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Nissan Maxima: Stolen Headlights!!



  • My brother has a co-worker that had called Nissan and asked them about the design on the 04 Maxima HID Lights and they responded by saying that the bulbs burn out but are still able to be stolen. Not sure if this information was correct but know I hear the 3.5SE rims are getting stolen.
  • I too am shameful owner of Nissan Maxima 03' GLE. Don't ask the same kinda' research I did on buying a car and I regret it to the core that I went with Maxima.
    I bought the car in April 03' and since then my headlights were stolen twice during this period to June 03'. Since then the car is just standing without lights and I am afraid to put the lights on again and drive it out anywhere. I approached a lot of dealers to put 2001 Maxima Headlights but they all refused it saying the design does not match and hence can't be done. But alexg4, you already got it done. Can you tell me from where you got it done and how much did it cost and phone number of the shop etc. I want to use the car. Please.... help me!! I am one of you guys and already paid up $2000 from my pocket to set it right but not ready to take another chance with same HID lights again. Nissan isn't helping at all. Hoping to hear from you and anyone else who has got this done. You can email me at . I went to sell the car and no-one is offering anymore than $19000 for this car which is a unbelievable loss for a car driven 1200 miles.
  • oregonboyoregonboy Posts: 1,653
    What is it that the thieves do with the "hot" HIDs? Surely they don't all drive 2003 Maximas w/o the HID option.

    Do they adapt them to fit their "fast and furious" street racer? Or maybe they sell them to someone who needs them... the Maxima owners who got ripped off. That would be like kidnapping, sorta.

    Inquiring minds want to know.
  • achadhaachadha Posts: 106
    What they do is take those HID lights and put them on 2000-2001 Maximas because they fit on them. Big market for that...
  • I went to two Nissan dealers on Long Island who both said that I couldn't replace the '03 lights with the '01 lights. Who was able to do this for you?
  • Does anyone know whether it is possible to drill and add screws (such as torx screws) to any of the parts that need to be removed to steal the HID lights? I would assume that most theives carry only the necessary tools they need to get the HID lights out. Maybe adding a few torx screws (or some other "differnt" screws) would be somewhat of a deterent. However, I am unfamiliar with the assembly so I am not sure whether this is possible.

    I suppose this could irritate them and inspire them to do damage to the vehicle, but at least I would have the satisfaction of knowing that they did not achieve their goal.
  • Alex, you said you put 01 headlights in your car. But like Erkia, I can't find anyone who would do that for me. How did you get it done. I've had my headlights stolen once and I do not want to experience this again.
  • Does anyone know how we could band together and jointly complain to the nissian corperate office about these headlights? Maybe we they hear all of our voices they might do something.
  • I think we can create another forum and whosoever wishes to join us will put his/her details including name & emails addresses there if not more. And putting details down there would specifically mean that the person has joined hands to complain against nissan, who sold us haunting nights for around $30,000 of our hard earned money. We trusted them, paid for it & we don't deserve this in return !!!
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Tape razor blades under the theif will get too far with their hands all cut up. Not sure how well it would work for headlights, works well for aftermarket stereo head units.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947
    First it was cats and now razor blades? What about the poor mechanic who drops a socket while messing with the <air filter> and gets cut up good fishing it out? I really don't think trying to main others is going to solve the headlights problem. Not to mention the questionable legality of boobie-trapping your car.

    And posting names and emails on the board is likely to just generate a bunch of spam in your in box.

    I suggest checking your insurance coverage and then talking to your local Nissan service manager and Nissan customer service as something constructive you can do.

    Steve, Host
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    All i was saying is i have heard of people doing that with radios. Plus usually if you drop a socket it goes straight thru to the floor which is more annoying (former auto body technican). Just wondering if putting fear into a few of these theifs about getting injured might make them think twice about stealing headlights.
  • I feel everyone who has had this problem needs to come together and make Nissan do something about it. Nissan is making alot of money off our headlights being stolen. Nissan has claimed they are very well aware of the problem, but have no solution. For $30,000 they should have a better answer.
  • steve, host, writes:
    First it was cats and now razor blades? What about the poor mechanic who drops a socket while messing with the <air filter> and gets cut up good fishing it out? I really don't think trying to main others is going to solve the headlights problem. Not to mention the questionable legality of boobie-trapping your car.

    Gee... and I was going to suggest rigging up some shotgun shells.... ;-)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,947
    Yeah, but you guys do that live free or I'm gonna blow you away stuff up in NH. Aunti Maim indeed, LOL.

    Steve, Host
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Some people have no sense of humor lol. I agree with most everyone here that nissian NEEDS to do something about this problem. It is also very obvious that they are not doing anything about it, so why not try alternative theft deterants that are less humor and more serious?
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Yeah, Nissan should give at least one free set of HIDs to all 02-03 Max owners when the HIDs are stolen. At a minimum, Nissan should give one free set of 01 headlights to those who want to put away their HIDs in order to "ride out" this theft wave.

    If Nissan wants future business from current Max owners, it better do something NOW or we will shop another brand when it comes time to replace our cars next time.

    Well, come to think about it, Nissan is like SONY and MicroSoft with their game consoles. They make the purchase price for the consoles very attractive, but they get you on the expensive games if you want to play. Nissan put the badly designed HIDs on the Max, but is making heaps of money on the replacement HIDs. What a SCAM!
  • alexg4alexg4 Posts: 14
    Apologies to those who have been trying to contact me.

    There are really not many details... After my lights were stolen, I went to the dealership and told them to replace them with 01 model lights. They had no problems with that.

    They charged around 1,500 including the 01 lights, but I hear of people getting that done for about 1,200.

    If your dealer tells it can't be done, he is either a liar or doesn't know his job. My lights were installed without any damages to the car's wiring.

    The fit is slightly off, the 01 lights are about one inch shorter in height, but that was fixed by putting a rubber beneath it.

    Good luck.
  • hrvathrvat Posts: 18
    It's nice to have a forum like this to vent and find out that others are sharing the same frustration I am.

    It happened to me at Giants Stadium 2 weeks ago. Another Maxima was parked 4 spots away and the same thing happened to him. Ironically, the guy had just picked up his car from the shop the same day for the same reason.

    I am picking my car up today after 2 weeks in the shop. Considering the aggravation and $500 deductible, saying that purchasing my 2002 SE was a huge mistake would be an understatement.

    In my case, they dented the hood and popped open the grill, to disconect the alarm and to swipe the headlights. The first time they stole the other guy's headlights they were able to do it with no other damage to the vehicle. Total cost to repair my vehicle is $3,500.

    I understand there is pending legislation to make it illegal to have HID lights if the original model did not have one to combat this problem. However, I don't know how much this will help.

    Although it's a quality car and fun to drive, I believe anyone who would still purchase it is insane. Nissan has made a remarkable comeback, but I think it has also written it's own obituary with this problem.
  • Happened to me too for the second time. Well this is the toll we all have to pay. Anyway, I think we should all form a group and appeal to Nissan to
    a. Cover our losses -
    b. Design new metal case for lights (Plastic casing is broken as they steal the lights) and recall the model.
    This time I am researching as to where to get the lights fixed with 2001 model. Once done I will share the method adopted and the place where I got it done
    I am in NJ
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