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Chrysler Sebring Convertible



  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Thanks a lot for the info. I've read over the forums on the Sebring and you are right. The reliability record is still pretty bad. Chrysler is famous (like Toyota) for blaming the customer for what was a manufacturing defect. Either that or they come back with the "can't find problem" or "that's normal". I think frankly I'll keep what I have until I can afford one of the 2005/6 Mustang models in a few years which are totally different than mine. I'll cool it for awhile. Thanks again and good kuck. Make sure you change oil at a Chrysler dealership so they have a computer record of the oil changes. This is the only way people get new engines at Toyota I understand.
  • neonitisneonitis Posts: 11
    You're welcome sir.It is pathetic how Chrysler shysters have devastated so many innocent lives.
    Actually Toyota wants "proof of oil changes" to qualify for motor replacement reimbursement in this excerpt:Toyota's new policy is a dramatic change from a so-called Special Policy Adjustment begun in February. Amid increasing criticism for refusing to deal with the problem, Toyota notified 3.3 million owners of the affected engines that sludge-related repairs would be covered for one year, as long as they proved the oil had been changed at least once in the previous year.
    i got from:
  • engr2go1engr2go1 Posts: 10
    I purchased my car new and have had several small and mid sized problems with it. It has 38,000 miles on it. I love the look and ride. The transmission shifts pretty bad though, lots of klunks. Other problems:
    Engine light turned out to be a problem with the seat belt (warranty on two occassions)
    Engine light turned out to be a problem with the gas tank vacuum line (warranty)
    Rear window defogger does not work. When you put the top down, the wire breaks. Mechanic says it is a poor design, when they fix it it breaks. I gave up.
    Electric windows make screeching sound.
    Door hinges klunk badly.
    Speakers died early and had to be replaced.
    Snaps that hold the back of the top down are coming out of their holders.
    It leaks oil from around the oil pan gasket. It looks like Chrysler uses a liquid gasket compound rather than a real gasket. It doesn't appear as though it was applied correctly.
    The unlock button popped out of the key remote.
    The airbag light comes on intermittently.
    The front brake rotors are warped (I have not used the brakes in a manner that would have caused this).

    I am surprised as my other car is a 98 Grand Caravan with 184,000 miles and I have had very few problems with it. Overall, I still like driving the Sebring but feel Chrysler quality is just not there anymore though the styling is great. In the future I will likely try a Toyota. What has happened to Chrysler???
  • I don't know if this will help you but..My JXI ragtop flooded last year when I first bought it. I had to clean the drains under the rocker panels. the car was still soaked and the amp for the sound sys was in a puddle under the passenger seat so I took out the seat. When the car was dry (much later) I replaced the seat. I typically drive alone to work so I didn't notice until several months later that the seat belt was locked. After trying everything except logic I looked under the seat and saw a plug hanging down from the seat. Further probing revealed a plug nest to the amplifier. Throwing caution to the winds I attached the plugs and immediately the problem was solved. After much cogitation I think (guess) that if the seat were somehow to come free from the car in a catastrophic accident you would remain strapped into the seat. I suppose this would make corpse recovery simpler for the highway patrol.
    Good luck.
  • matune1matune1 Posts: 3
    We've had a popping noise in the front end of our 2001 LXi for several months. The dealer replaced the left strut once - but that didn't solve the problem. The car must be 'warmed up' for us to hear it, maybe after 5 miles or so. Then, at almost any speed, it just keeps on popping - kind of like the popping you'd hear from a microwave popcorn bag - toward the end of the cooking time. It's not at the same time interval - such as every five seconds, or at the rotation of an engine or suspension part. Like I said, reminds us of the non-regular popping sound you'd hear at the end of the popcorn cooking time - but the last kernel never pops. It just keeps on going - like the Ever Ready Bunny.

    Surely, we're not the only Sebring owner to ever have this happen. The dealer says he has had other Sebrings do this, but replacing the strut fixed the problem.
  • mcrtr505mcrtr505 Posts: 1
    Hello All I am new to the Site. I have a 97 JXI and the Timing Belt failed due to the water pump siezing up. I need some help with re-timing the engine. The Right hand Cam Gear does not seem to come in to time off about 1 inch from the mark no matter how many times i turn it around. Can Anyone HELP or direct me to a forum that might HELP
    Thanks :cry:
  • kenitzerkenitzer Posts: 19
    I have had my 2004 Sebring Touring for 2 years now and have accumulated 42000 trouble free miles. The only service done to date is oil/filter changes (every 4000 miles with Pennzoil Synthetic), air filter changes (2) and replacement of the 2 front tires due to wear. Otherwise I just put gas in (average approx 24 mpg) and drive. I still put the top down whenever the weather permits and enjoy the open air. I just wanted to post this because forums like this are typically filled with posts from people trying to solve problems with their vehicles. Potential buyers need to hear the positive stories as well.
  • engr2go1engr2go1 Posts: 10
    Add to this that popping noise. I think it might be the one discussed earlier. It seems to come and go though. More of a klunking though. I will climb underneath and take a look. Let you know when I know.

    PS: Glad to hear from the earlier post he is having no problems. I wish I could say the same. :lemon:
  • bharveybharvey Posts: 2
    I have the same noise in my 2000 Sebring convertible. I was told by a dealer that they are known for sway bar bushings going bad and making that type of noise.
  • bharveybharvey Posts: 2
    I own a 2000 JX and had the same problem. I took it to a upholstery shop and he told me to use super glue. I did it last weekend and it worked great!
  • I am torn between a 98 Mustang and 98 Sebring. The Mustang has 87K miles and Sebring 65K. However, I am most concerned about reliability and safety as my teen daughter will be driving the car.

    Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Ahhhh, so this answers it. He was talking convertible. The answer is none of the above. No convertibles for new drivers, and no convertibles without a roll bar for veteran drivers. The longer answer to the question I posted on the Mustang forum about the '98 Mustang.

    Looks like no response -- must be a hit and run poster. :D
  • Sorry, not a hit and run poster...just can't get on too often, but thank you for the reply. :blush: I am really re-thinking the whole convertible thing. I do have to keep safety first and perhaps need to think of something stylish yet more sensible. Thanks for your feedback!!

  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    That's a great idea!
    Here is a site for crash test data. I have data on death rates for a lot of cars. Often those differ from the safety data, as they relate to how typical cars are driven, and how they hold up in the real world crashes. An example is the Mustang, which is a safer car, has a higher death rate. Insurance will be higher, and they are considered less safe for kids to drive.
    Here is the crash test link:
    The other link I can not find.
    this site: use to have the data on death rates.
    I looked up the Sebring & it is a 98. An 87 rate is the norm. Makes the convertible a little less than average, but not too bad. The Miata is 80, the Mustang a 91 and the BMW Z3 is a 58. Best score was the Mercedes E class at 10. The thing is most of the convertible Mustangs and Sebrings are not being driven by new drivers. And heavens no on a Miata or Z3 for a first car! Get some slower FWD car, but don't tell her I said that! If you do go RWD, be sure the driving lessons include RWD (rear wheel drive) cars.
  • I've got the same problem.The seatbelt on the front passenger side is just stuck and I can't pull it out.Is it an electrical problem or is there like a trick to it? I'm thinking about taking it to the dealer.Is there a lifetime warranty on that sorta thing? Any advice would help.Thank you very much.
  • jd82145jd82145 Posts: 3
    is anyone having any problems with a shimmy when you drive the car?
  • jd82145jd82145 Posts: 3
    I would like to buy a 2005 with about 20,000 miles on it but when I took it out on a test drive the wheel shimmy a little,betweem 35-45 the dealer said this is very common on sebrings convertibles. its not the alliment. Do you have any problems or had a problem like this?
  • tr3alptr3alp Posts: 5
    Let me know if this ISN'T the right forum or thread to post to... I think I was in the wrong one last time! :blush:

    I just bought a 2003 Sebring Ltd convertible and have some questions: [some were answered when I bought the manuals]

    1- Why are the running lights ONLY for Canada?
    2- Can we make them work ourselves? I checked the two fuse boxes and the fuse and relay seem to be there.

    3- It only had 1 key, so I paid a dealer $65 for an unprogrammed key. They want another $40 to program it. The manual says it takes ~ 40 seconds if you have 2 good keys. So, besides the extortion, Is there a way to program a key ourselves with only 1 good key?

    4- The left front has a varying shake. Sometimes the whole cowl/windshield seem to be shifting. Otherwise, it feels solid. Anyone else have that problem? :confuse:
  • I purchased this car used with 80,000 miles. Runs great, good mileage. It already had the cam belt replaced at 60,000 so all I've done is install a K&N air filter and a flowmaster muffler. Better sound ( at least to me) and better performance. Looking at a chip, anyone out there replaced theirs and if so how is it working. Oh yes not to rub it in to y'all in the north, but I live in Phoenix and drive all year long with the top down.
  • jesrfjesrf Posts: 9
    1. It is required in Canada (by law) people in the states dont normally care for it.

    2. No Clue, but maybe.

    3. Try google, but I believe you touch the tips of the keys together for like a minute. What colors are your keys grey or black?

    4. I think the shake is common.
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