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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jennycarjennycar Posts: 5
    Can anyone that got the $32900 deal mention the name of the dealer so I can contact and setup a deal with them. Thanks
  • ae5555ae5555 Posts: 15
    Does anyone know any decent dealers in the NY/NJ area (NYC)? I have tried some (Paragon in NYC, Park Ave in NJ) and they both lie straight in your face... Any recommendations?
  • ddeiomaddeioma Posts: 2
    The sales tax in Ohio is 8% so out the door I got the car for ~$35,660 or ~$2700 in tax. I did not get any extras.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    If you read my message, it was in reply to someone wanting OTD for UNDER $34,000. I said that it was unlikely with a TL w/nav. Frisconick replied that someone said that they did it for $32,900...and I replied exactly what you said, that I doubt it was OTD pricing.

    FYI, I received a bid for $32,200 when I was buying my wife's TL. I already had committed to another dealer and kept my word. I have my doubts that the low bidder would have given me what I wanted, but instead whatever was on the lot.

    Bottom line: I have yet to see someone get a TL w/nav with an OTD price <$34,000 (that would mean the tax in your state is less than 6.25% and the title and license are free...) If you have, please submit the info as everyone would love to buy from that dealership.
  • lwf41lwf41 Posts: 1
    Thanks for all of the insight on this forum. I have read thru the forum and have a pretty good idea but am looking for some confirmation form the board.
    1. I have a quote for a TL with auto and NAV for 34K...this is in the Boston/ Southern NH area...thoughts?

    2. This does not include any extras (floor mats, trunk mats, trim, etc.)...What are the strongly suggested extras..if any? Do that body molding work?

  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    I naturally assumed that the body side molding is to protect from being dinged by cars you parked next to when they open the door. That's why I payed nearly 200 for it. :surprise:
  • grlygrlgrlygrl Posts: 7

    was that auto or man? I am in Ohio too, looking to pick up the TL with Nav

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,480
    Hello. '05 Non-Nav TL owner here.

    1. I think, in the Boston area, you can do better than $34k. I believe I've seen quotes of
    less than $33k in this forum. A former neighbor claims he negotiated to $32k even,
    but he wanted to add some dealer accessories, so the dealer may have figured they'd
    make the profit on the accessories.

    2. Body side moldings do offer more protection than nothing. Unfortunately it depends on
    the size/shape of the object that hits your car! :mad:

    3. I'm sure glad The Sox didn't play this poorly (or are the Cardinals playing very well?
    Yeah, they are) against the Cards in The World Series last fall. Which The Sox
    won. Making them World Champs. In my lifetime. Wow. :D

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • col_10022col_10022 Posts: 18
    I have gotten a quote in the DC area for an Acura TL with NAV for $32,670 plus TTL. It was a no haggle, no hassle experience. The guy basically told me that if anyone can beat his price by more than $500 I should just go with whoever makes me that offer. I checked around and three other dealers came back with higher quotes even after I told them the quote I got from one of their competitors. It made the car buying experience really pleasant to know that the guy I was buying from really made me a good offer off the bat.
  • col_10022col_10022 Posts: 18
    I got a quote for $3000 under MSRP (plus destination charges and TTL) from a guy that told me that if anyone could beat that price by more than $500, I should take it. I used the price at three of his competitors. Two of them came back to me with prices higher than the quoted price (it was like they thought I lying to them to get a better price) and one of them beat him by about $100 after a lot of haggling. I felt pretty good buying from the first guy, knowing that he gave me a good price from the very beginning without a lot of drama made the buying experience a lot more pleasant for me.
  • kjpkjp Posts: 12
    I would suggest Acura of Westchester. I just purchased an 05 w/Navi for a great price. Deal directly with the Internet Manager. He was pleasant to work with and didn't try to run any games.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    Still and excellent price for a Navi! :shades:
  • sid3sid3 Posts: 21
    could you please forward me the info for the dealer please.
    You got an excellant deal man.
    What was the OTD price for your tl.
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    You all realize that OTD pricing is apples and oranges. It only confuses the real issues we should talk about. Actual sales price.
    In Nice 3% OK my price for 05 non NAV was $31,000 with MIchelins added, mudds and tint Tax and Tag was $1,000 30 days after that=OTD $32,000

    You poor saps in high tax states get some car deal $31,000 and add in some cases 8% or OTD of $33,500. Like I said apples in oranges.

    The best states are trade difference states where they substract Trade from sale price then tax like MO. Very fair for yearly car changes like me. MO even allows you to private sale then buy new car and subtract the selling price if within 30 days!!! but tax is 5% there.--but I digress...
  • nsgnsg Posts: 2
    Can you please send me the Sales person details. I'm looking for Tl w/o NAVI, but getting very high quote (31,800-32,200).
  • yerlesyerles Posts: 3
    $32,775 Is the invoice number, and over the past two week I have had two dealer offer that to me. I had a 2000 TL trade so that might have factored into the deal. Seeing that the 2006's are just a 3-4 months away it might be to wait, even if you go with a 2005.
  • montyburnzmontyburnz Posts: 17
    Yeah, seems like they jacked up the prices. Over a month ago I got a quote from him and he said $31,5 but now he's saying $32,300. There's no way I'm paying that much for a non-NAVI TL. Especially since people in other states are getting one WITH NAVI for only a few hundred more than $32,300. The guy is the internet sales manager. You can find out his info on the Buerkle Acura website.
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    You poor saps in high tax states

    I would rather pay the extra tax. :P
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    My comment came off badly. I apologize. I was really making a statement about automobile taxes in general being another method of sapping us all of money.
    Yes, OK road are BAD!!!. You get what you pay for. Save in tax pay in road related repairs, tires, alignments, 45 series blow outs. I have had one on my 04!
  • frisconickfrisconick Posts: 1,275
    No problem :shades: However, CA we have high taxes AND bad roads. Maybe we are saps. :mad:
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