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Volkswagen Jetta 2006+



  • Looking to buy a new VW jetta. Any suggestions about the 2007 models or for that matter 2006 jettas? I am actually worried that 2007 models are still not advertised in the VW websites but the dealers I have contacted have them in stock already. Test driven one, like the way it drives, but with the "fame" associated with the Jettas to "drive" the owner to his/her wits end, its making it harder for us to actually own a car that feels great to drive.
    Any suggestions about what people feel about 2006 and 2007 models (not TDI) would be appreciated.
    Thanks :confuse:
  • I'm not certain I know what you're referring to when you say, "the 'fame' associated with Jettas to 'drive' the owner to his/her wits wend", but if you mean annoying things like interior rattles and other unusual noises, etc. - then I do know what you mean. I've had my GLI less than 2 months and I'm really getting irritated with the rattles, etc. If I had known I'd have all these rattles I'd have spent another $5K-$8K and bought an Inifiniti. I somehow thought that by buying a less expensive car I was just missing out on luxury appointments, not settling for a rattle-trap. I'm not a VW newbie - I've had 3 over the last ~15 years and the last one prior to my new one is from '95 to '99. The really irritating part is that building a car that doesn't have annoying rattles is "assumed". There's should be no real challenge to not having vibrations and rattles. My conclusion is that VW isn't really concerned with delivering passanger satisfaction, just building what they want to build and cutting corners where they can - just enough to sell the vehicle and perhaps get good driving reviews. It's actually insulting. I'm not happy to have to do multiple dealer visits to try to fix things that should never have been problems in the first place. Now I'm just waiting to get a decent debt/equity balance so I can do a trade.
  • Looks like the VW service dept. I took my 06 2.5L Jetta recently for its first oil change (5,000 miles) forgot to reset the maintenance interval light - the flashing "wrench" icon that flickers on for a few seconds on the HUD when starting the car up. I found out how to reset it manually (although the dealership said only they could do it).
    Wanted to know if this maintenance interval indicator only goes by how much mileage has gone by, or if it actually computes the oil life by monitoring rpm's, engine loads, temps, etc., like the oil life monitoring system in most GM cars. Anyone know??
  • Every car has its odd rattle. No car is perfect even the high doller luxury brands. Rattles can be isolated and fixed by the dealer if found. For the money, the Jetta is the best car you can buy for less than $25,000. You get a high quality interior, high standard feature content, all right performance, good gas mileage, and a roomy cabin and cavern of a trunk. I suggest the Jetta to anyone who is looking at buying a new car. Mine is a value edition, I paid about 18000 for it and there is barely anything I would change (only things regarding to rearend exterior design and performance). Look long and hard at the Jetta, they really are great values.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    People need to factor this into their buying equation. This is what kept us from buying one last year. I've heard horror stories with "gremlins" with most VW's so we played it safe & went Japanese. It was the right decision for us...hands down.
    Just keep in mind "reliability" when making a buying decision.

    The Sandman :)
  • Maybe you're right. Maybe rattles are to be expected??? Hopefully the dealer will be able to identify the source of my rattles and make repairs. I've had it in once but since the rattle comes and goes we were having trouble getting it to actually make the rattle that occasioned my taking it to the dealer in the first place - so it wasn't fixed. The tech did identify 2 other rattles and they were fixed. I think I'm down to two rattles - one associated with the passanger door internal opener mechanism and the other seems to be coming from the rear passanger side seat belt coiler that is concealed in the rear deck. I may feel better after these are repaired (which I'll wait for the 5,000mi check up to deal with). It's just extremely frustrating because the car is otherwise so much fun and so enjoyable. I also own a '99 F-150 with 125,000mi+ (I'm the original owner) and I've never had any such problem, but I did have rattles in my previous '95 Jetta. Between my father, brother and myself, we've had 9 VW's (2 "original" Beetles, 3 Rabbits, 2 Golf's, 2 Jettas). Without question the best ones were the 2 original Beetles ('71 and'73 SuperBeetle), the 2 early Rabbits ('78 and '80 built in German) and a Golf ('88). My '95 Jetta had a door rattle and then the transmission went as well as the instrument panel. We had one of the Rabbits ('78 or '80) die on vacation and the dealer showed a screwdriver that had been left under the timing chain cover which was visibly mangled by the timing chain and caused the engine to self-destruct. It had previously been into the dealer at home for routine head torquing and that was the only service done to the engine. VW wouldn't pay for the damage and the screwdriver "disappeared". Nice.
    In mostly every area other than the rattles, I really love my new GLI, but I have a 50min commute each way for work so rattles can really grate on me - it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. We'll see what happens.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I have had three previous VWs, and nothing seems to drive quite like them. After looking at everything from a Chrysler 300C to Nissan Versa, I bought a VW Jetta (base, with ESP and 5 spd). I've only had it three weeks, but it still drives like no other car. Steering feel is superb, and the luxury touches are nice. Instead of fake wood, you get switches that are lighted - - every switch, even rear door window and lock switches. Everyone who has seen that has been impressed. Doors are solid, everything fits (better than any other car I examined), everything moves with precision. It's a different kind of luxury, but very satisfying. As for reliability, I drove my last VW for 100K miles before replacing it, and I replaced only brakes, plugs and tires (it even had the orig. battery after 6+ years.) I think they are great cars for the money, and with the revised 2007 pricing, they are priced like before (my Jetta was $17,500 out the door with ESP.)
  • Hello homerkc. What's your impression on jetta's 5 spd. tranny? Is engine noisy at highway speed? What's your mpg?
  • I've got a question about the Jetta's Day Time running Lights (DRLs). It seems that there is not much difference between only the DRLs running and the full night-lights. The big headlamps are always on and some seemingly irrelevant small lights are added during the night. Is that normal or are my headlamps mix-wired. It seems a big waste to run with almost full power during a sunny day.
  • waiwai Posts: 327
    Its normal. This DRL is especially effective during day time while you are driving at the left lane at a high speed and car far in front of you will change the next lane before you are close to him. I thought this is worth the waste of gas if you think safety is your priority especially during early morning and late afternoon.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    I find the engine has an odd sound (I assume that is the five cyl. effect), but it's not loud. Cold engine noise is noticeable, but not, as some describe it, loud. AND it quiets down quickly. At highway speeds, it is a very quiet car. My wife and I were noticing that last night, cruising at 75-80 on the interstate. Engine noise was very low, wind noise was barely noticeable, and the ride and steering were superb. (That is why I buy VWs.)

    I think the 5 spd is good - smooth shifting, well spaced gear ratios. A terrific driving car.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    What kind of rpm do you have at 80mph with the 5spd? On my 2004 Golf, it turned over pretty fast - 4,000 rpm. (Of course that meant it had good pickup in 5th gear anywhere over 60 mph and it was super smooth.)
  • i just bought a 06 jetta tdi and i have never owned a diesel...just wondering if there is anything i should do to break the engine or trans in
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    RPM at 80mph looks to be just under 3200 - call it 3,150. The engine is still quiet at those revs, but well within the torque band. (My '95 Golf with 2.0l engine reved higher at 80, but not as high as 4000 rpm.)
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Thanks. Looks like it will still be in a sweet spot for quick acceleration, but should be a lot quieter than my 4,000 rpm 2004 Golf was.
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    I would like anyones opinion on the Jetta being a good family car. Meaning? How roomy is the back seat? My kids are 8 and 5 and they are in boosters so we dont have those HUGE seat space eating Car seats. I have an 04 Accord now and its great but the Jetta is a smaller rear but how bad??
  • We have an 06 Jetta.. Both front seats are back as far as we can get them and still reach the brake and gas.. Both my wife and I are 5'9" and over 200 lbs.. We can both also ride in the back seat all day with out moving any thing and be comfortable. Perhaps you are looking at the older Jetta??

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the back seat is adequate. We went on 2000+ mi trip last summer. We only had one of our kids with us, he is 16 and was comfortable in the back seat. I would think 8 year old and 5 year old would be very comfortable in the back. However, it is likely not as spacious as your accord.

    If you like the car otherwise, I would not cross it off your list because you think it is too small, without testing it out for yourself.
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    When I said its not as roomy, I was comparing the new 06-07 Jetta to my 04 Accord. I know they are in different classes, Accord being Midsize and the Jetta I believe a small or compact car.
    Thanks for the replies. I checked out an 07 Camry and the saleskid didnt even offer a test drive. I went outside myself to look at the 4-5 they had on the lot, it was about 20 degrees out this morning. Nice job kid, lost a sale there.
  • Got ya.. The 06 Jetta back seat room is almost the exact same as the 07 Corolla in back seat size.. with in a couple 10ths of an inch.. And larger than the Civic.. The cars in its class..

    And about an inch or so smaller than the 07 Accord.. But the Passat is the car thats about the same as the Accord ..

    You can go to each company and get a print out of the specs showing the back seat room on each car.. Just look under the specs.. Thats the easy way..

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