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2013 and Earlier - Ford Escape Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    ... I'm just wondering who your salesmen was at Brown's.

    You'll have to do that privately. See the note hightlighted in red at the bottom of this page concerning posting of names, etc.

    tidester, host
  • Just bought a 05, S with PKG1 and a few other things. MSRP was $25,600, Invoice $23,700.
    I paid right at $23,800 less the $3K cash back and a separate $1K for financing through MAC. Dealer fee was an obnoxious $499, but I got out the door for right at $20K. This was at Boniface Hiers in Melbourne Fl. Best quote I got was for ~$300 less from Cory Fairbanks in Longwood Fl, a much bigger dealer but almost 100 miles away.

    I'm Happy with it.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    fabulous deal, and might even be a bit better than S-plan pricing, though the dealer fees are nuts there.
  • mphxazmphxaz Posts: 27
    First of all I want to Thank all of those that post to these forums, I've been "lurking" for a while and the information picked up here is invaluable! We just picked up our new 05 Tribute S 2WD tonight with Package 2 (Leather, Premium Stereo, Power Seat, etc), Side Air Bags & Curtains, Auto Dim Mirror W/Homelink, Rear Step Plate, Door Edge Guards & Cargo Net. Paid $20,413 before TT&L and after 3K rebate combined with the 1K rebate for financing through Mazda Credit. Financed the minimum needed to receive 1K rebate and will pay off early in 3 months. We felt it was worth it to receive the additional 1K rebate. Learned about the 1K rebate in this forum, surprised all at the dealership (How did he know about that?) but the internet salesman I was working with. This rebate is assigned to the dealer, but you can ask for it and they will deduct it from your sales price. If you don't ask but finance through Mazda credit anyway, the dealer gets the 1K and smiles as you walk out the door ... There are great deals out there right now, go for it if you've been thinking about the Tribute!
  • Dealer in Macon, GA this past weekend advertised a new 2005 Mazda Tribute, 4 cylinder, 5 speed, with air, for $14,990. I wanted automatic, and the best price was $18,000! Salesman told me that Mazda had given them an incentive on the 5 speed.
  • Mercury Mariner 6 CYL FWD

    Central Florida

    Sticker Price: $27,905

     - All options Available

    Price Before TTT: $24,405

     -$2,000 Customer Rebate

     -$1,500 Dealer Rebate


    I haven't picked up the car yet but this is what I have them down to so far. I think I can get another $500 out of them.
  • ..2005, Pebble, S trim with: 4wd, 6cyl, 1PK, tow pack, side air bags/air curtains $21,199 plus T/T, from excellent rep at North Penn Mazda in PA. That's after 3000 rebate and 1000 MAC cash and 500 college grad. This after a terrible experience at Sussman Mazda (PA) who tried to rip me off and lied to me. Of note, if you're buying-

    1. You CAN get the $1000 MAC cash for financing thru Mazda WITH the college grad rebate.

    2. You CAN negotiate the MAC rate, don't believe it if they say it's 6.9! I'm at 5.3 with Mazda.
  • j647j647 Posts: 4
    2005 S model, 6cyl, auto trans, FWD (don't need AWD in NC), $18,300 after the 3000 rebate. No upgrade packages. I bought it the Saturday before Xmas, (went in the 1st week in Dec to test drive), and there was NOBODY in the showroom.


    I drove an '04 in August, w/ 5-speed and it was about the same price although the '05's had come out.


    I am not a big fan of the interior looks where the radio is but everything else is great.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    2005 Tribute GX-14 (with Convenience Package)

    2.3L, FWD, 4 speed Automatic

    A/C, Cruise Control, etc. etc.

    Price: CAN $26,110 before taxes


    Just love the car, nice exterior (Dark Titanium) and the interior very well laid out and stylish. The 2.3 liter engine is surprisingly powerful and the fuel consumption great (as per spec.)


    The dealer West Coast Mazda in Pitt Meadows BC,was ok until I found a defect a few days after purchase (small damage to underside of lower moulding/bracket)probably caused during transport.


    Sales Manager refused to take responsibility, instead blames customer and subsequently looses good customer. Stupid way to do business I think, save a few dollars on a minor repair and loose years of maintenance/service income.


    Oh well, it's their loss, I still love my new Trib.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    CAN $26,110 = US $ 21,671 (CAN$1.00 = US$0.83)
  • Wish I had known about the $1000 rebate through Mazda financing...should have checked here before I bought...whoops.


    Question - why, after 3500 mi am I only getting 21.5 mpg, when I do almost all Hwy driving, and at reasonable speeds?


    rcinmd - funny, new mazdas are similar, and I switched from a Honda (Accord) also. Loved that car, but not a fan of CRVs.


    Wasn't sure if FWD would be enough, but handles great in the snow.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    From what I have read, people usually average 2-4 less mpg during colder months (look through some of the SUV posts). Maybe after winter that average will be closer to 25 or so..


    I was lucky enough that my dealer was up front about all the incentives (of course I negotiated over the Internet and did my homework on pricing). It is highly possible that the dealer pocketed the rebate.. This is not uncommon (read Edmunds "Confessions of A Car Salesman" when you have time, you will learn a ton!)
  • nanas2nanas2 Posts: 4
    Platinum Metallic, Cloth, Tow PKG, Side Step Tubes, Rear Bumper Guard, All Weather Floor Mats, Spoiler, Cargo Net, Auto 4 spd. 430 miles.. We ended up financing 17,403 we gave 2500 down with 2600 for our trade. The dealer gave us 3500 cash back. Mazda financing disappointed us and would not match our institutions 6.5, We took 7.4 and will refinance in 6 months. The dealer Milo Gordon, Lawton, OK. was an OK experience. After reading some of the forums I think we did OK, but will do much better next time. My first new car buying experience
  • Hi,

    Can anyone clear up the current Mazda Tribute incentives for me? Currently there is 2500 dollars back to customer and 1000 more to customer if they finance through Mazda at the current rate, which I have been told is grossly inflated at 7-8.5% way above the majority of financial institutes 4-5%. I have also found on this web site a 500 rebate "to dealer" as well. There is also 0% financing but not with the 2500 but you can get 2.9 with the 1000 rebate. Should the dealers 500 be considered in when determining price or is that their money that you will never see or get credit for? Just want to have my information correct before I start dealing.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    I've had the Tribute since Thanksgiving, and I have not yet put 300 miles on it. Still breaking it in, and still racking up miles on the Accord till I sell it. I am a bit concerned about the gas mileage though as well. I have generally found that what a vehicle gets when new is what it gets 50,000 miles later. Thus far, and admittedly during cold weather, and short trips, I have averaged around 21 mpg.


    We have had a couple snows recently, but I have been driving the Honda. I did take the Tribute down the street after the first snow, to check traction ( AWD, 5 speed ), and it did great. Also "slammed" on the brakes to check the ABS. Lots of racket, and it stopped just fine. So the Tribute is still nice and shiney silver in the driveway, while the Accord is salt-covered.


    But back to the gas mileage. Not sure what is going on there. It seems this family of vehicles is not very fuel efficient.
  • Yes.


    I purchased my 05 Tribute in November 04 and received $4K in rebates (including the $1K rebate from Mazda Credit. I have really good credit and got 5.9%.


    Here is the trick, take the finance rebate and then simply refinance later (I believe that you have to make three payments (3 months) to Mazda before you can refinance through another lender). I looked at refinancing, but I had a pretty big downpayment so I would really only end up saving a few dollars a month.


    I got a great deal on my Tribute ($400 under invoce plus the $4000 rebate). Paid $21,877 for my 05 Tribute S AWD V6 with pkg 3, side curtain airbags, and auto-dimming mirror with compass. I did some extensive negotiation over the Internet before purchase. I also got KBB bluebook value on my wife's used Nissan Sentra (after extensive negotiation). Always negotiate your trade-in after you negotiate the price of the new car! They will always try and get you...
  • One more thing, I told the finance clerk that my credit union was offering 3.9% and if they could not get close, then I would not finance through Mazda. So, I think that 7-8% talk is not right since I got 5.9% plus all the incentives.


    Like I mentioned, you should still be better off taking the $1K rebate at a higher interest rate and then refinancing later at a lower interest rate. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I wouldn't think gas mileage would be a concern to you with only 300 miles in two months (works out to 1,800 miles per year). In any case, you should take performance issues over to the Mazda Tribute discussion.


    tidester, host
  • heres what you should do.....

    buy the car with mazda financing and take the full rebates. as soon as you get your payment book, call mazda for the payoff. refinance at whatever bank or credit union offers you the best rate, and pay off the original loan. there will be no penalty for early payment of the original simple interest loan. it will have cost you about a months worth of interest on the original amount financed, but should still save you enough money to be worth the effort. most banks and credit unions will allow you 90 days to do this after the purchase.
  • usually, with any kind of new vehicle, it will never get near the highway mpg listed on the sticker until the engin is broken in. usually, you will see mpg rise once you have put about 5000 miles on it.
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