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2013 and Earlier - Ford Escape Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jtn123jtn123 Posts: 1
    The best price I found, which no other local dealer was willing to match, was $5100 off MSRP. This included the $2500 rebate.

    So, I got a silver '04 LX 4wd V6 w/ no options for $19,022 plus DMV fees.

    There was no trade-in involved.
    I financed thru my own Credit Union.
  • lglblondlglblond Posts: 9
    Local dealer has given me a quote of $20,499 on an MSRP of $23,665, PRIOR to rebates of $1400. The invoice is $22,230, so the selling price is well below invoice. The OUT THE DOOR PRICE is $20,155. The whole deal is $4566 off the MSRP (after rebate) and $1700 below invoice, before the $1400 rebate.

    Other dealers have told me that this quote is "lie." And that I'll never get it at this price. One said there is a $715 holdback, and no factory/dealer incentives on this vehicle.

    Any advice??
  • Ended up opting for the 4 cyl. MSRP $20,735. Invoice was $19,557.00. Offer price $19,000 prior to rebates. After tags, title, doc fees and less rebates ($1400) & trade-in ($600) = $17,976.00
  • lanceflancef Posts: 8
    Purchased a 2005 Mazda Tribute S with the following: V-6, FWD. Options: package 2 (includes leather, 6 way power driver's seat, maple look panel trim, 190 watt stereo with 6 disc in dash CD with 7 speakers, ovhd storage console, cargo cover), side air curtains option, and cargo net option. Price: $21,600 which includes the $2,000 rebate from Joe Myers Mazda in Houston. Price beat the S plan price by $339. Went with the Tribute over the Escape because of longer warranty and better rebate.
  • picked up my 05' trib s...package 2 w/ dvd and some other minor accessories on Saturday. Had a fairly good experience using a Clarksville, IN dealership. I was using S-plan and they said they accidentally mixed the numbers up and tried to overcharge me over 2 grand! I showed them that I had the pricing from the web and that I have to see the real Dealer invoice as per the S plan instructions. They couldn't believe that could get the pricing for every little detail online...what year do they think it is???? But they quickly changed it to the right price and the rest went very smooth. I hope it was truly a mistake on their part.
  • kmm1974kmm1974 Posts: 5
    Iglblond -- Are you happy with the 4 cyl? I'm debating myself, and not sure if it's worth the extra cost to go with the V6.
  • lisa3lisa3 Posts: 1
    Today I purchased the 2004 tribute dx, after my $4000.00 rebate i got it for 13,900. When I got home to show my husband we realized they gave us the model that didn't come with all weather floor mats and bumper plate, which is the one we got quoted on. I am not very happy with the dealership and will make them give me these. I was told by a lady who works in the office that they sold the other one today also.
  • Purchased 8/21/04: Options: DVD, Side Air Curtains, Auto Trans, Tow Package, & Package 2.
    MSRP 28,180
    PAID 26,139 Including 7yr/100k Warrantee and 2k Rebate.

    Bad News: Tax & Licensing in WA brings it to 28,845 OTD.
  • dewdew Posts: 1
    2005 Mazda Tribute S/2pk (V6, Leather....

    $22660 out the door. No trade.
    Cory Fairbanks Mazda
    Longwood, FL
    Hope this information helps.

    Happy shopping!
  • orbitorbit Posts: 1
    I am seriously considering purchasing a FORD FREESTYLE.Can not find accurate pricing info so far.Did look up the Chrysler PACIFICA.Posters claim they get between 18 & 22% off sticker price."Invoice"means nothing.Anyone have info on best deals on the FREE STYLE?
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    I am in state college,PA,the local ford dealer has a XLS 4-cly,the MSRP is 22910$ and invoice is 21275$. I want to negotiate to around 20000$ before the 2400$ rebate. Any suggestion on that? Thanks
  • Recently purchased a 2005 Mazda Tribute S 4WD 6cyl with:
    Package 3 (leather, sunroof, 6 disc changer, etc)
    Side Curtain Airbags
    Auto dimming mirror w/compass

    Price paid before tax, tag, title:

    This price included a $3K Mazda rebate and another $1K rebate for financing through Mazda.

    I think that I got a great deal, and was real happy with the dealer experience (purchased at Browns Alexandria Mazda (VA)!!
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Yes, I would say you got a pretty darn good deal! All those extras like leather, and sunroof.. nice options. The wife and I own an 04 Trib ES V6 4wd and its been a great vehicle. Have fun.. zoom, zoom....
  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    ...of a V6 FWD -this is flat South Florida- 2005 Mercury Mariner Premier. Price after $2000 cash back rebate, but before tax, tag and title, $23,000.

    I can tell you that it would be difficult to forgo the good dealer experience, so if Lincoln Mercury comes with the right product in the future they can count on my loyalty. Hollywood Lincoln Mercury in Hollywood Florida went out of their way to find the color combination I wanted. The customer service was excellent and I left very happy with my purchase.

    After little, but some, negotiations I got a fair price for my trade in. It was a painless, swift and rewarding experience.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Just bought an '05 Tribute. For me, the perfect mechanical setup. The much better Mazda 4 cyl, 5 speed, and AWD. Really not enough time behind the wheel yet to gage fuel consumption, though two tiny top offs showed 29 and 25. Solid, a good handler, nice steering and brakes.
    My biggest [non-permissible content removed] ( if I can say that ) was that in the relocation of the spare under the rear floor, which in itself is okay by me, the underfloor hidden storage was lost.
    Or so I thought.
    Today, while wandering through the Ford lot, I came across newly delivered Escapes with a new option- a rear storage compartment. I was shocked. It turns out I was not the only one miffed by the oversight in the redesign. I guess it speaks well of Ford that they made a running change. But darn, not quite in time for me. I'll pull my carpet to see if there is any chance of a modification, since on the underside, the appearance is the same. But I bet it can't be done.
    But beyond all that, I think it is going to be a great vehicle, as long as it is as dependable as my outgoing Honda Accord has been....
  • kaye3kaye3 Posts: 4
    Just put money down for a Tribute: 2-wheel drive 5-speed i: 15,852 before taxes. Haven't taken it home yet.

    Compared with the Forester, I thought the Forester had a "finer" ride, but this is so much cheaper and has more features that I like.

    I do wish the Forester had more of an "SUV" style and was less like a wagon...then I may have posted to the Subie forum instead. Hope the Mazda was a good decision!!

  • 05 Tribute GT (limited)
    Fully Loaded
    $35,200 before the 14% taxes CDN
  • DC driver-that was an awesome deal!!! I am from the northern Virginia area and I'm just wondering who your salesmen was at Brown's. Did you get this quote from the internet or in person? Also, I was told you couldn't combine the $3000 rebate with any other incentives. I went to Brown's in Fairfax I was quoted $25777 for 2005 S 4WD with Pkg 1, side air bags, running boards, auto mirror w/homelink. Very poor quote compared to yours! I would appreciate any info you could give me! Thanks!
  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    My understanding is hat you can't combine manufacturer's incentives (unless you are buying and old Chrysler minivan) but you can combine manufacturers and financing incentives. Some credit companies depending on automakers such as Ford Credit, GMAC or in this case Mazda Credit, are offering incentives to keep those customers that choose the cash back instead of the low APRs. Those customers traditionally get financing from banks instead in pursue of cheaper rates. Basically then DC driver's deal is possible now (you need to ask) I don't think for long though.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    SSP -
    I bought my Tribute at Brown's in Fairfax last week. Very very nice people to deal with. I benefited from being able to purchase under the S-plan, but yes, you can combine the 3000 rebate with the 1000 rebate when financed through them. Admittedly, the interest rate in doing so is rather high, about 8% in my case. But I had an excellent experience with all concerned.
    As for my remorse over getting one built before the rear underfloor storage option became available ( it is on the Escapes now; not sure about Tributes yet ) I have discovered that if I must have it, I can do it, based on what is under the carpet now. But I bet that road noise will increase with the storage tray back there.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ... I'm just wondering who your salesmen was at Brown's.

    You'll have to do that privately. See the note hightlighted in red at the bottom of this page concerning posting of names, etc.

    tidester, host
  • Just bought a 05, S with PKG1 and a few other things. MSRP was $25,600, Invoice $23,700.
    I paid right at $23,800 less the $3K cash back and a separate $1K for financing through MAC. Dealer fee was an obnoxious $499, but I got out the door for right at $20K. This was at Boniface Hiers in Melbourne Fl. Best quote I got was for ~$300 less from Cory Fairbanks in Longwood Fl, a much bigger dealer but almost 100 miles away.

    I'm Happy with it.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    fabulous deal, and might even be a bit better than S-plan pricing, though the dealer fees are nuts there.
  • mphxazmphxaz Posts: 27
    First of all I want to Thank all of those that post to these forums, I've been "lurking" for a while and the information picked up here is invaluable! We just picked up our new 05 Tribute S 2WD tonight with Package 2 (Leather, Premium Stereo, Power Seat, etc), Side Air Bags & Curtains, Auto Dim Mirror W/Homelink, Rear Step Plate, Door Edge Guards & Cargo Net. Paid $20,413 before TT&L and after 3K rebate combined with the 1K rebate for financing through Mazda Credit. Financed the minimum needed to receive 1K rebate and will pay off early in 3 months. We felt it was worth it to receive the additional 1K rebate. Learned about the 1K rebate in this forum, surprised all at the dealership (How did he know about that?) but the internet salesman I was working with. This rebate is assigned to the dealer, but you can ask for it and they will deduct it from your sales price. If you don't ask but finance through Mazda credit anyway, the dealer gets the 1K and smiles as you walk out the door ... There are great deals out there right now, go for it if you've been thinking about the Tribute!
  • Dealer in Macon, GA this past weekend advertised a new 2005 Mazda Tribute, 4 cylinder, 5 speed, with air, for $14,990. I wanted automatic, and the best price was $18,000! Salesman told me that Mazda had given them an incentive on the 5 speed.
  • Mercury Mariner 6 CYL FWD

    Central Florida

    Sticker Price: $27,905

     - All options Available

    Price Before TTT: $24,405

     -$2,000 Customer Rebate

     -$1,500 Dealer Rebate


    I haven't picked up the car yet but this is what I have them down to so far. I think I can get another $500 out of them.
  • ..2005, Pebble, S trim with: 4wd, 6cyl, 1PK, tow pack, side air bags/air curtains $21,199 plus T/T, from excellent rep at North Penn Mazda in PA. That's after 3000 rebate and 1000 MAC cash and 500 college grad. This after a terrible experience at Sussman Mazda (PA) who tried to rip me off and lied to me. Of note, if you're buying-

    1. You CAN get the $1000 MAC cash for financing thru Mazda WITH the college grad rebate.

    2. You CAN negotiate the MAC rate, don't believe it if they say it's 6.9! I'm at 5.3 with Mazda.
  • j647j647 Posts: 4
    2005 S model, 6cyl, auto trans, FWD (don't need AWD in NC), $18,300 after the 3000 rebate. No upgrade packages. I bought it the Saturday before Xmas, (went in the 1st week in Dec to test drive), and there was NOBODY in the showroom.


    I drove an '04 in August, w/ 5-speed and it was about the same price although the '05's had come out.


    I am not a big fan of the interior looks where the radio is but everything else is great.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    2005 Tribute GX-14 (with Convenience Package)

    2.3L, FWD, 4 speed Automatic

    A/C, Cruise Control, etc. etc.

    Price: CAN $26,110 before taxes


    Just love the car, nice exterior (Dark Titanium) and the interior very well laid out and stylish. The 2.3 liter engine is surprisingly powerful and the fuel consumption great (as per spec.)


    The dealer West Coast Mazda in Pitt Meadows BC,was ok until I found a defect a few days after purchase (small damage to underside of lower moulding/bracket)probably caused during transport.


    Sales Manager refused to take responsibility, instead blames customer and subsequently looses good customer. Stupid way to do business I think, save a few dollars on a minor repair and loose years of maintenance/service income.


    Oh well, it's their loss, I still love my new Trib.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    CAN $26,110 = US $ 21,671 (CAN$1.00 = US$0.83)
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