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Nissan Maxima: Stolen Headlights!!



  • I had my 2003 HID's replaced with 2001 Anniversary Edition lights. Email me if you want contacts. I know of one place in Newark, and two in Queens that can do it.
    They look fine, only a quarter inch gap on the bottom. Cost was less than mentioned above.

    Where is the class action suit against Nissan?
  • timadamstimadams Posts: 294
    I own a 2002 Nissan Maxima with HID lights. And I really do empathize with those of you who've had your lights stolen. But your rage should be directed at the thieves, not at Nissan! I know it's a pain to have to protect property that you paid for with hard-earned money, but why blame the manufacturer rather than the crooks? I can even understand being ticked off at people who buy the HIDs on ebay, as they should know that there is a good chance they are stolen property.

    Convince me why Nissan shoulders the blame for some scuzzball (polite family board) stealing your headlights. Yes, they could step forward and do something for its PR value and to please customers, but I don't see that they have the duty to do so, or that there is merit to a lawsuit.
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    First, I don't have a Nissan, so I'm not directly involved with the "problem". What I do know is most new cars are a PITA to work on to fix most anything. Changing the bulbs in my car involve opening the hood, and figuring out how to get my hand between the battery or other wires or plumbing to get to a coller and unscrew it to then get to the clip holding the bulb. In Nissan's case, they made changing the headlights a simple task, and are now being raked over the coals for simplifying the process. I just can't buy into the posts saying they did it to make more money selling replacements. Get real folks. My $.02 worth.
  • mjc8mjc8 Posts: 1
    I am looking at the 2004 Maxima. Can anyone tell me if the HIDs are stolen out of the 2004 too?
  • I just had my headlights stolen last night. Nissan should give a free set of headlights or pay the insurance deductible for the first time it happens. By the way tmart the people caused me over 3,000 in damages for the simple task of unscrewing of a light bulb. Nissan is making the new headlights with vin#'s to track them, Everyone will be getting a letter in the mail. Class Action anyone?
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    While I'm sorry for your lost, I still don't see how it is Nissan's fault your lights were stolen. If your alloy rims and tires are stolen, is it also Nissan's fault?
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    Has anyone thought about changing out the factory screws to a security type screws. These screws have a torx or hex type with a pin in the middle so you will need a special driver to tighten/loosen the screws. All you need to do is measure the screw for the size and thread pitch.

    Check here and see if they can help, maybe you can remove one of the screws and mail it to them and see if they have a screw that will replace the originals.

    This might not keep them from doing body damage to the car but it will probably make it so they can't get the lights out. Who know they might just smash them out to spite you making it so they can't steal them. It's strange how a thief gets mad when you take steps to keep what you paid for.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    I just got my letter. Nissan will install "new securing devices" and new "identification technology" for free on HID's in NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI. Check your mail. Sounds like they listened (or feared lawsuits).
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Now that laws have been passed making installation of HIDs by anyone other than the factory illegal, perhaps this problem will slowly go away?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    There's some headlight regulation stuff at the NHTSA and some recent enforcement action taken against resellers in the US (esp. those advertising "for off-road use only"). I don't think it involves HID though; more the blue light specials?

    I lost my link a while back; maybe someone has been following this issue?

    Steve, Host
  • lbglbg Posts: 2
    Attention all Maxima owners, especially those with 2002 and 2003 models whose headlights have been stolen. I am organizing everyone to hold Nissan responsible and get them to do something about the epidemic of headlight thefts.

    My lights have been stolen 3 times in a matter of months!!! At this point, I can't park my car in the street. I've already solicited professional help and our chances look promising.

    To join me and get something done, email me as soon as possible.
  • lbglbg Posts: 2
    By the way, there are NHTSA regulations concerning a car manufacturer's obligations with respect to theft protection.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    No one can email you because your email isn't public in your profile.

    And if you're soliciting others for a suit or something, well, soliciting is against the rules here. See the Member Agreement linked on the left.

    Steve, Host
  • I'm concerned!!! I have a 2004 Maxima SE, are the headlights here prone to be stolen too? Or just there aren't enough of the '04 around to have a statistic yet. Will it be a problem in mid 2004.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Have been shut down by the new regs. and enforcement. I know because on the RX-7 Forum many "enthusiasts" are mad they can't get them any more. They were being sold as an electronic ballast and H4 shaped HID bulb, to fit in a standard headlamp. A very bad idea, as the light emitting area is the wrong shape so the reflector design would be wrong. Good way to blind other drivers! They would also not have auto-leveling.

    Still not sure where the stolen headlamp assys. would be going. Perhaps other countries where they are not available yet?
  • You can't blame Nissan for your HID thefts. Take some responsibility yourself. Don’t park your car in an area where your headlights (or anything else) will get stolen. I can’t believe the posts where folks are complaining that their HIDs have been stolen multiple times! It seems like this is a regional thing… in the northeast mainly. Car stereos are stolen more often throughout the entire country but I don’t hear folks wanting Pioneer or Sony or others to be responsible for those thefts.
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    While I'm sorry for your loss/losses, just can't see how Nissan is responsible for ANYTHING being stolen off YOUR car. Once driven off the dealer's lot, unless it's covered by the waranty, it's YOUR problen. I, too, wonder where they go. Kinda like if a low life breaks your window and takes your radar detector. It sure isn't Cobra's, Valentine's, etc.'s fault the unit was stolen. Granted, it may not be your fault either, but that's why you have, or should have, insurance. Hmmmm, maybe it's an insurance conspiracy to raise the rates of Nissan owners.
  • I have not received any letter yet for the "new securing devices" and new "identification technology" you are talking about. Do you have to call up Nissan people to get it for yourself or are they sending it to every nissan buyer in North-East area?
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Clearly, Nissan did not steal the HIDs; it is those low life scum of the earth thieves. However, Nissan may be deemed an "accessory to the crime" because of the faulty HID design, which makes them easy targets for thefts. All told, it takes less than 2 minutes for an 02-03 Max owner to lose his $2k HIDs, plus $2 to $3k for fixing collateral damages to the car hood and fender etc. Even a moronic thief with little or no education knows it is better and easier to steal the expensive HIDs than to jack the build-in car stereos :-)

    Having said that, however, I believe Nissan is at least trying to remedy the defective design by offering Max owners, for free, the option of installing theft deterrent metal brackets and tagged HIDs (with veh. VIN) to make them harder to sell and pawn off by crooks.

    Although the law is that the offering of remedial measures cannot be construed as evidence of prior defective design, it is some indication that Nissan is now acknowledging the problem and is trying to do something about it. This is the right move because Nissan does not want to face potential lawsuits (whether they are with or without merit), and by offering the free fixes, hopes to pacify the irate Max owners and retain them as future Nissan buyers.

    Just my two cents; I may be completely off the wall with my comments and observations. Since this is a public forum, everyone is free to express his or her opinion, as long as it is done civilly and in good taste.
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