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Ford Escape Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ordered a 2003 Mystic Black ES-V6 AWD/ Luxury & Tow Package Tribute for $21500 (GA).
    Invoice was $24,500

    Rear Bumper Step Plate was also there.

    Luxury Package -
    Power Sliding Glass Moonroof, Sunshade, Premium Audio Package, AM/FM Radio With 190 Watts, 7 Speakers Total; Cassette Player; In Dash 6-Disc CD Changer, 90-Watt Subwoofer, Digital Clock.

    Just waiting to ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM !!!
  • How good a deal is this?

    03 Tribute w/ rear spoiler, per. alarm & rear bumb. step plate for 19,416 w/ tax, title dealer fee.

    List was 25,624.
    Traded in a '97 Cheev Cav LS, power everything 45k mi. They gave me 3,500, w/o looking at it, plus the 2,500 rebate, and my bro. works at the dealer, so he got me another 1,627 off.

  • I am interested in getting an '03 ES Tribute and live in the Seattle area. Can anyone recommend a dealership in the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma corridor?
  • 9/10/03 we bought a Tribute with:
    Leather Seats, side air bags, Premium Audio Package, AM/FM Radio With 190 Watts, 7 Speakers Total; Cassette Player; In Dash 6-Disc CD Changer,Digital Clock.
    Rear Bumper Step Plate, Tow package.
    Tint windows, Paint protection
    MSRP $25,899(Arizona)
    My husband bought the Extended Svc Agreement for $1,995.00 I see someone else paid $794. We will be cancelling that.
  • newzoomer,

    Did you get Power Sliding Glass Moonroof on your Trib ???

  • I'm curious if that 21350 includes the trade or if they sold you the Trib for that then subtracted your trade $.

    I also bought my vehicle there - was an interesting experience to say the least, glad I had a bulldog for a friend w/me to make sure I didn't get screwed on my trade.

    BTW, I got an '03 Trib ES w/the lux and tow pkg plus the rear cargo mat thing - I think I paid like 1300 for the ext. warranty though, hmmm.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I'm amazed to hear about all these 2003's....we have been out of 2003's Tributes for more than 45 days. We have had 2004 for that entire time....

    also, with the slightly redesigned 2004's coming out in January I can't imagine why a dealer has 2003's in stock.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Did the dealership pay off your loan? If so, then the $3,300 "charge" is correct. Otherwise, you paid twice!

    tidester, host
  • It is definitely interesting to see the Pricing sheet of the dealer.. They never mention the S-Plan anywhere. They work out of the MSRP.. and gave me enough discounts to match the price on the S-plan.probably for tax purposes.

    Basically the car's S-plan was $21350 (including the$2500 rebate). ince we negotiated $6k for my eclipse. I paid $15350+taxes+transfer of egistration for a total of $17,xxx (not sure exactly how much).

    I am pretty sure they overcharged me on the transfer of registration nd fees. because according to MA RMV, it costs only some $30 to transfer.. probably even less like $16. but these guys charged me $125.. probably for convinience.

    I didn't know that i had 7 days for registration...
    and that i could've walked off from the dealership and done the registration myself.

    The dealership was 30 miles away from my home... I think it was more rouble to go back to the dealership to pick up my new registration than to the RMV.. and i had to pay extra for that "convinience" ;-) ;-)

    anyways.. a $100-$200 more.. on a $21k car.. i didn't think too much of it at that time. ;-) and i guess they also count on it.
    I presume they are computerized..and don't even send somebody to the dealership anymore.. so no extra labor involved. like in the old days.. when someone used to go from the dealership to the RMV every morn to finish the registrations of the cars sold the previous day.
  • between the FORD Escape and the MAZDA Tribute ??
    Other than different Dealers and vehicle name plates, does one have a better color selection, better tires, different option packages ?? I have already reasearched Mazda and visited two Mazda Dealers, as well as test driving the Tribute, but never went to see the Ford. I know this..... back in 2001 when I was deciding between a Mazda Pick-Up or Ford Ranger (also Sister vehicles) the Mazda actually had better seats and a better warranty, no kidding !! I ended up buying a big, old (used) Oldsmobile station wagon instead :-( ..... a big mistake !!
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    It is my understanding that the Tribute has a slightly stiffer suspension for that 'sportier' feel. But other than that, it's pretty much what you have mentioned. Colors, and slightly different shape on some body panesl. The core of the vehicle (frame, engine, tranny, brakes) are identical. If you can't find the exact Mazda you like, take a look at the Escape. Honda and Hyundai also have mini-SUV's that compare to the Tribute/Escape well too.
  • $23,915 - 2,500 rebate = $21,415 Luxury Pkg, Premium Audio Pkg, Tow Pkg, Wheel locks, Auto dimming mirror/compass & Temp, ABS Brakes, Side Air bags & 6-way PWR driver seat.
  • 03lxv603lxv6 Posts: 126
    Anybody bought the 04 tribute recently? Any information regarding the to-be-refreshed version? I see at caranddriver a 2004.5 refreshing, but not much detail.
  • Looking for an '04 LS w/4WD, ABS, Tow Pkg. in Pebble Ash. I can only pay invoice or maybe a little more. TMV is $21,590 and invoice is $20,845. But dealers around here are asking thousands more. Is the demand for Tributes really that great that they can afford to do that right now? What should I do to get my price? I'm willing to travel out of this area (St. Louis, MO) for a better deal. Can anyone recommend a better area?

    I also have a '95 Ford Van (Club Wagon Chateau) in excellent condition - 100K mi. Need to get about $5K to make the deal work, but does a trade complicate the deal too much?

    Appreciate any comments! We're ready to buy as soon as I can find a dealer more reasonable than the ones I've talked to around here.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    Conversion vans are hard to value. You may get some numbers over in Real-World Trade-In Values.

    You almost always get more for your trade when you can sell it yourself.

    Steve, Host
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The slightly re-freshed 2005 Tribute will be out in December or January.
  • Is this a record for manufacturers?
  • Cars have to come out no earlier than January of the prior year to be called any given model year. So a 2005 model could come out in January of 2004, but no earlier. Ford released the then-new F-150 in January of 1996 as a 1997 model, for example.

    If the new Tribute comes out in December, they'll have to call it a 2004.5 or some such.
  • 03lxv603lxv6 Posts: 126
    is what I read from

    Saw a news release on wardsauto yesterday about 05'escape. Have some nice features. Wonder what improvement Tribute will have.

    Wish list:

    (1) floor shifter

    (2) less wind noise

    (3) safety canopy/curtain airbag
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The Tribute will be a 2005 model.

    I don't know about the wind noise, since I have not driven the 2005 (due out in Ded 03 or Jan 04)...but I can confirm you got the floor shifter and the side air curtains for rollover.

    Here are some of the standard feature changes...

    4 cyl will be the 2.3l, new front and rear fascia design, new front grill bar design, new front grill bar design, new front grill bar design, new front grill bar design, new side moldings, new headlights, new 16 alloy design, console floor shifter, new modified suspension, std rear disc brakes, std ABS with ebd, std brake assist, new advanced airbags, new seat recliner latch for safety, rear center 3 point safety belt, new HVAC controls, new smart locking system, sirius ready head unit on radio....

    There will be an 'i' version (4 cyl) and an S version which will be a 6 cyl...three option packages 1,2,3.....I havent sorted out the option packages yet....I post that info soon
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