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Nissan Maxima: Stolen Headlights!!



  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    was told they are still going after doing hood damage to get them out...result less costly repairs...but still a problem as theyya are in policy from a Nissan mechanic switch them with 2000/ lites.....also hear nobody is buying them at lease end.....stacking up on dealer lots....WHAT A LEMON.
  • bonieg84bonieg84 Posts: 1
    i got a few questions. I have a 2000 Maxima SE and i want to get angel eye headlights for it. My friend told me that angel eyes are only for BMW but i like the look and i wanted to know what other people thought. I also was wondering if there is a way to etch vin numbers into headlights, i read a little bit of forum and i just wanted to clarify that. thanks for help
  • Justice dept is ordering all nissan dealers to supply a list of HID lights sold since the cars inception, they are going full force at them.. and the cars are in no way a lemon, they are one the most reliable cars on the market, EVERY car has problems, and nissan is one company that when notified of a continuing problem stands up and takes action. as long as you have the bracket that bolts to the frame they are VERY difficult to steal, but if someone tries they will do serious damage!! How can a company be held responsible for a bunch of crooks actions....
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Do you have a source and a link to that information? I'm sure others would be interested.


    tidester, host
  • lydettelydette Posts: 1
    My headlights was just stolen last Tuesday!!.I have a 2002 Maxima. I can not believe that Nissan doesn't design the non-xenon lights. Now I'm stuck buying the headlights with HID and having to risk getting it stolen again; which I know it will because whomever stole it knows where i live and will come back for it again! My car is damaged by the thieves who took it.. It seems to me like it only took them 5 minutes to take both headlights out and the manufactured alarm didn't even go off!!!

    I am furious. I've read about their safeguard brackets but that doesn't seem to work.

    I don't know what to do.. I just bought this car in January used.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    i told you so.................dump the maxima it is not worth it...stay away from the 2002/2003...unless you live in the desert........ALL YOU NISSAN LOVERS....WHY DON'T THEY MANUFACTURE NON- XENON REPLACEMENTS..................................MONEY ..THAT IS WHY........................good luck lydette : :
  • ebialoebialo Posts: 1
    Have you come up with any solutions?
  • Recently purchased a 2003 Maxima. Love the car! Live in an area where theft of lights has occurred (Central NJ). Know several people that have had lights stolen. Still purchased the car.

    Found out through a technician at my dealer that the thiefs aren't interested in the lights but the "ballast" that turns them on and off.

    Nissan has since improved on its first attempt to rectify the problem. It takes about three hours to have done, but it gives me the piece of mind I needed. The "ballast" is removed from the light and mounted into the front bumper. They also protect your lights with a relatively new type of identification called DataDots in case theft occurs and the lights are recovered. ( To act as a slight deterrent, stickers are placed on the bulb lens' and front windows. I had it done yesterday.

    When it's possible, I try to park in heavily trafficked aisles and back my car in a parking spot to deter theft. Don't think anyone will try to steal the lights if there are many witnesses. Then again in today's world, everyone's eyes are closed!

    Regardless of the situation, it's tough to beat the quality of the Maxima when compared against similar vehicles in its class. Bought mine with 18K miles and the saying is true, the Maxima is a 4DSC!!! Good luck to all and hopefully this headlight theft is just a current fad. Anything worth stealing on the new Mustang? LOL
  • marteeenezmarteeenez Posts: 2
    well now u can add me to the victims list. I am seeking anyones help. I would like to know the prices on the HID head light system with the special starter and the cost of the 2001 version with the wiring and what not. please please please help me out. i searched ebay and i found head lights for 300s but i doubt its the same. thank you

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,978
    Bummer, Marteeenez. Where are you (or where was the car parked) when the headlights were ripped off?

    Steve, Host
  • marteeenezmarteeenez Posts: 2
    it was parked in long island, new york. i have a 1000 deductible so its not even worth issuing a claim with the damn insurance company.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Uh, hate to bring bad news, but better get ready to submit a claim. As I recall, the costs of replacement will be in the $2500 range.
  • nj847nj847 Posts: 1
    marteeenez,you better submit a claim and trade your car in. my headlights got stole twice and cost my insurance to fix $10,000 first time, second time got stole again i just trade in my car without headlights(was estimated $5,000 to fix).
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    I hate reading these posts.

    I live in Michigan, where this isn't a problem at all. In fact, when I bought the car, I asked them if they'd ever heard of this. While they couldn't vouch for other dealerships, they said, they've never had a single car come in with its headlights ripped out.

    I've had my '03 for over 2 years, and even if I did live in NY/NJ I'm not sure I would let this deter me from buying this car. It's as tight as the day I drove it off the lot, and haven't had any issues with it at all.
  • thinkalotthinkalot Posts: 1
    True. Living in the midwest seems to be disease-free from this epidemic. I am moving to NJ however, and am thinking of either getting the bracket, or just forking over the money for angel eyes or similar replacement so I don't have to deal with this mess hopefully. If there is a suggestion of going with the 2000 model, or some other aftermarket, I'd appreciate it. thanks.
  • letgigletgig Posts: 4
    Hi, i had my hid headlight stolen also, would like to keep vehicle but change the lights to non-hid and am considering the 2001, please e-mail the info from the Newark and/or queens location so i can find out the price also i'm imagining they did what they needed to do to adjust the wiring to work properly.


  • letgigletgig Posts: 4
    Hi, i had my hid headlight stolen and i've only had the car one month, to avoid this type of headache and expense or trade it in, and having the depreciation value, i'd rather keep the car, with the non-hid you know where in brooklyn, queens or jersey i can have the headlights changed to a 2001, i know there is a 1/2 to inch gap, which is okay, i'll either add something around it or leave as is...
    a name, address, phone number of the place where this can be purchased and installed or even just purchased would be great...Thanks.


    P.S. unfortunately, thiefs can be anywhere and take we shouldn't have to move or pay for garage because of them...i say screw them and enjoy your's frustrating, but that's life.
  • rastagirlrastagirl Posts: 1

    Did you find a place to swap your 2002 lights for 2001? I live in NJ also and my 2002 headlights were stolen twice. I thought they had stopped doing this but last week my neighbor's headlights were stolen in our condo complex and now I'm worried again. Both our lights were stolen in 2004 the same night. I just want to replace these darn lights!

    BTW, my car was parked diagonally acrossed from hers and they didn't take mine? Go figure! I don't know if the "Protected by DATADOTs sticker" stopped them from taking mine. I doubt it.

  • pjbearpjbear Posts: 1
    I had my '03 Maxima lights stolen out of my car for the 2nd time.

    The first time was 12/03 shortly after I purchased the car - replaced to the tune of $3,500.

    They 2nd time was this past Saturday 7/16 @ 4:30am my car was sitting in my driveway on a quiet residental street.

    This time it looks like more damage then the 1st time.

    I was told by the dealer when they replaced the lights the 1st time that the "datadot" would deter thieves, NOT!!!

    What are these lights you guys are talking about?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    A reporter is trying to learn as much as she can about the stolen xenon headlights phenomenon. If you have an experience or other information to share, please respond to no later than Tuesday, July 26, 2005 with your daytime contact info, city and state of residence and a few lines about your perspective.

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