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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I think these rates are available on all Acuras and Hondas, so it probably doesn't mean anything about the when the '06 TL will arrive.

    I picked up my new Silver '05 TL, auto, navi today at Northeast Acura in Latham, NY. I paid $32,995 and they threw in wheel locks (I asked for trunk tray and splash guards also but couldn't get them). They are the only local dealer so I emailed about a dozen within 75-125 miles (downstate NY, CT, NJ and MA) through The quotes I got ranged from $32,695 to $33,900. The lowest quote was from Ramsey, NJ but I decided it wasn't worth the 2 hour drive to save $300.
  • Waddup fellow enthusiasts..
    I have several questions which I'm hoping that at LEAST SOMEONE reading this can answer...
    I need a car ASAP and am not sure whether to wait for the 06 or go get raped on an 05.

    FIRST: WILL THE 2006 TL HAVE THE SAME NEW INTEGRATED KEY-FOB AS THE 2005 ACCORD?? -- Very Nice. The security buttons built into the key itself.

    ADDITIONALLY: I learned today that the 06 Acura's will now have a 6-year 70K mile warranty rather than the 5/50.

    Also, I'm in Salt Lake City area and am wondering if anyone out there can suggest the best dealer to purchase from. Not very good experience with the local guys.

  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    'thecrazyone'....geez...your plea for 'at least someone' to answer. Wow.

    Well...let me see. (1) The 'integrated key'...who knows...kinda cool...but not a big sell for me. (2) What day the '06 arrive....the bigger question should be when could you actually take delivery. Even if you want to be the first owner on the '06 TL...likely your delivery will be staggered as the one you want hasn't hit the lot. (3) A-Spec....the worth is personal tastes...and I say it is more visual flair.

    ??? What I don't understand is your position of " need a car ASAP and am not sure whether to wait for the 06 or go get raped on an 05 " Why would you even think you would not receive a favorable '05 experience? If definitely won't get a comparable price with an '06 with anticipated few changes from the '05 (unless you require and hope for an integrated key fob)
  • tianctianc Posts: 13
    Hi, first of all, I'd like to give thanks to everyone in this forum; you guys are awesome! I have gathered a bunch of quotes from SoCal Acura dealers and I am pretty much set on Santa Monica with $31,599 (like others on this message broad, they consistently have the lowest quote). I am in NoCal and happen to go down there for the labor day weekend, so might as well check it out. The person I am talking to is Julio, a pretty responsive guy. I will let everyone know my experience after my visit. Good luck to me! :)
    By the way, NoCal dealerships' seem to be pretty competitive compared to SoCal... if not for the fact that I am going down to LA this weekend, I could have given them serious thoughts (Marin Concord offered $32,599, which is actually lower than some of the SoCal quote I have received).
  • tianctianc Posts: 13
    BTW, it is the one with Nav, AT.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,591
    Wow. Congrats on a great deal for a great car! You win twice, enjoy.

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    You are worried about getting "raped" by buying a 2005 and yet are considering the A-spec package??

    I have a 2004 TL 6-speed with the HPT tire package. When my car was in for service last fall, the dealer gave me an A-spec car that they had taken in on trade in as a loaner. I drove it 40+/- miles through DC and on the Beltway. It was an automatic transmission car.

    In my opinion, the A-spec package is not worth anything in terms of noticable performance compared to the standard 6-speed. The 6-speed, with the standard sport suspension, high performance tires and Brembo brakes handled and braked every bit as well as the A-spec car. And putting an A-spec on a automatic is a clear case of bipolar disorder.

    Unless you are hell bent to attach a bunch of cosmetic do-dads to a TL, forget the A-spec. In my opinion, the TL looks good out of the box and there is no need to defrock it of its natural beauty and integrity. As you can probably tell, I am a "substance" oriented person. The A-spec is frills without substance.
  • I have gathered a bunch of quotes from SoCal Acura dealers and I am pretty much set on Santa Monica with $31,599 (like others on this message broad, they consistently have the lowest quote).

    Holy smokes...that is a great deal. Congrats to you!!
  • satsat Posts: 1
    I think we got a great deal after doing a lot of shopping and negotiating. We ended up with the TL non-navi in red with black interior from Acura of Brooklyn:

    $30,000 + tax (6% NJ tax) + registration
    We didn't pay any destination charges or any additional fees.

    We had two months left on our lease, and got the dealer down to $30,300, but he said he'd pick up one of our lease payments and make it an even $30,000 to get the deal done.

    We live in NJ and went to a number of places who tried to make it seem like we were getting a great deal. Open Road Acura was nice to deal with, and originally we were looking for the TL with Navi. We got it down to $32,300 and told him that we saw people were getting it cheaper, so if he agreed to eat our remaining lease payments we would sign. He wouldn't go for it, so we left. Plus, he was charging the destination fees.

    We then went out to Paragon Acura in Queens becuase they lured us in with offering 1.9% financing. We told the sales person that we had done a lot of research and already had a good offer, but with the 1.9% we would go with them if they would match it. He had the nerve to come back with the full sticker price. We even showed him this message board, but would not go below $33,500 with navi. We left

    We then called Acura of Brooklyn to see if they had the same 1.9% financing. Luckily, the sales manager picked up the phone and was wonderful. He told us that the only way to get anything like 1.9% was if they were significantly increasing the price of the car to make up for it, and also said that the 1.9% was probably only for 24 months (check the fine print!). I told him that we had an offer for $32,300 from another dealer, and would he match it? He said yes, plus, he wouldn't charge destination. We came over and negotated directly with him. What a difference it is to deal directly with the sales manager! He only had two cars w/ navi coming in and they weren't in the color we wanted. We decided that we really didn't need the navi anyway, so he immediately took off the $2000 cost of the navi, and then we went from there. Once we hit the final price of $30,000 he passed us off to one of his salesman who was also great to work with. He kept in touch with us over the last few days to confirm that he received all of our insurance ppwork, etc. which I really appreciated.

    We picked up the car last night and its beautiful. Granted, it was a pain to go all the way to Brooklyn, but well worth the excellent service and great price we got on the car.
  • Good price. Got mine fm Santa Monica a month ago so the price was a little bit higher. I had my credit union financing so paper works took less than 30 minutes. But it took longer to get the car because the TL was just being unloaded fm the transporter...prep was to follow. The TL had only 3 miles in the odometer.:)

    Internet no haggling/hassle pricing is the way to go. I wish other car brands will do the same.
  • tianctianc Posts: 13
    "You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information."... oops, I didn't see it before posting my first message, my bad.

    Anyways, hopefully I can get out of there within an hour or so, since I have a plane to catch in San Francisco that same day :P

    BTW, did you ask for freebies such as wheellocks, splash guards?
  • ceb90ceb90 Posts: 24
    Hi everyone,
    I have been reading this forum for over a year now and I decided this weekend would be the best time to go look for an blk on blk TL w/Nav. I have a question I e-mailed almost all the acura dealerships that you listed except Downey, Norm Reeves, and Weir Canyon. The only one that responded was

    Glendale- (But don't have blk) But asked would I want another color. Gave me a quote of $32,400 plus tax, lic., dmv and CA tire disposal

    Alhambra- quote $32,555*-I told them about your quote of $31,599 and they said that quote is unbeatable at 31599. Make sure it's a real number.

    Keyes-Didn't give a quote but said they have one on the lot, but it has accessories on it (18'' chrome whls, underbody kit, side molding, lip spoiler, whl locks and mud guards).

    They others have not responded back to my request. Should I call them to get a quote? I am looking to buy this weekend for that price and blk on blk w/nav.
  • Hi there-- I would send Santa Monica Acura an email, and see if they will match a price seen here a few times recently, which was $31,599 for an '05 with Nav. I would also recommend contacting Acura of Glendale to give them a chance to come close. I dealt with them, and they're great people......Hope this helps.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    Good that you are getting multiple that is the way to do your search.

    I am not sure how long ago you contacted them with a request for quote. However...typcially you will get an ackowledgement within the day...and a quote in approx 24 hrs or so.

    If you do not receive a response back...go to their respective website and request again. Possible that the internet manager had the day off (middle of the week right now) or they are tied up wrapping up deals.

    If you continue not to receive a response...determine who is the internet manager and email or call directly. If no response...blow them off.

    Look at the pricing provided by many on this board for guidance.

    If they don't have the car on the lot..and don't get sucked into getting a bunch of accessories you didn't want....inquire if they are able to swap a car for get your color of choice.

    Remember....cast a wide net (also know that San Diego has really poor pricing) patient...and get what you desire. And a TL is absolutely something to be desired.
  • Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking of buying an 05 TL it is the demo model and has 5700 miles on it. It is a non navi, anyone have suggestions on what I should be willing to pay or where to start negotiating? I been told dealer cost , but don't know what dealer cost is on an 05 TL. Lil help here please.. And is the 06 TL AWD just a rumor or a fact?
  • ceb90ceb90 Posts: 24
    Thank you for the advice. I send out another e-mail to those dealers, because I am trying to get acura special finance deal before it ends. So I will let everyone know what happens.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 2,591
    What you describe is a (very) used car. Dealer cost (approx. $30,700) is much too high to start as some people are getting NEW '05 for this amount or less! Check and for used car values. Let the dealer make the first offer and go down from there.

    I paid invoice for a non-nav TL back in late December '04 with only minor negotiations.

    '13 Jaguar XF, '11 BMW 535xi, '02 Lexus RX300

  • Hi Ceb90: When I was looking, I too didn't recieve an immediate response from either Santa Monica or Acura 101 West. I simply responded to the "we have recieved your request" emails and asked for their prices, and heard back from both within the day. If you are still looking, I would suggest doing the same-sometimes it takes a little more push to get a price from the lower priced dealerships, but it's worth it-the prices that you will get will make up for the extra time you spend. The quotes you got are on the higher end, especially since the 06's are on their way. And you get the joy of knowing you are driving a TL for a great price :-)
  • ceb90ceb90 Posts: 24
    Hello everyone,

    I emailed some old & new dealer.Theses are the quotes I received so far.

    Riverside acura-$33,595 which includes destination.
    I e-mailed them back and told them that I am looking for price quote around $31,500, and I am wanted to purchase by this weekend.
    (There response was sorry but we will not sel a TL for a $1000 back of invoice. We'll probably be out of them beforew the 2006 models show up.)

    Acura 101West- $32,995 plus tax and

    Downey acura- e-mailed me a promotion website saying (Lets Make A deal
    Whats It Going ToTake ????????). So I replied back telling them I am looking to purchase a black on black TL w/Nav by this weekend. The lowest price quote I received was $31,599.00

    Keyes acura-Response was what's your price range?
    we may do something special for you. I replied back my price range was $31,500.

    I have not heard back from Santa monica
  • You guys are awesome! You helped me, a guy who never bought a new car (never thought I would), get up to speed on the new TL market very quickly. My wife and I already fell in love with the car (car is for her) and researched enough to realize it didn't make sense to buy used when the car holds its value so well. So on Monday night, I found you guys via a web search and stayed up until 1:30 am catching up on where/when/how to buy new. Tuesday, I followed the model - sent a few e-mails at lunch time, made a few calls in the evening, and ended up with a very fair deal on a new TL.

    Purchased from Acura of Orange Park (dealer and internet manager prominently featured here). The internet manager and I actually spoke before he gave me a price. I told him what I was looking for (armed with the info from this group), I noted it was the end of the month and he accommodated me on price/features (other dealer quotes were fairly high). I went in Tuesday night and bought the car based on what we had agreed upon. He was very professional throughout the process.

    So in two days (less than 48 hours), I went from an uninformed car purchaser, to a highly informed purchaser with a new car! Here's my opportunity to give back. By the way, though they are in limited supply, the 6-speeds are fantastic. If you enjoy driving and are not just looking to go from pt. A to pt. B, you have to try the 6-speed. My wife and I both love it. I drove the auto for a day while they installed the spoiler, and its a night-and-day difference.

    '05 TL 6-Speed without Nav; White Diamond Pearl; Parchment Leather; Protection Pkg.; High-Performance Tires (hpt); added Rear Wing Spoiler

    $30,786 (incl. destination, protection pkg, and hpt) + $665 spoiler + license fee + doc fee + 7% tax
    $33, 600 OTD

    Keep up the good work!
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