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Chrysler Sebring Convertible



  • leebealeebea Posts: 25
    The only white color is called Stone White. Go to to see colors.
    Lee B.
  • On my 2004 Sebring Convertible my driver's window rattles and is loose. The dealer insists that it is the rubber stripping that protects the window and replaced it. The window still rattles. Does anybody else have the same problem?
  • Hi, I'm a guy who really likes the look of the Sebring Convertib;e..they really take my eye and I would consider buying one..but, honest question: are these cars for chicks and not men? I was just wondering what you all would say to this and how many men own these cars...I'm a little afraid to come out of the closet on this one!! Honestly! Thanks all for your responses in advance.
  • I just bought a Inferno Red '04 Sebring two weeks ago. I don't think it is a chick car at all. Perhaps certain colors look that way more than others, ie. the satin green or last years light blue. The "manly" colors look just a great. Seriously, I don't think anyone will question your manhood for driving a Sebring. I just get asked if I am in a mid-life crisis.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The Sebring isn't the most manly car out there, but if you like the looks then why should you care what others think? Buy what you like! The Miata is supposedly a feminine car, but an awful lot of straight married men buy them. Just an FYI though,the Sebring convertible was voted as one of the top 10 cars bought by gay men 2 years ago so you might need to be ready to exit that closet :) And judging by the market in Florida, I would say the poll was accurate (either women, gay men or white haired old men drive these cars).
  • I enjoyed reading these 3 messages, especially so since my boyfriend thinks that the Sebring convertible is indeed a chick's car. I bought my 2002 LXi in July 03 with 18k miles on it, and can honestly say that it is the most fun I've ever had on wheels. Since then, I've taken a very unscientific survey by checking out the number of men vs. women driving the Sebring convertible. My results prove the theory that yes, there are more women driving the Sebring convertible than men. But really - who cares - as long as you enjoy the looks and feel of the ride. You can test your manhood by how many hours you spend shopping Home Depot every month.

    - Paul's boyfriend
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You and me know what Home Depot shoppers are really doing :) You live in Florida by chance? Your Sebring have cloth or leather? What color is it? They are nice looking cars with the top down. I myself have a cute little red Miata for those top down days. Think I should take it to Orlando in June? :)
  • Hello Everyone, first time poster here. Glad to have found this board re the Sebring Convertible. I'm in the process of car shopping and the Sebring Touring Convert is one of my 'finalists'. The car has all the features I am looking for, along with being a great looking car, but after researching various sites and publications, I am very concerned about its quality and reliability. Also, I need to know from owners how well the insulated top keeps out the cold, rain, snow and road noise. The last Sebring Convert I drove was a rental back in 1997, and I remember a lot of road noise coming thru the closed top. Also, for those of you who have the heated seat option, how well do they work? Thanks.
  • I've just purchased a silver Touring with slate leather and suede seats and a black cloth top. I'd be grateful for any advice other owners might share on how to keep the upholstery and top in good condition. Are there any special products I should use, for cleaning or treating, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • ctrcssctrcss Posts: 9
    I just bought a 2004 LXi Convertible in early December. I live in Maryland and it has snow on me twice since I have bought the car. I was warm and cozy in it and in fact can't keep the heater on high temp because I get too warm. So the insulation from the rain, snow and cold is just fine. As for the road noise, well there is more road noise than I was used to in the family van but that is to be expected as far as I know. The best way to decide if it is acceptable to you is to take one on a test drive. Just remember to bring your willpower to say no to the saleman when he pressures you to buy that day. Also, as Edmunds suggests, test drive your other finalists that same day so you can get a good comparision. I also have the heated seats and I love them. Gets nice and toasty in the lower back and and on the buttocks/upper leg areas. My wife jokes that it is a very expensive heating pad for her back :-)
  • Thanks for your reply today re my questions on the heated seats and road noise. Yes, I will be taking a Sebring Convert out for a test drive soon. I see that as of today Chrysler has extended their $3000 rebate on the convert until 3/31, so that will be another factor in my buying decision. How does your car handle in the snow? I am assuming it does well since it has front wheel drive and traction control.
  • Sebring is advertised as a four-season car, although the best bet would be to throw on a set of winter rims and tires once/year.

    ctrcss might address the question of how well the fabric top insulates, too....
  • jan41jan41 Posts: 1
    We were told by dealer not to use carwashes, due to force and possible water being forced under the convertible top into the interior, thus destroying the integr1ty of the top. Any suggestions on washing the car & cleaning the vinyl top in the wintertime.
  • adp3adp3 Posts: 446
    you can use car wahses, just not the ones that aren't designed for convertibles. The cheap car wahses (not all) have high pressure washes that will shoot water into your car, where the side windows meet the roof. Guaranteed. 100% of the time. Using a wash that does not have the high pressure spray seems to be just fine. Some places can "turn off" one of the high-pressure washes. That place is just fine for my car, and I have 60k miles on it.
  • ctrcssctrcss Posts: 9
    Mine handled just fine. I didn't put it in any tough situations as there were just a few inches of snow on the ground.
  • tr13tr13 Posts: 10
    I had to have the regulators in my power windows replaced. My windows shuttered going up and down. It has helpped. One dealership told me that is how they are. The dealership I deal with now actually fixed it! I feel I am becoming queen of getting problems fixed in my Sebring.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 13,585
    is a ver nice unit on this car (really transformed the drivetrain with the 2.7l engine). I didn't end up buying it (but kinda wish I had), but got to take a long test drive in an '02 GTC 5-speed last fall. Shifted nice, and the clutch seemed to have a nice feel, progresive take-up, and a reasonable effort. Overall, much nicer driving package then I expected.

    Plus, no banging down shifting into 1st! )unless you are really bad with a stick). Just another reason to drive a manual.

    Of course, probably will be a bear to resell a stick, but that's the price you pay.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • Hi all, just popping by to say hi. I bought my '01 silver Sebring convertible about three years ago now and about all I could wish for is a little more acceleration when I put the hammer down--but then, this car is known as a "boulevard cruiser" and not a "bruiser." Mine's got over 72,000 hard miles on it now, and seems to rattle a bit more than she used to.....

    Is it a chick car? I'm a 47-year-old married man. My wife calls this my "geriatric crisis mobile." I don't sweat the buyer demographics. When I bought this car, there was no other car I would seriously consider.....

    I still think the Sebring is probably the best value proposition in a convertible on the market, and though I hope to be driving a convertible for a long time to come, I don't expect my next one will be the Chrysler, as I'll be looking for more "oomph.".....

  • goodyrlgoodyrl Posts: 83
    Does anyone know where I can find a right rear tail light for a 96 Sebring Convertible. The Chrysler Dealer wants a mint :(
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Try giving your local auto wreckers a call
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