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Chrysler Sebring Convertible



  • So What was the actual problem cause my 2007 Chrysler Sebring does the exact same thing. But the check engine light doesn't come on. The what do i do
  • jim1939jim1939 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Seabring convertible with a tan top. When the car was about 2 1/2 years old the edging (trim) around the top started to deteriorate-threads broke-trim fell loose. I took the car to the dealer-he said go get a new top ($1800) I called Chrysler-they claimed they had no other reports of problems. I have seen at least 50 Chrysler Convertibles with tan tops with the same problem. What can be done to pressure Chrysler to step up to this problem-they surely know about it but have chosen to ignore it because of the cost.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    jim1939, it looks like quite a few people have had problems with tops (not sure if they were all tan) and some of them have had luck repairing them themselves:

    Chrysler Sebring Convertible Top and Sunroof Problems

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  • brklaussbrklauss Posts: 1
    I've been noticing since I brought my car into the shop a few months ago a section of the engine, what looks to be part of the cooling system, to bubble and drip every now and then. It is concerning and any insight anyone can provide would be appreciated. I've included a picture with a nice "red" oval around the part in question.

    Thank you in advance!
  • The "tower" looking device is part of the cooling system. It also contains a senser. I replaced mine a couple of years back. It is actually an assembly of pieces that are epoxied together. I was told that it is not repairable. The epoxy degrades and coolant leaks out. Since the leakage is red in color, I assume your coolant is red. It took about an hour and a half after I bought the part and a small tool due to limited clearance around the part.
  • unlostunlost Posts: 1
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    i have owned both and i can say by far the solara is better on reliability. however the sebring had a couple of advantages. it seemed like it had more room. i could control the back windows on the sebring where the solaras automatically roll down whenever you lower the top. not sure why or if it matters. solara engine will last longer. of course i payed thousands more for the solara, and i'm comparing them both as used cars. my advice is get the sebring if you want short term fun; get the solara if you want to keep it long term. here are things to beware of on the sebring- speaker grilles being cracked by passengers, head gasket/overheating problems on high mileage cars, speedometer shroud suddenly conks out (actaully not hard to fix if you can solder a resister), but the one i hate the most is the separation of the fabric from the back window. try as you will, i don't think it can be resealed permanently. Oh yeah, i almost forgot- the engineers designed the early sebrings so that you have to take off the fender and the wheel to change the battery. that's wacky. All of this is actually worth it if you pay under 2 grand for the car. the solara will need a new timing belt around 130,000 miles and if you decide to ignore that for over 150,000 you are taking a big risk.
  • I have an '08 Sebring convertible. When folding up the support shelf in the trunk one of the hinges broke.
    I took it to the dealership & was told they don't sell replacement hinges. That I would have to buy the entire support shelf to the tune of $570.00. A friend of mine bought 3 brass hinges & a friend of his installed them with rivets. Works like a charm & much stronger.
    If anyone has had this problem be sure to use the rivits as screws will pull out.
    I had called 5 junk yards to see if they had any & was told that when they get any in the hinges are bought immediately.
    Now I have 2 of the original hinges & I'm going to be calling the junk yards back to see if they would like to buy them.
  • I have an '02 convertable and not sure if I have the shelf. Thanks for the tip anyway. I have found that hardware folks are always interested in helping find solutions for those kinds of fixes.
  • I own a 2002 sebring convertable and I have an intermittent electric door lock issue. When they work they work very well (not sluggish). When they don't work, I have to manually lock the doors. They always un-lock. Has anyone had this problem?
  • I am having problems know with the locks killing the battery I think I should just buy new locks. It is something dealing with the locks.
  • I have a 2005 Chrysler Sebring convertible and recently I have started to smell a burning smell from the front drivers side, coming from under the hood. A couple of times (especially when it has been raining) I have seen steam coming from under the hood. The hood on that side of the car is very hot to the touch. None of the gauges are reading hot and there are no check engine lights coming on. It heats up after driving only about 5 or 10 minutes but is also cooled down within less than 5 minutes of Turning the car off. Has anyone had a problem like this or know what it might be?
  • I have a 2005 Sebring Convertible Touring. No I have not experienced any burning smell. I have 72000 miles on it. I live in the Dallas, Texas area and if you'd like to compare cars, with the hot spot area, I'm open to it.
  • last year we took the 2002 lxi to a local station(we have used with good results) as there was an oil leak? in the garage..they said it was a transmission leak which was normal with Sebrings and wantes about $500 to I did not see a transmission lleak as the issue(based on the colr and the level) ....I decided to wait...another center(while installing tires) said the leak was a normal chrysler transmission and certain gaskets, seals, etc....need to be replaces as part of normal maintenance ...again in the $500 to $600 tange....this LXI only has 40,000 milles on it....driven not hard , obviously , by my wife...I see that there does appear to be an oil lelak ...judged by the levels...(once I started watching it)...aside from the filter and the plug..what elase could be the culprit....

    oil pan bolts(?)....just tired of being ripped off
  • To:charlessr: Whaaaat??? I have had my sebring touring'05 since '06 which now has 72000 miles. When first bought it had 11K miles on it. I have monitored the transmission level and have NOT had any leakage more than a few drops at a time, but definitely not to where the level was requiring addition of transmission fluid. I routinely get under my sebring with creeper and inspect for any leakage, and observe sometimes a wetness around the transmission lower pan, and never any on the garage floor. The transmission has not had any work done on it while in my possession. In my experience the transmission should be serviced for: new transmission fluid filter, (chrysler brand) and new transmission fluid at 80,000miles, and 150,000miles. IMO
  • wileyibwileyib Posts: 1
    I had this problem on my 2004, Tried to get back seat out to check the pump.
    Spoke with Dealer, their remark was that their experience was that the problem was never related topping off fluid level. So I found that when the car was parked downhill there was never a problem.
    The problem disappeared after installing a new battery!!!
    You might consider replacing an old battery.
  • Thank you for the heads up. I have already replaced the battery. my hydrolic lifts have slow leaks.
  • mah53mah53 Posts: 2
    Hi Sebringlady.I just paid 800 to fix those hinges by dealer. broke the next day. could you please send me a diagram or picture of the hinges you used so I might try them on my 08 convertible. Thank You mah53
  • mah53mah53 Posts: 2
    help. paid 800 for the dealer to fix the package tray broken hinges on my 08 sebring convertible, they broke the next day at the body shop the dealer sent me to because he said he could not adjust my top it was beyond their knowledge.anybody else have this problem or a solution. Thanks mah53
  • The link at is dead, as my ISP decided to discontinue their web hosting services a few years ago. In case anyone finds this old topic, I've republished this tutorial here:

    Good luck!

  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
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    Thanks for moving the tutorial to make sure we can find it, Dave. :)

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