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2013 and Earlier - Ford Escape Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Wish I had known about the $1000 rebate through Mazda financing...should have checked here before I bought...whoops.


    Question - why, after 3500 mi am I only getting 21.5 mpg, when I do almost all Hwy driving, and at reasonable speeds?


    rcinmd - funny, new mazdas are similar, and I switched from a Honda (Accord) also. Loved that car, but not a fan of CRVs.


    Wasn't sure if FWD would be enough, but handles great in the snow.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    From what I have read, people usually average 2-4 less mpg during colder months (look through some of the SUV posts). Maybe after winter that average will be closer to 25 or so..


    I was lucky enough that my dealer was up front about all the incentives (of course I negotiated over the Internet and did my homework on pricing). It is highly possible that the dealer pocketed the rebate.. This is not uncommon (read Edmunds "Confessions of A Car Salesman" when you have time, you will learn a ton!)
  • nanas2nanas2 Posts: 4
    Platinum Metallic, Cloth, Tow PKG, Side Step Tubes, Rear Bumper Guard, All Weather Floor Mats, Spoiler, Cargo Net, Auto 4 spd. 430 miles.. We ended up financing 17,403 we gave 2500 down with 2600 for our trade. The dealer gave us 3500 cash back. Mazda financing disappointed us and would not match our institutions 6.5, We took 7.4 and will refinance in 6 months. The dealer Milo Gordon, Lawton, OK. was an OK experience. After reading some of the forums I think we did OK, but will do much better next time. My first new car buying experience
  • Hi,

    Can anyone clear up the current Mazda Tribute incentives for me? Currently there is 2500 dollars back to customer and 1000 more to customer if they finance through Mazda at the current rate, which I have been told is grossly inflated at 7-8.5% way above the majority of financial institutes 4-5%. I have also found on this web site a 500 rebate "to dealer" as well. There is also 0% financing but not with the 2500 but you can get 2.9 with the 1000 rebate. Should the dealers 500 be considered in when determining price or is that their money that you will never see or get credit for? Just want to have my information correct before I start dealing.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    I've had the Tribute since Thanksgiving, and I have not yet put 300 miles on it. Still breaking it in, and still racking up miles on the Accord till I sell it. I am a bit concerned about the gas mileage though as well. I have generally found that what a vehicle gets when new is what it gets 50,000 miles later. Thus far, and admittedly during cold weather, and short trips, I have averaged around 21 mpg.


    We have had a couple snows recently, but I have been driving the Honda. I did take the Tribute down the street after the first snow, to check traction ( AWD, 5 speed ), and it did great. Also "slammed" on the brakes to check the ABS. Lots of racket, and it stopped just fine. So the Tribute is still nice and shiney silver in the driveway, while the Accord is salt-covered.


    But back to the gas mileage. Not sure what is going on there. It seems this family of vehicles is not very fuel efficient.
  • Yes.


    I purchased my 05 Tribute in November 04 and received $4K in rebates (including the $1K rebate from Mazda Credit. I have really good credit and got 5.9%.


    Here is the trick, take the finance rebate and then simply refinance later (I believe that you have to make three payments (3 months) to Mazda before you can refinance through another lender). I looked at refinancing, but I had a pretty big downpayment so I would really only end up saving a few dollars a month.


    I got a great deal on my Tribute ($400 under invoce plus the $4000 rebate). Paid $21,877 for my 05 Tribute S AWD V6 with pkg 3, side curtain airbags, and auto-dimming mirror with compass. I did some extensive negotiation over the Internet before purchase. I also got KBB bluebook value on my wife's used Nissan Sentra (after extensive negotiation). Always negotiate your trade-in after you negotiate the price of the new car! They will always try and get you...
  • One more thing, I told the finance clerk that my credit union was offering 3.9% and if they could not get close, then I would not finance through Mazda. So, I think that 7-8% talk is not right since I got 5.9% plus all the incentives.


    Like I mentioned, you should still be better off taking the $1K rebate at a higher interest rate and then refinancing later at a lower interest rate. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I wouldn't think gas mileage would be a concern to you with only 300 miles in two months (works out to 1,800 miles per year). In any case, you should take performance issues over to the Mazda Tribute discussion.


    tidester, host
  • heres what you should do.....

    buy the car with mazda financing and take the full rebates. as soon as you get your payment book, call mazda for the payoff. refinance at whatever bank or credit union offers you the best rate, and pay off the original loan. there will be no penalty for early payment of the original simple interest loan. it will have cost you about a months worth of interest on the original amount financed, but should still save you enough money to be worth the effort. most banks and credit unions will allow you 90 days to do this after the purchase.
  • usually, with any kind of new vehicle, it will never get near the highway mpg listed on the sticker until the engin is broken in. usually, you will see mpg rise once you have put about 5000 miles on it.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Heck, I am just letting the Tribute sit while racking up miles on the Honda until I sell the Accord. I average somewhere around 12,000 miles per year, maybe a bit more. I sure don't expect with these temps, and my short drives to realize yet what the vehicle will do gas mileage wise, but I have an idea that once I start using it 'normally', I may see 22 around town, and hopefully push the upper 20s on a long trip, though that might be asking a bit much. I had a Nisan Pathfinder that did 20 mpg from new till trade-in, a Civic that realized 38 mpg on the highway from new till sale, and the Accord has done 34 mpg consistently to this point. So it seems that the rating of 22 / 26 for the Tribute should be accurate. It is those owners of the V6 who seem to miss the mark significantly.
  • Ok, I have bought a few cars but never over the internet. I have been reading about this here on Edmunds. How did you guys begin negotiating? I have contacted a local dealer through their web site but all that has been talked about is when I plan on buying and that there are current incentives of up to 3500 (of which Edmunds says there is another 500 cash to dealer as well). Did you just say what is your best offer for 05Tribute with X packages and add ons then deal down from there? Did you or did they quote the first price? Was it asked for or did they volunteer it? Did they ask about a trade in prior to completeing the new car pricing? If so did you say no or yes to that. Please if anyone could outline the course or a typical course of advancement for me. I am excited to try this new phenomina and not dealing with the dealership in person until I have to sign papers. Did you get prequalified as well?


  • Here is what I did:

    Sent an email to about five local dealers with the vehicle that I wanted plus all the options I was looking for. I also gave them a preference on color (I actually liked three different colors on the Tribute, so this opened up more bargaining options). After I listed what I wanted I told them to email me with their best offer, and that I wanted to purchase immediately (this is key!).


    Got back 4 responses within less than 8 hours:

    1 for 24K

    2 between 22,500 and 23,500

    1 for 21,888!


    Obviously I choose the dealer that offered 21,888 (or about $500 under plus $4K in rebates). I have bought three cars in this fashion, and really prefer it. A few other tricks are to look at the end of the month (some dealers are willing to further reduce prices to hit their goals), and make sure you do your homework on invoice prices. Also, you have to make it clear that you are serious and want to do the deal ASAP. If you tell the dealer you are just looking, you will not get as competitive a quote. Also, make sure you ask them for all of their fees too!
  • Hi,


    So you bought it new for about 17900? Wow! Which would you buy and why? Tribute or Escape?


  • Sorry, I am not sure that I was clear. I got my Tribute for 21,888 (the Edmunds invoice price with rebates is 22,900 (including rebates, excluding destination and ttl).


    I think deciding between the Escape and Tribute (and now the Mercury Mariner) is really a personal choice, but here is why I picked the Tribute over the Escape:

    - Price. The loaded Tribute I bought was a few thousand dollars cheaper than a similarly equipped Escape. Mazda had better rebates at time of purchase vs. Ford.

    - Handling/performance. Mazda engineers tweaked the Tribute and made it a little tighter (handling), and geared it to make it a little quicker. But the Escape is great too, so this fairly minor. I just liked the way Tribute drove and vs. the Escape.

    - Warranty. The Tribute has a better warranty (4yr/50K vs. 3yr/36K for the Ford). This is a no brainer! Also, Mazda gives a loaner car for any warranty work that is being done. This was a nice plus for me after owning a problematic Volkswagen and being left stranded to find rides on numerous occasions.

    - Interior. It may just be me, but I thought the overall fit and finish on the Tribute were better than the Escape. I love the heated leather seats in the Tribute! They are so comfortable.


    I think that exterior styling is a toss-up. I liked them both, but actually think the Mariner had an advantage. I did not test drive a Mariner, but I am almost sure that I still would have bought the Tribute. I really love this vehicle, and highly recommend it. You get a lot of bang for your buck!


    Good luck, and let us know what you decide on..
  • ok,

    Contacted 1 dealer because they advertised below invoice pricing plus you get the rebates. His invoice pricing was 1000 more than the Edmunds and NADA. He specifically named Edmunds as a non-affiliated non-manufacture source, which is true. I guess that I am misunderstanding the Invoice price posted on these web sites. I took them as they are factual and true, procured from the manufactures. Well, lets see what happens, I will stand tall before the man and negotiate with the info I have.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Unfortunately, invoice price concept lost its value. Looks like every site has different invoice price. Dealers, of course, developed their own defence mechanism against internet invoice pricing...So my point is how do you know which invoice price is the real invoice price....

    Edmunds invoice doesn't cover some fees and advertising expenses so dealer invoice is actualy higher than what Edmunds publishes.
  • mphxazmphxaz Posts: 27
    snowman is right in that the dealer will add fees and advertising expenses not noted on the Edmunds invoice price, changing that amount slightly. However, $1000 dollars over the Edmunds invoice seems excessive to me. Edmunds TMV trys to take those extra fees into account with it's pricing.
    For what it is worth, when I purchased my 05 Trib in December (and my 01 Gran Prix in May of 01) I was able to negotiate with the dealer using the Edmunds invoice price with no hassle from the dealers. Are you working with the fleet / internet manager/ department as opposed to just any salesman? They are the ones I've asked for when entering/e-mailing the dealership and that has always worked for me ......

    Good Luck with your negotiations!

  • Simply call the dealer's bluff and ask them to show you the invoice on the specific vehicle you're interested in. If they won't do that for you maybe you should try another dealer.
  • There is no such thing as the Edmunds invoice price, or the CarsDirect invoice price, or the dealer's invoice price.

    There is only one invoice price, and Edmunds just reports what it is. So do all the other sites. Realistically, for some makes, you'll need to add advertising and other fees to the invoice since the dealers claim that they must pay them. (NOTE: By "other fees" I do not mean the dealer doc fee, which is a dealer concoction. I mean manufacturer fees.)
  • I am looking to buy an 05 Tribute S with package 1 and a few other add-ons. I am in the Chicago area. I can currently get the following incentive: 2500 cash, 1000 cash for using mazda credit, 500 dealer cash, 500 student discount because the wife just finnished her master, 500 auto show bonus. (5000 total) I also qualify for Mazda "S Plan" through my work which gets me the vehicle for invoice cost. Has anyone negotiated a price for under invoice, or should I just take "S Plan" and the $5000 in incentives? Thanks.
  • dmarxdmarx Posts: 1
    Just test drove an '05 Escape XLT today. Nice car, really liked it a lot. V6, 2WD, automatic, pretty much standard XLT stuff with the additional cargo cover thing. Sticker was $24,095, sales guy quoted me $20,616 which includes the current $2K incentive and $1479 discount through my work's employee/dealer program with Ford. Good? Bad? I'd like to get it for around $19K. The Nissan dealership on the other side of town is anxious to give me $5K off a new '04 Xterra (stickers at $24K, final sale at $19K) which if the Ford guys are willing to be competitive against, it might be worthwhile. Any thoughts? Like jbrook10, I'm also interested to know if anyone has negotiated for a better deal under a plan from work such as the S or X plan. The sales guys seem to think it's a done deal at that price.
  • If you look at some of my previous posts, I was able to purchase a completely loaded Tribute S (pkg 3) for under invoice. I was buying near Thanksgiving, and it was slow here in Northern VA, but it can be done! But I gotta tell you, if you get yours at invoice minus 5K, that is a great steal, I mean deal :)
  • I think you should shop around some more.. If not, check out a Mazda Tribute since they have better incentives. I picked up a totally loaded (comparable to a Escape AWD V6 Limited) for 21,888.. You should be able to pickup a similarly equipped 2wd Tribute for 20K or less.

    Personally, I think you should be able to get an Escape XLT for invoice (then take off 2K for incentives).
  • Just finalized the purchase, 05 Tribute, V4, 2WD, Auto, Cruise $16000 out of door including TTL. I think this is a good deal. It is after $2500+$1000 rebate and $500 graduate rebate.
  • Just got a Tribute S, package 3, Side Airbags and homelink mirror for $21,653 (plus TTL). This included $5,000 in incentives. Overall the car drives great but a rattle has developed in the roof near the sunroof or overhead light. Anyone else have this issue?
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    You will probably have more luck getting an answer to this question in our regular Mazda Tribute discussion.

    /WebX?ed_displayMakeModelRelatedD- iscussions@@.ee6b280!make=Mazda&model=Tribute
  • Well,
    I drove all of the small SUVs over the past 3 weeks, Escape, Tribute, Jeep, Subaru. Each seemed to have there +/- and it probably depends on the persons needs and likes. I needed something to get to work when it snows 9-12 inches. The results:

    Ford: Drove fairly smooth but lacked he comfort in the cabin. Nice incentives 3250 for me during this time. Salesman talked down the other SUVs I was looking into. During the test drive the gas pedal stuck down. Thought the vehicle lacked the power of the others. 4.24 financed through my instituion beat the 5.5 from Ford.

    Mazda: Drove very responsive. A bit too responsive for my taste. Seemed to be very noisy when you stepped into it.Nice incentives 3500.00 and though there was a dealers 500 more posted on this web site couldn't seem to pull it from the dealer here in town. 5.9 from Mazda, beaten by my instition as stated above.

    Jeep: Drove a little sluggish but good power/pickup. Less noisy then the others. 3000.00 incentives plus Friends and family 1% below invoice. Then 0% financing for 60 months.

    I chose the Jeep. I could deal with the sluggish steering in exchange for the real 4wd (the others are really awd). As I said it was really a preference choice. I was convinced I was buying a Tribute until a freind talked me into testing a Jeep. The damage? 27,500 loaded limited leather premium stereo 28 g package, only things left to get were sun roof (didn't need it) and towing package. 23,000 out the door TTL 0% financing.

    Oh, and the Subaru? Nice car, and I say car. Very nice if you don't mind driving a station wagon on roids and paying 30,000+ for a comparable version to the others I tested (v-6 AWD/FWD leather premium stereo). Only modest incentives too = no sale for me.
  • Glad to see that you took your time and drove all the vehicles. The Jeep is definitely a little more suited to handle inclement weather and to take offroad. Too be honest, I did not look to close at the Liberty when I purchased because my brother in law had two lemon law Chrysler's (cars, not SUV, and not a Jeep) over the past year or so, and completely talked me away from the Daimler brand. I do like the looks of them, but the few that I rode in (not current model, but a couple 03's) seemed to have a rough ride to them (but hey, its a Jeep!). BTW, what type of warranty comes with it? Have fun! I know I am in my Tribute today with all the snow that we will be getting (gotta love those seat warmers)!
  • I'm looking at getting an Escape from a dealer. They have a used 05 XLT on the lot with 18,500 miles on it for $19,400. It comes with the sunroof, towing package, step bars and 6 CD stero and speakers. Is this a good price on it?
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