



  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    25/31 is about where we have been. In 2000 mi of mostly freeway travel at typically ~75 mph, we got 31 mpg.

    In normal suburban cummuting got 27 in warmer weather and 24 in winter. This is on non-congested roads.

    CR measured 33 highway (I think they do this at 65 mph), 17 city. Note that their city mileage is pretty much worst case and Jetta actually did slightly better than some cars that are rated higher. For example, Accord is rated at 24 city by EPA, but CR measured 16, IIRC.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    Motorweek, testing a Jetta 2.5/Auto, claimed 30 MPG on their test loop. If you look at other test cars' mileage on the same loop, that 30 MPG was very good (our only evaluation, since we don't know what makes up that loop.)
  • lvn098lvn098 Posts: 26

    I am in GA and I was offered 21K for a white Jetta 2.5 with no additional package.
    Tax, Tag & Title not included.
    Is it a good buy?
    How much did you pay for yours?
  • chronochrono Posts: 149

    I'd personally wait a few months for a 2007 model. VW just dropped pricing dramatically on the 2.5 Jetta's for 2007. I would almost say the 2006 models will lose some value. Here's the pricing ..

    Jetta 2.5L(Value edition) 150 HP
    5-speed manual $ 16,490
    Tiptronic $ 17,565
    Jetta 2.5 2.5L 150 HP
    5-speed manual $ 17,900
    Tiptronic $ 18,975
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Presumably there will be some de-contenting with the lower prices??? If so, the better deal may depend on what you want on the car.
  • frogger2frogger2 Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm considering buying a new 2006 jetta. Since I'll be driving mostly in New England, I was wondering how the new Jetta drives in the snow. Do I need to buy different tires than the ones that already come with the car?

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    My wife was very happy with her 1995.5 Jetta last winter in wisconsin. We have just the standard tires and it is equipped with ESP.

    ESP is standard on all but value edition (which is what we bought). VE has traction control standard, ESP is about $250. If you get the value edition I recommend ESP...we got the ESP primarily because of the added safety, the winter perfomance is an added bonus.
  • ebart1ebart1 Posts: 12
    I am interested to know from the owners of the current series (Mark V) what, if any, issues there are with the 2.5 cars---i.e. anything electrical, electronic---i.e. sensors--- brakes-wise, structural, strange noises, vibrations, rattles, engine peculiarities etc.
    As I am aware of VW's missteps in QC over the past several years, their atrocious ranking with CR and JD Power---I'm wondering---
    Having owned a '79 Rabbit for 11 years, and a '90 gas Jetta for 12 years (that cost me a 'bundle' to keep on the road)---I nevertheless enjoyed the drive and the ride of both---so I'm looking ahead!
    Any and all responses are welcome and appreciated.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    We had some rough shifting with the automatic transmission. They replaced the valve body and it is great again now. This seems to be an unusual problem...on another much busier VW forum, I did not find anyone else who has had a transmission problem.

    Other than that we had some minor stuff taken care of when it was brand new. Oh, and our drivers side mirror started whistling a little recently, a new mirror cap has been ordered but not yet installed. We also had a day or two where one of the remotes would unlock only the driver's door, this went away on its not sure what was going on.

    Ours is a year old with only about 11,000 miles on it.
  • and what was your source of info? thanks
  • rwatsonrwatson Posts: 75
    I have an 06 GLI that I love! It was a serious tossup between the 06 passat 2.0 and the GLI.

    The only issues I have with the car are mysterious squeaks and rattles. Nothing big, but the smallest rattle or squeak in a car drives me to the edge. But the strangest thing about rattles in this car is that they go away! The panel mounted to the center of the upper dash (where you can redirect air upwards) tends to rattle after I Turn the thumb wheel, or just press on it. But after a couple hours, it stops. The VW people say the damping material used in the construction of it is a soft "goo" like material, which forms into it's own shape after time. Go figure: "Stretch Armstrong" in my car :D I had another serious rattle at idle, that was not coming from the engine. This happened a couple weeks after purchase. VW was even worried when they heard it. Do to limited time, they did a quick look around and claimed it was nothing that would get me killed, and at my 5,000 mile checkup, they would keep it overnight and find it. It went away days before my service and was never heard from again. The only other thing is a weird squeak coming from the rear passenger area going over bumps, but only in the afternoon. The tightened up the L/H rear door hardware and that took care of it, until last week. Might be the same thing again, as the service people said the new jetta doors are poorly designed. But other than that, it's a good car. Yes, it does look like a corolla, but when you see one on the road by a corolla, you can tell a big difference in the two. The VW just looks beefier and higher quality. Besides, the Japanese have been making VW design copies for years, so it can go the other way too.

    Gee, I've rambled again. ;)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I agree with rwatson's assessment on rattles. My previous '02 Jetta had many rattles appearing and disappearing all the time. I made various visits to the dealer and they could never find a fix for most of them. But, with my '04.5 Passat I had 1 dash rattle when I bought the car and the dealer fixed it in 2 visits. To this day (32,600 miles) the rattle has not reappeared (cross fingers). Other than that 1 issue, my passat is 98% rattle and noise free. I will get an occasional door rattle, but they never are consistant. Easily lived with on my part. I am a big "rattle hater" and get very uptight when I hear noises. My wife says I am obsessed with rattle noises in my cars......
  • ebart1ebart1 Posts: 12
    for your quick response to my question re: 2006 Jetta 2.5 issues. When I learned that the new Jetta was 'laser-welded'---and, according to some posters---"like a vault", I don't quite understand why there are still rattling and vibration issues! Perhaps, and hopefully these are 'early production' models---and that subsequent production cars will not have these issues~! Given Volkswagen's history of below-average dealer commitment---it is good to learn that issues with regard to the Mark V Jettas are being addressed and taken care of.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    No rattles or vibrations in ours, btw.
  • gli06ergli06er Posts: 11
    I've been looking for replacement taillights for my car, and I was wondering if the taillights that fit a GTI will fit on a GLI... here are the lights I wanted to get. iew_product&productID=20061&category

    Will they fit? Thanks if anyone knows.
  • Does anyone know how to get the engine cover off? I need to replace my air filter and I can't figure it out. The manual mentions nothing about the air filter. Please help. Thanks.
  • marko959marko959 Posts: 5
    I am considering buying either the Jetta GLI or the GTI. The Jetta has room to fit golf clubs in, while in the GTI, you have to fold the seats down. Plus you have the trunk to insulate you from any noise from the cargo in the Jetta.

    However I have 2 issues that concern me:

    1) Reliability - I owned a 95 GTI with the VR6 and had many problems with it. I got so sick of taking it to the dealer, which had a crummy service department, that I ended up selling it after 9 months. No loner car was ever given, just the courtesy van, which sucks. Has the quality improved since then?

    2) Seats - My 95 GTI had great Recaro seats. The GTI and GLI have pretend Recaro seats that are short on thigh support and tilt back too much, making the lack of thigh support even more noticeable. I can also feel the seat frame on my thighs. I'm 6'4" and 250 lbs. so I know I could make things easier by losing a little weight, but I'm not that much overweight, so this may always be an issue. And aftermarket seats are expensive. Does anyone else have issues with the seats in the GLI/GTI?

    By the way, I love the DSG transmission. I'm normally a manual driver, but hitting those paddles in back of the steering wheel make me feel like an F1 driver. The shifts are so quick, it's incredible.

  • ren125ren125 Posts: 5
    I am thinking about purchasing my first VW in the very near future and had a question for the forum. I have been looking at the GLI with package 2 and navigation. My question pertains to the navigation system. For those of you who have it, how would you rate it? Does it look like VW put thought into it or just threw it in the car as an afterthought. If you could give me your experiences with it so far (ease of use, touchscreen?, voice activation?) I would really appreciate it. Since it's an 1800 option I want to know if I am going to be glad I got it or be pulling my hair out because it brings me 20 miles in the wrong direction.

  • shopgirl5shopgirl5 Posts: 7
    About the "Safe happens" campaign...I read the safety details on msn and the Jetta got 4/5 stars. Seems like VW is trying to sell on it being a safe car, but where is the 5 star safety rating?
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