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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Motorcars Acura was sent a request for quote by Edmunds, but simply never responded. I had no other contact with the dealership because my negotiations with Acura of Cleveland went so smoothly.
  • IN NY


    quoted on a lease


    2005 TL w/no navigation

    42 months

    15k miles a year

    $469 a month

    No money down just first month payment, $469

    all taxes rolled in

    Also pay tag & title out of pocket (minor)
  • You didn't mention the selling price or MSRP of the this TL. These are important numbers for you to know for two reasons.


    First, the selling prices of a leased vehicle can be negotiated, just as if you were buying it. Without knowing this car's selling price in relation to its MSRP you don't know whether you're getting a discount or not.


    The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle is to calculate the lease payment.


    Sometimes salespeople want you to lease based on a monthly payment, but it's important to know exactly what you're paying for.



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  • I understand what you are saying but with the packages basically the same without Nav, I feel like I know what the car sells for. In one respect I only care about the final monthly payment for a lease. I am basically renting the car for 42 months. If I was buying it would be different. Let them juggle the numbers, I want to know the monthly with no money down. I'm I wrong here?
  • No way for us to calculate the money factor (interest) or anything else if you don't provide the selling price. It's impossible for us to tell you whether it's a good deal!


    Some car dealers are just looking for customers who only want to talk monthly payment, as they can hide all sorts of fees or a bad rate as long as you end up with the payment you want. I would never buy or lease a vehicle without knowing the purchase price and the residual value.


    Most people on these forums, by the way, would advise you against leasing longer than 36 months. Although Acuras are notoriously reliable, you will be responsible for paying for repair items outside the warranty.



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  • 4 year warranty on Acuras.. as long as you don't go over 12K/year, no problem staying under.. If you need 15K/yr, stay under 39 months..

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  • I was playing with some numbers... I can't find the residual for the 42 month lease.. Must be a special one this month.. but, I fudged by estimating it off the 36 and 48 month residuals..


    If it was a Honda Finance lease, I'd say it is a good deal... especially, if it includes all NYS taxes.. But, on Acura's website, it says Honda Finance doesn't write leases longer than 39 months in New York..


    I never like leasing through third-party finance companies... They have no stake in making sure you are happy at lease-end..


    So, the money part looks okay... You'll be going out of warranty the last two months, though.. Do you know if it is a Honda Finance lease?




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  • Wow, great info. Thanks for the help


    I was told it was a Honda Finance Lease. I will reconfirm that. And I was also told everything rolled in, including taxes. My only out of the pocket is first month, $469. My taxes are 8% where I live. They are also getting me out of an Ford Expedition that I am under water in. That does not figure into the price as I have kept it seperate so far.
  • Yeah... even allowing for some wiggle room, I can't see it being a bad deal.. Tax is around 8% in NYS, right?


    If it is Honda Finance, then it is a good deal.. Although, I'd like to see the 39 month quote, just to get a comparison... If it were within $10-$15/month, I'd go that way, to stay in warranty for the entire lease term.. But, I get the feeling that they have special deals on 42 month leases.. my local dealer is advertising them, also.




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  • rob813rob813 Posts: 11
    I am getting "Internet" prices of about 33,950 + tax + dest ($570) + tag + title + dealer fees from an Acura dealer in Tampa area for a 2005 Navi TL. This would put it up near 36,500 (they wrapped all these fees and taxes into a "total price"). Take 2K off for non-navi.


    I thought this was a bit pricey. Can I expect to get this price down or do they pretty much stick to their "internet" prices? If dealers do come off this, any idea of what kind of difference it would make? $500 off, less than $500, more than $500? Anybody get a good deal in this area?
  • I don't know about Tampa, but if you have several dealerships to take bids from, you should be able to get much lower. IMO this car is 2 years out, thus not hot enough to command anywhere near MSRP. If you only have 2 dealerships nearby, then they pretty much have a monopoly on your pricing. Consider traveling farther and soliciting bids from neighboring dealerships.


    That's not a very good price based on other posts here...
  • rob813rob813 Posts: 11
    Thank you for your response. I have 3 dealers, possibly a fourth if I extend my area. If I can't get the deal I want, I will be going to the Infiniti dealerships and the G35. Somebody is bound to give me a deal to make me happy.
  • Struck a deal on 05 TL, w/ Navigation @ $750 over invoice. Norris Acura in Ellicott City, MD was a great comfortable dealership to deal with. Everyone was professional even a service mgr I talked to about free loaners for life.
  • What's a good price in the Philadelphia 'burbs for a non-Nav, AT 2005 TL? Before I go visiting West sub's dealers (like Westchester, PA) I wanted to know what others have gotten.
  • rob813rob813 Posts: 11
    Congrats! That's the kind of deal that I am hoping for.
  • Trying to purchase a TL with Nav in the Bay Area. Send out quote requests to 7 dealers, most replied, only 2 actually gave me a quote and they weren't too good. So far, the best deal is 1500 over the invoice. A different dealer quote me with the same price saying that it's not possible to get 500,600 over invoice in the Bay Area. Another dealer told me that the TL has a high demand and they're flying out of the door so it'll be hard to get 500 over invoice. I really don't know if that's the case. Anyway, I'm aiming 700 to 800 over the invoice. Hopefully, I'll that deal.
  • Just keep bouncing the offers off the dealers that are "playing". I don't suggest telling them you want "X" amount over invoice, just slowly push it down.


    When I was negotiating, I let them do the prices...I just let them know what others had offered and asked if they could do better. Again, when I indicated to them that I had found a dealer and was getting ready to sign, another flurry of incredible offers came in. Remember, you need to let them know you're serious about buying a car on the spot and that you have financing already arranged. Perhaps it'll get better at the end of the month.


    Best wishes.
  • This past weekend I sold my BMW 323i and the next day I bought an 05 TL without NAV from an Acura in Santa Rosa. I didn't plan to buy there since I live 100 miles away from it, but I was visiting my parents who live near by. I went in with the intention to buy not leasing it. However, I ended up leasing it. Here is the deal that I got.


    Invoice $29,982 msrp $32,900

    Dest $ 570

    Doc Fee 45

    Tires Fee 9

    City Fee 20

    Markup 823

    Tax 8.25% 2589

    Reg Fee 257


    Out the door price was $34,295.

    The car has the following dealer installed options: all season floor mats, cargo tray, wheel locks, splash guards.


    I hope bay area drivers will get better deals than this one.

    Good luck.
  • What's with all these fees. Should I be expecting these fees when I purchase the TL. Also, what how much is the license fee?
  • toph2toph2 Posts: 1
    I purchased an 05 no-navi TL 6MT from a Tampa area dealer last month for 31,900 plus dest ($570), registration, and taxes. I was happy with the deal, although I'm sure there are people that found better deals around town.
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